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NET eBook with easy-to-follow concepts in a Q & A format. NET Interview. NET. Q&A on C# by Damir Arh. The Absolutely Awesome Book on C#. About the Book. The Absolutely Interview Book is a deep technical book and helps you build a solid foundation to give you an edge in any . The Absolutely Awesome Book on C# has released. NET. This book covers C# , C# ,.NET Framework and. NET Interview.

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Free download Interview Questions by Abhishek Goenka. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. Mr. RN Interview () Questions and resourceone.infomeWork. What Face book. Id: Framework? A). Looking for a job change, but don't have confidence to face the interview. Be prepare yourself for your next job interview in a short time by referring our eBooks .

A Server side validation functions can be invoked by using ASP. How to access information about a users locale in ASP. A Users locale information can be accessed through System. Culture property. What are the life cycle events of asp. A Application level, Control level, Page level. What are the Asp. Net page cycle stages? A There are overall 8 stages available for any webpage that will undergo with in server at page life cycle. A Event will execute for some action i.

Whereas method will contain some behavior or functionality. A Default events of: A When ever user request for a page for first time it is called First request. When ever user will interact the page by clicking button or selecting radiobutton e.

When we will use Not Ispostback? A IsPostBack: It is the property of the Page class which is used to determine whether the page is posted back from the client. Whenever we dont want to execute the code within the load event, when the page load event fires then we will use!

A Autopostback is the property of the control. If you want a control to postback automatically when an event is raised, you need to set the AutoPostBackproperty of the control to True.

It will provide services to single web 1. It will provide services to multiple applications. If we want to develop a web user 3. If we want to develop a custom control we have to add a pre-defined control we have to use a class library template called web user control to the project.

Web user control we have to drag 4. Custom control we have to drag from from solution explorer window to web toolbox window to web page. A TextBox1. ToString ;. A By using div tag and panel control. A Rendering is a process of converting complete server side code into client understable code. It will happen before page is submitting to the client. A ASP 1. Asp is a classic server side technology before.

NET 2. Net is a. Net advanced server side technology. Net will support 2 programming techniques i. In Asp, its file extension is. Asp has limited OOPs support. Net uses any. Net languages including VB. Net, C but mostly C.

NET uses languages which are fully object oriented languages like C. A Two types of memories are there in. Stack memory and 2. Heap memory. A Client Side Scripting 1. Scripting which will execute within the web browser can be called as client side scripting. Using this we can implement client side validations. Client side scripting we can implement by using client side technologies called JavaScript, VB script and so on.

Server Side Scripting 1. Scripting which will execute within the web server can be called as client side scripting. Using this we can implement server side validations.

Server side scripting we can implement by using server side technologies called Asp. A Whenever we want to display the Gridview control according to our requirement then we will go for Gridview Customisation. A It is a Boolean property of gridview control.

By default it is true. If we want to customize gridview control.. A Whenever we want to have common header and common footer within multiple pages of a website then we can go for a Master Page.

A Whenever we want to display the collection of images in a rotation manner one by one then we will go for Adrotator control. A View and multiview are container controls. Multiview control: It can contain collection of view controls but not a normal control.

View Control: It can contain normal controls, but view control should be placed within the multiview. By implementing view and multiview control we can reduce the no. A In ASP. NET we have 2 types of Configuration files. Config and 2. How many web. Config is one of the configuration files. It is a XML file. This file we can use to define the ASP.

NET application configuration settings. Config files within a single application. A YES. But the connection string names must be different. A Whenever we want to define some separate settings for couple of web pages, we will create a new folder and we will add that couple of web pages to that folder and we will add a new Web.

How many machine. A The Machine. Config file, which specifies the settings that are global to a particular machine. That is, configuration done in machine. Usually, this file is not altered. We can have only ONE machine.

A Hyperlink: It will not PostBack the webpage to the server. Link Button: It will postback the webpage to the server. It is a process of maintaining the users information. Server Side State Management and 2. Client Side State Management. How many types of sessions? A Session is a temporary variable which will be used to maintain the user information.

Based on the locations, sessions are of4 types: Inproc session 2. State server session 3. Sql server session 4. Custom session. A Within the Web. A Using Abondon. Abondon will destroy the session. Accessing the inproc session data will be faster. It we restart the web server or if any crashes to the web server there is a chance of losing the session data. If the session data is increased there is a burden on the web server, it will affect the performance of web server and web application.

It is not suitable for large web application models like webgarden and webfarm. State server session will provide more security because sessions are creating separately within the windows service.

