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Buy Digital and Print Copies of Pianist - Issue April-May Available on Desktop PC or Mac and iOS or Android mobile devices. Play like an expert with exclusive online piano lessons, sheet music and professional advice for all abilities. Download Pianist – Issue – February-March pdf magazine for free from Simply click on the link below and your download will start.

Pianist Magazine Pdf

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Pianist Magazine - October-November - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Pianist magazine. I first published this article in Now that I have made a new video demonstrating the differences between the Couperin piece in his original notation versus. Pianist is the how-to-play piano magazine for piano players of all levels. Each issue features famous artists both past and present and includes 40 pages of free .

Actually, not only as we begin but also afterwards — I return to them constantly to keep the playing fresh and in tip top condition.

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Quarantine Quarantining is the process of identifying mistakes that always seem to trip us up and isolating them from the rest of the piece. Quarantine becomes a designated practice activity distinct from work on that particular piece, since it embraces troublespots from other pieces too. I have a student who has just started learning the G minor Ballade and asked me how best to approach it.

Also the LH of the E flat waltz section In addition to these, I also advised deconstructing the coda. He put in a couple of weeks serious practice on these 3 spots before starting at the beginning.

I always return from our residential weekends and one-day events inspired and energised. In the Baroque workshop we had a lovely Flemish-style harpsichord in addition to the regular Steinway D grand, and I was able to brush up on my rusty harpsichord skills to demonstrate how to play expressively on the Baroque instrument using articulation and overlapping touches.

This brief reacquaintance with the harpsichord made me realise how much I miss playing it. Some of the class elected to play their piece on the harpsichord.

Welcome to Pianist Magazine

In the Romantic workshop back on the piano, of course I found myself wanting not only much more projection from melody lines, but also a warmer and rounder tone quality. Most of the time, we pianists aim to make our percussion instrument sing by artful illusion — replicating the timings, intonations and colourings of […].

I have just written a series of three articles on pedalling for Pianist Magazine, the first of these Issue 83 hit the newsstands this week and should be available internationally. I had the idea of a designated camera locked onto a section of dampers for close-up shots of flutter and fractional pedalling.

I was very pleased to be able to demonstrate these advanced techniques, and watching the footage no pun intended surprised me because I myself had never seen the dampers working in this way before.

This may surprise you, but syncopated legato pedalling did not come into general use until Anton Rubinstein started doing it — in the second part of the 19th century! I have just checked this out by listening to recordings of celebrated pianists playing the opening of the B minor Waltz, op 69 no.

Pedalling depends on personal choice and the resonance of particular pianos and performance spaces. It is often not possible to say precisely how we will pedal because it will vary. You speak about forearm rotation in your eBook and in your YouTube video on scales and arpeggios, but I think of rotation as a large movement for things like tremolos and trills. Can you explain how to use it in scales?

I was struggling to get enough power in this place, especially because I needed to hold onto the notes of the chord as I was spreading it.

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Even when I incorporated the finger strokes into one slower movement of the arm, the fingers were still doing an awful lot of the work. There was undue effort and a moment of tension.

When I was able to experience the rotary movements, it suddenly became effortless and strong — as though I had flipped a switch to a new power source. The tiny backflips of the forearm are absolutely possible at high speed, and even though they are virtually imperceptible to someone watching I could definitely feel them.

The difference in sensation between the rotary version and the […]. Featuring a comprehensive library of lessons, articles and resources, the Practising the Piano Online Academy is the ultimate online resource for pianists, teachers and anyone seeking to master the piano.

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Home Tag: Pedalling by Hand I first published this article in Read More. On Wrist Control I often think it must be very confusing for the pianist seeking guidance on piano technique from the internet, only to find conflicting information from various authorities. Are Exercises A Waste of Time? How to Begin a New Piece: Part 6 Here is the final part of this series on beginning a new piece. Fancy Footwork — Pedalling Resources I have just written a series of three articles on pedalling for Pianist Magazine, the first of these Issue 83 hit the newsstands this week and should be available internationally.

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And all the Scores come with expert notes on technique, pedalling and interpretation. We have created some 60 video piano lessons to date and it's forever growing - from the basics of chord and scale playing, to difficult stretches and fast runs. There's nothing like watching the experts!

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Pianist – Issue 106 – February-March 2019

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Special Issues View More.The thumb can be a great ally or an enemy — depending on how we use it. There's nothing like watching the experts! When I move my thumb freely, I feel the movement at the base of the thumb, at the wrist. There are surprisingly few books that deal with the art of practising.

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