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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Rockstand is the newest ebook reading app that readers can look forward to checking out. Mr Praveen Rajpal, CEO, handygo Technologies Pvt Ltd said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of Rockstand, a very unique and innovative offering by RockASAP Retails, a unit of handygo. Astrolive is No.1 Live Astrology app (Astrology, Vaastu, Horoscope) based on Indian Astrology Aka Vedic Astrology, Hindu Astrology or Jyotish in Android Market. A new version of Rockstand Android app released and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store. For those who do not know, Rockstand is a free eBook.

Rockstand Ebook App

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RockASAP, an ebook initiative by Handygo Technologies has announced its partnership with publishers like Diamond Comics Books, OM. This article reviews the Rockstand app for reading eBooks. Rockstand Application acquires CBSE Preparatory Materials These recent tie- ups will not only boost Rockstand eBook / eMagazine collection across various.

Similar to the X-Ray feature, Kobo has is called Beyond the Book - tap a button at the top of a page, and you see a screen with various links of topics related to the things mentioned in the book.

If the book mentions a painter, Leonardo Da Vinci for instance, then the Beyond the Book section has a link to information about his works. The idea is that if you're reading a book and come across something new, then this section will help you to learn more without leaving the book.

The other thing that makes Kobo stand out - though some people might not like this feature - is the extensive gamification of reading. You get awards for building a library, re-reading books or reading classics. These awards pop up while you read, and can be a fun little incentive.

Kobo actually tracks a lot of statistics about your reading, and is happy to share - in the app, you can see how many minutes you've been reading and how many pages, your total reading time, the number of awards you have, and even graphs showing when you are reading, and what.

The Kobo library is also pretty extensive, as the chart below shows. The downside is that it is somewhat more expensive than Amazon.

Rockstand – Free eBook And eMagazine Android Application Adds Interesting Features

The Flipkart app is quite competent, but falls short when compared directly to the international offerings. When you start the app, the first page you see is not your library, but rather the book store.

The bookstore is wonderfully designed - you can see deals right away, and vertical scrolling takes you to categories while horizontal swipes show you the different books. But actually getting to the books you want to read takes two taps, and once you get there, the layout is utilitarian at best.

Amongst the four apps, we felt that the Flipkart app carries the least appeal in terms of the user interface. Although it offers the same basic functions as Kindle and Kobo, they are not as easy to find. Additionally, in Beyond the Book and X-Ray respectively, both Kobo and Kindle have functions that add value to the book you're reading - something Flipkart eBook lacks. Despite all this, we still wouldn't write off the Flipkart app.

For one thing, it makes it very easy to find deals on books.

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Also, while there were some gaps in the list of books, some books are significantly cheaper on Flipkart. The Facebook top 20 list gives the edge to Amazon, but the Landmark top 10 puts the two neck to neck.

Newer Indian writers are sometimes easier to find on Flipkart, and cheaper too. Compared to the other apps in this category, the Rockstand app seems the most basic. Like Flipkart ebooks, Rockstand also starts you off in the bookstore, and you have to navigate to your bookshelf. The actual reading experience also has the least customisation options available - you can change the font size, but not the font, and you can choose between day and night modes, with no sepia option - the other three readers all let you choose a sepia brown tint instead of just black and white, and many people find that colour easier to read on.

Page turn animations are a little jerky too, and when you are reading, the spacing between lines and the margins is quite small and cannot be changed which can be annoying. Also, if you look at either the top 20 Facebook books, or the top 10 Indian books right now, then you'll see that Rockstand falls far behind the competition in terms of its library.

So why would you want to get this app at all?

There are a couple of reasons. For one, it started life as a magazine app, and if you want to find lots of Indian magazines, then Rockstand is actually a pretty good option.

Rockstand eBook App Launched at Frankfurt Book Fair

The prices and even the file sizes involved in downloading the magazines are clearly displayed, and there's a good selection available in various Indian languages. Even the books have a large selection in various Indian languages, and if you want to buy and read content in Hindi, then Rockstand is a good choice.

We will soon be launching the Indian version of the application which will be available in 18 languages and will also have regional books, which are not easily available at every bookstore these days.

We have already tied up with many leading telecom majors as well as handset manufacturers and with plans to get everyone under the gamut of Rockstand. The idea is that every book lover should have the opportunity to access, download, and buy books through Rockstand. One key aspect on which Rockstand has taken a strong stance is the burning issue of piracy.

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Towards this, the Rockstand app has been designed to ensure all compatible ebooks or electronic magazines are completely non-transferable. The makers of the app have also stated that a text-to-speech feature will be available in a future update.

The app can be downloaded free from the company site, which will open up to a world of ebooks and e-magazines. Sovan Mandal is the senior tablet and tech corespondent for goodereader. He brings a international approach to news that is not just applicable to the North American market, but also Asia, India, Europe and others.

Sovy brings his own writing flavor to the website and is interested in Science Fiction, Technology and Writing. Any questions, send an email.

Completely non-transferable.Now it will just take one click of a button and you can buy the next book or the new issue of the magazine that you want to read.

Rockstand also offered e-books worth Rs 1. Download from. We will soon be launching the Indian version of the application which will be available in 18 languages and will also have regional books, which are not easily available at every bookstore these days.

Rockstand eBook App Launched at Frankfurt Book Fair

Read India and ebook app join hands, offer free books to villagers E-Book application Rockstand has tied up with Read India' to make education accessible across rural areas of the country. The Kobo ebook reader is probably the biggest real competitor to the Kindle these days. If the book mentions a painter, Leonardo Da Vinci for instance, then the Beyond the Book section has a link to information about his works.