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Scjp 1.7 Dumps Pdf

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SCJP Dumps in for more SCJP Dumps to download in pdf format. please send me the latest scjp dump @ [email protected] Download latest dumps for Oracle 1z free Java SE 7 Programmer I in VCE, PDF format and you can also read dumps online. Sun Certified Java Professional(SCJP) exam is now Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP) exam. Here are the dumps in pdf.

I did manage to do some 25 days of preparation serious preparation , but my coding experience in Java helped me a lot- In understanding the basic concepts easily and giving more time to learn the less used concepts like Generics, Collections, Threading. Through out my preparation and after appearing for the exam there are few things I wanted to share with the aspirants: Which Is the book to be referred?

Its Generics and collections chapters are exhaustive. Do I need to buy the mock exams? No, U need not. So these two should be more than enough to help u with your mock exam and additional question needs. Examlab in particular has an exactly similar UI experience as that of the actual SCJP Exam, but its a bit tougher than the actual exam.

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Hi can you please send me ocjp 1. Please send me the latest scjp dumps 1. Please do even post me ocjp 1. I am going to appear more the exam within 2 weeks This also adversely affect how much data you can keep in CPU cache, which is much smaller than memory. Since main motivation for moving to bit JVM is to specify large heap size, you can save some memory by using compressed OOP.

It also varies between operating systems e.

Because Vision is Complicated Enough !!

There are even JVM e. Azul where heap space of gigs is also possible. JDK stands for Java development kit and provides tools to develop Java program e. Java compiler. It also contains JRE. The JVM stands for Java virtual machine and it's the process responsible for running Java application.

The JIT stands for Just In Time compilation and helps to boost the performance of Java application by converting Java byte code into native code when the crossed certain threshold i. Part of this memory is used to create heap space, which is used to allocate memory to objects whenever they are created in the program. Garbage collection is the process inside JVM which reclaims memory from dead objects for future allocation.

How much percent of the heap is used? You can use memory related methods from java. Runtime class to get the free memory, total memory and maximum heap memory in Java.

By using these methods, you can find out how many percents of the heap is used and how much heap space is remaining.

The stack is used to hold method frames and local variables while objects are always allocated memory from the heap. The stack is usually much smaller than heap memory and also didn't shared between multiple threads, but heap is shared among all threads in JVM. For example, String class overrides this equals method so that you can compare two Strings, which are the different object but contains same letters. How is it related to a. It's used in hash based collection classes e.

It's very tightly related to equals method. According to Java specification, two objects which are equal to each other using equals method must have same hash code. If you make a variable final it means its value cannot be changed once initialized.

What is the risk of using it? They are replaced with actual values at compile time because compiler know their value up-front and also knows that it cannot be changed during run-time.

One of the problem with this is that if you happened to use a public static final variable from some in-house or third party library and their value changed later than your client will still be using old value even after you deploy a new version of JARs.

Similar Threads

To avoid that, make sure you compile your program when you upgrade dependency JAR files. It also has an implementation which provides constant time index based access, but that is not guaranteed by List interface. Set is unordered collection which 49 Difference between poll and remove method? Both poll and remove take out the object from the Queue but if poll fails then it returns null but if remove fails it throws Exception.

When you iterate over a PriorityQueue, iterator doesn't guarantee any order but iterator of LinkedHashMap does guarantee the order on which elements are inserted. See the answer for more detailed discussion.

Since array doesn't implement toString by itself, just passing an array to System. See the answer for more differences between HashMap and Hashtable in Java. Since a Map needs key and value, a default value is used for all keys. Here is the sample code which uses right way o remove elements from ArrayList while looping over and avoids ConcurrentModificationException. Yes, you can write your own container class. If you implement Collection then you by default get that property.

Yes, two unequal objects can have same hashcode that's why collision happen in a hashmap. No, thats not possible according to hash code contract.

See the answer to learning more about things to remember while overriding hashCode method in Java. Comparable can be always one, but we can have multiple comparators to define customized order for objects.

Here are some frequently asked questions form Java IO. How many threads I will need to handle that? If you want to create quality products you must know and follow the best practices. They provide better scalability. Particularly with thread, you should: a name your thread b keep your task and thread separate, use Runnable or Callable with thread pool executor. Look there are many best practices and I give extra points to the developer which bring something new, something even I don't know.

I make sure to ask this question to Java developers of 8 to 10 years of experience just to gauge his hands on experience and knowledge.

Ideally you should avoid IO in critical path of your application. Here are couple of Java IO best practices you can follow: a Use buffered IO classes instead of reading individual bytes and char. Why it's important? There are many best practices and you can name as per your confort and conviniece.

Here are some of the more common ones: a use batch statement for inserting and updating data. If you don't do that, you will get an incorrect result while parsing or formatting dates in Java. Though, for all practical date time purpose, I highly recommend joda-time library. DateFormat class allows you to format date on many popular formats. Please see the answer for code samples to format date into different formats e. Date and java. Date in Java?

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It also contains questions from GOF design patterns. Why you use it if you cannot write anything concrete on it? The interface is used to define API.

It tells about the contract your classes will follow. It also supports abstraction because a client can use interface method to leverage multiple implementations e.

The interface doesn't allow you to write code to keep things abstract but from Java 8 you can declare static and default methods inside interface which are concrete.

An abstract class is good to define default behavior for a family of class, but the interface is good to define Type which is later used to leverage Polymorphism. Please check the answer for a more thorough discussion of this question. This is something you can answer from your experience.Many Java developers with 4 to 6 years of experience know the definition but failed to give any concrete example.

LMAX Disrupter framework, a high-performance inter-thread messaging library has a BusySpinWaitStrategy which is based on this concept and uses a busy spin loop for EventProcessors waiting on the barrier.

The delete method can be used to delete the file represented by the File object. Product Exchange is valid for customers who claim guarantee within 90 days from date of purchase.

See the link for the more detailed answer.

Hi, My email id is kvarshney gmail.