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The Death Cure is a young adult dystopian science fiction novel written by American writer James Dashner and the third book published in the Maze. The Death Cure book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It's the end of the line. WICKED has taken everything from Tho. The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book Three) by James Dashner, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

The Death Cure Book

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Don't miss book three in the #1 New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series, now a major motion picture starring Dylan O'Brien! WICKED has taken. The Death Cure is a young-adult dystopian science-fiction novel and the third and final book in The Maze Runner Trilogy written by James. No sunny wrap-up to this very dark, mature series. Read Common Sense Media's The Death Cure: Maze Runner Trilogy, Book 3 review, age.

The Gladers are offered the chance to remove the mind-control chips in their heads, thus restoring their memories, but at the cost of Thomas' ability to communicate telepathically with Teresa and Aris. Only Thomas, Minho, and Newt choose not to undergo the surgery, believing they cannot help to find the cure if they lose their telepathic connection or gain their prior memories.

Thomas initially feels betrayed, but Brenda convinces him to forgive her. Soon after, the Gladers discover that everyone who had undergone the memory-restoration abandoned them.

Newt gives Thomas a note and tells him to open it "when the time is right". There, a man in a black-suit directs them to an address where Gally is waiting for them. He also reveals the decaying cities are home to many who suffer from the Flare, but take an illicit drug called Bliss which slows down brain functioning and helps relieve the pain Cranks feel from the Flare. The group finds Hans, who removes Minho's control chip. Minho convinces them to go to the Denver Crank Palace to rescue Newt, where they bribe the guards to get in.

When they meet Newt, he angrily orders them to leave and the other Cranks chase them out.

Thomas then remembers Newt's note and reads it, discovering that he had begged Thomas to kill him. Thomas despairs over not having read the note earlier. After returning to Denver, Thomas sees that Newt has succumbed to the Flare.

Thomas answers Newt's pleas by shooting him in the head as an act of mercy.

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The group then discovers that Teresa and the other Immunes have been captured. After knocking out the guards, they discover that the guards were led by Vince, the leader of the Right Arm, who explains that they are infiltrating WICKED's headquarters. Inside, Thomas discovers that how Janson tried to use his attempt "to save Newt" to compile data for the cure by examining the physical structure of Thomas's brain, which will kill him. Thomas is forced to begin the deadly brain surgery, but is able to plant a device that disables WICKED's weapons, allowing the Right Arm to begin storming the facility.

Thomas wakes up to find a note from Chancellor Ava Paige, head of WICKED, explaining there are already enough resources from the Trials to make a blueprint for the cure, and that his brain is not needed after all. Thomas and his friends re-enter the Maze and find the captured Immunes.

Explosions rock the Maze and falling debris kills some of the Immunes inside. Triggered by the commotion, the Grievers come out of storage, but Teresa shows Thomas how to shut them down.

However, she dies from falling debris in an effort to save Thomas's life. Fleeing the building, the Immunes escape through a Flat Trans portal that leads to a lush paradise.

The Epilogue The book's Epilogue is written in the voice of Paige. She reveals that after the catastrophic solar flares , the Flare was deliberately created and released by the government as a form of population control. Paige realized that the Immunes were the only actual hope for a cure and devised a plan with Brenda and Jorge to send them to a safe refuge, where they could restore human civilization.

He continued this by crossing the Scorch in The Scorch Trials , in which he was continuously manipulated by almost everyone, making it hard for him to trust other people again.

During the events in The Death Cure he falls for Brenda. Almost immediately, Rat Man tells everyone that they'll be given their memories back. Plus, Rat Man also lets everyone know who is immune to the Flare and who isn't. Most people are immune, but Newt isn't, which is a total bummer. He's got the Flare.

Naturally, Thomas, Minho, and Newt rebel against having the surgery. At first they succeed in their rebellion, but eventually they're foiled and put in separate rooms. In Thomas's operating room, we find Brenda—you know, the girl he saw out in the Scorch who helped him get to safety.

Thomas and Brenda then break Minho and Newt out, and after a bunch of action-packed sequences, the four reach the hangar, where Jorge the dude from the Scorch is ready for them. More action: kaboom, kaplow.

Book review: 'The Death Cure' is an action packed conclusion to 'The Maze Runner' series

Our heroes all make it safely to a Berg an airship thing , and they fly to Denver, where the other Gladers Teresa and all of those other people supposedly flew to as well. When they arrive in Denver, Newt has to stay on the plane because he's starting to feel the effects of the Flare. Thomas immediately receives a note from Gally, the boy who killed Chuck back in Book One, telling Thomas to come meet him.

Brenda wants them all to go meet a dude named Hans because he's a doctor who can remove chips from the boys' brains these are the chips that let WICKED track them. But Thomas decides that they should meet Gally first.

The gang Thomas, Minho, Brenda, and Jorge meets up with Gally, who reveals that he's part of an underground group called the Right Arm.

The Death Cure

The gang goes to Hans, and he agrees to take Thomas's and Minho's chips out. Don't worry: they sedate him, and Hans takes out everyone's chips. The next morning, our heroes plan to meet up with Gally, but Thomas gets caught up in an altercation between a government official and a man who's on the Bliss drug. This leads to Thomas being held hostage by the government official, who's really just another kind of bounty hunter.

Also: Newt is in big trouble. Thomas decides the second part of this message is much more important than the first, so the gang rushes back to the Berg. They find a note inside telling them that Newt was brought to a place with other Cranks called Crank Palace. And off the gang goes to Crank Palace. In Crank Palace, our heroes find Newt, but he isn't happy to see them.

In fact, he tells them to leave and threatens to shoot them with a Launcher. Newt had been rapidly losing his sanity, and at this point, he's pretty out of it. The gang is forced to leave Newt, which breaks the hearts of Thomas and Minho. When they reach their Berg again, our heroes are again arrested by some random people with weapons. Eventually, they're thrown into a room filled with people, but not just any people: they're totally reunited with some other Gladers, including Teresa.

After Minho and Thomas start a quick mutiny against their captors, they're able to figure out that their captors are part of the Right Arm—which is odd, because they're supposedly the good guys.

Thomas convinces one member to drive him and Brenda to the Right Arm's boss. Oh, yeah: it's battle time. But first, it's time to break out the tissues. On the van ride to the hangar, Thomas sees Newt hanging around on the highway.

Thomas gets out of his van and tries to tell Newt to come with them, but Newt attacks Thomas. Newt keeps screaming at Thomas to kill him.

After a lot of screaming and struggling, Thomas puts Newt out of his misery.Never mind that getting back your memories is the sole thing you've been hankering for since you woke up from the Box months ago. The Death Cure is the finally conclusion to this heart-stopping wor Speechless!

Prueba de Fuego James Dashner. He saved Newt from himself. I love Newt. Who the fuck's that? She doesn't believe the note could be from Gally, however, because the boy went crazy with guilt when he realized what WICKED had manipulated him to do. The Maze Runner series. The Death Cure is the random-est of all.