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Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues with the sixth book in the Power of Three series!The final book in this third series, W. The final book in this third series, Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise, brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans. Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues in Warriors: Power of Three—now featuring fierce new art. The sixth book in this third series.

Warriors Power Of Three Book 6

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Warriors: Power of Three (6 Book Series) by Erin Hunter. From Book 1: Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues in Warriors: Power of . Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise [Erin Hunter] on *FREE* shipping on customer reviews. Book 6 of 6 in the Warriors: Power of Three Series. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Warriors Power of Three Erin Hunter Collection 6 Books Set includes titles in this collection: The Sight, Dark River.

And about Leafpool Will she get banished from the Clan? How come Firestar hasn't done anything about it yet? Is she not going to be a medicine cat anymore? Where will she go? How come she came back to the ThunderClan camp after the gathering? Is she just going to be the medicine cat again?

How is everyone letting her? Are they just going to forget about it? I'm confused! Anyway, past all my ranting I think this is the best book out of all three series of Warriors. No other book is as intense, dramatic, or disturbing. It definitely wins.

Except, for the first time I'm not looking forward to the next book so much. It's weird. Usually I'm dying for the next one in this series, but now I think the Erins kind of ruined it for me by making Hollyleaf die in such an unreal way.

Plus, I think it's pointless to keep going with the series. Everything is kind of OVER now. More books are just going to drag it on and on until there won't be much plot left. I think the Warrior series has done all it can, and while it has been an amazing series and one of my favorites, I think it's time it was over.

There's only so much you can pull it out. View all 20 comments. Okay everything one listen up!! This is a new fan page open to all, and let. Got it? Mentor to Spoddedpaw. Expecting Halkthorns kits. Parents died of sickness Spottedpaw: Parents died of sickness. Falcon paw. Must write what you look like, are like and act like! Please make a comment if you want to join. No swearing No bullying Yes be kind, nice, and Loving too your clan mates! View all comments.

Apr 27, Kira rated it liked it Recommends it for: Warrior fans. I couldn't believe what happened to Honeyfern View all 17 comments. Jan 31, Priya rated it liked it Shelves: Very intense and sad and cliffhangery and frustrating and I can't wait for the next one!!!

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Aug 17, Stormy Summer rated it it was amazing. Loved it! View all 35 comments. All warrior fans! Read them in order everyone! Yeah this book is a close second to Long Shadows The prologue is very well written and intriguing indeed! This book is almost as eventful as the last and is very hard to put down as it is like a mystery novel. This book keeps you guessing and is very interesting.

When you find out the answer to a big question it was for me a EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you find out the answer to a big question it was for me a total unexpected surprise but when you think about it, it makes sense. Jayfether becomes a bit of a detective himself as he searched for different answers being the most curious of the three. A certain cat does certain jaw-dropping things at the ending of the book and I end up really disliking this cat.

This cat is drove to near insanity and does major things that put her clan at risk. A suspenseful and emotional ending that is is sure to satisfy and surprise. View 2 comments. Jan 09, Tom LoVoi rated it it was amazing. The best installment in a massively underrated series. May 31, KylaRodas rated it it was amazing. This book was a great ending to the Power of Three. Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf all return to the villain Sol to find out more about their prophecy.

Three kin of your kin will hold the power of the stars in their paws Great warriors die in the fight to protect kits, and many wonderful kits are born. Ashfur dies a mysterious death by one of his own Clan. ThunderClan The three warriors find out the truth of their mother and father, and one can handle it all so the warrior ends its lif This book was a great ending to the Power of Three.

ThunderClan The three warriors find out the truth of their mother and father, and one can handle it all so the warrior ends its life. The prophecy would not change from the death but become more clear. Feb 13, Featherheart rated it really liked it.

The writing was excellent, the characters believable, but the plot? I was disappointed in this last installment of Power of Three, reasons listed below: What was the point of having Hollyleaf through all the rest of the books if she wasn't one of the three and was just going to die?

It makes the whole series seem a little pointless. I think the Erins did it because she didn't have any special powers like Lionblaze and Jayfeather, but still. I like continuity and patterns, and this book and in fact series failed at that in several ways, the first being that each series is supposed to be one chapter in the history of the Clans and once it is over it is only a story for the elders to tell and no longer really spoken of.

