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With Märklin Start up you can create your own world very easily: a model train world with a lot of variety in Download PDF-Catalog here, 64 pages, 24 MB. Catalogue downloads New Items (24 pages, 3,9 MB). Show items · Fall New Items PDF Nouveautés Automne PDF Herfstnieuws PDF. Marklin Size: Bytes Marklin Size: Bytes Marklin 40 Size: Bytes Marklin

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I travel a lot for business and sometimes spend extended periods overseas, and when I do I take my collection of electronic catalogs with me so. My Marklin/Maerklin Catalog Page showing Marklin catalogs from the early 's to current. Copy of Catalogue. PDF Version, either Digital or Printed. The Märklin Catalogs. More than a century of commitment to quality and excellence has made Märklin the world leader in model railroading today.

These decoders are now designated "fx" to distinguish them from earlier decoders lacking additional switched functions. Function decoders[ edit ] Function decoders without motor control can also be fitted to carriages providing the 5 switched functions to control train lighting and other additional features. They may also be fitted to locomotives lacking the additional switched functions i. Function decoders require their own address from the 80 addresses available for locomotives the address can be shared with another decoder lacking additional functions.

DELTA[ edit ] A simplified system intended to appeal to beginners and those put off by the then substantial cost of full digital systems, DELTA offered control of up to four locomotives simultaneously. DELTA decoders did not have motor regulation and initially lacked any way of easily changing the address. A new two way protocol can control up to 65, digital devices, each locomotive can have up to speed steps and 16 functions.

For steam locomotives, additional parameters such as boiler pressure and fire state can be set, monitored, and controlled. Eventually, the locomotive must return to a fuelling point for replenishment feedback modules denote the fuelling points. Signals may also be fitted with feedback modules, requiring acknowledgement by the operator as the train passes, just as in real operation.

The new controller software provides a cab view of the locomotive to allow control of all parameters. This gives a computer simulation view of the locomotive while controlling a model.

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Controllers[ edit ] The Central Station had two locomotive controllers built in and a large monochrome LCD screen with graphical display and descriptive names for locomotives. The controller stored a database of pre-mfx digital locomotives with their functions so that they may be easily set up mfx decoders send their own available functions to the controller.

The new protocol was incompatible with the earlier version but Central Station could be set to send either protocol to any decoder so older locomotives could be controlled alongside mfx equipped locomotives. The Central Station incorporated all functionality of the earlier keyboard, memory, and interface modules as well as being able to control up to 8 automatic shuttle point to point trains.

The hand held Mobile Station was also offered which has a single locomotive controller, small LCD screen, and 9 function buttons.

This unit could be used on its own as a low cost digital controller with up to ten locomotives in its own database or plugged into a Central Station as an additional controller. The Central Station was re-numbered to a few months later, with more capabilities than Also in a new Mobile Station was announced, completely redesigned with many more features than the earlier model.

As before, the new Mobile Station can be used by itself or as an additional controller with the new Central Station. In Central Station 3 was announced. The main change is a new touch screen which replaces all of the function buttons with on screen options.

Only the two speed controllers and emergency stop bar remain as separate controls. Decoders[ edit ] Decoders are designated mfx and can communicate with the controller, dynamically negotiating an individual address and passing the locomotive description and all available functions to the controller.

All control parameters are retained by the decoder in firmware and adjusted using the controller or computer. Meantime some important components, especially an mfx compatible booster, were unavailable.

Eventually booster became available for use with any mfx system. This had many of the enhancements offered by CS2, including track layout views for controlling signals and turnouts, and large cab view locomotive control display. Locomotives fitted with the original c80 digital decoders were numbered 36xx 36 followed by two digits e. New 36xxx models are budget models fitted with low cost digital decoders lacking motor regulation. A digital decoder was the basis and many kits also included a permanent magnet and 5 pole armature to upgrade the motor and convert it to DC such decoders rectify track current to DC for the motor and any accessories, such as lighting or sound.

