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An On Dublin Street Halloween is a free Joss and Braden short read about the couple's second Halloween together. An On Dublin Street Halloween is a free Joss and Braden short read about the couple's second Halloween together. He didn’t know I was coming tonight and under my short Snow White costume was sexy white lingerie to match the white silk thigh highs I was wearing. In the wig, slightly. An On Dublin Street Christmas (On Dublin Street #) Jocelyn Castle Hill (On Dublin Street Book ) - Young, KB.

On Dublin Street Halloween Epub

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by Samantha Young. · 2, Ratings · Reviews · published · 2 editions. An On Dublin Street Halloween is a free Joss and More. Want to Read . Earlier this year, I read and really enjoyed On Dublin Street by self published author Samantha Young (I wrote my Top Ten reasons to read it. On Dublin Street has 26 entries in the series. Samantha Young Author Paula Costello Narrator (). cover image of Echoes of Scotland Street.

And now she was facing the possibility of losing another. It was ridiculous. It was a colossally sick joke. He got it. She was terrified. Pushing his frustration aside, Braden gently nudged Ellie awake. Her eyes, eyes that matched his own, opened slowly and he tried not to inhale sharply at the redness in them, at the bleakness in the depths of them.

Braden wished he could do something. He wished this were happening to him instead of her. Not to Els— one of the kindest, warmest, sweetest gift life had ever given him. Come on, sweetheart, time to get up. While he watched to make sure Ellie was eating, Braden was very much aware of the increasingly horrendous tension between him and Jocelyn, and although he tried his best, every time she came near him his anger made him instinctively move away from her.

Ellie caught on fast after that. Dunham later this afternoon, just as planned. When he felt particularly guilty Braden did what he knew best: ordered people around. You broke up because of me? Ellie jutted her chin out, her expression mulish, and Braden was actually happy to see the fire back in her eyes, even if he was to blame for it. What happened? Now get in the shower. More guilt made him feel even more pissed off. Like it had been waiting for Els to leave, his anger stoked to new life and he clenched his hands into fists to keep from yelling just for the hell of it.

He held it together though. Braden needed a reaction out of her, anything to give away her true feelings. New tactic? Perhaps something a little friendlier? Braden cleared his throat. Just for once could she not put that fucking armor of hers away? This was Ellie they were talking about. She stood leaning against the kitchen counter, her usually healthy, olive-toned complexion was dulled with pain and fear. She was such a Goddamn liar. The anger took hold again.

Unlike me, she has your love. Be brave and fucking tell me. He held himself still, waiting. Point blank range. How dare she! How fuc— Braden fought for control, inwardly struggling while on the outside he kept his face icily impassive. The hurt he felt was unbelievable. In that moment he lost himself in the need to hurt her back.

But that would just cause Ellie more pain. Just one more push. You did it to me last night. I broke up with you. She was not playing the victim in this scenario. Well… I could give a shit about you. Watching her physically react to the words, Braden would have given anything to take them back. Her eyes, rounded with horror, began to fill with tears. Self-recrimination somehow made him even madder at her even as he shot toward her to comfort her.

A second later Braden ducked to avoid the missile flying for his head. He was on her before she could grab at it, pinning her wrists to her sides as he pressed his body into hers to restrain her against the counter. I hate you. I hate you! I lied. I was angry. You know I would never do to you what was done to me. He would never cheat on anyone.

And he most definitely would never cheat on Jocelyn. He loved her. But for now he felt less burdened than he had that morning because he knew without a shadow of a doubt that Jocelyn Butler loved him back. They both knew. It was a Saturday night and instead of going out and relaxing with some mates he was at home, working.

Adam frowned, pushing his laptop away.

Why did he have to go and think about that? Ever since he discovered that treacherous little git had been using Ellie as part of some melodramatic corporate espionage crap, the blood in his veins had been pumping at a melting hot temperature. Any man would be lucky to have Ellie Nichols and that punk idiot had made a crack about Ellie being nothing more than a bonus hot fuck.

