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Beginning in , the Nancy Drew stories were updated, rewritten, and condensed, and these old editions went out of print. Everything has changed since you. Hello, Thanks for the A2A. | FREE EBOOKS | NANCY DREW| ENID BLYTON | HARDY BOYS free download. Electronic library. Finding books. The Flying Saucer Mystery. Nancy Drew (Series). Book Carolyn Keene Author (). cover image of The Secret in the Old Lace.

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Nancy Drew Mystery Book 1 The Secret of the Old Clock. Read more The Secret of Red Gate Farm (Nancy Drew, Book 6) · Read more. Starting in , the original series was extended with new volumes published in paperback, and in the late s a new spin-off series The Nancy Drew Files. Secrets Can Kill (Nancy Drew Files, #1), Deadly Intent (The Nancy Drew Files, #2 ), Murder On Ice (Nancy Drew Files, #3), Smile and Say Murder (Nancy Dre.

Stratemeyer had created the Hardy Boys series in although the first volumes were not published until , which had been such a success that he decided on a similar series for girls, featuring an amateur girl detective as the heroine.

While Stratemeyer believed that a woman's place was in the home, [20] he was aware that the Hardy Boys books were popular with girl readers and wished to capitalize on girls' interest in mysteries by offering a strong female heroine.

The first four titles were published in and were an immediate success. Exact sales figures are not available for the years prior to , but an indication of the books' popularity can be seen in a letter that Laura Harris, a Grosset and Dunlap editor, wrote to the Syndicate in "can you let us have the manuscript as soon as possible, and no later than July 10?

There will only be three or four titles brought out then and the Nancy Drew is one of the most important. She is a best seller. How she crashed a Valhalla that had been rigidly restricted to the male of her species is a mystery even to her publishers.

The Nancy Drew Mystery series was revised beginning in ; [28] with commentators agreeing that Nancy's character changed significantly from the original Nancy of the books written in the s and s. For more than six decades, her essence has remained intact.

Convention has it that girls are passive, respectful, and emotional, but with the energy of a girl shot out of a cannon, Nancy bends conventions and acts out every girl's fantasies of power. They went through several changes in early years: leaving the orange lettering with no outline and adding an orange silhouette of Nancy peering through a magnifying glass; then changing to a lighter blue board with dark blue lettering and silhouette; then changing the position of the title and silhouette on the front with black lettering and a more "modern" silhouette.

Nancy Drew is depicted as an independent-minded year-old who has already completed her high school education 16 was the minimum age for graduation at the time ; the series also occurs over time, as she is 18 by the early s. Apparently affluent her father is a successful lawyer , she maintains an active social, volunteer, and sleuthing schedule, as well as participating in athletics and the arts, but is never shown as working for a living or acquiring job skills.

Nancy is affected neither by the Great Depression—although many of the characters in her early cases need assistance as they are poverty-stricken—nor by World War II.

Nancy lives with her lawyer father, Carson Drew, and their housekeeper, Mrs. Hannah Gruen. Some critics prefer the Nancy of these volumes, largely written by Mildred Benson. Benson is credited with "[breathing] Mason contends that Nancy owes her popularity largely to "the appeal of her high-class advantages. The word dainty is a subversive affirmation of a feminized universe.

But adventure is the superstructure, domesticity the bedrock. I must confess, though, that I love it. The new books were bound in yellow with color illustrations on the front covers. Nancy's age was raised from 16 to 18, her mother was said to have died when Nancy was three, rather than ten, and other small changes were made. In an often overlooked alteration, however, the tomboyishness of the text's title character was also tamed.

Nancy learns to hold her tongue; she doesn't sass the dumb cops like she used to. Here, Nancy is in swimwear, in proximity to an attractive young man, rather than a clue. To test whether this would work, the final two novels before the sale, The Bluebeard Room and The Phantom of Venice, were used as backdoor pilots for the new series.

The books read drastically different from the preceding novels of the past 55 years. You don't have to apologize to me if some guy turns you on. Won't you please let me explain. The Nancy Drew character of the Files series has earned mixed reviews among fans. Before Nancy could continue, the phone rang, and she answered it. Reilly of the fine jewelry department.

I made a terrible mistake when I sold you that watch this morning. The price was one hundred and twenty-five dollars, not fifty as I told you. Do you still want to keep it? I was out of town. Its leather case was there, but the metal plate was not inside.

With a sense of foreboding, she returned to the phone. To her amazement, she saw Maud Potter entering the Empire Employment Agency office across the street. But how about those other items you carried away?

Miss Drew. Not only had the thief charged two thousand dollars to her account, but the store manager seemed to believe that Nancy herself had made the purchases. Someone is impersonating me! Three women entered. He introduced them as Mrs. Reilly, Miss Coogan, and Mrs. Next, you purchased two high-priced dresses in Mrs. Ladies, do you identify this girl? Each one identified her as Nancy Drew, the young woman she had waited on, and who had signed sales slips for each purchase.

