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70-410 DUMPS PDF

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Microsoft Dumps with Valid Exam. Questions PDF []. The Microsoft Microsoft Installing and Configuring Windows Server Exam. Pass Exam With Our PDF Dumps. Practice Exam PDF Using Our Exam Questions With Microsoft PDF Questions. providing you pass4sure Dumps with pdf question All servers run Windows Server R2. MCSA Windows Server MMS Exam Prep.

70-410 Dumps Pdf

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Test your knowledge with our pdf dumps questions. Study for final exam using our dumps with detailed Microsoft Dumps Exam Questions VCE VCE Free PDF Lab Manual PDF Installing and Configuring Windows Server . Download latest dumps for Microsoft free Installing and Configuring Windows Server in VCE, PDF format and you can also read dumps online.

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With the help of this exam tool, I became able to get the best knowledge and skills to pass my certification exam. Andreas Gilbert 5. You deploy a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server R2.

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Server1 has the DNS Serverserver role installed. You configure all of the client computers to use Server1 as their primary DNS server. You need to prevent Server1 from attempting to resolve Internet host names for the client computers.

Whatshould you do on Server1?

Configure the Security settings of the contoso. Remove all root hints.

70-410 PDF Dumps

Create a primary zone named ". Create a primary zone named "root".

Create a primary zone named "GlobalNames". Create a forwarder that points to Create a stub zone named "root". Create a zone delegation for GlobalNames.

70-410 PDF Dumps

Option B,C are correct. If there is a root zone, there are no otherzones other than those that are listed with DNS, and you cannot configure forwarders or root hint servers. Root domain This is the top of the tree, representing an unnamed level; it is sometimes shown as twoempty quotation marks "" , indicating a null value.

When used in a DNS domain name, it is stated by atrailing period. Inthis instance, the DNS domain name is considered to be complete and points to an exact location in thetree of names.

Names stated this way are called fully qualified domain names FQDNs.

70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 Tips

Your network contains a single Active Directory domain named contoso. The network contains twosubnets. The subnets are configured as shown in the following table. The network contains a member server named Server1 that runs Windows Server R2. Server1 is configured to lease IP addresses to the two subnets.

Youdiscover that computers on the Warehouse subnet that have static IP addresses can communicate with thecomputers on the MainOffice subnet. Computers on the Warehouse subnet that obtain an IP addressautomatically can only communicate with other computers on the Warehouse subnet. You need to ensurethat all of the computers on the Warehouse subnet can communicate with the computers on the MainOfficesubnet. This option is normally used to assign a default gateway to DHCP clients on a subnet. A DHCP clientrequests this option.

This option specifies a list of IP addresses for resource location servers C. This option specifies whether the DHCP client enables or disables the forwarding at the IP layer ofdatagrams that contain source routing information and were sent by a non-local host.

Your network contains three servers that run Windows Server R2. The servers are configured asshown in the following table. You need to prevent Server3 from receiving anIP address from Server1.

What should you create on Server1? A reservation B.

A filter C. A scope option D. An exclusion Option B is correct. For clients that require a constant IP address B. Range of allowed IP's to be assigned D. For example, if youhave set a DHCP server to exclude the address range Forexample, if we have aworkstation on the network that requires a certain IP address, but we don't want to gothrough to 7.

The domain contains two domaincontrollers. The domain controllers are configured as shown in the following table. In the perimeter network, you install a new server named Server1 that runs Windows Server R2. Server1 is in a workgroup. You need to perform an offline domain join of Server1 to the contoso. What should you do first? Transfer the PDC emulator role to Dc1.

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Run the djoin. Run the dsadd. Transfer the infrastructure master role to DC1. Creates a new Active Directory computer. Use djoin for offline join in the perimeter network C. Adds specific types of objects to the directory. Add the local computer to a domain or workgroup. To perform an offline domain join, you run commands by using a new tool named Djoin. You useDjoin. You also use it to insert the computer accountdata intothe Windows directory of the destination computer, which is the computer that you want to join tothe domain.

Your network contains an Active Directory forest. The forest contains two domains named contoso. The forest contains four domain controllers. The domain controllers are configured asshown in the following table.

In the corp. You need to identify which domain controller must be online to ensure that DCS canbe promoted successfully to a domain controller. Which domain controller should you identify?

DC1 B. DC2 C. DC3 D. DC4 Option C is correct. Wrong Domain B. Wrong Domain C. Allocates active and standby RID pools to replica domain controllers in the same domain. Each DCin a domain is allocated a pool of RIDs that it is allowed to assign to the security principals it creates. You log on to a domain controllerby using an account named Admin1. Admin1 is a member of the Domain Admins group. You view theproperties of a group named Group1 as shown in the exhibit.

Group1 is located in an organizational unit OU named OU1. You need to ensure that users from Group1 can modify the Security settings of OU1only. What should you do from Active Directory Users and Computers?This option is normally used to assign a default gateway to DHCP clients on a subnet. The network contains twosubnets.

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You have a file server named Server2. You need to make the Virtual Machines able to talk only to each other. Christian Christensen. An exclusion B: The default setting is LocalSystem. CAS Dumps.

Server roles can be configured locally via Server Manager.