It had taken everything within Braden not to fly at the arsehole. Rich hurt someone he cared about. It was more than that, though. His feelings for Ellie were anything but brotherly.

He wanted her. The searing possessive jealousy that had coursed through him then coursed through him last night when Rich Stirling bragged about her. It was about the continual frustration he felt that he could never have what other men could have from her.

Not if he wanted to keep Braden and his sister in his life forever. They were his family. End of. He needed something to take his mind off… everything. He checked his phone.

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Maybe he should catch up with Braden out on the town. Just as he was about to call his friend his phone started ringing. Instead of being annoyed that the object of his distraction was now in his face distracting him, Adam felt concerned.

Ellie had had one helluva week and he had to make sure she was alright. Are you okay for me to come up? He opened his door and leaned against the doorjamb, waiting for the lift doors to open. When they did something in his chest squeezed.

Ellie stepped out, dressed casually and she somehow still managed to look like a supermodel. She raised an arm, waving a bottle of wine at him.

The hem of the cropped top she was wearing rose revealing her toned waist and creamy skin. Adam ignored the heat that flooded him and gave her a curious smile, pretending to be completely unaffected by her perfection. She sighed at the question in his smile. She particularly hated when he was involved in a brawl, no matter the circumstances.

Ellie reached it at the same time he did and as she leaned against the counter her hem rose again, flashing more tempting skin. He looked away quickly, pouring her a glass of wine.

It was my pleasure, believe me. I mean, he really fucked with you. An image he did not want in his head lambasted him and the anger he felt from before threatened to rise to the surface. She had such delicate hands for a tall girl. They were so small against his.

As soon as he did he felt another wave of angry satisfaction roll over him. Christ, did Ellie still have feelings for that moron? Relieved that was her reason and unnerved by his relief, Adam pulled his hand gently out of hers. According to sources I was nowhere near New Town or Rich last night.

Something she did when she was nervous or worried. She walked away from him. Instantly disliking the distance she was putting between them Adam followed her as she walked into the sitting area and sat down on his couch. Deliberately, he sat down close to her, putting his arm along the couch behind him, effectively trapping her. She flicked him a look. He had to comfort her not rile her. Ellie smiled suddenly. Any guy would be lucky to have you. His eyes flickered over her and his mouth went dry.

He grabbed up his wine glass and took a drink, trying to erase the thoughts he was having. As they sat and talked any attempt to fight his attraction to Els was foiled at every turn by her. She was an affectionate person but tonight she was being really touchy feely. She was flirting with him. Satisfaction thrummed through him. It was wrong that he cared that Ellie had feelings for him.

He knew that. But there was a selfish part of him that was elated that Ellie wanted him in return, that was glad the frustration he felt was also felt by her. He should have stopped her when she put her hand on his thigh or squeezed his hand. So she pushed it. He was in the middle of talking about his absent parents when she yawned, stretching her arms up. The movement forced her breasts out and her hem rose up revealing even more toned, silky skin.

She was trying to kill him. She had the longest legs… those legs… he tensed at the thought of having those legs wrapped around him. But it could never be just a casual thing for her because… Adam knew she loved him.

And why oh why did that make him even more turned on. He needed her to leave. In answer she put her hand on his leg and slowly glided her head up his thigh.

The heat zinged in his blood, his dick so hard for her he was in pain. Her fingers neared his straining zipper and his eyes fell to her trembling mouth. He had to stop this.

He should stop this. Adam grabbed her wrist and yanked her to him. Then he was kissing that mouth that provoked him so much. The kiss turned wild almost instantly. She was suddenly straddling him as he tasted the hot and sweet on her tongue.

His hands were everywhere, desperate to touch every part of her beautiful body. His control was gone. All that mattered was the girl in his arms and tasting every inch of her. She rode him as their kisses turned dirty and deep, wet and biting. His denim covered erection throbbed against her cotton-covered sex, and his grip on her sweet arse tightened as his tension increased.