She stole my charge plate. I want to see those sales slips. Chief McGinnis entered the office. He and the Drews were old friends, and he greeted Nancy cordially. Goldsmith spoke up. I was just going to call you. The forgery was excellent. Goldsmith sighed wearily. This impersonation may mean not only annoyance, but possible danger for you. She may not pose as Nancy Drew again for some time.

She wondered if by chance Maud Potter might still be there. But when Nancy entered the office, the only person there was the woman manager, seated at a desk.

When she arrived home and told Hannah the latest developments, the housekeeper was more upset than ever. Gruen that a policeman would be assigned to guard the house. Gruen offered. How good t0 hear you! Carson Drew was greatly concerned. Your double must have taken it. Be on your guard. Try to stay with a group as much as possible, particularly after you return to Lilac Inn. She and Hannah sat down and ate lunch. Finally Nancy said she had to pack and leave.

She called two families named Mason, but each denied having a relative Mary. Nancy quickly placed additional garments in it, then gathered up her skin-diving equipment: green rubber fins, a diving mask, and an aqualung. Finally, Nancy packed a rubber suit which would insulate her body against the cold river water, and an underwater camera her father had given her. Nancy kissed Hannah good-by and got into her convertible. Her thoughts revolved around the mystery out there and also on the problem of her impersonator.

Nancy turned from the main road onto a very narrow, less-used one. Presently, in her mirror, she saw a red panel truck behind her coming along at an alarming speed.

Nancy, at the same time, noted an arrow indicating a sharp curve ahead. She braked and motioned the truck driver to slow down.

Either he did not see her signal, or was ignoring it. The curve was not wide enough for two cars to go side by side. She had no choice but to start around the curve. To her horror, the other vehicle was already edging around her left fender.

A split second later her convertible was forced over into the ditch! Nancy braked her car to a stop, thankful it had not turned over. She knew it would be difficult to get out of the muddy ditch. The right tires spun crazily and sank lower into the mire. Nancy tried again. No use. She feared it might be some time before a car would come along in this deserted area. Finally she decided to search for some objects to force under the right wheels for traction. Just then, Nancy heard an automobile approaching.

A young officer hopped out. Nancy introduced herself, then explained. Keep the engine in gear. Nancy thanked the trooper for his help, then drove off. She went at once to the patio, where the Willoughbys, Maud, Helen, and John were gathered. Nancy smiled wryly. A waitress walked in to apply, so I told her to report here tomorrow for an interview.

Her name is Jean Holmes. I just wanted to make myself useful.

Willoughby retorted. Daly and went off. The four young people were left alone. Nancy asked Emily how Maud had been chosen as social director for Lilac Inn. Nancy, why did you give me the high-sign?

Especially if any more strange things happen around here. Nancy had put on a pink sheath dress and pumps. Helen wore an aqua organdy. They went to the patio where Emily joined them a minute later. She said that Jean Holmes, the waitress, had arrived unexpectedly for her interview.

The girl had explained that she had heard of a second position, and wanted to make a decision immediately. They said good evening to Mr. Daly who stood just outside the connecting door. Aunt Hazel. Everything looks divine! Soft light from colonial wall fixtures completed the picture, as shadows danced on the old paneled walls. Willoughby sat at one end of the table, her back to the open windows, Emily opposite her. By the time the main course was finished, it was almost dark outside.

After dessert, Mrs. Willoughby asked Mr. Daly to close the door to the private dining room. The elderly man nodded understandingly and shut the door. Willoughby withdrew a white velvet jewel Case from her handbag.

Series: Nancy Drew

Getting up, she went to place it on the table before Emily, then returned to her chair. I only hope these gems will bring you happiness. Everyone gasped. Against the white satin lining were the twenty diamonds which glowed and flashed.

Nancy realized what the sale of these gems would mean in financial assistance to Lilac Inn. Emily arose and gave her aunt a hug and kiss. Simultaneously, the lights went out. Nancy hurriedly rose and flicked the wall switch back and forth, but the room remained dark. Maud merely sniffed in annoyance.

The next instant Emily, returning to her chair, gave a horrified cry. Hazel Willoughby, ash-white, stared at the place on the table where the velvet case had rested. Then she pitched forward in a faint.

In a few seconds Mrs. Willoughby revived. What do we do now? Willoughby looked around helplessly. The only guests were two elderly women, waiting to pay their bill. Nancy learned from them that the waitress Anna had accidentally dropped a tray, which caused the clattering noise just before the lights went out. The ladies were sure that no one else but Mr. Daly had been in the room at the time. Nancy next went into the kitchen, where the cooks and waitresses were cleaning up after the evening meal.

The girl detective asked where each of them had been when the inn was plunged into darkness.

All the women except Anna replied that they had been in the kitchen. Anna gave Nancy a curious look. Nancy left the kitchen and hurriedly went through the other first-floor rooms, but saw no one.

As she walked back toward the private dining room. Nancy met Mr. Daly in the lobby. He told her that he had found nothing wrong with the lighting system. How dreadful! As Nancy returned with him to the private dining room, she was deep in thought.