If we restart the web server or if any crashes to the web server but still session data will be safe. It is suitable for large web applications like webgarden and webfarm model.

Accessing the state server session will be slower compare with inproc session. It is not that much suitable for small web applications because maintaining the windows service is expensive. Always windows service should be ON. A We can start the Windows Service in 2 ways1. By using control panel and 2. By using Command prompt. A Sql server sessions will be creating within the Sql Server Database.

A There are 2 Types of Session events. Session Start and 2. Session End. A Whenever we want to store user data within the server. A Worker process is nothing but Asp. Net execution engine or Asp. Net runtime. The role of Asp. Net runtime is executing the Asp. Net web page within the Web server. A Every worker process will maintain a memory unit within the web server which is nothing but Appdomain. A Deploying a website into multiple web servers is called Webfarm. A when ever we want to store the data in web server..

In youtube video number of views. A There are 3 application events. Application Start Event 2. Application End Event 3. Application Error Event. Application state: It will be available to all users of the application. Application state variables are cleared, when the process hosting the application is restarted.

Session state: It will only be available to a specific user of the ASP. Session state variable are cleared, when the user session times out. The default is 20 minutes. This is configurable in Web. This file will contain all the application session related events. A Cookie is a variable which we can use to store the user data. It will create within the client machine due to that reason which is called as client side state management.

Cookies can be broadly classified into 2 types 1. Persistent cookies: Remain on the client computer, even after the browser is closed. You can configure how long the cookies remain using the expires property of the Http Cookie object. Non-Persistent cookies: If you don't set the Expires property, then the cookie is called as a Non-Persistent cookie.

Non-Persistent cookies only remain in memory until the browser is closed. Cookie is a client side state management technique. Cookie is a variable which will create within the client machine.

Default timeout of a cookie is 30 minutes. Session is a server side state management technique. Session is also a variable which will create within the Web server. Default life time of session variable is 20 minutes. What is the draw back?

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QueryString is a way to forward the data from one web page to another. QueryString is attached to the URL with "? All the attributes and values are visible to the end user. Therefore, they are not secure. There is a limit to URL length of characters. What is the scope of view state? Viewstate will maintain the users data among multiple postbacks requests.

The scope of the Viewstate is within that web form. To Implement HiddenField we can use Asp. Net server control called HiddenField. A Caching is a process of storing the frequently used web page or frequently used part of the web page or frequently used data into some location for future access. A According to the location caching is classified into 4 types. Client caching 2. Proxy caching 3. Reverse caching 4. Web server caching. Net will support 3 Caching Techniques. Page Output Caching 2.

Fragment Output caching 3. Data Caching. In general, we will implement page caching on startup page such as login and home page. Fragment caching we will implement on a Web user control, which is accessing by multiple web pages.

A ConfigurationManager class. A Security is a process of allowing the authenticated users and denying the unauthorized users when user is requested for restricted web page. A Authorization is a process of verifying the authentication ticket and supplying the web page based on authentication ticket. A Authentication is a process of accepting the user credentials, when user will request for a restricted web page and generating the authentication ticket for the valid user.

A It will support 3 types of authentications. Forms authentication 2. Passport authentication 3. Windows authentication. A FormsAuthentication 96 When we will go for forms authentication? A Forms authentication is used for normal web applications. A A group of websites which will allow the user with single user id and password will go for the passport authentication. If we have Gmail id with that we can access Gmail, Facebook, Youtube etc. A Whenever users are part of the same Windows domain as the server then the Windows Authentication is the preferred approach to authentication.

In other words, whenever we have intranet web applications it is better to go with Windows Authentication. Row deleting and Row deleted 2. Row editing 3. Row updating and Row updated 4.

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Row Cancelling edit 5. Row command 6. Row created 7. Row DataBound 8. Page index changing and page index changed 9. Sorted and sorting. A Whenever we want to display the data as it is we can go for Repeater control, that means we dont require to provide any Edit or Delete facilities. To display Bank Statements and Examination results. A Whenever we want to display the data in a repeating list format then we will go for Datalist control. Details View: A Data pager control provides paging functionality for data bound controls.

It will allow the user to select one item or multiple items.

It will allow the user to select only one item. ControlToValidate and 2. A It informs the compiler of any custom server control added to the page. A To avoid full page postback,to implement partial page postback 1. A when ever user will interact the part of the page then sending postback request for only that part of the page. A Synchronous Request Model: In this model, every client request has to communicate the web server and every request has to process by the web server then only that request, response will be getting by the client.

Asynchronous Request Model: It is a part of web browser. The role of AJAX engine is to process the part of the web page or partial web page within the client side. A AJAX will support 2 programming models. They are: Server Centric programming model: In this model every client request will be processing by the web server that can be first request or postback request.