He growled, amazed by the excitement between them. It was addictive. He pulled away, needing to see and feel more of her.

Soon Adam had divested her of her top and bra and her perfect breasts were unveiled to him. She sighed, this breathy little sigh as her nipples tightened. He reverently cupped her breasts in his hands and drew one nipple into his hot mouth. She went wild in his arms.

He pushed her on her back, ripping his shirt off before pulling her skirt and knickers off.

Needing her mouth again, he braced himself over her, her nipples brushing against his bare chest as he kissed her. He insinuated himself between her legs, the kiss turning more desperate as he shuddered with the need to be inside her.

Apparently she was too impatient to wait any longer, her slim fingers working at the zipper on his jeans. She pushed his jeans and boxers down and his throbbing, hot dick pressed against her sex. She tilted her hips and grabbed his ass, silently pleading with him to take her. This was Els. Adam froze, his eyes locking with hers. More than anything he wanted to tell the world and all its occupants to bugger off so he could slide inside this beautiful, sweet woman who meant everything to him.

But the world and all its occupants included his only real family—Braden. Or to Ellie.

He hurried off her, pulling up his boxers and jeans. Catching sight of her naked gorgeousness tempting him on his couch, he tossed her clothes at her.

Sexual frustration and panic made him curt when he realized she was still naked. Regret and guilt pierced him in the chest. Something like panic began to creep into him.

The thought was agonizing. The raw expression in her eyes gutted him. He had to explain, he had to take away that pain somehow. She looked betrayed. Without a word she whirled around, grabbed her jacket and hurried toward his door. Desperate to fix this, Adam tore out of the flat after her. She was fast. Her footsteps pounding down the stairwell.

But when he barreled out of the building she was running across the street, her long hair whipping behind her. Talk to me!

On Dublin Street Series

Adam ran out onto the road, racing toward it. He was nearly at its back wheel when it took off into the traffic, taking Ellie with it. Distraught, Adam stumbled onto the pavement and dragged his hand through his hair. His heart was pounding in his chest and not because of the running.

It raced out of fear. Somehow he had to make amends for the loss of his control.

Somehow he had to win Ellie back and at the same time make her see what a mistake it would be for them to be anything but friends. He would do it. There was no other option. And now that he knew that Ellie in his arms was like his own private Elysium, Adam was going to have to work harder than ever to convince himself to keep his distance from her. Cole took the proffered hand.

The kid was cool, and they had a lot in common. He was coming out of his shell more and more with Cam and it felt nice to be there for someone who needed him. A bit like how his dad was with him. A tall, slender woman with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes appeared in his doorway. She smiled at them and Cam felt a swell of emotion in his chest. He had to admit there was a bonus to being a stand-in big brother to a great kid like Cole.

His big sister. Johanna Walker. She raised one perfect eyebrow at her grinning, sweating brother. She turned back to Cam and made a face. Really close. He was addicted to her despite the obstacles in his way. Cam was in turmoil over the situation, and honestly he just wanted some reassurance that Jo was feeling as mixed up as he was. And she had to be. The chemistry was there between them. It had been from the start. Jo took a wary step back, just as he thought she would.

This will help you learn to deal with the way you freeze up. The idea obviously had merit to her…but still she shook her head. You want a cup of tea? The smile immediately tightened as the smell of her light perfume caused his blood to heat. He frowned and headed into the kitchen toward the kettle. Heart in his throat, Cam spun around, eyes searching her for injury. Jo was afraid of spiders. Stop panicking. I thought you were frightened of it.

Christ, she was beautiful. So fucking beautiful.

On Dublin Street Series

Her beauty was like a massive kick to the chest every time he glanced at her. He felt breathless for a moment. You just… nothing. He wanted to kiss her. He was getting so sick of not being able to kiss her. The spider? He felt the weight of the pan in his hand. I just needed something to put it in. Those two small words seeped into him and turned his blood molten.

