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Účtování ruské mafie v Praze pod drobnohledem', online, available from: http:// Účtování ruské mafie v Praze pod drobnohledem«, online, available at: / Publications// (accessed 14 August ). I'd like to recommend the place where everyone could probably find mafie v praze viewegh pdf, but probably, you would need to register there.

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michaels viewegh mafie v praze pdf free. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for michaels viewegh mafie v praze pdf free. Will be grateful. duben UNIVERZITA KARLOVA V PRAZE. FAKULTA .. s_Nase%20spolecnost, s. slovenský krimi, mafie. Something. Slovenská mafie v Praze. By: Gustáv Murín. Slovenská mafie měla od počátku základnu i v Čechách. Dotkla se její chapadla také Stanislava.

May 23, Ahoj Milane, dekuji moc! Chtela bych se podivat na odstavec o Praze, protoze mam prekladat jednu vetu, ktera je patrne nespravna v mem textu. X Sign in to your ProZ.

Koskova, ze tam bude take original tyto vety o Praze Charlotte. SearchWorks Catalog You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Find the right word anywhere, anytime — online or offline. Doufam, ze tam bude take original tyto vety o Praze Charlotte. TOP Related Posts.

Violence among the predatory organised criminal groups is closely connected with territorial disputes whether physical or in terms of markets and also with attempts to gain control over financial flows. Putting a figure on the economic harms connected with these organised criminal groups is almost impossible see Andreas and Greenhill, This may be possible only in terms of analyses of the individual markets in which these criminal groups conducted their activities see DG IPOL, These groups have probably inflicted the most substantial economic harms in trade in light oils which is discussed in more detail in the following sections.

Psychological and community harms Practically the same issues that were discussed regarding foreign organised criminal groups are relevant in the case of these psychological and community harms. The night economy enterprise was not without violence sometimes even targeting celebrities e.

The impact of organised crime committed by predatory groups is difficult to identify from the perspective of community harms —the battles over markets have mostly not impacted the general public and hardly any cases covered in the media involved extreme violence, such as terrorist acts. The majority of incidents were targeted attacks of rival groups e.

The Slovak case was a bit more complex, as the local organised criminal groups and their violence had severe effects on some regions e. Dunajska Streda Murin, , pp.

However, even these have gradually ended. However, the obvious presence of predatory organised criminal groups contributed to a greater public interest in curbing their activities and thus a better understanding of the term organised crime in its violent form.

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Organised criminal groups linked with global business networks The location of East Central Europe makes it an important intersection between various business routes connecting Western, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. Therefore, the discussion of organised crime in terms of illegal trade related particularly to the violation of human rights, different tax and customs regimes in commodities, including those widely regarded as illegal e.

Firstly, this analysis is potentially dependent on the size of individual markets; secondly, the different policies of the individual East Central European countries attribute different meanings to different behaviours.

The trafficking of people in all forms - for the purposes of sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and people smuggling — by organised criminal groups linked with global business networks is an example of this. The main reason for East Central European countries becoming the final destinations of such organised crime is that these markets have opened themselves up to international capital at an early date which may enable the creation of new jobs but also causes an imbalance in international economic relations which is the main cause of economic migration.

As the most developed countries in the former Eastern bloc based on per capita GDP the countries of East Central Europe are not only source but also transit and target countries. They are considered to have gradually introduced minimal standards for the prevention of human trafficking US Department of State, , however it would be premature to talk about comprehensive and coherent policies.

While sexual exploitation was particularly topical in the s and the early s, at present, labour exploitation has become more important. This does not mean that the supply of sexual services has diminished. Physical and psychological harms Physical harms are an implicit part of human trafficking — in relation to sexual services, the extent of impact on the victims is far-reaching, including permanent psychological damage.

The most frequent source countries for East Central Europe are neighbouring Eastern European countries e. Ukraine, Russian, Belarus, and the Baltic and Balkan countries and the destinations are frequently the border regions. This was the case in the extensive Rzeszow prostitution case. Rzeszow is located near the Ukrainian border and the criminal gang was bringing in women mainly from nearby Lvov.

The group allegedly trafficked up to 60 women Ministry of the Interior and Administration, , p.

People smuggling is another type of human trafficking which is a key long-term interest of organised criminal gangs. Groups from countries bordering the Schengen Area dominate this activity EU countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are not yet a part.

ICMPD , pp. An interesting aspect here is the connection between smuggling and labour exploitation. In July , for example, 20 Hungarian nationals were charged with human trafficking with the purpose of labour exploitation and deported from Canada.

The victims were mainly Eastern Europeans who had their journey and work in the destination organised by the perpetrators who then deprived their victims of their liberty Huffington Post, In some of the most serious cases people died as a result of smuggling. In July , for instance, 18 Sri Lankans died en route to Germany and were found in a lorry in western Hungary Hignett, b, p.

