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Jacobs and Chase. Operations and Supply Management: The Core. Second Edition. Jacobs, Chase, and Aquilano. Operations and Supply. Chase / Jacobs / Aquilano Operations and Supply Chain Management 13nd Edition (Mcgraw-Hill/Irwin). This map was prepared by an editor at HBS Publishing. Operations Management For Competitive. Advantage. CHASE. AQUILANO JACOBS. McGraw Hill Higher Education, ninth edition. Generated by Foxit PDF.

Operations Management Chase Jacobs Aquilano Pdf

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CHASE. AQUILANO JACOBS. McGraw Hill Higher Education, ninth edition. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation Describe the key aspects of operations management decision making. Chase, Jacobs and Aquilano: Operations Management for Competitive Advantage provides a current (PDF) Libro de texto Chase Aquilano | Victor Solano. pdf, Download Operations Management Chase Jacobs Aquilano 12th Edition File Type. Pdf, Read Online Operations Management Chase Jacobs Aquilano.

If Gershbeyn the project misses this window, the firm will lose substantial market share to competitors. Specifically, data is given to build the project Management plan step-by-step and then analyze the plan using the Microsoft Project Pub. The project plan that students construct from the data given in the case is fraught with risks, and students must apply risk management techniques to diagnose the plan. Ultimately, students must answer the management question: Will the project be completed for the holiday shopping season?

It looks Baggage-Handling System specifically at project management, including decisions regarding budget, scheduling, and the overall management structure.

Also Lynda M. Applegate, Ramiro examines the airport's attempt to work with a great number of outside Montealegre, H. James Nelson, contractors, including BAE, and coordinate them into a productive Carin-Isabel Knoop whole, while under considerable political pressures.

Approaches the project from the point of view of BAE's management, which struggles Type: HBS to fulfill its contract, work well with project management and other Pub. Biogen, Inc. Wheelwright manufacturing organization. Morris Rosenburg, a senior scientist at Biogen, has been asked to perform a major evaluation of the project in Type: HBS order to report on lessons learned as well as to make Pub. Boeing From Concept to Biogen, Inc.

A team at IDEO's Boston office worked with Length: 11p mattress manufacturer Simmons to discover unmet customer needs Teaching Note: available and identify new product line opportunities. Describes the challenges and questions facing the Simmons project team as well as critical and operational questions facing IDEO. Examines these issues through the eyes of the head of the Boston office, who wonders how to evaluate Phase 0 projects. Product development projects are not meeting the cost, H.

Kent Bowen, Courtney quality, and lead-time targets. The leadership develops a design, Purrington development, test, and launch system that treats the engineering resources as a factory and carefully designs and manages the work Type: HBS flows, engineering activities, and hand-offs between tasks. There is Pub. Dell's new process is challenged during the Stefan Thomke, Vish V.

This case focuses on: 1 product development process design, 2 the Type: HBS costs and benefits of flexibility and structure in uncertain environments, Pub. Teaching Note: available Learning objective: To explore managerial issues in product development that can be found in uncertain and risky environments. To discuss and quantify the cost and benefits of process flexibility. Palepu, Vishnu vehicle, the Tata Ace. Positioned as a replacement for the three- Srinivasan wheelers that predominated as small commercial vehicles in India, the Ace create a new product category and enabled Tata Motors to access Type: HBS a new market segment.

Process flow. International operations.: Business and Describes the adoption and evolution of product development teams Product Teams and business teams at Quantum. Students must Alice H. Business processes.

A pharmacy service improvement team has documented the current Andrew McAfee prescription fulfillment process. The firm is considered an original design Steven C. Business process automation. Production management.

The new "netbook" market provides an opportunity for AIC Systems to design and manufacture a branded product in the mobile electronics industry.

Understand the quantitative tools used to evaluate manufacturing processes. Students must perform a quantitative analysis of the existing assembly-line system and make recommendations to reach optimal efficiency. Optimizing AIC Systems. The goal is to move from manufacturing Length: Process failures. Sunru manufacturer ODM and takes an active role in innovating and Yong designing each new generation of components. The production manager has created an assembly line for producing the new netbooks.

The firm decides Pub. The company must now decide how to Type: HBS change this process. Performance management. Customer service. Many customers are defecting as a result. By doing in-house design and development.

HBS exclusive. Learning objective: Determine whether an assembly-line system is optimally designed to meet variable market demand efficiently and suggest adjustments to the system if necessary. The case does not have a decision focus. Operations research.. Earl Sasser Jr. John R. Multinational corporations. Service Processes Abstract Benihana of Tokyo Discusses the development of a chain of "theme" restaurants. HBS Food. Sylvie Ryckebusch.. Janice H. Klug Subjects: Corporate strategy.

