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macmillan - play games with english - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text Play Games With English Teacher's Resource Book 3 (ELT Photocopiables. Play Games With English 2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read English 2 is published together with an accompanying Teachers' Book (ISBN. Play Games With English Book 1 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. grammar English Puzzles 2 Play Games With English Teacher's Resource Book 3 (ELT Photocopiables Series){h33t}{Allpirate} .

Play Games With English 2 Teachers Resource Book.pdf

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1: Teachers' Resource Book (Book) by John Series: Heinemann Games S. Dos libros de lecturas Play games with English 2, Heinemann. English teaching. Play games with english 1 teachers resource book macmillan heineman. Thao Nguyen. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can. 3. Introduction. Beep 2 Teacher's Resource Book offers conversations featuring native English children in a natural It is possible to play both sections .. reading playing computer games drawing dancing listening to music playing football.

Only one of these stories is true. They like eating in the countryside. One day a Sandwich man was sitting having lunch with a man from Dover and a man from Canterbury.

It is because of this that today we call sandwiches 'sandwiches'. The only problem about eating on the beach is that the sand often gets into the food. Then he picked up a piece of cheese. D An eighteenth century English aristocrat. One day someone had the very good idea of putting the meat or cheese between two slices of bread. In this way he could eat.. He used to play cards all day and night and hated having to stop a game for his meals. Sandwich is a very small town when you compare it with either Dover or Canterbury but the people who live there have always considered that it is a more important and better town to live in than either of the other two larger towns.

This stopped the sand from getting on to the food. George is not a very good soldier. He always gets told off when the sergeant inspects his room every Monday morning.

It is Monday now. What should George have done? Use these verbs: Who is saying what? Write the letters A-M in the correct speech balloon. A 'visitor' stayed behind when the museum closed atfive. The thief hid somewhere while the security guard checked the He then came out after the guards had left.

Put these adjectives in the correct category. Size Taste Colour Solution on page 69 Write the number in the box next to the correct name6. Who said these well-known quotations. A KING. There are a number of deliberate mistakes in the picture. This scene shows the notorious American gangster AI Capone with his gang in a Chicago nightclub in Can you spell them? Try to read it aloud so that it makes sense to you..

Then write the story putting in punctuation and capital letters.

Spotthe Difference 5 the bathroom paint the fence the front door central heating the roof retile cut the grass repair modernize put in 48 Solution on page A doctor is showing a screen some flowers a glass of water a thermometer an X-ray a pen an injection 50 Solution on page A -patient is lending 6.

A visitor is pouring - 7.

Memory 1 Page 1 For example: The matron is giving 3. A visitor is bringing 5. Put a [Y1' in the correct box What date is it in the picture?

May the sixteenth 0 May the sixth May the twenty-sixth 0 6. What is his room number? Whattime is it in the picture1 twelve. How many people were arrested at the football match? How many floors has the hotel got?

ANn C. I time can you have breakfast until? How much does a single bed cost per night? Which floor does this guest want? He was f. Do not look at page 22 again until you have finished. Memory 5 Page 29 How has the street changed? Write sentences like these: Do not look at page 29 again until you have finished. Write four more There used to be and four more There didn't use to be sentences about the street.

The announcement B. The young man said he The old man said he The husband said he Solution on peqe 68 The stewardess said they The passenger said he The young man reminded her not The customs officer asked if he The security officer told him to The wife said they The girl explained that she The mother said the plane The imrniqration officer asked where he J.

A cyclist e was just overtaking the bus. Two children 0 had just crossed the road. A car B was just overtaking the bus.

macmillan - play games with english 2.pdf

A man E was just parking his car. A van H was just turning left. An old lady 0 was just crossing the road. A woman G was just getting out of the car. You A were just getting on the bus. A porter is fetching them a screen. The matron is giving her an injection. A visitor is bringing her some flowers. A nurse is passing him a thermometer. A patient is lending her a pen. A visitor is pouring her a glass of water.

A doctor is showing them an X-ray. Spot the Difference 1 There is some orange juice. There is a chocolate cake. There are some sausage rolls. Food rice, spinach, lamb, plums, mushrooms. Clothes scarf, suit, vest, coat, jacket. Parts of the body stomach, neck, feet, back, arm. Transport van, ship, scooter, coach, bicycle.

Places forest, hill, valley, field, beach. Furniture settee, bed, desk, cupboard, wardrobe. A chef. A soldier. A miner. A policeman. A surgeon. An air hostess. Carpenters make things from wood.

Dockers load and unload ships. A car mechanic uses a spanner. An electrician uses a screwdriver.

An accountant uses a calculator. A dressmaker uses a sewing machine. A gardener uses a spade.

A decorator uses a brush. A chambermaid works in a hotel. A typist works in an office.

A lecturer works in a university. An actor works in a theatre. A sales assistant works in a shop. A machinist works in a factory. May the sixth 3. Frank woke up. The safety razor was invented by King Camp Gillette. Paul's Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming. She's going to play the piano. She's going to switch on a radio. She's going to open a tin. She's going to dial a telephone number. She's She's She's She's going going going going to to to to sew on a button. City, town, village. A city is the biggest. A town is bigger than a village.

Yard, foot, inch. A yard is the longest. A foot is longer than an inch. Platinum, gold, silver. Platinum is the most precious. Gold is more precious than silver. Motorway, road, lane.

