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In today's reading Download Minamoto-kun Monogatari Set [Japanese] PDF through the eBook has almost become a reference the best. Minamoto-kun has a face pretty enough to make people think he's a girl. Because of his face, he was bullied by the girls in middle school who. 27 ส.ค. Minamoto-kun Monogatari แปลไทย ตอนที่ PDF

Minamoto-kun Monogatari Pdf

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Until he moved to Kaoruko's house, where he is tasked by her to collaborate with her project of re-enacting The Tale of Genji in real life, while losing his fear of women in the occasion.

His surname derives from the Minamoto clan that Hikaru Genji adopted for being demoted from succession. She recruits Terumi to participate in her experiment by seducing fourteen different women, each related to one of Genji's lovers from the tale.

A quite beautiful and mature woman herself, Kaoruko shows no bounds in helping Terumi to grow accustomed to the opposite sex, to the point of using her own body to it, despite the fact that they are aunt and nephew. At a young age she chose not to be with a man, but changed her mind in adulthood. There have been hints that she might have feelings for Terumi. Targets[ edit ] Labeled as "Targets" by Kaoruko, each one of them share some similarities with one of the women seduced by Hikaru Genji, and she instructs Terumi to get into relationships with them, for the sake of her research.

Minamoto-kun Monogatari

After several failed attempts to seduce her, Terumi hears from her that she will only accept being his girlfriend if they do not have sex at all, to which he refuses. While Terumi got himself busy with other targets, she eventually develops feelings for him.

She's based on Asagao no Kimi from the Tale of Genji. However, Aoi has a father complex which ends up hindering his plans to have sex with her.

She is based on Aoi no Ue from the Tale of Genji. She is very conscious of her large breasts and thus is very shy around others.

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She eventually becomes Terumi's first real girlfriend, as well as the first with whom to have sex properly. Terumi once considered stopping the Genji project in order to have a continuous relationship with her, but he ends up learning that despite enjoying his company, she does not truly love him, thus prompting him to move on with it.

She's based on Hanachirusato from the Tale of Genji. She once was Terumi's teacher at high school and since then developed an obsession with him. After spending some time living with her, Terumi leaves her in order to continue with the Genji project, a fact that she is aware, and usually stalks him since then. She is based on Lady Rokujo from the Tale of Genji. Kaoruko chose her because she wanted Terumi to become more used to younger women after his bad experience with Miya, and due to her similarities with Murasaki from the Tale of Genji.

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She's based on Utsusemi from the Tale of Genji. Terumi's relationship with Yuu made him decide to quit the Genji project for her sake, but she then receives a job proposal that she can't refuse, and believing that Terumi has a thing for Kaoruko, she is forced to move to Osaka.

She plays the role as Yuugao from Tale of Genji.

She was looking for a partner for an audition practice for a role in a video game and Kaoruko recommends Terumi for the task with the intent of getting them close. Chapter 22, Jan Before They Part 22, Jan A Sudden Notice 21, Jan Stepping And Stepping 22, Jan Results Announcement 22, Jan Catwalk 21, Jan Betting 22, Jan Just Before The Pageant 21, Jan Atmosphere Around The Festival 21, Jan Measurements 22, Jan Reflected On Your Actions 22, Jan Indecision 22, Jan Most Important Event 23, Jan Wanted To Help 23, Jan Her Secret 24, Jan Adultery Or Not?

Unbeknownst To Him 24, Jan Jealousy And A Request 27, Jan The Room Next Door 28, Jan False Courage Fixed 27, Jan Reaching My Limit? Fixed 28, Jan Condition For A Curse 29, Jan Smell Of Sweat 26, Jan Nervous 24, Jan Date Plans 23, Jan Pressing 24, Jan Nanigashi No In?