Obviously that's not the case with this series and the next. The whole six books were about learning about their powers, the cats who lived before, and about their parentage. The next series will likely be about the new kit, teaching and helping her learn to be one of the three, and actually coming into their power, so two series combined make up the story of the Three. Maybe it's just my preference, but it seems way more mystical and prophecy-fulfilling for the Three to come from the same litter.

Jayfeather and Lionblaze will always be closer than Dovekit or Ivykit will be to either of them. It kind of feels like the Erins made up a subsitute.

I mean, why them and not Hollyleaf or whichever kit isn't chosen? The way we all thought it was made more sense. Again on continuity, for the whole first two series and most of this one, halfClan, kittypet, and loner cats were distrusted, but eventually accepted.

Why does Hollyleaf go on such a rampage to learn that she's among the long list? She already has kittypet blood in her. Surely being loyal is more important than parentage, and didn't she say something of that sort? It was pretty much like finding out you're adopted.

You don't see adopted kids, at least I don't, trying to kill their real mother, failing to forgive real and adopted mothers, and trying to leave their home because of it. This is just a minor note, but I didn't think the title made sense, this one or the last. All real things. But Long Shadows just seems to mean that the truth is hidden, and Sunrise that they are finally ready to begin using their power. They knew what Sol could do, so why did they still help him escape and trust him?

That seems like not learning one's lesson to me. Finally, I was annoyed about all of Hollyleaf's previously mentioned actions at the end. I couldn't like her, and she is or was one of the protagonists. To sum it up, if you don't analyze stories and just enjoy them, you'll love this book just as much as all the rest. But if you like continuity and things making sense like me, you'll be annoyed by this book. Either way, it's worth reading for the end of the story and the wonderful style of writing, just not as good as the rest.

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Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise

Apr 01, Devastate Lasting rated it really liked it Shelves: Firestar died! How is Tigerstar alive? Why is Spottedleaf not in Starclan? May 30, Bluestar rated it it was amazing. She was one of my favourite cats.

Anyways, Purdy's back! Purdy is so awesome! Even though he gets me talking like him. He is my favourite loner or kittypet in the books so far. I loved it when they went on the original journey. So so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ging het in de afgelopen 6 boeken vooral over de drie nakomelingen van de nakomelingen van Vuurster die vaak in de problemen komen al van kit af aan. Gaaipoot in dit laatste deel van de drie heet hij gaaiveder en zijn Leeuwvlam en Hulstloof krijgers komen achter een gruwelijke waarheid die alles voor altijd zou veranderen.

Wanneer Hulstloof ook nog het verkeerde pad op gaat en foute daden doet weet niemand meer wat te doen. Ook in dit deel speelt de eenling Sol een rol die niet altijd vol rozengeur en maneschijn is voor hem.

Dit deel geeft me zo aan het eind weer een hoop om over na te denken en ik kan dus niet wachten tot in december het eerste deel van serie 4 uitkomt en het verhaal eindelijk weer verder gaat. De mate van wantrouw haat en spanning, zorgt er voor dat je het boek absoluut niet weg wilt leggen.

Dit boek bevat mysterie, spanning, actie en drama en I love it! Ik heb heel hard genoten van dit boek en ik had het super snel uitgelezen. Het einde maakt me heel nieuwsgierig naar de vierde serie! Jan 25, Gerda Fiske rated it really liked it Shelves: This was the last book in the Power of Three series had to live up to a lot, and boy, it sure did!

The first two thirds were just normal things, but every secret, every problem, every truth that the main characters had to hide all came falling down in the third act, and emotion was on every page. This book is a dramatic ride through secrets, murder, and the main characters brains.

Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise

Jul 12, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: Please be sure that you have read the book before reading this review. I don't want to spoil anything for you in the following reflection I found this installation of the continuing saga of our ThunderClan heroes to be a fitting end to the six books in the "Power of Three" series.

I rd this book with growing anticipatio Please be sure that you have read the book before reading this review. I rd this book with growing anticipation as I had definitely formed my own opinions about who was responsible in each case All of this was revealed swiftly as one of the answers confronted the other about the first but was instead confronted indirectly about the second.

Hopefully, that only makes sense to those who have read this book. The cliffhanger at the end of the book promises that the next series Omen of the Stars will continue on However, as with all great stories, the finding of answers often leads to more and deeper questions. Of these deeper questions, I now have many Along those same lines, there also were a number of very surprising turns in this book that had me asking "Why?