4 English-Learning Games for Groups and Classes

A motorway is the widest. A road is wider than a lane. River, stream, puddle. A river is the deepest. A stream is deeper than a puddle. Surgeon, matron, nurse. A surgeon is the most senior. A matron is more senior than a nurse.

Tree, bush, shrub. A tree is the tallest. A bush is taller than a shrub. Baby, infant, teenager.

macmillan - play games with english 2.pdf

A baby is the youngest. An infant is younger than a teenager. He hasn't emptied the rubbish bin yet. He hasn't swept the stair carpet yet. He hasn't swept the stairs yet.

He hasn't cleared the table yet. NO pages 17 and 52 6. YES 2. FALSE 8. NO YES 5. YES 8. YES 4. YES 9. She was reading a magazine. She was cutting her nails. H8 She's knitting a scarf. They were playing cards. She was doing a crossword puzzle. They were looking at photographs holiday photos. He's stopping the car. He's digging the garden. She's beginning a letter. He's travelling to London. Spelling Quiz Endings excitable comfortable agreeable sensible horrible terrible pages 18 and 19 careful beautiful truthful attractive expensive possessive courageous poisonous famous Plurals thieves.

He was sleeping. H3 pages 22 and 53 He was listening to the radio. People started travelling in cars about 95 years ago. It could a: Johann Gutenberg developed his mechanical printing press in around It could It could 9. The first public television broadcasting service started in London in I was Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in Saturday night.

How much money do you usually give them? This is the most interesting book I have ever read. September 1st. The first successful petrol-driven car was built by Karl Friedrich Benz in It could page 26 be a watch. It could 7. It could 5. People started watching tele- vision about 45 years ago. On Saturday I never go to the library.

Did you ever steal apples when you were a boy? People started reading printed books about years ago. People started making tele- phone calls about years ago. Does he always cook so well? She often catches the eight o'clock bus to work. It could 4. Thomas Wedgwood made the first photograph on glass in People started using atomic power about 30 years ago. The first guns are thought to have been made in North Africa in around People started fighting with guns about years ago.

Auguste and Louis Lurniere demonstrated their invention. People started going to the cinema about 85 years ago. Electric power was first produced on a commercial scale from atomic energy in the U. People started taking photographs about years ago. People started flying in planes about 80 years ago.

The first magnetic recording of sound was made in Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight in a petrol-engined plane in People started listening to records about 80 years ago. I'd ride the scooter.

I'd play the drums. I'd open a current account. Someone Someone Someone Someone Someone Someone was was was was was was going going going going going going to to to to to to have a shave. I'd telephone a plumber.

I'd see a solicitor. I'd wearthe cardigan. I'd put on the perfume. I'd spend the money. I'd hang up the poster. I'd buy a cheap day return. I'd send it in a registered letter. I'd go to a hardware store.

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I'd plant the bulbs. I'd 6. True or False? Around B. The Greeks had just entered Troy. You won't pass the examination unless you work harder. History Quiz 1. The 5. Why do you always cut yourself while shaving? Who speaks English the most fluently in your class? I'm tired even though I slept well last night. He lives in an ugly little house outside London. Do the English drink more tea than the French? Do the French drink more tea than the English?

Titanic had just hit an iceberg. The announcement said all passengers to Lagos should go immediately to Gate Five. The passenger said he came from Australia.

The girl explained that she had had an accident. The immigration official asked where he was staying in Britain. The young man reminded her not to forget to write. The wife said they ought to hurry. The old man said he had been very afraid. The security officer told him to walk through the door. The husband said hewould fetch a trolley. The customs officer asked if he had anything to declare.

He He He He He must must must must must have have have have have hidden in the cupboard or in the chest. The mother said the plane was going to land. The stewardess said they could wait by the check-in counter. The young man said he had just arrived at the airport. A woman was just going to get out of the car. The Contents on page 3 will show you what language points each game practises. The Index of Structure and Language Points on page 96 will help you to select games to fit your students' needs.

Most games in Play Games With English 1 have four stages: 1. The Rules of the Game Generally, the best way of getting the students to understand how a game is played is not to explain the rules but to playa trial round with the students. Small team Here the class is divided up into a number of small teams. Team B Here the class is divided into two teams. Some games are best played in one particular way; in others you can be more flexible.

If the students organise themselves into teams, make sure that not all the best students end up in the same team. Playing the Game In games involving team discussion, stress to your students that the working language should, as far as possible, be English. Correction While the game is being played, any correction of mistakes should be done in as unobtrusive a way as possible so as not to distract from the game.

Follow up The purpose of this stage is to focus the students' attention on the main language points practised in the game. At this stage, any mistakes made during the game can be corrected and any new vocabulary written up.

Give the teams two minutes to study the picture and then ask them to cover the picture so it cannot be seen. The team secretaries, helped by the other players in their team, then have to write down as many objects as they can remember. Make sure they write either an article or a number before each object, e. Set a time limit of five minutes for this task. The team with the most correct answers is the winner. Begin the game by saying I've got a cake. Explain that the first player has to repeat this sentence and add a new object or objects, e.

I've got a cake and two pens. The game continues with each player in turn trying to remember what the last player said, and then adding on a new item to the sentence. Players get minus points if they a make a memory mistake; or b hesitate too long.What would you do with these presents if you got them for your birthday?

Try to find them.. I've got a cake, a book You can make the mime more elaborate if you wish,t o see if they can get the extra vocabulary, e. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.