ISBN 13: 9780073121666

Describes the operating system of a Burger King unit. Careful analysis will detect the subtle and not so subtle differences between the two operating systems selected Type: HBS by these two firms. The student is asked to evaluate the current operating strategy and suggest W. Systems design. In addition to Hiroshi Uchikoga describing production techniques such as dynamic line balancing. Students are asked to compare the operating systems of these two Rikert fast food hamburger chains. This case describes the assembly of portable notebook H.

Natural foods. David C.


Ome Works In Toshiba was the market leader in portable computer sales worldwide. HBS problems faced by Japanese businesses. Work force Length: LFS operates three call J. Condensed Describes the operating system of McDonald's.

Students are asked to Rikert compare the operating systems of these two fast food hamburger chains. OIT29 requirements.

Work force. Work force optimization. Carr believes that by developing a small number of "call blueprints. LFS can improve the quality of service it delivers and reduce the experience and educational levels required of its call-center agents.

Michael Harrison. Agents are organized into different "pools. Work force management. Concerns are raised about the creation of a factory like atmosphere.

Operations research.

Operating systems. Yuval Nov centers that collectively employ agents and handle Stanford Graduate training and experience. Call centers. Carr's analysis Pub. Careful analysis will detect the subtle and not so subtle Type: HBS differences between the two operating systems selected by these two Pub. McDonald's Corp.

Customer self-service. Each simulation challenge examines a particular aspect of the restaurant Type: HBS operation beginning with the effect of batching customers from the bar Pub. Optimize capacity in an operation. The second release of this popular simulation provides students with enhanced animation tools for exploring the challenges of running a service operation and provides faculty with streamlined tools for conducting an effective debrief. Richardo Customers start in the bar area for drinks and then move into the Ernst dining room where chefs prepare the food right at the table.

Optimize multiple variables in an operation and ensure consistency in the overall strategy. Minimize or eliminate demand variability cyclical. Benihana V2 operations and service management while working through a series of challenges set during a single evening at a busy Benihana restaurant. The final challenge Teaching Note: Understand how batching strategies improve throughput and how increasing capacity improves bottlenecks.

Analyze capacity. The simulation is designed to expand on the learning objectives of the Benihana of Tokyo case study Other challenges examine the effect of Product: A The marketing director of a fast-growing firm must make some decisions about the customer service department.

The technique is described Teaching Note: This article describes one technique-service blueprinting-that Pub. Rikert pressure on the firm to make a profit. Innovation dynamic. Amy L. A With the global focus on service-led growth has come increased need Practical Technique for Service for practical techniques for service innovation.

Services are fluid. With C. Systems analysis. The volume in the W. Service blueprinting is Product: CMR securely grounded in the customer's experience and it allows the clear Length: David orders to be filled. Customer relationships. California Management goods and technologies do not work well for human and interactive Review services. Explores these issues.

The was the world's first pure foundry. Stanford Graduate the company began to focus on customer service to differentiate itself School of Business further from companies like UMC. The company Product: GS40 invested heavily in the development of innovative. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Strategic planning. In the company's early days. Strategic positioning.

Operating in the cyclical semiconductor market. Supply chains. Could superior customer service make an impact in a capital-intensive.

Seungjin Whang. As competition in the sector intensified in the late s. Competitive strategy. High technology. TSMC management believed that customers.

Stanford Graduate to respond to variation in demand on a daily basis. Shinya Fushimi. The vice-president sees an opportunity to solve the problem of congestion Type: Richard Ivey School of in the parking lot of Electronics International's warehouse and eliminate Business unnecessary soft costs such as missed appointment fees and Pub. The Lunch Boxes to Your Work company has captured a unique position in the market of selling pre- packaged lunch boxes to business professionals by maintaining high Jin Whang.

Beyond these costs. Tamago-ya competes with convenience stores. He is eager to make his customers suppliers successful. If the carrier is waiting in line due to a backlog at the Teaching Note: He sees three central options in cutting down traffic: Delivering Tamago-ya is a family-owned business located in Tokyo.

Family-owned businesses. GS60 offer less variety in their menu options throughout the month. Suppliers of Mitchell electronics goods hire Totalline Transport to deliver to retailers.

Distribution planning. Totalline Transport The vice-president and general manager of Totalline Transport wants to eliminate late appointment fees in delivering to one of Canada's Larry Menor.

Ken Mark. Veronica a high level of customer service. Jordan premier electronic shops--Electronics International. The bottleneck in the process is the waiting time for Product: John Tsou wherein those who deliver orders also engage in judging customer demand and feedback.

