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Read "The Reluctant Dom" by Tymber Dalton available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. [Menage and More: Erotic. To ask other readers questions about The Reluctant Dom, please sign up. .. Shelves: ebook, read, 3rd-party-mistress-boyfriend-girlfr, contemporary. The Reluctant Dom. Obsession Series, Book One. by Paul Preston. ISBN: A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication. Copyright © Paul.

I highly recommend this book is you are looking for a book that will make you FEEL. Its beautiful. I've never read anything like it. And I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what else to say It will help ease you in so that when you read this, it's less about the culture shock of the world, and more about the love story. Just my opinion: I'm writing this about 3 weeks after having read the book and I just wanted to say that I haven't been able to get it off my mind.

I've read many books after although it took me several days before I could even contemplate reading another and still, I can't stop thinking about this one.

I think Kaden has definitely made my list of fav book male characters. His strength is so haunting. I found a song that for whatever reason, I have associated with the feeling from this book and I've been listening to it a lot.

It's not the lyrics of the song that I connect with the book, but I connect the "feeling" of the song to the "feeling" of the book. For more of my reviews, come visit my book blog at: View all 70 comments. Third Person Rating: Kaden and Seth were lifelong friends. I first came across this book when I first started reading two years ago. A man who will love and cherish the woman I love as much as I do. Beyond the collar and the whips, it was simply a beautiful and heartbreaking journey of three individuals in accepting and preparing for the inevitable.

Kaden and Seth were a complete opposite. Kaden was the successful and wealthy lawyer and had been married to Leah for a long time.

He was organized and a meticulous planner. He was the perpetual fuck-up. Could he ever truly be strong and steady Kaden? Seth on the other hand was struggling to keep his life together. Both his business and marriage failed, but he always fix it as best as he could without depending on other people. What I love the most about him was that he was real. He was imperfect, had body hang ups and had warring feelings about their arrangements.

He provided a lot of angst. Leah was such a hard character to handle. She was so emotionally fragile due to her past that the two men were constantly walking on eggshells. It was emotionally taxing to anticipate her mental state. I thought we settled that. There was a lot of laugher in the beginning that I doubted if this book was supposed to be emotional. The book is not for everyone. It could be painful for people who had personal experience in the matter.

But if you could handle emotional pain, you might find this as a power reminder how much love and support could help you through the darkest hours. I chose to review on the older version because I cannot stand the new cover and don't want it in my book list lol!

View all 40 comments. This review was posted at My Secret Romance I can't even begin to explain how bewildered I am with this book. This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read.

It brought a smile to my face and tears in my eyes I have never cried so hard in my life while reading a book. We knew all along what was going to happen, but you can never truly prepare for it.

I kept putting the book down because I knew it was coming But who is ever ready for something This review was posted at My Secret Romance I can't even begin to explain how bewildered I am with this book.

But who is ever ready for something that you know will leave you so filled with such anguish? I felt like I was part of it all.

Finishing the book was like facing reality and I was afraid it would bring me to my knees. And it did. It was devastating and heart breaking to read, yet it has a bittersweet ending to it. Absolutely wonderful. I'm nearly in tears trying to write this. That is how moving this story is. The epilogue was great I loved how it was from Tony's point of view. It made it that much more to see from someone else eyes how Seth and Leah fared after Kaden was gone.

I cried while reading that part. Kaden's need to make sure Leah's mental health was being is taken care of, as well as her emotional and sexual needs is almost staggering to read. What love they all have for each other. Ah, so beautiful! It's not just about the sex though. While it's plentiful and hot, it shows how two and three people can connect on a whole other level than just that.

The authors note was one of my favorite parts of the whole book. This author is one badass chick, especially since she's from my home state and she mentions Publix in her book. Insignificant to most, but not me. After I read this book, I looked Tymber up and read about her.

The fact that she openly admits she lives a bdsm lifestyle is points in my book. I have wondered if authors did or they just got their info from friends and books.

She doesn't and you can tell it's real from the beginning. This book made me see bdsm in a whole new light. While it's still not for me, I can see why people live this kind of lifestyle.

