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I'm a substation engineer and I was very disappointed by this book. It spends too much time explaining the equipment and little to no time explaining design. Electric Substations: Engineering And Practice outlines the basic procedures and will serve as a useful reference book for substation designers, project. Substation Technical Guide Book. Technology Breakthroughs for Substation Automation .. With Moxa's Turbo Chain, network engineers have the.

Substation Engineering Book

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As with the other volumes in the Electric Power Engineering Handbook series, this book supplies a high level of detail and, more importantly. Electric Power Substations Engineering [Book Reviews]. Article (PDF Available) in IEEE Power and Energy Magazine 11(3) · May. Combining select chapters from Leonard Grigsby's The Electric Power Engineering. Handbook with several not found in the original work, Electric Power.

Operators can open the alert message to view a video snap-shot of the event and open a real-time video feed from the substation to view the live scene Figure 1. All the video and alerts are recorded at the substation for review and archiving. However, simultaneously monitoring the video channels from all substation is an impossible task for one human operator.

Electric Power Substations Engineering, Second Edition

Here is where the use of video analytics becomes crucial. Video analytics have been used for security video systems for many years. Most of these analytics utilize algorithms that subtract the picture background from a video feed then analyze the shape and behavior of the objects left in the foreground.

All these techniques have been mostly used to create video analytics routines for security purposes e.

Figure 2 — Explosion due to a lightning arrester failure captured by a substation video monitoring system For example, if the analytic is fine tuned to a specific area and type of movement, the analytics can determine the position of a disconnect switch arm and if it has moved. Similarly, analytics can be tuned and focused on the switch contacts to detect an arc flash event that can provide an operator information about an unintentional event or operation.

Problems in a substation like a fire or explosion can also be detected with this type of analytics Figure 2 above.

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Electric Power Substations Engineering

Description Table of Contents Editor s Bio. Summary The use of electric power substations in generation, transmission, and distribution remains one of the most challenging and exciting areas of electric power engineering.

This book: Watch John D.

Other volumes in the set: Burke and A. Sahazizian Gas-Insulated Substations, P. Harris and D. Retzmann and A.

Evans Substation Integration and Automation, E. MacDonald Oil Containment, T. Meisner Community Considerations, J.

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Stine Substation Grounding, R. Nowell Seismic Considerations, E.

Fujisaki Substation Fire Protection, D. Delcourt Substation Communications, D. Nordell Physical Security of Substations, J.

Oglevie, W. Dietzman, and C. Koch Substation Asset Management, H.

Willis and R. Burke and R.

Clarke Energy Storage, R. Editor s Bio John D.All of these functions exist in addition to the basic substation secondary systems.

Underground Cables 6. Analysis of Framed Structure 9.

Your GarlandScience. Mechanical Features of Electrical Machines Recommend to Librarian. Surface Texture Tool and Die Materials 9.