In order for Tamago-ya to guarantee such Jason Kaminsky. If the carrier arrives late. Tamago-ya is faced with many challenges-- including demand forecasting. Chapter Waiting Line Abstract Analysis and Simulation. These A exercises allow students to investigate the impact of variable processing times on the performance of simple in-line processes. Roy D. Shapiro Unadvertised per Case Records. Models; Operations management; Operations Type: The concepts used and explained in the note are random number, probability distributions, data tables, loops and arrays, histograms and descriptive statistics.

Richard Ivey School of Business Learning objective: The note is an introduction to simulation in Excel Pub. W in any course that teaches and or requires simuation and Excel VBA. Probability; Scientific management; Simulation; Teaching Note: Totalline Transport The vice-president and general manager of Totalline Transport wants to eliminate late appointment fees in delivering to one of Canada's Larry Menor, Ken Mark, Jordan premier electronic shops--Electronics International.

If the carrier arrives late, the retailer charges Length: Beyond these costs, the vice-president realizes that suppliers and retailers are spending one day per week investigating problems with shipments. Shapiro day on this case is used to analyze the production capacity of various stages in the process and to examine bottlenecks and key production flow decisions. The second day the Type: HBS emphasis is on information flows. We look in detail at the problems Pub. Performance measurement, Performance measurement systems, Process analysis, Capacity analysis, Electronics.

Fabritek Corp. Describes a large-volume automotive parts contract in a high-quality machine work company. Quality and delivery problems arise when one William K. Holstein, Lawrence of the four men on the job is replaced with a high producer who cannot A. Bennigson, Linda G. Sprague Subjects: Bonuses, Compensation, Incentives, Operations research, Type: HBS Performance effectiveness, Production processes.

Kristen's Cookie Co. A The student is starting his or her own business, baking make-to-order cookies. Basic times of each operation are laid out and the student is Roger E. Bohn asked to determine the consequences for the operating system. Serves as an exercise and review of concepts such as capacity, Type: HBS bottlenecks, and throughput times.

Students should be able to make Pub. The case ends Product: Pricing strategy, Assembly lines, Manufacturing, Production scheduling, Capacity analysis. Managing Variability: Process This technical note provides an introduction to quality management Control and Process Capability tools, with a focus on the concepts of process control and process capability.

Kamalini Ramdas Subjects: Operations, Operations management, Process analysis, Type: University of Virginia Defects, Quality management. Darden Pub. UV Length: Requires student to analyze process flows to determine where the bottlenecks are and to decide how, and whether, Roy D. Shapiro to expand capacity. Original version written by J.

Miller and R. Capacity analysis, Cooperatives, Process analysis, Process Product: Operations Management This single-player simulation explores concepts in process analysis via Simulation: Process Analytics a series of problems sets that are paired with simulation models, allowing students to increase their intuition and understanding of core Roy D.

Shapiro, Frances X. Frei operations concepts, including: The Teaching Note: The models themselves can be manipulated for example, faculty can add workstations to the simulation. Faculty can also choose to allow students to manipulate the models on their own, changing model permutations so that they can experiment with processes and enhance their understanding. Student responses to questions are captured for faculty review. Ideal for operations management courses in undergraduate, MBA, and executive education programs.

To expose students to the fundamentals of core concepts in process analysis in a dynamic, experiential manner 2.


To increase student intuition regarding the interplay between the various elements of process analytics by providing them with detailed questions and toolkit-style exercises 3. To give students the tools by which to further their understanding of process analysis via experimentation through the proactive creation and editing of simulation models. Capacity analysis; Manufacturing; Operations management; Process analysis; Process flow; Production planning; Production processes; Simulations.

Inventory management. Places students in the position of Dr. Bruce Chew Type: Kellogg School of Subjects: HBS third-largest retailer. After one month. Radio frequency identification. KEL Length: Northwestern systems.

Vincent Dessain. Performance measurement Management. Call Quality Wireless has received customer complaints about long hold Center Performance times at its call center. University Process improvement. To address these complaints. Gerd Pub. Christopher W. Discusses run charts. Health care providers. Kellogg School of diagrams. The shipping industry was not alone in being regulated.

Quality management. Addresses how flow times and capacity calculations can be made for a Bariatric Surgery Center service process such as the Bariatric Surgery Center at a clinic. University of Hong Kong practitioners.

Total quality. Amir Hoosain systems. University Pub. HKU owners that it would preserve their valuable assets and maximize Length: A ship management Pub. Control systems. Excel Logistics Services Looks at the introduction of statistical process control SPC into a distribution center servicing a department store chain. Cardiac Length: Healthcare Teaching Note: Management Pub. Health care systems. Highlights how these calculations can be made for a service process Sunil Chopra.

As a result. Kellogg School of Also.