It makes sense in many ways. Just like Leah, I tend to hold everything in, and I mean everything. For some reason I just can't get it out and when I do, I explode, sometimes on the wrong person unfortunately. I usually say I need a good crying session. But maybe what I need is just good spanking, like Leah This author is awesome! View all 31 comments.

Awesome book but keep Kleenex at hand. View 1 comment. What a moving, emotional book! I have to say it is the most I have ever cried reading a book, yet at the end I had a wonderful, euphoric feeling. What a friendship between the main characters Seth and Kaden, very deep, platonic love almost godly.

What a lifestyle, heavy bsdm is definitely not appealing. I could open my mind to read about it, but it was sort of a turn off- not romantic. There was plenty of intimacy though and the love in the relationship of Seth, Kaden, and Leah was so earth shat What a moving, emotional book!

There was plenty of intimacy though and the love in the relationship of Seth, Kaden, and Leah was so earth shattering it was beyond describable. View all 18 comments. Will be adding it to my collection so I can re-read in the future: This book show us how far a husband will go to protect his wife even after death and how what a TRUE friend will do for you even tho they may not want to or understand it.

Book that will have you laughing out load, crying buckets, and give you goose bumps: View all 8 comments. Erotica Group Trick Challenge. I highly recommend this book to my friends that like touchy-feely heart wrenching, love stories with lots of angst oh and lots of crying. I however, am not one of those people, so I found this book to be tortuous to read. I have never been so relieved to finish a book.

This was a heart wrenching story of Kaden, who had just discovered he had pancreatic cancer and had about a year left to live. Kaden immediately asks Seth, his lifelong best friiend, to not only move in with him, but to mary his wi I highly recommend this book to my friends that like touchy-feely heart wrenching, love stories with lots of angst oh and lots of crying.

Kaden immediately asks Seth, his lifelong best friiend, to not only move in with him, but to mary his wife, Leah, and become her Master after his death. I imagine this was a tearful journey for most as Kaden prepares for his impending death and his wife and Seth deal with their grief. I personally don't care for this type of book, even when well written as this one was. I don't enjoy hot shower sex, immediately followed by Seth leaning against the tiles sobbing, and this was a frequent occurrence.

I got tired of his internal dialogue of "Kaden's Dying". He would think this about once or twice a day Short of Seth moving in and learning to be Leah's new Master, nothing new or interesting happened in the book.

If Kaden's planning for Seth to marry Leah wasn't a little weird, things truly got strange after Kaden died. Yes, he died, and I don't feel that that should qualify as a spoiler. I won't give much more away as not to ruin the book for those who haven't read it. This book was a 2 star for me, but it was very well written and I can see how others might could love it.

Follow my reviews at Reading Haven View all 21 comments. Still not doing you. This book was recommended to me by a friend on Goodreads, and I'm glad she did.

Let me start by saying, I haven't cried like that at a book since I read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. The Reluctant D "I love you, bro. The Reluctant Dom is an extremely emotional book, that focuses on 3 people coming to terms with the fact that one of them is dying of cancer.

It's Kaden that is dying, and he asks his best friend, Seth to become his wife's new husband and Dom after he passes. Kaden completely struck me from the moment I started reading. I felt for him. Seth was a complete sweetheart, listening to what his friend has to say, and not judging him in anyway. Don't be deceived by the the cover or the title of this book. It deals with a lot more than the lifestyle of BSDM. The Reluctant Dom, deals with BDSM as more than just a lifestyle, it deals with it being the help that these three people need.

I know that may seem weird, but it's really hard to explain without giving much away, you'll just have to read it to see for yourself. I pretty much fell in love with this story, it touches your heart completely and it was Seth's inner turmoil and his guilt over his friend that begins to break you apart. It was his moments of crying himself to sleep, or crying in the shower at remembering that his best friend is dying that begins to get to you. And it's Seths' selflessness to give up the life he knew to help his best friend make the transition from old Dom to new Dom easier for his wife, Leah.

Leah is a very complicated character, she relies on the pain from BDSM to deal with her inner emotions of having a traumatic childhood. And Seth has been in love with Leah from the day he met her, Kaden knows this, and so knows that Seth is perfect for the job.

