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War of the Rats by David L. Robbins Buy the Ebook: . "A frighteningly realistic patchwork depicting the long siege that changed the course of the war. Editorial Reviews. Review. David L. Robbins grimly recounts the merciless Buy a Kindle Kindle eBooks Kindle Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More Kindle Book Deals Free Reading Apps Kindle Singles Newsstand . Editorial Reviews. Review. David L. Robbins grimly recounts the merciless # in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > Russian; # in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction.

War Of The Rats Ebook

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Read "War of the Rats A Novel" by David L. Robbins available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. For six months in Editions for War of the Rats: X (Paperback published in ), (Kindle des Rats (ebook). Published by Édition du Club France Loisirs. ebook. War of the Rats is a World War II fiction novel written by David L. Robbins in . The book has sold worldwide in over 20 languages.

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John Grisham. The Crossing. Michael Connelly. Right and Glory. They both know the other is there, but they do not know where. Thorvald has dug a small hole under a piece of metal so he can relax and can sit in complete darkness away from the sun. It also muffles his rifle shot when he shoots. On the third day Zaitsev brings Danilov along who helps search for Thorvald. He thinks he spots him and jumps up, and Thorvald puts a bullet through his chest. He works all night setting up fake posts and his shooting spot for the coming morning.

The next day Thorvald immediately notices differences near the Russian trenches. Thorvald decides to shoot at the sniper in the decoy and then at Zaitsev. He pulls the trigger, and thinks he hit the other sniper.

He sees it, waits, then pulls the trigger. Thorvald was never able to fire his second shot. On one last mission, Zaitsev, Tania and some others are sneaking towards a German base when Tania steps on a mine. Zaitsev carries her back to a hospital and they are forced to remove a kidney and she loses a lot of blood. Zaitsev never leaves her side. Nikki is wandering about the German camps, talking with soldiers and thinking about the war. Their resources were being depleted and some men had resorted to cannibalism.

He sums it up with one good thought:. Look down at duty, with a broken back now, hissing weakly up at me from the floor. I see everything revealed. Like the men singing on the radio, a chorus of liars. It must be an insane lie! Growing up he learned from his grandfather how to trap, hunt, and stalk animals in the taiga. Zaitsev volunteered to be transferred to the front lines when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union.

His first claim to fame was during some of the first encounters, when he shot down an enemy officer and two soldiers at meters. He was awarded the Medal of Valor and given a sniper rifle.

Zaitsev helped progress the movement towards a large sniper system in the Soviet Army by helping teach at a Sniper school based in a manufacturing plant. He was eventually taken to Moscow in after being blinded and wounded by a mortar. He was operated on and was able to return to battle.

Finally in he left the war with the final rank of Captain and worked as an engineer. In the book Thorvald describes himself as a coward who hides behind the lines and steals the lives of others.

He grew up as a trap shooter and was known as one of the best shooters in the German Army. Nikki acted as a spotter and general accomplice to Thorvald. Tania Chernova is an American with family ties to Russia. Her family was killed during the war and the only thing she wants is revenge. She joined the sniper school run by Zaitsev and became one of his top students as well as his lover, however her hotheadedness held her back from success because of her anger towards the German Army.

However she works past that to become one of the better snipers. Later on in the book she was wounded by a blast from a hidden mine. Danilov eventually is shot down by Thorvald when he spots Thorvald through a periscope and jumps up to yell.

He was interviewed by Vasili Grossman during the battle, and the account of that interview, lightly fictionalized in his novel, Life and Fate Part One, Chapter 55 , is substantially the same as that portrayed in the novel, without putting a name to the German sniper that he dueled with.

On the other hand, the duel is portrayed quite differently in Zaitsev's own book, Notes of a Russian Sniper and in William Craig's history Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad.Robbins' second novel is radically different--a blood-and-guts affair set during the Battle of Stalingrad. Amidst the rising death toll on both sides, the Germans decide to send their top sniper to kill the top Russian sniper in Stalingrad.

Colonel Nikolai Batyuk calls Zaitsev to talk and afterwards has a job offer for Zaitsev. A Novel of the Race for Berlin. However she works past that to become one of the better snipers. Danilov eventually is shot down by Thorvald when he spots Thorvald through a periscope and jumps up to yell.