Client Centric programming model: In this model, first request will be processing by the web server and postback request will be processing by the client. While developing an AJAX web page we can implement only server centric programming model or client centric programming model or both within single web page. And non extender controls? Extender controls are not individual controls i.

Extender controls will extend the functionalities of existing ASP. NET controls. Autocomplete extender, calendar extender, dropdown extender and so on..

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Non Extender controls are individual controls i. Non Extender controls provides the extra controls in ASP. In Ajax, Script Manager is the main important parent control. Update panel is one of the Ajax Container control. By default Asp. Whenever we want to make Asp. Net controls to follow Client Centric Programming Model.

We can drag and drop update panel, in that we can add Asp. Net controls and Ajax controls. What is ADO. Why Ado. A ADO. It is an integral component in. NET framework, which was introduced by the Microsoft with.

NET Framework 1. It is a Data Access Object, which allows communication between.

NET application and Databases. NET application wants to communicate Databases it has to take the help of Ado. Net application and Database. A COA 1. Whenever we require a continuous connection with the Database for accessing the data we use COA 2.

DOA 1. Whenever we doesnt require a continuous connection with the Database for accessing the data we can use DOA. What is the base class library used for ado. A System. What are components required for connected oriented? A The components required for Connected oriented architecture are: Connection Object 2. Command Object 3. DataReader Object. What are the components required for Disconnected oriented? A The components required for Disconnected oriented architecture are: DataAdapter Object 4.

Dataset Object 6. Difference between DataReader and DataAdapter? It is used in Connected Oriented 1. It is used in Disconnected Oriented Architecture. DataReader is represents with a 2. DataAdapter is represented with a pre-defined class called pre-defined class called SqlDataReader. DataReader is used to retrieve a 3. DataAdapter is used to retrieve data read-only, forward-only stream of from a data source and populate tables data from a database within a DataSet.

Difference between dataset and data table? Data table represents a single table i. Difference between data reader and dataset? It is used in Connected Oriented Architecture. DataReader is directly accessing the. Dataset is a local database which is. DataReader is represented at a time single record. DataReader is Read only, Forward only, connected recoed set.

DataReader we will use only when we want to read the data from Central DataBase. Dataset can contain collection of tables because dataset itself is a local database.

We can use dataset for reading the data, inserting, updating and deleting the data. Whenever we require a continuous connection with the Database for accessing the data then we will go for COA. Whenever we doesnt require a continuous connection with the Database for accessing the data then we will go for DOA.

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A Gridview1. DataBind ;. A ExecuteReader: It is apre-defined member method of SqlCommand class. This method will read or fetch the data from the central database and will return to DataReader object. Then it will return the no. This method will executes the command object command till the first match. This method will avoid the unnecessary scanning of the table, which improves the performance of the application.

When we will go for row command event? A Row Command event is one of the events of the Gridview control. This event will fire when user will click any button within the Gridview control.

Listview control. A A software solution which is implemented by using 3 layers can be called as 3Tier Architecture.

In 3-Tier architecture, we have 3 layers 1. Windows service in one of the software application. It works only on windows operating system due to that reason windows service is called operating system dependent application. It will start when the windows OS is Booting.

It will run till the windows OS is Running. It will stop when the OS is Shutdown. It can be start and stop manually also. It is a. Net advanced windows technology, introduced by Microsoft with. Net Framework 3. Using WPF we can develop an advanced windows applications. WPF is integrated with 2D graphics, 3D graphics, animations and multimedia. Whenever we want to implement animations within a desktop application the best choice is WPF.

A SilverLight is an advanced web technology which we can use to implement animations, multimedia for asp. Jquery is an advanced technology of JavaScript that means jquery is next generation of JavaScript. It is a predefined JavaScript Library. It is a group of JavaScript predefined functions. It is a lightweight and more powerful API adding dynamic behavior for webpage.

To implement JavaScript programmer has to write the multiline code. But using Jquery we can implement JavaScript. A Linq stands for Language Integrated Query. Linq is an advanced data access object for. Crystal Reports is one of the third party Reporting Tool.

Using this tool, we can generate the reports. If we want to use Crystal reports in Visual studio then we have to install crystal reports software explicitly from the following site: A CrystalDecisions. Using ASP. A ASP. A Constraint is a condition which we can assign on a single column or multiple columns. Constraints will maintain consistent data within the database.

A To avoid duplicate values and null values in a column. To establish relation between Parent table and Child table we require a common column , that column should be parent table primary key column. To make that relation strong we require Foreign key constraint that means Foreign key constraint we should assign child table common column.