I was surprised that following his dreams with StarClan that Jayfeather would allow his clamnates, including his brother and sister, to travel the along the dangerous journey to the Sun Drowned Place in search of Midnight and Sol.

There is also much inner-turmoil presented very tactfully by the authors as the hidden secrets weave their poison through Squirrelflight's trio of kits. Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather often say and do one thing while we, the readers, are privileged to also hear what they are truly thinking.

Chief among these from my perspective would be Hollyleaf as her commitment and loyalty to the Warrior Code becomes painfully apparent as it skews her relationship with her family and the larger Thunderclan.

As for the heinous crime committed against Ashfur, I didn't see that coming but enjoyed trying to piece together the clues and motivations in my personal investigation of the crime I thought I had it solved but was sorely mistaken. The snake attack Revelation of secrets at the Gathering Tunnels collapsing Refusal to speak with or listen to mother and aunt As I said, so many deep questions!

Jaypaw has a dream telling where there is a fresh supply: However, in one dream, he somehow goes back to the time of Fallen Leaves' tribe as a young sharpclaw warrior called Jay's Wing. The Tribe is being threatened by Twoleg expansion and votes to move to the mountains. Jaypaw suddenly realizes that this Tribe becomes the Tribe of Rushing Water and they originated from the Clan's current lake home, so he helps by voting that they should go.

When he returns to the Clans, he asks Lionblaze to fetch the catmint. Lionblaze refuses because of dreams where he kills Heatherpaw in the tunnels, but as the greencough gets worse, he finally goes.

Lionblaze gets the catmint and gives it to Jaypaw, but not without a tension-filled encounter with Heatherpaw, now called Heathertail. Soon the Clan is healed and Jaypaw finally receives his full medicine cat name, Jayfeather. Then, during a storm, the camp catches fire.

Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Squirrelflight are trapped. Squirrelflight makes it through the flames and drags a stick through in an attempt to save her kits, but needs some help. Ashfur leaps in and drags it all the way through. Just as Lionblaze leaps on, though, Ashfur blocks the way.

Squirrelflight begs him to let them through, but Ashfur tells her and the other three that he never forgave her after she left him for Brambleclaw.

He reveals that he was in on Hawkfrost's attempt to assassinate Firestar and that he will now kill Squirrelflight's kits in another attempt to hurt her.

Squirrelflight then reveals a crucial secret: She explains how she kept the secret from Brambleclaw and the whole of ThunderClan.

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Ashfur lets them live, but he threatens to tell her secret, and she is shocked that Ashfur would betray her like this. Knowing this, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze realize they are not the Three since they are not the kin of Firestar. The fire burns out and all the cats help get the camp set up again.

Three days before the Gathering, Ashfur asks Firestar if he can go. Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Squirrelflight are worried that he is going to publicly announce their secret. Between then and the day of the Gathering, the three warn Ashfur that he will regret it if he reveals the secret. Although he is frightened, he refuses to listen to them.

Right before the Gathering, the patrol of warriors going notices that both Ashfur and Squirrelflight are missing. On the way to the Gathering, they see Ashfur's body lying in the WindClan stream as if he had drowned.

They take him back to camp and set him for vigil. Leafpool notices a slit in his neck, suggesting he was murdered. After the Gathering, Firestar announces that Ashfur's death was unknown and suspects a cat from ThunderClan may have killed him, and the three see Squirrelflight looking scared and holding her breath. The three vow to keep the recent events involving them, Squirrelflight, and Ashfur a secret.

Sunrise begins with Leafpool repeating a long trial to send Ashfur to StarClan.

During the process, she discovers a tuft of fur in Ashfur's claws, and she knows whose it is, although she does not say. ThunderClan discusses Ashfur's murder, and many think that a WindClan cat killed him since he was found on the WindClan border. To find out, Firestar sends a patrol to WindClan, but Onestar vehemently denies the possibility. As the patrol leaves, Ashfoot tells ThunderClan that she sighted Sol near the sight of Ashfur's dead body, and this leads to the thought that Sol killed Ashfur.

The patrol finds Sol in the Twolegplace where Purdy lives. Brambleclaw persuades Purdy to live in the Clan as an elder. Both Sol and Purdy agree to go to ThunderClan. When the patrol returns to the Clan, Sol neither confirms nor denies killing Ashfur and is kept under guard in the camp.

