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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. nov Timothy Gallwey na decada de 70 deu inicio ao Coaching atraves de sua experiencia tos do The Inner Game (O Jogo Interior) e comecaram a. O conceito do 'The Inner Game' baseia-se no fato que todos nós jogamos um jogo interior. Nossas vozes do cotidiano são influenciadas pelo nosso ambiente .

O Jogo Interior Do Tenis Pdf

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PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Inner Game - A Eessência do Jogo Interior O conceito do The Inner Game baseia se no fato que todos n s jogamos um jogo. Jogo Interior de Tenis, O [W. Timothy Gallwey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jogo Interior de Tenis, O () by W. Timothy Gallwey and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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The Inner Game - A Eessência do Jogo Interior

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Michael Hall, Ph. When I recently bought a copy of it, it was in the Sports section of the bookstore. And nowonder, the book is about tennis, playing tennis, and developing skills for learning to play better andbecome more masterful at the game of tennis.

Timothy gallwey the inner game of tennis 1974 pdf

Yet it is about much more than that. It is really about The Inner Game that we play in our mindabout games.

It is about the inner Frame Game that we play in the Matrix of our mind aboutanything and everything— relationships, business, health, learning, and even life itself. The bookthat is to this day in the sports section is really about human psychology, development, and learning. The book is about the Frames of Mind that enrich and support mastery and those that undermineand sabotage peak performance.

What Gallwey, as a sports coach, discovered in his work was the Inner Game that is so obviouslya set of meta-states that provide the key frame of mind for performance and excellence. The meta-state frames that he discovered are just a fewbasic ones: All of these books highlight the ideas and model that he discovered in that make upwhat he now calls the inner game.

While talking about coaching, Ian shared some ofhis excitement about the inner game and how he had incorporated the focus on non-judgmentalawareness in his book, The NLP Coach.

Games retitled, Winning the Inner Game, Given our focused adventure into Neuro-Semantic Meta-Coaching, questions havearisen recently regarding how the Inner Game fits with and corresponds with Frame Games. Thefollowing offers a partial answer to some of these questions.

C Which is a meta-state, Self 1 or Self 2? While there are additional ideas and suggestions for improving performance, these are theprimary ones. The outside game is the one with outside opponents and is the game that most of us focus on andcare about. The inner game is subtler, less easily noticed, and more quickly forgotten. There are two reasons: Success in the Inner Game is very often the deciding factor between success in your outer game and failure.

Mesa de ténis de mesa

It is about being able to access the right attitude when we play sothat we can be at our best. This is a positive attitude made up of focus, acceptance, fun, openness,learning, etc.

We interfere withnatural learning by commands, demands, judgments, and criticism. We are born fantastic avid learners.

When we are curious, engaged, fascinated, and having fun,learning is easy, inevitable, and magical. Problems with learning arise when we force learning,frame learning with shoulds and should nots, and when the learning is full of content-driveninstructions. Similarly, the biggest problem in performance is that we interfere with our learning.

We interfere with it through judging ourselves, criticizing ourselves, distrusting ourselves ournatural self, potentials, abilities , becoming afraid of failing, losing control, messing up, etc.

Gallwey calls the interference Self 1. When Self 1 gets in the way, we stop seeing the tennis ball asa ball and begin seeing it as a threat or as a challenge. Self 1 intentions also get in the way. Theyare in the way of Self 2s natural ease, grace, and learning. Non-judgment awareness enables us tostop the inference and to see the ball as a ball. The paradox is that we typically over-teach.

Success arises from three resourceful states: These three factors make for success in any field. Awareness is non-judgmental awareness; it is awareness of what is. Gallwey quotes Fritz Perls for this paradoxical phrase. He makes the point that the harder we try,the more confused things become.

In NLP we quote another line of Perls that contributes to our success: Thissensory awareness keeps us involved, interested, curious, and absorbed. It is the meta-state ofawareness of our awareness and awareness of our concepts and ideas that take us out of the moment,out of the experience, and send us into our heads. Pure awareness is seeing reality for what it is, seeing the sensory dimension clearly. Gallweydiscovered that if he asked the tennis player to watch the seams of the ball, that this awarenessinstruction would invite the player into the moment and simultaneously disengage the higher leveljudgments and evaluations.

Such pure awareness allows us to then just observe and just report. To simply accept reality for what it is, to accept the reality of our stroke, the return of the ball, ourresponse as it is acknowledges the is.

Start new ones. It is the resisting of an old habit that puts you in that trench. Take interest in it, discover its range. Simplyobserve without interfering. This occurs when we turn our thoughts and feelingsagainst ourselves which we do with rejection, disowning, judgment, etc. Here is another irony or paradox. If we do not allow ourselves to fail, failure becomes more andmore semantically loaded with meaning.

This prevents it from being part of the learning process,the trial and error learning that we used as infants when we first learn to walk. It prevents failingfrom being part of the feedback process which then helps us to refine our performance.

Suddenlyfailure becomes so semantically loaded, our fear of it prevents us from succeeding.

It allows us to stop trying. It releases us from the fear of failure. When we unlearn how to be judgmental, it is possible to achieve spontaneous, focused play. Self 2 learns by discovery— by doing rather than thinking about doing.

This exceeds the conceptuallearning of Self 1.

ISBN 13: 9788585734114

The problem is that when we over-value achievement above awareness, we losecontrol. Judging whether we are achieving or not, succeeding or not, winning over another or not—these are the concepts that get in the way.

The more we think about an experience, the less aware we become of the experience itself. As thinking increases, awareness decreases.


Then we can use them to guide our ownpersonal discovery of how to apply the guideline to ourselves. In this, we are not so much obeyinga rule as discovering a principle for how to play a particular Game.

Gallwey describes feedback as a mirror, as non-evaluative feedback that is grounded in fact.Creation master 14 download for pc. Thanks for telling us about the problem. As a result, our mind, emotions, and body will pay the price. When more is needed, this is where coaching becomes important.

Yet it is in this very tryingthat our muscles become tight and rigid, that we over-strive, and that we interfere with our bestperformance.