Slowly, Cam turned to look at her. It hurt to look at her. He could no longer be that guy who fantasized about another woman. It was more than that too—the feelings he had for Jo eclipsed the sexual attraction between them.

They were living a lie, but this right here between them, right here in this moment in his kitchen… this was truth. Before he could stop himself he crossed the room to her as though something outside of his control was slowly drawing him to her. His skin prickled and heated at the feel of her breasts brushing his chest.

Her perfume surrounded him and he inhaled it, drowning in the scent of her as he clasped her slender arms in his hands. He felt her relax into his touch and the strongest, most urgent sense of satisfaction moved through him.

With it was the real truth. He was falling for her. Jo melted against him and he felt her shiver with want. A rush of need exploded through him and he closed his eyes, leaning his forehead against hers as he struggled to breathe, to control himself.

Cam wanted their feelings out in the open and he wanted to make it a clean break with their partners. But then she whispered his name with such longing. He groaned and slid his forehead down the side of her face. His nose skimmed her cheek, her jaw. Her skin was so soft… he nuzzled his cheek against her throat and her head fell back slightly in invitation.

The temptation was just too much. Cam brushed his lips over her skin, once, twice. The devil on his shoulder urged him to take more. He flicked out his tongue, tasting her, and Jo shuddered, her breasts pushing into him, her whole body asking him for more. Frustration burned in his throat. He gritted his teeth to keep from growling in irritation and reached for his phone as it buzzed on his counter.

Caller ID told him it was Becca. Guilt crashed over him. He searched her eyes for reaction finding her own remorse there—and something else too. Cam was sure Jo must realize that too. Malcolm is picking me up in a few hours. Was she fucking kidding him? She immediately flinched at what she saw. She was out of his kitchen, out of his flat, before he could even articulate a word. Cam slumped against his kitchen counter, eyes on the doorway.

His mind was made up. He had to end it with Becca tonight and he had to persuade Jo to end it with Malcolm. How long was she going to spend her life half-living it to provide her brother with financial security? More than that it panicked him. He could make Jo happy. He knew he could. Now he had to prove it to her. Okay, if Nate was being honest with himself it was more than a bit of a mind fuck.

Since beginning these sex lessons with Liv, Alana had never been far from his thoughts. There was a part of him that felt like he should apologize to Liv for his behavior, but the much larger part of him that was doing most of his thinking these days believed than an apology would only confuse her—it would maybe lead her to think that there was something more between them than there was. So no apology. But he needed to see her so he could work out where things stood.

Nate almost called her. Just to see if she was okay. He was worried. After the events of the weekend, however, he knew it was time to decide whether they should end this thing between them before it all got too messy. At the sound of her key turning in the lock, he tensed. Something like apprehension moved through him. That feeling only intensified when Liv walked in to find him there, uncertainty on her gorgeous face.

Relieved to see her, Nate sat forward and switched off the television, giving her his full attention because he wanted hers in return. The thought of ending things went up in flames at the sight of her. You never came home. Olivia was naturally affectionate. Did we? No… she was just confused. Nate could do something about that. Something he was very good at doing. He went to her, loving the feel of her lush curves under his hands as he drew her toward him.

I think we should forget about it. The smell of her perfume was a trigger for his body, and he felt all the blood rush to his dick. His fists tightened in the material of her shirt. Would he ever stop wanting this woman?

He wanted her on her back beneath him. To hell with rationality, he wanted her as fired up as he was feeling. His tongue swiped gently at her neck. She let out that low, husky moan of hers and Nate was lost. He kissed her hard, falling deeply into the taste and feel of her. He was a little rough, desperate even to push away all the complicated, annoying emotions that had been trying to fuck this up for them at the weekend. He tugged at the collar, ripping it open, buttons flying everywhere.