Being the most curious of the Three, Jayfeather tries to find out who his true parents are. When asking around about his birth, Mousefur reveals that Leafpool accidentally put a strange herb in Mousefur's tansy soon after Jayfeather's birth. After looking through herbs in the medicine cat's den and with herbs sticking to his pelt, he goes to Mousefur to deliver some fresh-kill.

Mousefur says that a certain herb sticking to his fur is the mystery herb, but Jayfeather does not know what it is. To find out, he asks Littlecloud when the medicine cats meet at the Moonpool. The ShadowClan medicine cat recognizes it as parsley, a herb that stops the milk of a cat whose kits die. Jayfeather remembers that while going back to the camp after birth, there is another cat with him besides Squirrelflight: Leafpool, Jayfeather's true mother. At the camp, Hollyleaf too learns that her mother is Leafpool by learning Leafpool came back to the camp the day Hollyleaf and her littermates were born.

In response, Leafpool tells the truth: Hollyleaf killed Ashfur, and the tuft of fur found in Ashfur's paw belonged to Hollyleaf. Angered that StarClan is still keeping the father of the Three a secret, Yellowfang goes to Jayfeather in a dream, tells him, "The time for lies and secrets is over.

The truth must come out. StarClan was wrong not to tell you who you were a long time ago," and leaves him a crow's feather, showing their father is Crowfeather of WindClan. At the Gathering, Hollyleaf reveals the secret about her and her brothers' parents.

Crowfeather denies that he ever has any kits besides Breezepelt, and he states that Leafpool and their kits mean nothing to him. Breezepelt and Nightcloud are both outraged about never being informed. Seeing how everyone feels she did something wrong, Hollyleaf runs off into the tunnels which collapse. Jayfeather realizes that only he and Lionblaze are part of the prophecy's Three. However, as he watches Whitewing's kits walking in the clearing, he realizes that one of the kits will be the third, being the granddaughter of Cloudtail who is the nephew of Firestar.

Plenty of action and solid characterizations make this an enticing choice for fans of the long-running enterprise. A reviewer writing for Children's Literature criticized Outcast for its "overwhelming confusion" of characters and references to past events in the series that readers who had not read earlier books in the series would not understand.

A lukewarm review of Sunrise from Children's Literature stated, "While the numerous characters may be confusing to those unfamiliar with the series, it will not take many pages for them to become enthralled with the adventures of the cats and anxiously be awaiting future books.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Main article: The Sight Warriors. Eclipse Warriors. Long Shadows. Sunrise novel. Wands and Worlds. Retrieved 13 April Retrieved 16 July Power of Three 2: Erin Hunter: Retrieved 17 April Power of Three, Book 2: Dark River Hardcover ". Dark River AER". Dark River. Power of Three 3: Outcast by Erin Hunter". Retrieved 15 July Publishers Weekly.

Retrieved 24 July Outcast [Paperback]". Retrieved 9 August Without this lofty purpose guiding the course of their lives, the three feel adrift and rootless. ThunderClan's suspicions about the murder change. As they begin to suspect that the identity of the murderer may not lie close by after all, Firestar gathers a group of travelers to find and bring back their suspect. While Lionblaze and Hollyleaf join the searchers, Jayfeather stays behind.

As he cares for the elder cat named Mousefur, he asks questions about the period of time around his and his siblings' birth.

Mousefur happens to offhandedly say something about a certain elusive herb that was given to her by mistake around that time, and Jayfeather is drawn further into his investigation. He begins to gather one clue after another, piecing together the puzzle of the trio's parentage. When the truth about Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze's parents is revealed, the reader may well be stunned. But that is just one of the astonishing events in store for fans, as the book concludes with an enormous and yet fitting shocker.

Warriors devotees are likely to reel from the series' climax.But he's determined to continue and find the origin to his past. This book revealed the build up and secrets from so many previous books.

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I think the Warrior series has done all it can, and while it has been an amazing series and one of my favorites, I think it's time it was over. Once your order has been dispatched from our Sydney warehouse you will receive an Order Shipped status email. Heatherpaw and Lionpaw begin meeting in hidden tunnels that no Clan cat has ever seen before the same tunnels that Fallen Leaves drowned in.

Ashfur leaps in and drags it all the way through. All Rights Reserved. This page was last edited on 11 March , at Details if other: Namespaces Article Talk.