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The Hearts Code Audio Book

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If so, why? This is not just a book, it is a living transmission of divine energy that will open you to a new perspective on yourself as a spiritual leader bringing divine feminine light into the world. It is hard to compare The Sophia Code to other books but the chapter on Mother Mary recalled for me the channelled book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus where we learned the truth about both Mary and Mary Magdalene as high spiritual initiates in the Isis tradition.

Kaia Ra's voice holds such a loving and powerful vibration and the words hold such a powerful frequency that to receive it audibly is particularly powerful.

Also to be able to relax and simply listen rather than actively focus on reading words on a page allows you to be even more receptive to the words and to feel their effect on your body and energy. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

No I preferred to take my time with each chapter focusing on a different Keycode Mentor and to allow time for the initiations to be integrated. I am currently participating in The Sophia Code Curriculum with Kaia Ra where we are working with one chapter each month.

It is not so much a book as a Mystery School curriculum so there is a lot to be absorbed. If you feel drawn to buy this book you are ready to experience yourself more fully as a divine being and to shine your light for humanity.

You have been warned!!! May your journey with it be blessed. Would you listen to The Sophia Code again? I listen to this book constantly, I am on my third time right now. What did you like best about this story?

This book has changed my life more than any book ever.

Its literally life changing in the best possible way. Actually, she's a great reader. The convenience of listening rather than reading is the main reason I bought the audio book, because I already have 2 paperbacks of this book. I love Kaia's voice, though, so that is definitely a plus. Not possible if you spend time thinking about the ideas. Its too heavy with new information.

Get ready to have your world rocked!!!! What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? How did the narrator detract from the book?

What disappointed you about The Sophia Code? I thought this would be actual real usable information channeled from divine feminine masters I wanted to love this so much! I really did. I was looking for teachings from divine feminine masters and wanted to learn more about that. BUT, There is no meat in this, all fluff and a whole lot of it, i stopped listening after a few hours in.

Listen on Your Terms

Use your discernment, feel with your own inner being to find the truth, only you know the truth within. Real ascended masters explain and teach and help you understand the principles they teach. I know what energetic transmissions are really like and it's not this It's not a bunch of self love, "if I can do it so can you" that's not what creates miracles or transforms lives In reality it's really about self mastery, there is nothing to be mastered in receiving transmissions or codes without understanding the principles of why it is so, and how it results in making new choices for actual real change and miracles to happen, but to the masses who want an "easy pill" for creating miracles, then this would surely appeal and sell a ton of books and someone could possibly make a lot of money from people looking for an easy way to ascend spiritually.

There is no easy way, it's done with true self work and self love and understanding of your energy and how to work with it and communing with your own higher self for direction and guidance. Masters teach their techniques. So it becomes your truth in the rawest and purest form which results in faith and belief because you have witnessed in your own life, you are a living testament to it.

I really really hate leaving negative reviews, I'm usually a focus my energy only on what I want to grow kind of person, but I just felt so compelled to share my energetic receiving of this. This book will be good for a certain audience, such as the writer herself, who need to learn self love and who need to have it drilled into their awareness of how loved they are.

I hope this book finds the ones who truly need it. If you are here to master your energy and really want to learn divine feminine principles I suggest looking elsewhere.

What in the world was the point of the beginning of the book to describe the horror of her early life? As someone aware of how energy works, I would like to know her pure intention for including this in the book? Trying to look credible? Trying to evoke an emotional response in order to gain entry into the readers heart?

What was the true intention for inserting this in the book? Everything is about intention. I just can't see how that adds to the claims of this book at all or helps it in any way. If she wanted to write a story on her life there are ways to do that but I don't feel it should have been included in the beginning of the book, that was HUGE red flag for me from the beginning. I thought I was getting the complete book.

But this is not. I love the book, and wanted the audio to go with it. Listening to this audiobook is a mystical experience for me. I'm the kind of person who is not interested in plot and logic but am swept away by the energy.