Logically, the only ones who could have taken the diamonds were she and her four dining companions! She reported her findings to the others. Willoughby, who was still pale.

Willoughby sighed. But Emily put a comforting arm around her, and gave Maud a look of disapproval. She sat sullen-faced, while the others looked carefully in corners and under tables and chairs.

Nancy herself was scrutinizing the area where Emily had sat. Suddenly her keen eyes spotted three tiny pale-purple lilac buds on the floor. Aside from the centerpiece, there were no Other flowers in the room. There was no sign of footprints near them. Saying nothing, Nancy picked one up. It was fresh. She looked at the wall thoughtfully and closely. Everyone watched in amazement as the titian-blond girl began to tap the wall, then listen intently.

Nancy motioned them not to say a word. She continued tapping, until she tried one spot which sounded different.

It had a hollow ring. Nancy pressed against the wooden wall. Suddenly a panel slid aside noiselessly. Everyone crowded behind Nancy, as she beamed the light into a wood-walled closet. It had a musty odor. The thief must have been hiding in the closet. Nancy was feeling the rear wall of the closet. Her fingers touched a small metal latch. She turned it. A second panel slid open soundlessly. Beyond was the coat closet off the lobby of the inn! She walked on into the lobby, followed by the others.

Nancy examined the bud which proved to be fresh and moist. That makes me think the person was a woman. Daly agreed with Nancy. He admitted that he had not known of the hidden closet, and was perplexed as to who could have learned of it. Willoughby was to present them. Incidentally, she must have had an accomplice to work the lighting system. The floor is worn so thin that conversation upstairs can be heard down there.

Everyone looked at her in surprise. Emily flushed, but remained adamant. Calling in the police will mean newspaper publicity.

Dick and I have worked too hard to risk it. I thought the jewels were safe in the bank vault and let the insurance policy lapse! The social director merely raised her eyebrows. The amateur sleuth smiled. He himself went outside to make another tour of the grounds. Emily reassured her unhappy aunt and persuaded her to go to bed.

Maud said she would follow. The three girls decided to check the window and door locks in the various rooms. Emily took the kitchen and offices, while Nancy and Helen. Minutes later they met in the lobby to report everything locked.

Helen gave a huge sigh.

Something glinted in a corner under a chair. She went to pick it up as Emily came into the lobby. She dropped the charge plate from her pocket or purse, probably when she put the jewel case in it.

Nancy promised she would and hung up, wishing she could have reported the jewel theft to him. Both girls fell asleep almost as soon as their heads touched the pillows. But around three in the morning. Nancy was partially awakened by a noise. She listened. Finally Nancy went back to sleep.

The Public Library Now —and Then

She awoke at seven. Helen was still asleep. Nancy put on a casual sweater and skirt and loafers. She tiptoed from the cabin and headed for the inn. No one else seemed to be outside. For the next halt hour Nancy looked near the front door for footprints, lilac buds, or anything else to give her a clue to the jewel thief. She found nothing. She strolled around back and met Hank, the gardener, who greeted her pleasantly and said he had decided not to give up his job.

Farnham just bought is gone. There were a number of footprints, all blurred and leading in different directions. As Jim, Gil, and Luke—the three other gardeners—reported for work. Nancy questioned each of them in turn. They confessed that they had forgotten to lock the shed, and said they had no idea who might have taken the tools. Before Nancy left the men, she suggested that Hank search the grounds once more before reporting the theft. As Nancy started up the front porch steps of the inn a few minutes later, she was hailed by John McBride.

The young man opened the case and displayed its contents. The twenty diamonds, of various sizes, glinted in the morning sunlight. I must have missed it too. Just then Emily came outside. She was beside herself with joy upon seeing the jewels. Willoughby exclaimed. Nancy was about to make a sharp retort but refrained. The social director seemed determined to be unpleasant, and the young sleuth decided to ignore her insinuating remark. John just looked amused.

Fabian, is the person to keep them. And he can also make a new appraisal of the diamonds. We need cash immediately to take care of some outstanding bills.

Hank walked up to the group to tell Emily of the disappearance of the tools. The gardener asserted that he had conducted a thorough search. Everyone went inside to breakfast. When the deal was finished, Mrs. At once Maud asked if she might join the group. Before they left, Nancy telephoned Hannah Gruen, reporting the loss and recovery of the diamonds and the finding of the charge plate. She chuckled. I must find her. Now tell me about yourself. The pleasant-faced man greeted her cordially and was introduced to the other girls.

Then Emily opened her jewel case. Fabian exclaimed. He picked up a small diamond and studied it closely. Diamond after diamond was scrutinized in this manner.Helen and Maud were speechless. Be on your guard. They confessed that they had forgotten to lock the shed, and said they had no idea who might have taken the tools.

Between the Lines by Carolyn Keene. No ghost did that!

Nancy Drew

Just then Emily came outside. Nancy was partially awakened by a noise. Helen and Nancy looked with admiration at the historic hotel, erected in Revolutionary times.

Very Deadly Yours by Carolyn Keene.