Skirt and panties flew behind him and as he shoved her gently toward the bedroom he jerked out of his own clothes. Naked he pushed her down on the bed and started kissing every inch of her beautiful olive skin. It still blew him away that Olivia had had no idea how sexy she was.

And he had to admit to himself, as he sucked on one very delectable nipple, his cock throbbing when Liv panted in response, he felt smug that it was him that unleashed her sexual appetite. All she had to give in that very moment, all that beauty, all her kindness, her humor, all her lust, was for him. I felt hands on me. Calm, murmuring words. Wetness on my cheeks.

Salt on my tongue. And my heart… it felt like it was going to explode it was racing so hard. I was dying. After a while, my pulse slowed and my lungs opened up.

The spots across my vision began to disappear. Shaw was whispering, a warm hand rubbing soothing circles on my back. Jocelyn, are you ready? Shaw asked quietly. A rush of dizziness swayed me to the left and without warning, vomit surged up from my churning gut. Or was it travel sickness? One minute I had been sitting back there.

There, where it was warm and safe. And in a matter of seconds, in the crunch of metal… … I was someplace else entirely. And a new roommate. I stepped out of the damp, old stairwell of my Georgian apartment building to a stunningly hot day in Edinburgh.

But the sun was out; peeking over the top of the cornered tower of the Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, burning away my melancholy and giving me back a little bit of hope. Not anymore anyway. We were both very private people and were comfortable around one another for the mere fact that we never pushed each other to talk about the past.

And the cherry on top? My landlord was getting a divorce and needed the apartment back. It had been a bust so far. Three of the apartments were just… nasty. I was really hoping my appointment today with Ellie Carmichael was going to go my way. However, I was getting desperate. If I wanted to be a writer, I needed the right apartment and the right roommate. Living alone of course was an option. I could afford it. Despite my tendency to keep eighty percent of myself to myself, I liked being surrounded by people.

If I wanted a little life around me, I needed to get a roommate. On the plus, this apartment was mere streets away from my job. As I tried to shove down the anxiety of finding a new place, I also kept my eye open for a cab with its light on. I eyed the ice cream parlor, wishing I had time to stop and indulge, and almost missed the cab coming toward me on the opposite side of the street. Throwing my hand out and checking my side for traffic, I was gratified that the driver had seen me and pulled up to the curb.

Instead of the door handle, I grabbed a hand. Bemused, I followed the masculine, tan hand up a long arm to broad shoulders and to a face obscured by the sun beaming down behind his head. Tall, over six feet, the guy towered above me as most tall people did.

I was a smallish five foot five. Wondering why this guy had his hand on my cab, all I really took in was the suit.

A sigh escaped from his shadowed face. And his definitely did, despite the terse question. I guess. Oh okay. Perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties, I could tell from the lines of the extremely well-tailored, expensive silver-grey suit that he wore, that the Suit worked out.

He sat with the ease of a fit guy, his stomach iron flat under the waistcoat and white shirt. I preferred blondes. Always had. Yet none of them had ever made my lower belly squeeze with lust at first sight of them. A strong, masculine face stared into mine—sharp jaw-line, a cleft chin, wide cheekbones, and a roman nose.

Dark stubble shadowed his cheeks, and his hair was kind of messy. Altogether, his rugged unkemptness seemed at odds with the stylish designer suit.

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The Suit raised an eyebrow at my blatant perusal and the lust I was feeling quadrupled, taking me completely by surprise. I never felt instant attraction to men.I just needed something to put it in. Come on, sweetheart, time to get up. She was such a Goddamn liar. Melissa is one of my best friends.

Braden was once more impressed by her ability to keep her face perfectly blank. Pulling my eyes from his, I glanced out at the passing traffic and prayed for this cab ride to be over yesterday. He glared at the uplighter again. Welcome back. And now that he knew that Ellie in his arms was like his own private Elysium, Adam was going to have to work harder than ever to convince himself to keep his distance from her.

Your Aunt May?