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I could open this book at any point and get exactly the insight that I need for my heart. It is more than a book; it is a text like the Bible that is imbued with spiritual power. Listening for 45 minutes in the morning when I'm open to it transforms my heart and mind. It is a manual for healing our deepest wounds, the basic wound that has defined humanity. Recommended for anyone struggling with being too sensitive or healing from trauma.

This is a powerful transmission for our time as we are born into the age of grace. This and the Gene keys are two of the most powerful spiritual texts that we have on the planet today in my opinion.

Upon listening, you'll never be the same as this teaching is powerful beyond belief. Thank you Kaia Ra for sharing this gift with our world.

The Sophia Code

It is difficult to put words to the deep shifts that take place from working with The Sophia Dragon Tribe teachings. Life is now different in healthier much more positive loving ways with a deep sense of freedom from what once felt like shackles and I am only on chapter 9.

This work touches the heart of your soul. Kaia Ra touches the heart of your soul. I am thankful and I can't thank Kaia enough for sharing her path and this work with us all. This book is a divine blessing to all of humanity. I do not use those words lightly. I have three versions of it - on Kindle, Hard Cover and Audible.

It is a multidimensional living breathing codex that is a must read for any lightworker and anyone on any spiritual path or wanting to embody more of the divine feminine. It's more than a book, its a Codex that will activate, change and bless your life in miraculous ways.

Let Us Tell You a Story

The Sophia Code is one of the purest channeled books I have ever read and I have read many. Thank you Kaia Ra for birthing this beautiful book! Excellent listen. This is a living transmission and nutritious water for your souls garden. I highly recommend it for those desiring to embody transformation. This audiobook literally blew me away. Am going to listen again.

And again. Best book I ever read. It has awoken my soul to who I truly am. The depths of Love and joy it has awoken within me to know the truth of my being is beyond words. Now I remember who I truly am. That totally blew me away. I'm still. If you are drawn to this book. Go for it. I have never had a book like this before. This truly is a living transmission. I have been seeing the number everywhere for weeks and wasn't surprised to learn that the dragon tribe number is !

This book is worth every penny, and I so glad my inner being directed me to try it out. I am familiar with a lot of the quantum stuff but there is much more to learn and have reawakened with these invocations. I have experienced and sampled so many light leaders offerings and this is one of the most powerful I have come across to date.

A masterpiece.. I did try really hard, but with spiritual books I rely on my heart to resonate. This book is just too far fetched and doesn't feel right to me.

I have read this book before and loved it. I downloaded the audio book because of this but I haven't been able to listen to this audio book yet. Kaia Ra. Narrated by: People who bought this also bought Richard Rudd Narrated by: Jennifer M. Dixon Length: Sophie Bashford Narrated by: Sophie Bashford Length: Denise Linn Narrated by: Denise Linn Length: Becoming Supernatural: Joe Dispenza Narrated by: Adam Boyce Length: Jesus and the Essenes By: Dolores Cannon Narrated by: Alberto Villoldo Narrated by: Alberto Villoldo Length: Starhawk Narrated by: Starhawk Length: Sandra Ingerman Narrated by: Sandra Ingerman Length: Matt Kahn Narrated by: Matt Kahn Length: The Wild Woman's Way By: Michaela Boehm Narrated by: Michaela Boehm Length: Rebecca Campbell Narrated by: Rebecca Campbell Length: Tosha Silver Narrated by: Tosha Silver Length: Packed with actionable advice and visual guidance, this compact pocketbook details the effects of dyslexia and how you can confidently deal with them to your advantage.

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He demystifies the culture-building process by identifying three key skills that generate cohesion and cooperation, and explains how diverse groups learn to function with a single mind. Bringing the heart back into the equation creates balance and better health. It is not so much a book as a Mystery School curriculum so there is a lot to be absorbed.

This book will help a new generation of leaders capture the same magic.