At The Pool 24, Jan Terumi's Theory 23, Jan Private Coaching 25, Jan Endurance 24, Jan Questions Coming In Turns 23, Jan A Long-Awaited Training 23, Jan On The Way Home 22, Jan When I Was Weak 22, Jan Needs 23, Jan Little Brother 24, Jan Electric Fan 23, Jan As A Real Man 24, Jan Training 24, Jan Different 23, Jan Open Campus 25, Jan Feelings 26, Jan Obstacle And Continuation 27, Jan Growing 29, Jan Pestering 29, Jan I'm Better 28, Jan Sweet Cheek Rubbing 28, Jan The Power Of Alcohol 25, Jan Zoo And Cages 24, Jan Her Inner Feelings 25, Jan In A Supermarket 24, Jan The Glasses Girl 25, Jan After The Exam 26, Jan Mixed Bathing 28, Jan Undressing 28, Jan Of Course No 24, Jan First Talk In A While.

Manga Minamoto-kun Monogatari Bahasa Indonesia [PDF]

On The Beach 26, Jan Being Loved 27, Jan Backroom Deal 26, Jan Confusion 29, Jan Serious Feelings 28, Jan The Way They Are 27, Jan Wanting To Know Everything 27, Jan Contrast 26, Jan Bluff 26, Jan Overflowing Emotion 27, Jan A Reason For Her Affection. Looking For Memories 26, Jan Image Gap 27, Jan Observation And Encounter 28, Jan Just Be Honest 28, Jan An Evening Chat 26, Jan Murakami Visits 27, Jan What Will You Do?

Confessing 28, Jan The Deadline 27, Jan What Feelings 29, Jan All The Way 35, Jan Sleeping Time 35, Jan Existing 33, Jan Weird Feeling 34, Jan Eyes Filled With Expectation 33, Jan Deep Vallery 31, Jan Shaking Hand 30, Jan Extraordinary 29, Jan Worries About The Girlfriend 29, Jan Because Of Me?

Before The Last Train 30, Jan Shaking And Shyness 31, Jan Turn Off The Lights 31, Jan Could You Show Me 30, Jan Repaying The Kiss 29, Jan Not Against It 28, Jan A Mean Valuation 27, Jan Like A Couple 28, Jan Origins Of Her Fear 27, Jan Sewing 27, Jan A Plain Girl 30, Jan Picking The Third Target 30, Jan Bed And Research 31, Jan Unable To Forget Me 30, Jan In Broad Daylight 30, Jan Nothing Special 29, Jan Receiving Help 30, Jan Only In The Imagination 31, Jan Bad Boy 32, Jan Looking Down 30, Jan Exposed Witness 30, Jan Her Present Self 30, Jan Past Girl 30, Jan Sudden Reunion 30, Jan Small Room 30, Jan False Peace 29, Jan A Normal Conversation 30, Jan The Secret Is Out 32, Jan Praise 33, Jan A Substitute 37, Jan Strange Habit 36, Jan Better… 36, Jan Switch 36, Jan Misunderstanding 35, Jan Not Listening 35, Jan At The Parking Lot 33, Jan Drive At Night 32, Jan Beautiful Neighbor 33, Jan Childhood 33, Jan Aol's Secret 34, Jan Lap Pillow 33, Jan Dress Up 32, Jan Cleanup 33, Jan Carnivore 35, Jan Insufficient Patience 35, Jan Deep And Melting 36, Jan Detour To Success 34, Jan Punishment Or Seduction?

Cousins Are Difficult 36, Jan I'm Amazing 40, Jan This Might Work 42, Jan More With Asahi 43, Jan Can I Do More? Favorite Girl 36, Jan House Visit 34, Jan Asahi's Worry and Anxiety 35, Jan Asahi And Asagao 35, Jan Reflection And Regret 36, Jan Raw Juicy Tits 44, Jan The Aunt's Chest 42, JanKomi-san wa Komyushou Desu Chapter After The Exam 26, Jan She is based on Aoi no Ue from the Tale of Genji.

Chapter 26, May Feelings 26, Jan More With Asahi 43, Jan His first name has not been published.