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The modern witch's spellbook. bySarah Lyddon Morrison For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. The Modern Witch's Spellbook book. Read 17 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Booktopia has The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book, Your Complete Guide to Crafting and Casting Spells by Skye Alexander Alexander. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book online from Australia's leading online bookstore. Booktopia has Modern Witchcraft Book of.

The Modern Witchs Spellbook Pdf

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The Pdf and Prc files are sent as single zips (and naturally don't have the file structure below) Saxon words for wisdom; 'witch' is from the old English word wita, meaning 'wise' and Today, however, too many modern societies have lost the. Witches (never Wiccans!), and who often believe that the witchcraft they practice is Today, the book that is credited with having launched the modern Wiccan. The Modern Witch's Spellbook: A Guide to the mysteries of the Occult, Explaining How to Cast SPells, Work Charms and Love-Magic, and Improve Daily Living.

The Modern Witch's Spellbook Vol. 2 by Sarah L. Morrison (1987, Paperback)

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The modern witch's spellbook

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Charges for international delivery destinations are available below. Jul 01, Sec rated it did not like it First, allow me to start this review by talking about the way the book is written before I do anything else. While I understand that this book was originally published in , the book has an extremely shitty way of presenting materials.

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The fact that the writing in this book had both a condescending tone as well as an almost sarcastic but not really tone in the writing style made it extremely hard to follow in certain places. Sometimes I asked myself if the author was fucking kidding or if the author was actually that serious and that problematic. I had a hard time believing that someone would be that problematic.

This is a spellbook, not a memoir to name dropping not that any names were actually dropped. Talk about filler content in order to up the page count to get more money, batman. This is not a spellbook which has a lot of ritualistic spells within it.

Thirdly, my review attempts to be as gender friendly as possible.

The author has made it quite clear she lives in the gender binary constructs including all the normal socially accepted gender roles for those genders. Where I say women, I am personally including anyone who calls themselves a woman.

Same with men. There are no other genders which are present in the context of this book - which is something that I wanted to largely address outside of my main counter points. Rape Spells and Pretentious Ethics Speaking With Both Sides of the Mouth One of my most hated types of spells are sexual dominance spells which basically are spells that do not allow for sexual consent from another party.

As we all know, without a willingly given and happily given non-pressured answer YES, sex with that party is against their will otherwise known as rape. Ethically, I have a problem with supplying people the spells that I greatly dislike and find horrifying.

But this is not a problem here for this author. This little attempt at getting around the ethical problem by pushing the ethical problem onto the reader amuses me. But it is a poor excuse for bad ethics. Anyone could do all of these spells listed in this book [minus maybe..

Why would anyone possibly think that someone new could not cast these spells? Is there something magical she put on the book itself to prevent it from falling into newbie hands?

Did she set it up to fail by having some kind of cut off point within the spells themselves to prevent people from casting them? And No Way. I started out counting how many times a racial slur was being used, when I got into the teens, I stopped counting.

This book promotes some fucked up shit. And a lot of folk practices and cultural practices have been wiped out because of things like mislabeling them as demonic and creating a state of fear of them within that culture.

This is not limited to Afro-Caribbean practices either. But one of probably the worst parts of the racism is the oversexualization of the Rroma, Sinti, and other tribes of Europe talking about how they successfully snag lovers via bewitchment and then bring them to their knees.

This hypersexualization of the Rroma, Sinti, and other tribes has been a long standing mechanism in order to stereotype and further oppress these tribes. Good job author. No really. Good Job.

A lot of what this book writes about women as in her little stories that may or may not have anything to do with the actual spell content tends to be very demeaning and sexist.

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But not only that it encourages some behavior that should be clearly addressed, like stalking.Any dark areas of your mind that are run by hypnotic suggestion or a spell cast onto you in the past?

My best friend's aunt had it lying in a trunk by her bed, and we were snooping, as 7 year old girls are fond of doing. Men of all kinds have the right to call themselves witches just as much as any other person. No trivia or quizzes yet. This book is more like a historical marker of what was going on at the time, what was being published, and it doesn't show the Craft in a good light for the most part. I don't mind books on alternate points of view, different spiritual traditions, etc.