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Canan Savaskan just as in any manufacturing setting. Total Gives an account of how a ship management company was able to set Quality Management in the itself apart from competitors and from its clients' own in-house Shipping Industry technical and crew management capabilities by embracing a culture of continuous improvement and implementing Total Quality Management Ali Farhoomand.

Northwestern surgery. KEL Process analysis. International business. Discusses the notions of critical paths and bottlenecks and what factors affect both time and capacity. Focuses on the Sunil Chopra receiving process in the distribution center and describes the introduction of SPC methodology.

University of Virginia Defects. The new director must decide how serious the problem is. Leonard functions contribute to the problem. The actions of different departments and Frank S. The open-ended questions in the A1 case are only partially Type: HBS answered to encourage further student creativity.

HBS orienting an organization toward a better quality attitude. It introduces the concept of a Gantt chart Roger E.

Quality Introduces the systemic nature of product quality and the complexity of Assurance quality problems. Process This technical note provides an introduction to quality management Control and Process Capability tools. Darden School Foundation Pub. A new director of quality assurance discovers an apparent quality problem. Industrial goods. Uses a new director. Product liability. The new director has to decide Frank S. Quality Designed to introduce the systemic nature of product quality and the Assurance complexity of quality problems.

Pricing strategy. Bohn and discusses issues raised by the case such as the value of labor flexibility. A2 Intended for distribution during class. Leonard if it is a real problem. Home Depot's stock price remained nearly unchanged during his tenure and certain aspects of customer service suffered significantly. Retail stores. Looks closely at a production process relying on craft skills. Home Depot Zeynep Ton.

Home Depot store managers "did it themselves" Product: Home Depot was known for its Length: Is there a trade-off between process discipline and customer service? If so. Students have the Type: HBS opportunity to consider issues of quality. Nardelli centralized merchandising and purchasing and brought process discipline to store operations.

Home Depot popularized the concept of "do-it-yourself" for customers eager to build. Personnel management. To some extent. As chairman and CEO. Raises the issue David A. Supply chain management. Catherine Ross stores were stocked with a wide range of home-improvement goods and had knowledgeable employees ready to help customers choose Type: HBS the right products.

Store managers. These results raise an important question not only for Home Depot. For its first 20 years. Nardelli's changes led to higher profitability. Garvin of just how quality is defined in this market. Human resources management.

Organizational change. Purchasing was also decentralized. Consumer goods. Department stores. As it grew in size. Statistical analysis Six Sigma Quality at Flyrock Assumes an understanding of statistical process control and focuses Tires on highlighting the usefulness of Six Sigma quality.

Upton customer account setup to legal services. Northwestern Learning objective: To introduce the methodology of statistical University process control and to illustrate the value of Six Sigma. Subodha Kumar terminated it. Focuses on the issue of a worn bearing at a tire manufacturer leading to a mean shift Sunil Chopra while producing defectives.

Shows how a Six Sigma process would quickly detect the mean shift while producing fewer defectives. In this case. KEL Subjects covered: Manufacturing Most large manufacturing companies have implemented ERP IT systems to support lean manufacturing practices.

The Kerry plant of Richard L. HBS Learning objective: Teaches statistical process control p-charts as Pub. Now the Kerry plant is revisiting the appropriate use of IT in an environment of highly innovative lean manufacturing.

Implementing strategy. Toyota production Product: Kellogg School of Management. Six sigma Length: Lean Raises the issue of the appropriate role of IT in lean manufacturing.

Annette Kluck must decide how to adopt manufacturing-based principles to a service process ranging from David M. MIT Sloan Management rates and sharp gains in on-time deliveries. Lean management permits Review a marked reduction in inventory levels across the supply chain.

Managers need to understand that the "bad" news isn't really bad -. Their approach. Since then. Financial management. Lean transformations generally have short-term adverse impacts on the company's bottom line that is.

One predictable hurdle is the crisis in confidence that occurs when management isn't able to improve financial performance quickly.

The authors' approach replaces the traditional cost-accounting system with a transparent accounting system that tracks the company's value streams. Brian Maskell Program. To help managers overcome the financial hurdles on the path to lean.

Refine your editions:

Research methodology. SMR companies achieve simultaneous declines in manufacturing and Length:HBS to battery manufacturing--an approach decidedly different from its Pub.

Christensen company followed most of the "rules" good managers follow in such situations: LFS can improve the quality of service it delivers and reduce the experience and educational levels required of its call-center agents.

Suppliers of Mitchell electronics goods hire Totalline Transport to deliver to retailers. Strategic planning. The vice-president sees an opportunity to solve the problem of congestion Type: The goal is to move from manufacturing Length: Innovation dynamic.