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The word “die” in itself means the complete press tool in its entirety, with all BASIC DIE DESIGN AND DIE-WORK INFLUENCING FACTORS. Institute for Metal Forming Technology. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Klaus Siegert. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Klaus Siegert. Dipl.-Ing. M. Vulcan. Tool and Die Design for. Results 1 - 10 of The Die Maintenance Handbook offers solutions to common tool and die problems. It gives effective maintenance strategies to help the.

Tool And Die Design Pdf

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Compound die generally consist of blanking and piercing operation which are performed in single press stroke. This design tool is. This book can be used for Board Examination by the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Tool & Die) students for the Tool Design subject. 2. The Use of this . This book is offered to: Students all over the world From Prof. Asad and Prof. Maz IUST Iran. Documents Similar To Press Tool.

Standard shut height of press as per IS Due to this bending moments will be introduced in the press ram. When the shape of blank to be cut is irregular.

The centre of pressure can be found out by the following formula: This centre of pressure is the centroid of the line perimeter of the blank.

It should be noted that it is not the centroid of the area of the blank. To avoid this the centre of pressure of the shearing action of the die must be found and while laying out the punch position on the punch holder. Step 2: Step If the diameter and length are known then directly the spring dimensions can be selected from the tables given in page no to.

If diameter and length are not known. Estimate the level of production required of the die — short run.

Select springs with desired total load. Then refer to the following pages for the catalogue number of springs having the desired rate. Select springs from the table given below as follows: If the number of springs is not known. For long slots.

Summit Tool Design specializes in Progressive Dies

Minimum hole and short slot to bend distance should be 2. Bending Force.

Of drawn cup Where. Upto 0. Table 5.

Drawing pressure. Draw die clearance Blank thickness t 1st Draw Upto 0.


Draw die material: Above Above Nos. Assembly and IS: Table 6. Use of Institute copies of all the above Indian Standards and any other related Indian standards is permitted in the Tool Design and Drawing examination for the D. IS NO.

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O O B Locating a rough work piece. Effective and fast.

Exerting equal pressure to hold. Variation in work piece size. Circular rod in V-block Circular and symmetrical workpiece clamping. Components are to grip on. Jack pin locator Eccentric locators Table 7. Used during facing operation. For easy loading and un loading.

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Adapted for many types of fixtures. Locating elliptical and irregular surfaces. Table 7. The machined or finished size of each part is also stated along with the recommended material to be used. Please ask for quotation. A viewable 3D PDF file of the project.

Printable 3D views and pages of the design. Purchased items are also listed with part numbers, including the name of the supplier. Components, like bolts, dowels, etc. Special pages included when applicable such as partial and or total weight of the project, over all dimensions, strip width, progression, etc. The tool room or machine shop may have additional information that could possibly be put on a CAD drawing. The web based pages include images to fully explain what and how the project is intended to be done.

Your input may also be included in the pages. It is a visual and verbal extension of the CAD drawing of its part and or the assemblies. Parting involves cutting the sheet metal along two paths simultaneously.

Partings waste a certain amount of material, that can be significant. Trimming tool[ edit ] When cups and shells are drawn from flat sheet metal the edge is left wavy and irregular, due to uneven flow of metal. Shown is flanged shell, as well as the trimmed ring removed from around the edge. While a small amount of Material is removed from the side of a component in trimming tool.

Tool Design Data Book.pdf

Trimming Tool Shaving tool[ edit ] Shaving removes a small amount of material around the edges of a previously blanked stampings or piercing. A straight, smooth edge is provided and therefore shaving is frequently performed on instrument parts, watch and clock parts and the like. Shaving is accomplished in shaving tools especially designed for the purpose. Forming tool[ edit ] Forming is the operation of deforming a part in curved profile.

Forming tools apply more complex forms to work pieces. The line of bend is curved instead of straight and the metal is subjected to plastic flow or deformation. Drawing tool[ edit ] Drawing tools transform flat sheets of metal into cups, shells or other drawn shapes by subjecting the material to severe plastic deformation.

Shown in fig is a rather deep shell that has been drawn from a flat sheet.

It is an axial elongation through the application of axial force.Compound tool[ edit ] The compound tool differs from progressive and stage tools by the arrangement of the punch and die. Top Plate: It is used to hold top half of the press tool with press slide. Tool Design Data Book Page Preferred capacities of Mechanical and Hydraulic presses as per IS Minimum hole and short slot to bend distance should be 2.

Drawing tool[ edit ] Drawing tools transform flat sheets of metal into cups, shells or other drawn shapes by subjecting the material to severe plastic deformation.


With partings, the shape can not be nestled precisely. If diameter and length are not known. Remove sharp edges and corners of the plate.