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LanguageEnglish. BIOGRAPHY, HINDI. IdentifierIsaacNewton-Hindi. Identifier- arkark://t0fv2gg9m. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi 8 Isaac Newton. Potted biography. • born in Lincolnshire, East Midlands of England. • He was a small & weak baby. • Father died before birth. Mother. Isaac Newton was born on Christmas Day, 25 December in the county of Lincolnshire. His father, also named Isaac Newton, had died three months before .

Newton Biography In Hindi Pdf

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Sir Isaac Newton is generally regarded as the most original and influential theorist in the history of science. His passion was to unite knowledge and belief. sir isaac newton biography in hindi pdf Biography Sir Isaac Newton Sir Issac Newton ( ) was an English mathematician, physicist and scientist. Sir Isaac Newton FRS PRS was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, "Isaac Newton, heretic: the strategies of a Nicodemite" (PDF). .. on Newton's biography, optics, physics, reception, and on his views on science and .. Esperanto · Estremeñu · Euskara · فارسی · Fiji Hindi · Føroyskt · Français .

As Isaac grew older, it was found that he had far more important matters in his mind than the manufacture of toys, like the little windmill.

All day long, if left to himself, he was either absorbed in thought, or engaged in some book of mathematics, or natural philosophy. At night, I think it probable, he looked up with reverential curiosity to the stars, and wondered whether they were worlds, like our own,—and how great was their distance from the earth,—and what was the power that kept them in their courses.

Perhaps, even so early in life, Isaac Newton felt a presentiment that he should be able, hereafter, to answer all these questions. When Isaac was fourteen years old, his mother's second husband being now dead, she wished her son to leave school, and assist her in managing the farm at Woolsthorpe.

For a year or two, therefore, he tried to turn his attention to farming. But his mind was so bent on becoming a scholar, that his mother sent him back to school, and afterwards to the University of Cambridge. I have now finished my anecdotes of Isaac Newton's boyhood. My story would be far too long, were I to mention all the splendid discoveries which he made, after he came to be a man.

He was the first that found out the nature of Light; for, before his day, nobody could tell what the sunshine was composed of. You remember, I suppose, the story of an apple's falling on his head, and thus leading him to discover the force of gravitation, which keeps the heavenly bodies in their courses.

When he had once got hold of this idea, he never permitted his mind to rest, until he had searched out all the laws, by which the planets are guided through the sky. This he did as thoroughly as if he had gone up among the stars, and tracked them in their orbits.

The boy had found out the mechanism of a windmill; the man explained to his fellow-men the mechanism of the universe. While making these researches he was accustomed to spend night after night in a lofty tower, gazing at the heavenly bodies through a telescope.

His mind was lifted far above the things of this world. He may be said, indeed, to have spent the greater part of his life in worlds that lie thousands and millions of miles away; for where the thoughts and the heart are, there is our true existence.

Did you never hear the story of Newton and his little dog Diamond? One day, when he was fifty years old, and had been hard at work more than twenty years, studying the theory of Light, he went out of his chamber, leaving his little dog asleep before the fire. On the table lay a heap of manuscript papers, containing all the discoveries which Newton had made during those twenty years.

When his master was gone, up rose little Diamond, jumped upon the table, and overthrew the lighted candle.

The papers immediately caught fire. Just as the destruction was completed, Newton opened the chamber-door, and perceived that the labors of twenty years were reduced to a heap of ashes.

There stood little Diamond, the author of all the mischief. Almost any other man would have sentenced the dog to immediate death. But Newton patted him on the head with his usual kindness, although grief was at his heart.

Newton lived to be a very old man, and acquired great renown, and was made a Member of Parliament, and received the honor of knighthood from the king. But he cared little for earthly fame and honors, and felt no pride in the vastness of his knowledge.

All that he had learned only made him feel how little he knew in comparison to what remained to be known. We may be permitted to believe that he is still searching out the infinite wisdom and goodness of the Creator, as earnestly, and with even more success, than while his spirit animated a mortal body. He has left a fame behind him, which will be as endurable as if his name were written in letters of light, formed by the stars upon the midnight sky.

Temple; "and, no doubt, a great many people would think it more useful to manufacture steam-engines, than to search out the system of the universe. During this time he lodged with an apothecary and his family. Then in , Isaac had to leave to help his mother on the family farm. Isaac was not in the slightest bit interested in running a farm and in he went to the grammar school again.

In he went to Trinity College Cambridge. Isaac Newton obtained a BA in In Isaac Newton was forced to flee Cambridge because of an outbreak of the plague and he returned temporarily to Woolsthorpe.

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Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton

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Sir isaac newton biography in hindi pdf

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Andrade, E.Discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation. Writing of Principia Mathematica.

Newton was also a member of the Parliament of England for Cambridge University in and , but according to some accounts his only comments were to complain about a cold draught in the chamber and request that the window be closed.

Newton and Religion: Soon after Newton had obtained his BA degree in August , the university temporarily closed as a precaution against the Great Plague. The knighthood is likely to have been motivated by political considerations connected with the Parliamentary election in May , rather than any recognition of Newton's scientific work or services as Master of the Mint. He had constructed a model of the windmill.