Stored procedure is a pre-compiled Sql statements. A By implementing stored procedures we can avoid the multiple time compilation of Sqlcommands. Project Related Questions 1. Tell me list of all your projects. Tell me about your current project 3. Tell me about the architectures of your project 4. Tell me about the modules in your project 5. Tell me about the what are.

Net features used in your current project 6. Tell me about your role and responsibility in current project 7. Tell me about what process models and types 8. Tell me about which model are you used in current project 9. Tell me about your SDLC and what phases exist in that. Tell me about what kind of documents exist and details about them How do you maintain the configuration of your project Like how do you maintain the version of your project TFS How do you start and plan your work What is most challenging work in your career?

What is the toughest situation you faced in the development How often you communicate with the client For what purposes, you communicate with the client Explain complete process followed for the development What is the life cycle model used for the development How do communicate with team members How do you say you are having excellent team management skills If your client gives a change and asks for early delivery. How will you manage?

How will gather requirements and where do you record. What is the stage when code is delivered to the client and he is testing it?

How do you handle change requests How do you write unit test cases? HR Questions 1. Why u r looking for change your job? Where are you working now? What is your IT experience? What is your relevant experience?

What is your Expectation? What is your company notice period? What are your roles in your current project? What is your Employee Id in your Current Company?

What is your official mail id? Is Your notice period is Negotiable? Why youre changing from your current company? Why youre looking for change? Are you a permanent Employee or contract? How do you get your salary? Are you willing to relocate? Tell me about your company?

Who are the clients to your company? Who is your project leader? What is your expected salary What is reason to leave the current company What is your Notice period What is your strength What is your weakness Where can you see you after 5 years What are your habits What is your appraisal process - Hike Why did you enter this field What have you done Do you have valid passport Do you visit any client place so far?

Tell me About work experience Are you willing to relocate When will you join Why do u what to change from current organization Why do you want to join this organization Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. NET Entity framework interview questions with answers.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Net Interview Questions and Answers. Net Framework? A NET Framework is an important integral component in. Net application Execution process can be divided into 2 steps: It is a operator GetType 1.

What is the difference between string and StringBuilder? String will allocate a new memory whenever we concatenate the string value 2. Post-Release By default Non-static 4. Readonly can be initialized at the time of declaration or runtime only within the constructor 30 When the memory will be allocated for instance variable and static variable?

A base 42 How to invoke current class constructor? For this we can use Base 45 Why Main is static? Call by Out or pass by out 48 When call by value, call by reference, call by out?

Polymorphism 50 What is Encapsulation? We can implement overloading and overrding with in class 6. Security 73 What is an exception? A Run time error is nothing but and exception. Multi Cast Delegate 79 In C which is called as type safe function pointers? Shared Assembly 82 Difference between dll and exe?

Exe itself is an application. Net Console application called main 4. Reflection System. Type 92 What are smart arrays in C. Generic Collection 99 What is dictionary? Threading How to create thread?

Handler object 7. Validation summary 9. ToString ; 23 How to divide the page into different parts? NET uses languages which are fully object oriented languages like C 26 What is the parent class for all asp. A 20 Minutes. A Using TimeOut property. A It is part of web server or a unit of web server. In youtube video number of views 71 What are application events? A 30 Minutes. A Throughout the website. Data Caching 86 When we will go for page output caching?

Windows authentication 94 What is returnurl? A it is querystring varible 95 What is the class we will use for forms authentication?

If we have Gmail id with that we can access Gmail, Facebook, Youtube etc 98 When we will go for windows authentication? A Within the html hidden fields. A TextMode How to reduce the burden on the page? A By implementing paging. A when ever user will interact the part of the page then sending postback request for only that part of the page 3 What is synchronous request model and what is asynchronous request model?

SqlClient; 4. A Txtbox1. Read Five eBooks Free! Become a member of Free-Ebooks. Email I want Free eBooks Already a member? Login here Membership requires a valid email address. Sign up here. Reader Reviews. Add a comment: You need to login to post a comment. You may also like Dark Ops: An Anonymous Story Reads: Feb Behind The Mask: How to Start a Blog Reads: Jan NET Framework 1. How does a 3 tier application differ from a 2 tier one?

Application Start Event 2. I was looking out for an expert who was versatile, had a passion for sharing knowledge and had a good amount of experience with both past and present. Using server side technology we can develop server side web pages. NET is a pages concise technical ebook which will help you build a solid foundation in C and.

How does the version of. When would you use each one and why?