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In the suburbs of Mumbai, the atmosphere is grim. There is an evil shadow lurking around, stalking and snatching able-bodied people. The hapless victims are. Start by marking “Maya's New Husband” as Want to Read: See all 7 questions about Maya's New Husband. With six books to his credit, Neil D’Silva is a known name in the Indian literary world. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Neil D'Silva is a Mumbai-based author of Indian fiction. Look inside this book. Maya's New Husband by [D'Silva, Neil].

Mayas New Husband Pdf

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Download Maya's New Husband apk for Android. These are the sample chapters from the novel Maya's New Husband by Neil D'Silva. Maya's New Husband is an Indian horror thriller from Neil D'Silva. It is the story of Maya Bhargava, a modern Mumbai woman, who finds herself married to a. Maya's New Husband by Neil D'Silva So at last I have completed the book I was waiting to read. Yes, it is Neil D'Silva's Maya's New Husband;.

What meat does he eat? There are so many questions that Maya sets out to find an answer for! Maya finds out why her friend Padma had suddenly gone missing one day and what her new husband is up to!

The writing style is easy and very descriptive.

Neil has done a great job in describing situations, so much so that, you can actually imagine or feel things going happening in front of you and that can give you goosebumps. The entire book is written in a very haunting style so that it will leave you horrified to say the least.

Maya’s New Husband

But, mind you, this is not mere horror, its gore! So go for it only if you can read gore.

It gets dirty and filthy at many points and you may want to throw up sometimes after reading a few incidences. But those who can manage to read the genre can, or I must say surely, should pick up this book. It is intriguing and captivating and you will just want to read on!

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Search for. PIN IT. Maya's New Husband Author: Neil D'Silva Genre: January 2nd Format: E-book Pages: Read on Amazon kindle app.

Plot Summary: Upendra Dharmadhikari. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Normally, I rate the book on five in some cases six points: Plot, adherence to the genre, language, characters and originality. The sixth would be well researched or not in cases of mythology, sci fi or something to do with a signficant populace, in this case aghori.. Plot - Ecstatic.

It was a fresh read, far away from textbook horror which solely involves a room or a realm and it even managed to bring a sense of eeriness in daytime. Not many authors can do it but Neil did! Also, the sloppy beginning took a part away. Too much stink and stench again and again ruined it. Characterisation was quite solid.

However, I expected more of thrill in this horror. There have been a lot of books about aghori which were non fictionals and everything scored below 1 as it reeked of ethnocentrism. A fiction based on a person standing out is indeed challenging.

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Some parts of this novel will wholeheartedly leave you in splits. Also, there's an aghori who explains about fearing the day of judgment whereas day of judgment isn't even a concept in ANY polytheistic religions.

And when it comes to Aghori, the day one becomes an aghori he is freed of repercussions. If you even go to ganga ghats and smoke few drags with the aghori, they might tell you all it takes to be one aghori.

An aghori is the one who has renounced everything including thoughts of sin and rewards.

Maya’s New Husband: An Indian Horror Thriller by Neil D’Silva – Book Review

Hence there cannot be a concept of fallen saint in the eyes of Aghori. No aghori is ostracised or thought of completely out of the world. So, concluding the review the average of 5, 3, 4, 4, 4, 0.

One person found this helpful. Paperback Verified Purchase. The perfect cover any would like to imagine for this book, especially the 4 lined cross used for every partition which is placed right that readers would connect to while reading.

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The cover of the novel itself is very horrifying. Without even knowing the genre, you can sense that you are going to experience some ghost encounter in it. Very well written and the author takes the reader to a different world. The novel give explanation the existence of an agori and how they live their life; the monster within them, how they consume, how the animal in the form of a man would fulfil the sexual desire, and their mentality about how they are right, is written very well. I suggest readers must read this novel at night alone.

The book starts off in a normal school, and slowly takes off to the agori world and the transition. Keep a glass of cold water near you, as you will surely need it time to time.

The language of the novel is perfect. I loved it.

Story- Maya, a window, is gradually falling for a colleague whom everyone considers a weirdo. What all is he capable of? The good- 1. The plot thickens in the first half of the book and your mind races ahead, trying to guess the 'one'.

Neil has added a twist to the twist and so deliciously mocked at the inherent nature and capability of guessing.

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I thought I had this one and voila! He completely rattles you on that aspect. The novel stays true to its nature. Gore galore, Neil hasn't shied away from describing even the the most violent scenes where a few authors would have stopped themselves.

Special mention for protagonist's mother Anuradha Bhargav. I was clapping in my mind when she rose to the occasion and grabbed the limelight. The part where she investigates and fights is one of the highlights of the novel. The bad- 1- Too much narrative exposition in a few sentences. I felt like I was being spoonfed the character's emotions and that, I guess, is the problem with the universal POV that is used in writing this novel. Read it for the same reason.He lifted the stone.

Madrinha Quit- erinha caught up with me — they did not want me to go back to the house — but I pulled away. Read it for the same reason. The point to be made is that there are different ways in which painful and inchoate events can be recalled and made sense of.

The author flatters himself in the foreword on his observation skills and mentions he wrote what he saw around him in Mumbai. The concept of pride was often alluded to when talking to or about wealthy people. For women, infidelity is a sexual crime — an adulterous wife has sex with a man not her husband.