The Reluctant Dom (MFM)

He sees that Seth will be able to look after Leah, in more ways than one. Giving her what she needs to help her survive once Kaden passes. Tymber Dalton, managed to create a story surrounding a personal tragedy and entwining a lifestyle that you would never associate with said tragedy.

It's a wonderful story, and it truly moves you to tears, I believe I read through wet eyes for the last half of the book. You know what's coming and you're waiting for it, but nothing can prepare you for when that moment comes, it was slow to build and the descriptions of Kaden's decline in health and his jaundice that started me.

I went completely over the edge! Nothing can prepare you for Kaden's end. Nothing at all. It's extremely emotional and heartfelt. You'd be cold hearted if you didn't cry. I do recommend this book. This book is extremely powerful and centres around personal tragedy and sacrifice. So please, please Other than that, it's a wonderful story, and I don't regret reading this at all.

However you will need to at least read some fluffy YA after all the emotion, heart ache and crying. On a high note; here's a line that had me roaring with laughter: Their own little pornographic elf. View all 12 comments. A tear-jerker that's totally worth every second and every tissue. Loved it! View 2 comments. Aug 27, P. Fans of BDSM erotica and a good love story.

I had to wait a few hours after finishing this book before I could write this review. I really and truly wept. The Reluctant Dom is a tricky book to categorize. Is it BDSM? The hero is truly a reluctant Dom. Being a master is not something he craves or has ever desired for himself. He falls into the lifestyle by accident as a way to help his wife cope wi I had to wait a few hours after finishing this book before I could write this review.

He falls into the lifestyle by accident as a way to help his wife cope with some deep-seated psychological scars. Is it erotica?

Yes, but again, not typical. There are hot, sexy love scenes that will leave you panting—but it is in no way an easy or light read. The novel is not intended to be a book about three people in a romantic relationship. Kaden brings Seth into his relationship with Leah knowing in the end it will be a relationship strictly between Seth and Leah.

The concept of this story immediately grabbed my attention and reminded me of a line from one of my favorite songs. This story will linger with me for a while to come.

Over With tears in my eyes there is no way I can write this review now. An amazing book! Will write something soon. My review I feel numb after reading this book. I freely admit I am an emotional sap. Still I continue to reflect over these characters. I rarely re-read entire books. In simple terms, th With tears in my eyes there is no way I can write this review now.

In simple terms, this book is about three friends that have to deal with the loss of one of them. This story shows how they cope and plan, laugh and cry, and then move on when tragedy strikes. This book is more than the BDSM title suggest. Yes, there is sex in this book and plenty of it. But there is meaning behind each act.

There is a point to everything that goes on.

This book differs from the other book that many talk about. But there is someone or more than one that need to be healed in this story. I find myself very much in love with the martyr of the story. How can you not love someone who is so selfless to give up everything for your happiness? I think I may have found my book husband. His name is Kaden. This author has succeeded on so many levels. Who would think a book about this subject would have you in tears to the point you finish a box of tissues?

Certainly not me. For the most part, I was unable to put this book down and finished in one day. I have to give my hand to this author and will look for more books by her.

I recommend this book to mature audiences. Those who love Fifty Shades of Grey will love this book. This was a very touching, emotional book about friendship, trust, and love. Forever and beyond unconditional love. Love between a man and woman, men and woman, and two men whose friendship has spanned a lifetime. Leah has had a troubled past and is a self abuser.

He becomes her Dom and she his sub. Now he is dying and his devoted and loving wife of twenty years stands a good chance of falling to pieces if he cannot find someone to take over his role as her Dom. He fears for her life. Kaden turns to his childhood friend Seth to step in for him. He has his doubts that he can assume this role until he sees for himself that everything that Kaden does for Leah, is out of love. What ensues is a very compelling, intriguing and wonderful love story.

This is a very well written book that exudes love and a range of emotions, gives the reader an insightful look into the world of BDSM, and an ending that will leave you sad, satisfied and smiling! I know that some of you have been looking for this book and I just found this site that's selling it!!

View all 49 comments. Jul 07, D. I've been putting off doing a review of this book. I really don't like slamming a book, but I am really sort of horrified by the concept that the characters in this book are portrayed as being "normal" lifestylers.

