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20 –22 Köln t: / 21 f: / 27 resourceone.infors- Geschäftsführer Stefan Dongus Holger von Krosigk Alle Rechte. Sneakers Magazine is a platform, community and print magazine for sneaker culture. Find the latest sneaker news, interviews and more sneaker stories here. NIKE MAGAZINE dropbox (1).pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free.

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Sneakers Magazine è l'unica rivista sulla sneakers culture globale. Abbonati alla rivista o sfoglia l'edizione digitale: news, review e molto altro. Since , Sneaker Freaker has created a legacy as the first and only international footwear magazine and the definitive resource for knowledge. Every brand. Title: Sneakers Magazine Issue Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. By using this .

Puma is a sports brand and the products made for athletes were adapted in the urban environment. Where do you see your roots and how would you describe your sub -cultural background? I was born and raised in Paris. I now live in my favorite place in the city, Montmartre.

It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood, full of energy. Since I was young, my parents have Images that come to my mind when thin- always given me a passion for colors, ma- king about the brand at the beginning of terials and textures! Then I stepped into this collaboration are joy, colors and sports the street wear universe by following what achievements. I have always loved Puma was going on in music, fashion and sports, because it was one of the first brands to both in New York and Tokyo.

To me, Pumarepresents multiculturalism Part of the Bluefield Project was a skate- and urban culture. They have contributed board. What was your idea behind it — do to spreading these cultures.

To me, Puma represents multiculturalism and urban culture. Some artists in the streets in Paris?

I wanted to add this around this sneaker hype. But I like what I mythical object to my collection. For example, I am not fond of a pieces of the collection, an American ex- pair because it is a limited edition, but only pressionist from the midth century. But what impacts me the most is Interview always the colors. That is why I focus on there other Puma models that you favor?

Sneakers 26 – April 2015

We looked at the typical nightshift? How many hours do the evolution of the brand from the first you work in a typical week? It is im- weekends. I cannot imagine how many portant to catch the core of a brand before hours.

Sneakers 26 – April 2015

Now the team is about five people working on its DNA to produce some-thing strong, and I try to delegate more and more that is new, but not incoherent.

What was your design obviously inspired by a Jay-Z song. Peop- think camo is interesting because I have le sometimes actually do think we come made three different color ranges in this from Brooklyn, but the name was just a collection, and every camo piece is a mix of tribute to a place that we love.

It is an inter- one distinct color palette. You have worked on some interesting shoe models, the r and the XS No, we only went to [the] London [office]. But I wish I could see it one day. What else is in store for BWGH in the future? What are your next steps, with PUmA, but also in general? Nothing I can reveal today! Thanks for taking the time, david. And all the best for the future! With a strong history in both football and handball, the German-turned-danish powerhouse has been slowly shifting its focus towards fashion in recent years.

Interview Quote, this book must have been quite a is so different. How did you grow up with journey for both of you.

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Whose idea was it sneakers over there? Peter wanted to ever been. Although when I the models that he illustrated. But how did I just really got into adidas trainers around you first take notice of Peter? And ally were and how far back they went.

A of the brand. Interview And when did you first encounter Quote, Peter? I remember seeing his name on the old Crooked Tongues adidas trainer forum. I was impressed, but not as impressed as I was when I saw his collec- formation available, it had to be more of a tion!

So I was always upda- Ernie Beckmann translated the texts for ted. He agreed, and the rest is history! How was that part of the experience? There are work that this would entail!

I wanted to do it as informa- but finding reference pictures was close to tive as possible without being boring or impossible.

I only found one, I think! And repetitive. Especially the style I drew for the promotional stuff for the adidas Hamburg relaunch and the Tournament Edition stuff in the UK. How do you approach something like this? Can you take us through your working process? Well Quote and I decided on fifty or so models to illustrate for the book. If I was to draw more than one colorway for the shoe, I needed to know exactly which ones and have photos, ideally.

On a good day I could probably draw four to five very detailed drawings like you see in the book. Some of which have up to three different colors. I checked everything with Quote.

Once the drawings were finalized, I sent onto Adam who was working on the layout! Quote, what were the criteria for selecting the shoes? We, as the adidas fans and I own and like in the first place. How did behind it. He has many of the clas- hours flipping through catalogues. Doing sic city silhouettes, but more runners! As some of you know, sold for hundreds of dollars and Vans had many advantages in connection to although we all know that they are getting their factories located in the US.

