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We hereby declare that this thesis titled “Solar Car” and the work presented in it and economical car that essentially runs on free renewable solar energy. All. Solar power is the best as Renewable energy. Solar power car. Why do not design solar power car. Pollution in Dhaka city. PDF | Solar car can be categorized as a 'green vehicle' which is powered by renewable energy with zero carbon emission. Various numbers of solar race events.

Solar Energy Car Pdf

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Solar powered Hybrid vehicle. Article (PDF Available) in IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering (1) · July solar energy cars should be progressed. This project deals with features involved in a solar energy car which plays a vital role for the upcoming energy crisis. basic principle of solar car is to use energy that is stored in a battery during and after charging it from a solar panel. The charged batteries are.

The electrical ratings of the solar The frame of the car is made by wood because it is lighter panel that has been used for this toy car are in the following than metal.

This is a three wheeler car and its shape is table. Parameters Value Peak Power at Steering Voltage Vmp A collar is welded with the Current Imp 0. Then the steering is welded upon it. Open Circuit Voltage Voc It Maximum Series Fuse 2A is shown in figure 6. Steering arrangement 2.

Switch Board There is a series connection among motor, battery and The following figure 8 shows the decreasing rate of the battery switch which is shown in figure 7. But this charge connected to positive wire of battery Negative wire of decreasing rate is comparatively low.

Graph showing the state of charge with different load VI. Connection of motor and battery with switch Since it is a playing thing for children, maximum effort has been given for making the car as simple as possible.

This toy V. As the solar panel is very heavy, so the batteries are charged Rechargeable alkaline battery popularly known as one separately and then attach it in the car frame to connect with types of secondary battery is used for solar car for its lowest motor.

Different views of the car are shown in figure 9 and cost rechargeable cells, a long shelf life and for moderate- figure Their cycle life is less than other secondary batteries, but having powerful cells with the added benefit of re-use after recharging. They can be reused 25 times or more, so to economical to the consumer.

They give longer life per charge, hold power in storage and work far better than the old fashioned NiCd rechargeable batteries [13].

Solar Powered Cars - drive the future

These packs can be charged properly for a dedicated charger have no memory problems, up to a seven-year shelf life and having lifetimes three times longer than a fully charged nickel cadmium rechargeable battery [13].

Absence of necessity to be fully drained before recharge and moderate to low current consumption, rechargeable alkaline batteries are taken as the Figure. Side view of the car best economical choice for this proposed solar toy car. Moreover they lack toxic ingredients, so friendly to environment. Storage capacity of batteries also has a relation with varying load on car. State of charge of batteries with different load for 30 minutes run has shown in the following table 2.

The table represents when load increases, charge of batteries decreases with a slow rate. This relation can be shown graphically in figure 8. Top view of the car VII.

Drag force waxes with speed during the car runs, for slower speed, where air drag on car can be assumed at minimum but frictional force is increasingly large.

A solar transportation system?

The system is capable is capable to overcome all obstacle forces. Cost Analysis B. The making cost of each car is BDT So he has to invest BDT 1, 20, initially.

Average profit of per month C. Power required subtracting different costs such as workers salary, house rent From the equation 4 , the required power can calculate etc is BDT Performance evaluation The velocity of car depends upon weight on the car.

Cash flow diagram 1.

For the velocity control, PID control Present worth after 8 month is scheme can be used [14]. Markvart, K. Kaluzhniy N. Petersburg, , Russia. Narender Reddy, Dr P. Thick plastic or other lighter material can be used to Aerodynamic Drag of Heavy Duty Truck, International Journal of make the car as lighter as possible.

Kachadourian, C. Orth and D. Inskeep , Stiffness and Friction of the motor, sometimes it creates problem during turning.

Imran Khan. Also power fabrication of an automated solar boat. Moreover, the speed of the Advanced Science and Technology, Vol- 64, March, car can be increased by changing the car shape to airfoil. Jack Yee.

Safrina Othman. Nabilah Sadali. Jules De Ponte.

Ankit Sawant. Awie Syawie. Vj Logan. Ashish Jain.

Solar Car Presentation

Imesh Nirangana. Tyrone Ong. Bob Faulis. Vardhaman Patil. Photo voltaic battery chargers are readily available for a The solar panel is selected in such a way that the variety of goods and are available in numerous current voltage of the solar panel is quiet more are equal to capabilities at the same time, making it simpler for you battery charging voltage cycles used than battery to change a number gadgets.

Photovoltaic chargers than it can charge the battery.

Solar chargers over 5 watts demand a solar controller to modify the result, preventing over Making use of solar energy, in modest techniques charging. Solar chargers basically have to have natural can certainly help create a difference in our life. You can spend a whole lot of funds charging automobile, simply to learn that the battery is dead then there is simply no ignition?

Everyone hates up all your products, with solar battery chargers, you not that idea, though with a solar car battery charger, just decrease the energy expenses however they enable the remedy is proper at hand. Making use of the customers huge freedom in where they are able to make unrestricted energy from the sun, you possibly can use of their portable electronic devices.

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The solar car make certain the battery is obviously topped off and battery charger is actually really simple to use. It prepared to go. The chargers solar panels may well be connected to your windshield by way of suction cups or even placed on your dashboard. The solar car battery charger does all the work for you without having anymore intervention.

Fortunately, purchasing a solar car battery charger is not really that costly plus they are constructed to last for some time. Generally, solar energy systems are constructed to supply power for a very long time as long as you perform correct upkeep as well as check with a solar energy expert to evaluate your requirements Solar can battery charger is quite practical device and from the start.

They are definitely quickly set up III. Solar car battery chargers support to extending the life of photovoltaic We successfully tested the solar car load capabilities, out test batteries.

This is quite possible through charging the run is taken on-road and off-rod, both sides it given good battery without submitting this to wear and tear which results, the test run is carried away by small pay load to max can be as a result of driving. Solar car battery charger is surely an uncomplicated, maintenance-free solution to keep the car battery recharged and prepared to use once International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology ijsrset.

Battery science: Make widgets That Work, by Doug Stillinger [6]. Electronic circit analysis and design by Donald.

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The transportation systems that emerge iin the 21st century will be defined largely by the choices, skills and imaginations of today youth. As scientists and engineers, they will develop new vehicle and fuel technologies. As citizens, they will make decisions balancing mobility, environmental and economic needs. Automobile engineering Vol. Lynch, J. Study of electronic compnenets by J. Smith 2 nd edition [4]. Related Papers. Base Paper.

By U Hari. Smart Solar Charging Meter. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account?

Click here to sign up.This toy V. The power producing mechanism 3. Performance evaluation The velocity of car depends upon weight on the car. Tyrone Ong. Hub motor. Low weight of car is taken as important design consideration of proposed system for traveling at a constant speed. This relation can be shown graphically in figure 8.

The making cost of each car is BDT