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Passing your EASA private pilots licence exams is easy with PPL Confuser. Sign up! Learn more. Exams. Aviation Law. Operational Procedures. Principles of. Forums: Learning & Starting Out - Anyone got a PPL Confuser, which may need a There are PDF versions of the PPL Confuser around on the. Use practice papers, (PPL Confuser, AirQuiz, whatever) -- but use them as revision. They are not a learning aid, they're a way to test what you know. Learning.

Ppl Confuser Pdf

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[Archive] PPL training books Private Flying. The PPL confuser is a book of sample exam questions for practicing before taking the real exams. . Well written and illustrated in glorious Technicolor (download as pdf). Slightly. I am new to flying and I will be starting my PPL course in a Cessna . $ for the PDF and it contains everything you need to pass all the PPL exams (I 1,2,3,4,6,7 plus Pratts Air Law, together with the PPL Confuser. AirQuiz creates practice exam papers for the EASA PPL(A) and CAA IMC examinations. Questions are generated at random from a large database of questions.

Thank you!

What can I say? Just passed Air Law and flown solo. Your service is unbeatable for the money and this has been the best recommendation my instructor has made so far. AirQuiz is proving to be a nice partner to the ground school. Thank you for providing such an invaluable tool to passing my exams.

At 53 I found it very difficult to study after so many years.

BTG809 PPL Q & A includes Helicopters – Phil Croucher

Airquiz allowed me to test the level of my knowledge and also learn. I shall look in from time to time to ensure my knowledge stays at the required level. From an examiner: I have told all the new students at the flying club about you.

I have used airquiz for each of the subjects and found it to be an excellent method of self testing, and revision. Your questions are put in such a way, so as to really test ya students knowledge of the subject. I often found areas where my knowledge was lacking, and you always took time to explain things that didn't make sense first time around.

Many thanks for a terrific study aid.

I'll be signing up for Met asap. This was my second attempt, failed a couple weeks ago with 11 out of 40 wrong answers. I am delighted. Airquiz is a great website, the questions were much more like the real thing than [name removed].

Thanks also for your reply to my queries on the feedback. I shall certainly keep using Airquiz for the rest of the exams, please keep up the good work! Just thought I'd let you know that thanks to Airquiz I passed the Met exam today!

Thank you for the help that Airquiz has given me over the last few weeks, it is an impressive facility and very good value for money. Wish I'd found it before! Can't ask for more than that! Thanks for your excellent website, it is really good practice for the exams. I shall contact you soon regarding Navigation. I have now successfully completed all of my ground exams. Thanks for all the help and advice and of course the web site, which I will continue to use to keep my knowledge up to date.

The exams really helped in preparation for the 'real' thing. I've really enjoyed this style of development. I would like to pass on my thanks to you and the whole team involved for an excellent product that helped me pass the exam. Well that's it I have passed all my exams, at the first attempt, thanks to your service.

That's a quote for you if you want! Yes please! It is great to hear that people are finding AirQuiz helpful.

Like to say that the system and service is very good. Up to now I have passed all my exams with flying colours. The questions are at about the same standard as those in the actual exams and you use the same or similar phraseology which helps. This is my 5th consecutive 1st-time pass, and the last three exam successes were, in my view, largely attributable to the help I got from using AirQuiz.

Thanks again, this is a really great site! My flying instructor told me about it, he too is well impressed, and promotes it to all the student pilots at the school. AirQuiz is one of the true bargains in aviation.

Only wish it had been around when I started my exams but used it to check I was ready for the last of them. Excellent support too, should you need it. Invaluable for every trainee pilot, and an excellent way of staying current even after qualifying. Qualified pilots, take note from this comment from an examiner! All in all, I reckon that AirQuiz set me in pretty good stead for the exam - along with my own studying, of course.

Thanks very much for your excellent service, I passed my final exam for now! I'd have struggled a bit with if it hadn't been for your practice papers, so thanks again. Thanks a lot. Glad to know you're listening. I have to say that Airquiz is excellent value and I have found it very useful in getting through my exams. Only one more to go.

I passed Aircraft General and Principles of Flight, with the same mark as my last airquiz! Just to let you know I have passed both the exams that I used Airquiz for. Along with the text books and the confuser, Airquiz has contributed to my success. Thanks very much for sorting this out for me. Yes, we have the occasional problem too. But we pride ourselves on fixing problems fast. Just want to drop you a line to say thanks for all the time and effort you are putting in to upgrade the AirQuiz questions site.

My apologies, two different books and as per the norm for students I have mixed up the landing and take off performances. I really am sorry to have put you to the trouble of having to research and reply, but 10 out of 10 for the customer after service.

Self-study training material

It is such a good way to learn. I may be some sort of masochist, but I am really enjoying the challenge. Housework and other essentials are being neglected - what the heck - life is too short to worry about trivialities like that!

A big up for Airquiz Passed Air Law today, first attempt. Quite chuffed.

Welcome to AirQuiz

Hi Guys; Just a word of thanks for your help in passing my latest exam, Aircraft Technical. As radio waves travel in milliseconds, where you are is where you are!

If however you fancy a dose of Schadenfruede, read on. It had been a tricky journey to south west France with a low freezing level and layered cloud across the Channel, so I was rather pleased with myself when we safely arrived at Limoges in the mid-afternoon March sun. Why am I so pleased? I used to own a share and came across this picture taken a Old Sarum in ! I shared her with a Cathay training captain and a consultant chest physician so always felt very safe in their company!

The Government launched its Aviation Red Tape Challenge last year, looking at regulations that affect the sector — more than half of which will now be scrapped or improved.

It now wants to go further and look in more detail at the problems that affect SMEs and people in the general aviation sector. Flying in IMC conditions can be challenging, rewarding and fun but only if you know what you are doing!

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Although in future there will be 9 as opposed to the present 7 ground exams, the total syllabus is roughly the same. One significant change, however, will be the fact that after 1st September all exams not yet completed will have to be passed in 6 sessions, a session being 10 days long.

They send a weekly topic with occasional publicity thrown in. Learn about leaning and why you should be doing it. Thank you Steve for sharing this incredible story.

How to study the material

Take That are at number one and Stephen Hendry was just about to make the first televised snooker break.Aircraft Tech next. One way or another, many, if not most of us will instruct others during our careers. They jog our memories; they help us not to overlook important items. In any case, the jump between Private and Commercial Pilot should only be a small one, except for subjects such as turbine engines which are not in the PPL syllabus anyway. This book will not only provide a useful review in our changing realm, but also provide newly available safety information that we can all benefit from.

Are they a great improvement since last revision? Navigation, Radio Aids 4. So Kudos. I may be some sort of masochist, but I am really enjoying the challenge. The structure of AirQuiz in my mind is brilliant.