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Wuthering Heights is the name of Mr. Heathcliff's dwell- ing. 'Wuthering' being a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its. Download our free ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks to read on almost any device — your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The Project Gutenberg Etext of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte #2 in our series by the Bronte sisters.

Wuthering Height Pdf

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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Adobe PDF icon. Download this document as File size: MB What's this? light bulb idea Many people prefer to read . Download Wuthering Heights free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or.

But do you like her? Tell the truth, Heathcliff! Linton approve of his sister marrying that man?

And as to you, Catherine, I have a mind to speak a few words now, while we are at it. I want you to be aware that I know you have treated me infernally—infernally! Do you hear?

And stand you aside! Linton, in amazement. How will you take it, ungrateful brute? How have I treated you infernally?

Wuthering Heights

You are welcome to torture me to death for your amusement, only allow me to amuse myself a little in the same style, and refrain from insult as much as you are able. Your bliss lies, like his, in inflicting misery. You prove it. Edgar is restored from the ill-temper he gave way to at your coming; I begin to be secure and tranquil; and you, restless to know us at peace, appear resolved on exciting a quarrel.

Linton sat down by the fire, flushed and gloomy. The spirit which served her was growing intractable: she could neither lay nor control it. He stood on the hearth with folded arms, brooding on his evil thoughts; and in this position I left them to seek the master, who was wondering what kept Catherine below so long. I fancied it could not be very prejudicial to Mrs. Linton; unless she made it so afterwards, by assuming the defensive for her guest.

Edgar Linton had difficulty in hearing me to the close. His first words revealed that he did not clear his wife of blame. Call me two men out of the hall, Ellen. Catherine shall linger no longer to argue with the low ruffian—I have humoured her enough. Its occupants had recommended their angry discussion: Mrs. Linton, at least, was scolding with renewed vigour; Heathcliff had moved to the window, and hung his head, somewhat cowed by her violent rating apparently. He saw the master first, and made a hasty motion that she should be silent; which she obeyed, abruptly, on discovering the reason of his intimation.

I suppose, because it is his ordinary talk, you think nothing of it; you are habituated to his baseness, and, perhaps, imagine I can get used to it too! Heathcliff, who had raised his eyes at the former speech, gave a sneering laugh at the latter; on purpose, it seemed, to draw Mr. He succeeded; but Edgar did not mean to entertain him with any high flights of passion. Your presence is a moral poison that would contaminate the most virtuous: for that cause, and to prevent worse consequences, I shall deny you hereafter admission into this house, and give notice now that I require your instant departure.

By God! I obeyed the hint; but Mrs.

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Linton, suspecting something, followed; and when I attempted to call them, she pulled me back, slammed the door to, and locked it. It will correct you of feigning more valour than you possess.

Edgar, I was defending you and yours; and I wish Heathcliff may flog you sick, for daring to think an evil thought of me! Edgar was taken with a nervous trembling, and his countenance grew deadly pale. For his life he could not avert that excess of emotion, mingled anguish and humiliation overcame him completely.

He leant on the back of a chair, and covered his face. In old days, this would win you knighthwood! Heathcliff would as soon lift a finger at you as a king would march his army against a colony of mice.

Cheer up! And that is the slavering, shivering thing you preferred to me! Is he weeping, or is he going to faint for fear?

It took his breath for a minute; and while he choked, Mr. Linton walked out by the back door into the yard, and from thence to the front entrance. But go—make haste!

Each has a bludgeon; and master will, likely, be watching from the parlour windows, to see that they fulfill his orders. They had already entered the court. Heathcliff, on second thoughts, resolved to avoid a struggle against the three underlings; he seized the poker, smashed the lock from the inner door, and made his escape as they tramped in. Linton, was very much excited, bade me accompany her upstairs. She did not know my share in contributing to the disturbance, and I was anxious to keep her in ignorance.

Tell Isabella to shun me; this uproar is owing to her; and should she or any one else aggravate my anger at present, I shall get wild. Wuthering Heights is the name of Mr. Heathcliff's dwelling.

Pure, bracing ventilation they must have up there at all times, indeed: Happily, the architect had foresight to build it strong: Before passing the threshold, I paused to admire a quantity of grotesque carving lavished over the front, and especially about the principal door; above which, among a wilderness of crumbling griffins and shameless little boys, I detected the date ',' and the name 'Hareton Earnshaw.

One stop brought us into the family sitting-room, without any introductory lobby or passage: It includes kitchen and parlour, generally; but I believe at Wuthering Heights the kitchen is forced to retreat altogether into another quarter: One end, indeed, reflected splendidly both light and heat from ranks of immense pewter dishes, interspersed with silver jugs and tankards, towering row after row, on a vast oak dresser, to the very roof. The latter had never been under-drawn: Above the chimney were sundry villainous old guns, and a couple of horse-pistols: The floor was of smooth, white stone; the chairs, high-backed, primitive structures, painted green: In an arch under the dresser reposed a huge, liver-coloured bitch pointer, surrounded by a swarm of squealing puppies; and other dogs haunted other recesses.

The apartment and furniture would have been nothing extraordinary as belonging to a homely, northern farmer, with a stubborn countenance, and stalwart limbs set out to advantage in knee- breeches and gaiters. Such an individual seated in his arm-chair, his mug of ale frothing on the round table before him, is to be seen in any circuit of five or six miles among these hills, if you go at the right time after dinner. But Mr. Heathcliff forms a singular contrast to his abode and style of living.

He is a dark- skinned gipsy in aspect, in dress and manners a gentleman: Possibly, some people might suspect him of a degree of under-bred pride; I have a sympathetic chord within that tells me it is nothing of the sort: I know, by instinct, his reserve springs from an aversion to showy displays of feeling - to manifestations of mutual kindliness.

He'll love and hate equally under cover, and esteem it a species of impertinence to be loved or hated again.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

No, I'm running on too fast: I bestow my own attributes over-liberally on him. Heathcliff may have entirely dissimilar reasons for keeping his hand out of the way when he meets a would-be acquaintance, to those which actuate me. Let me hope my constitution is almost peculiar: Over functions and an equally Download free demo.Universal publishers.

The latter had never been under-drawn: Busting the commonplace and elevated concepts regarding love, Emile Bronte represents a totally barbaric person in love through the mighty Heathcliff and an indifferent uncaring Catherine in the first generation.


I wish it may prove true. Two months after their elopement, Heathcliff and Isabella return to Wuthering Heights, where Heathcliff discovers that Catherine is dying. Scattered mention of other classes like the tenant farmers to whom Heathcliff is a harsh landlord and the middle class of which we see the doctor- Mr. How can he evidently hate people so much?

He vows to control both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange and to destroy Linton by messing up everything that is dear to his heart.

It will correct you of feigning more valour than you possess. The social classes represented in Wuthering Heights are as simple as the two broad divisions- the aristocracy and servants.