They were rare, they are still out there.

If you know quick to react to new trends and could react something about the history of the brand, you immediately, as happened with rollerskating, know that it produced a huge amount of shoes a huge trend which they catered to at the in the LA area at that time.

And because time, for example in form of a collab with the of the quality of the soles, which were made popular brand ACS at the end of the 70s. The company also collaborated with the amusement park Magic Mountain and made shoes for the trolls in the ghost train.

And last not least, the clown shoes on the feet of Ronald McDonald were also made by Vans. History Check At the same time, the popularity of skateboarding was fading away. In this climate of change, the company was looking for new opportunities.

With the Summer Games in Los Angeles looming on the horizon, the decision was made to enter the market of athletic footwear. As we all know, the story has no about this project. According to an official happy ending. Vans chose the endeavor profitable. As a result of the Serio best materials only and wanted to offer their program, Vans had to go into Chapter Many other companies would probably do it amidst the current boom of the running segment.

While other brands are releasing runners with no connection to their heritage whatsoever, Vans has them in their archive. The interesting thing about these models is that they were performing quite well.

One of the runners even received a 5-star-rating from Runners World. By the military for weather under 20 degrees making this unique boot, we serviced our below zero. The reason we bid on producing military and we helped keep our cost in this special boot each year was because it line to keep our American-made foot- was a vulcanized process and not too many wear for 29 years at an affordable cost.

Second, And who came up with the name? Vans was in its early years and year-round My Uncle Jim van Doren came up with the production was very important for the name.

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That is what he was trying We had 50 of our own stores that helped to do with this line — to make the best keep our production going each week but shoes out there. These government projects helped the Vans factory keep the same production pace so we did not have to lay people off and rehire three or four months later. The Serio line was a new type of shoe The line began with my uncle Jim taking manufacturing for Vans. It was a cold cure up running and wanting to make a great process, which means the uppers are built running shoe.

Did Vans hire running shoes experts to of air pressure around each shoe to hold design them? Yes we did get two Serio running shoes The cold cure process is different as the to test and were awarded the 5-star rating sole parts are assembled with cement and in Runners World magazine at that time. I bonding happens by applying the two know my Uncle Jim was extremely proud pieces together. The outsole and the upper of that as how much effort he put into are lasted on a mold of a foot and painted these shoes.

Jim, our president at that time, with a cement. If your cements are right, had separate designers working on the the parts will bond when they touch and Serio line and had some consultants.

One I the shoe stays together. We had to rent a remember was Bill Emerton, an separate building to produce these shoes Australian long distance runner who was as the cold cure process needs to be very world-renowned in the early 80s. He was clean and dust-free for the cemented parts running through the Death Valley here to bond correctly. Why the choice No, the athletic line of Serio was made for for these types of sports? Jim had a range of shoes ranging from boxing, basketball, widths on all the Serio line from a 4A tennis, racquetball, skydiving and even narrow to a 5E wide.

We invested in break dancing. No, there was not a lot of thousands of last and cutting dyes for skydiving at this time but the wrestling these styles. Fit was number one and and boxing shoes were popular. Someone specialty colors. We did have three asked for more cushioning on the sole and Breakdance teams in the and Jim came up with that shoe.

There was even one for cheerleaders. We How was Serio received by customers? It was received fine but was only semi-suc- Cheerleading shoes were always a popular cessful in our stores. No big numbers.

They thing and Vans produced them since the were mostly sold in our stores. National sales early days in Vans was always did sell them but never at a high pace. Hundreds not thousands. Vulcanized at the beginning and now with a chance to do it in a lighter, more athletic Steve, there is a picture of you silhouette, we started with the lightest skateboarding in Serio shoes. Please tell us weight running shoe styles and made more about that picture. This style by far was the playing a round.

I never really most successful shoe of the line. Our style skateboarded much.He still has that same feeling wearing them on the court now, all these years later! Geile Vorstellung auf jeden Fall. I was definitely grandmother standing over me with a worry- influenced by the 90s Hip Hop and House ing smile, because she knew my parents didn't scene. Zu dieser Zeit nicht den passenden Moment, sie zu kannte ich Facebook noch nicht und es tragen.

Boxfresh was founded in and over the past decades, the brand has created its own style and niche within the sneaker industry. Just with my own money this time.