I know people in the lifestyle. I know people who have grown up in horrific situations that left them traumatized. I've worked with abused children and teens. They get counseling and medication when needed. To use BDSM as a "treatment" for Leah's extensive, crippling neuroses is simpl I've been putting off doing a review of this book. I don't know. Very, very bad. And that's a huge understatement. Its no different than self-medicating with alcohol or drugs. Then to put this into an erotic romance?

As to mechanics, I wasn't blown away, the author overuses the "Kaden's dying" phrase to the point it becomes trite. The emotionalism was just too heavy for my taste, completely lowest common denominator. I did not finish this book, nothing was able to rescue it for me. It could have been a masterpiece of writing, but that would be irrelevant given the mind boggleing misuse of BDSM in this story.

View all 9 comments. Oh my word I cried throughout this book. I have been extremely reluctant in reading this book because of the mixed reviews, despite my love of most of her books. The detractors of this book had warned me of Leah's questionable mental health problems which are medicated by the BDSM lifestyle. I am not fond of this type of presentation either because those not in the lifestyle may take this as an example of how BDSM people are all mentally unstable.

The beginning of the story with Leah's history did disturb me a bit. As I read more, my queasiness decreased and understanding increased. This is because I was shocked into an epiphany that I didn't really want to know about myself.

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Still, Leah's need for pain is really secondary in this story. Dalton does an excellent job explaining the BDSM lifestyle. Not only does she do an excellent job, this book is really not even into the edgier parts of BDSM which was surprising. This is why I curse Ms. I fell in love with Kaden. He's the dom I'd love to submit to, every day.

What I loved most about Kaden was his careful planning. He love for his wife and his best friend touched me especially because it's not only what I like to do, but what I wish would be done for me.

Kaden's death from cancer was beyond heartbreaking. It wasn't so much his death but the process of his decline and how short of time he had to ensure Leah would be protected. Seth, what can I say about Seth? He's an amazing friend who does everything he can to help his best friend Kaden. The struggle he goes through to come to terms with losing he best friend and essentially taking over his life is monumental.

Kaden is the perfect wealthy self made man. Seth, from the surface and initial look is a total screw up. He can't get his career together nor can his love life be deeded as a success with three ex-wives.

It gives me perspective of what my poor husband might be thinking. He actual takes to it much better than Kaden because he is at heart, a dom. Kaden was actually the reluctant dom which completely surprised me and caught me off guard. This story is definitely not a happily ever after, more like a bittersweet ever after.

View all 6 comments. Less than five stars for this book would be a travesty!!! Normally if I love a book, I will plough on at full speed until finished, no matter the hour!!!

However this book was different. I found I had to walk away from it. Not sure if it was guilt for feeling like a voyeur of their emotional and heart rendering relationship, I certainly became emotionally involved to the point where I was pondering the situation through out my day, or more than likely because I was trying to postpone the inevitab Less than five stars for this book would be a travesty!!!

Not sure if it was guilt for feeling like a voyeur of their emotional and heart rendering relationship, I certainly became emotionally involved to the point where I was pondering the situation through out my day, or more than likely because I was trying to postpone the inevitable??!! I must say that is also hard to read when your vision becomes blurred trying to read through the copious amount of tears that just kept leaking from my eyes!!!!

The fact that I too battled with these conflicting emotions, is a testament to the Author. This book is first and foremost a story of Love and Friendship. Read it View all 4 comments. I've just finished this book and I'm clutching my chest. This was such an emotional read. I cried many times through it and it really did touch me deep.

I'm not a real fan of a lot of BDSM books to be honest but this book is so much more than that. In this book the relationship between Seth, Leah and Kaden is explored and it is done so well that you really feel the deep love and emotion these three go through.

They share a deep bond and knowing throughout the book that Kaden was dying had me readin I've just finished this book and I'm clutching my chest. They share a deep bond and knowing throughout the book that Kaden was dying had me reading the whole time with a huge knot in my stomach and pain in my heart.

It's taken me a long time to get around to reading this book and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge. This book will stay with me for quite a while that's for sure.

I can't won't give it 4 stars due to my frustration with Leah God, I feel like the Reluctant Reviewer How does one review without giving too much away??? If you are anything like myself, it's going to annoy the HELL out of you. I felt I should warn you. Kaden ask his best friend to fill in his footsteps once he's kicked the bucket. Leah's been through a lot in her life, her ass needs "Special attention" literally in order to feel emotion.