DELTA decoders never provided motor regulation and originally had to be set to address 0 for analog operation. First generation conversion kits[ edit ] Almost all the first generation decoders had DIP switches to set the address and potentiometers to set motor regulation, requiring tools to open the model and make adjustments.

The motor parameters are maximum speed and artificial inertia , in other words the delay after making a speed change on the controller and the response of the decoder, which allows smooth transitions.

No motor regulation, 14 speed steps, 1 switched function. Motor regulation with adjustable parameters, 14 speed steps, 1 switched function.

Motor regulation with adjustable parameters, 28 speed steps, 5 switched functions. No motor control, 5 switched functions. Motor regulation with adjustable parameters, 28 speed steps, 1 switched function later low cost upgrade offered after the introduction of mfx. These decoders are programmable by the controller and so do not require tools to change parameters.

All are programmable by the Central Station, tools are not required to change parameters. With speed steps for the motor, and self calibration, motor characteristics, especially at low speeds, are improved.

The firmware of the decoders can be updated. The decoder upgrade kits are not suitable for motors with older field-wound coils.

Locomotives with these motors must be converted with the appropriate motor retrofit kits, item numbers , , or The decoders can be operated with the , , Mobile Station, and Central Station controllers and can be programmed with the protocols MM, mfx, and DCC The retrofit kits come in 3 different formats. All the mSD3 kits come with 2 speaker options, small and large, except for and , including one speaker.

An Overview of the Most Important Product Information

For upgrades to fixed circuit board with a 21 pin decoder interface. For use with existing 8 pin connector in locomotive , mLD3 decoder with soldered on wires for the locomotive side.

I travel a lot for business and sometimes spend extended periods overseas, and when I do I take my collection of electronic catalogs with me so I can browse when travelling or working away. When I first joined this Forum there was a link to an online resource that had a large number of pdf versions of Marklin catalogs up to and including year Does anyone know if there are any pdf's of the Marklin Main Line Catalog not new items etc for years to inclusive?

I am also interested in obtaining some older Pola, Roco, Faller, Vollmer and Kibri catalogs in pdf form and again I was wondering if anyone had come across any sites were such pdf's might exist. Many thanks BR Don't look back, your not heading that way. Paris, France. Hi Have you tried this link? Originally Posted by: JohnjeanB Hi Have you tried this link? New Zealand. There's nothing on the web after about after I took the webpage down where I had all the catalogs.

This was because certain unscrupulous folks were downloading the catalogs, burning them to DVD and making money selling the DVD's on ebay.

I didn't appreciate people taking stuff I had spent many hours scanning and making money off it, giving no acknowledgement to me at all when I had put the resource on the net for the Marklin community to benefit freely from.

The guys on the Italian Marklin Fan site have catalogs up until , but you have to have a logon to get to them. Bigdaddynz There's nothing on the web after about after I took the webpage down where I had all the catalogs.

The Märklin Catalogs

GlennM If you ever decide to reissue the pdf's you can now electronically watermark documents so you can at least identify the origin of the documents and these pdf's cannot be reprinted or saved as new pdf's without the watermark. Bigdaddynz Originally Posted by: You cannot post new topics in this forum.

You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum.Operation[ edit ] Conventional analog control of model railways works by varying the track power and any locomotive on the track will respond by running at a speed roughly proportional to the power.

The systems are electrically compatible and some controllers can simultaneously control both types of decoder. The trains could be electric or clockwork.

Märklin for beginners

Bigdaddynz Originally Posted by: Preiser Model Figures and miniatures for your layout or Only the two speed controllers and emergency stop bar remain as separate controls. Furthermore the catalogs themselves are a marketing tool offering 'an invitation to treat' and if copying the documents for the sole purpose of buying more Marklin, or further promoting the Marklin brand, or in order to buy more second hand Marklin and therefore help financially support the Marklin brand, would be a hard sell in court.

Simply run the train and have fun! A two digit display showed the selected locomotive address 01 - The wind-up locos can run on both rail systems, but the electric ones can only run on the specially made track which has a third central rail which carries the electrical 12v current.