Kaden god this man is amazing the "Master" must teach "Sir" Seth how to keep his wife alive once he's gone do you see why Leah frustrated me??? Seth agrees to move in with them so that Kaden can prepare him for his future.. I found them to VERY entertaining characters both individually and when communicating with each other. Seth struggles with many different issues throughout the story "kaden is dying" and is honest about his trepidations wow, reading is sprucing up my vocabulary: My problem with this story was Leah.

I could NOT for the life of me understand why she felt the way that she did about one particular something. I kept praying I'm not going to give away my brilliance, you'll just have to wait I feels horrible for saying this but it got to the point that I wanted the man I cherish to die. I know it sounds crazy but I was ready to stop being upset with Leah and start balling my eyes out If you are looking for a story filled with laughs, love and long awaited tears this my friend is the book for you.

View all 16 comments. For the last few hours I have been trying to fine coherent words to express how I feel. My emotions are raw and all over the place right now that I cannot stop sobbing as I write this review.

This story is not only about BDSM. But about friendship, love, passion, loss and most importantly unconditional love. Kaden who is dying of cancer ask is oldest and best friend Seth to take over is beloved wif.. I fell in love with Leah, Seth and Kaden. I had a strong connection with all three characters that i felt i was right there with them in this difficult journey. The unconditional love in this story is what broke my heart into a million little pieces. Seth drop his life to be there for Kaden and did everything he and Leah could to make things as easy as possible for him.

As well as Kaden for his friend and wife. When Kaden died I felt that I lost my best friend. I cried like a baby and felt this pain in my chest as if i was right there with Leah and Seth, and we were all mourning together. In some ways I was able to relate to Kaden because i too been a victim of cancer. I've been dealing with ovarian cancer for almost 4 years now. At the moment I am in remission and doing and feeling great. While reading this book.

There were times that I had to stop reading because I was a mess crying. I also tried to convince myself to stop reading it. I am sobbing my heart out I want to give this book 10 stars and more!!! This book has every human emotion in it that makes for a fantastic read. It was extremely beautiful; so well written!! As a reader it took me through one of the most intensely emotional, painful, heart breaking and torturous journeys I have ever experienced.

I can't even adequately describe just how amazing this book is and how emotionally exhausted I am from reading it. Kad I am sobbing my heart out Kaden and Leah have been married for 20 years when Kaden is suddenly diagnosed with progressive cancer. His prognosis isn't good, in fact he is dying, am crying as I am writing this!

Kaden propositions his best friend since childhood, Seth, to take over from him after his death as Leah's Dom. The reasons behind this proposal are utterly heart breaking and harrowing!! Seth has recently divorced wife number 3 and is in the process of re-starting his life, yet suddenly finds himself in a situation that seems beyond anything he has ever seen or been a part of before and understandably he is not sure he can go through with it.

I absolutely loved and admired Kaden. He was without doubt one of the strongest male characters I have ever read. His love is unconditional. The strength he shows with the knowledge of his impending death is remarkable. His love for both Leah and Seth gave me the chills. I adored him! I loved his relationship with Seth, it broke my heart yet at the same time it made me laugh out loud at times. When we get his voice it touches your soul and his controlling nature in life in general, and in death, and his intense focus on Leah broke my heart.

I really loved Seth too.

The pressure this guy must have felt to do right by his best friend had to have been immense. The inner battles he has with himself over the impending death of his best friend, the guilt of his love for Leah and what he is being asked to do.

When he is reminded of his friends death, when he cries in the shower - I was sobbing!!! Seth is literally giving up his life as he knows it by agreeing to be trained by the 'Master! I went through the emotions Seth did and questioned as he did. Again, he too showed true strength, love and compassion. In my opinion, this story was more about Kaden and Seth than Leah. Yes, Leah is the centre and the reason for the proposition, her traumatic past and lack of coping mechanisms being the catalyst.

However, it was the story of Kaden and Seth that mostly resonated with me. Their brotherly love for each other. For me, this book was not so much about the sex or the lifestyle. It was about personal tragedy.

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