In recent years, trafficking for labour exploitation has been most severe in the Czech Republic. A notable example of this is the Affumicata Case. Representatives of Affumicata sub-contracted cheap labour for a state enterprise, Lesy CR ltd, and then were accused of not paying wages to the labourers who were recruited from Vietnam, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and other countries.

These workers subsequently found themselves indebted, malnourished, and homeless. This example shows that human trafficking for labour exploitation may result in people working in slavery-like conditions and also without shelter Krizova and Canek, ; Smid and Kupka, , pp. Economic harms The victims of human trafficking for labour exploitation are the ones most directly impacted by it.

In such cases, the organiser lends the employees money to provide relevant documentation but at a high interest rate. This results in a patron-client relationship Nekorjak, which dominates the relationship between the organiser and employee. The most frequent type of contract provided is casual if any contract is provided at all where employees do not have any rights La Strada, , p.

In the case of sexual exploitation, the economic harms are determined by the coordinator of the criminal activity. Further, this shadow economy and its social acceptance are often connected with tax evasion.

Community and societal harms Labour and sexual exploitation have severe impacts particularly on the source countries and the communities of migrants in the target countries. The relations inside of these communities are highly competitive due to the rules established by the coordinators of these activities which bring with them latent and real physical as well as psychological violence. This breaks basic human bonds within communities of illegal workers.

Over the past several years, extensive child trafficking has been documented in Moldova. The sales of these children for labour and sexual exploitation occurred not only overseas but also in Moldova itself. Commercial sexual exploitation of children is currently a matter of concern in Poland.

According to Gajewska , 17 child victims of trafficking were identified and another children were sold into prostitution in see US Department of State, Organised white collar crime and corruption networks The consequences of the political, economic and societal transition in post-Socialist states are well known. In the s, the East Central European countries were transformed into market economies. The negative consequences, such as extensive corruption, asset stripping of former state companies and the granting of special privileges to foreign capital are all discussed in terms of two dominant framings.

We will not go into a detailed analysis of these framings here; however, corruption has a particular place in our chapter on organised crime. Corruption is often used as a synonym for a particular behaviour associated with organised crime. It is less visible, it is connected with elites, and its prosecution is complicated. The distinction between white collar organised crime and networks of corruption is related to this.

While the first concept understands organised crime in its classic definition as a hierarchically structured firm with a clearly defined division of labour, networks of corruption refer to an environment and system where the most important role is played by unexpressed obligations of mutual support among the actors involved ibid.

Physical and psychological harms In the s, Russian-speaking organised criminal groups associated with local criminal groups were behind an extensive fraud in the sale of light oils which impacted the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Local networks of corruption with high positions in state administration were utilised to enable this operation. The operation involved violence, including car bombings, and its after-effects were felt into the s Smid and Kupka, , pp.

This was at a time when such physical and direct psychological harms were no longer common in East Central Europe. Economic harms Among the studied countries, Poland and Slovenia with very few exceptions have been the least affected by organised crime. One of the several notable cases was, for instance, the artificial increase in the cost of repairs of Warsaw bridges which led to the resignation of the Mayor of Warsaw.

The case culminated in a series of accusations and appeals and had critical implications for the Polish secret service Tittenbrun, The most serious corruption scandals and white collar crime in the post-Socialist countries are connected with the financing of political parties e. Cisar and Petr, ; Enyedi, ; Walecki, ; EC, a, b, c , the allocation of lucrative posts on boards of state and semi- state companies in return for political support e.

Non- transparent financing of political parties has a long tradition in post-Socialist East Central European countries and has its roots in a number of factors: In the Czech Republic, for example, corruption scandals in politics have frequently involved Prime Ministers and this raised the suspicion that a majority of these cases were linked to the secret financing of political parties.

The attempt to benefit from negative social capital also culminated in the downfall of the Government of Peter Necas ODS in Such behaviour can be illustrated by the words of the accused former Prime Minister Petr Necas who said: These MPs were replaced by others and the bill was passed. One of the replacement MPs was Roman Pekarek who, at the time, had been sentenced to a 5-year prison term for bribery.

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The view of Prague from the vantage point of the statues shows how the city. See Martin Bastl et al.

Michaels Kasey Read Piers Paul. Mafia 2 r. Displaying view2. Public transport links include Wood Green underground station Piccadilly Line together with a network of local bus services. Road links include the A10 which provides access into Central London to the south and to the north circular road AHowever, this suspicion may not have been caused by the presence of the criminal groups in the respective countries.

However, in some instances the use of this work might be regulated by other laws. How is organised crime defined? In this context, the authors take a systematic approach which enables them to synthesize particular studies Hobbs, ; Lianos and Douglas, ; Allum and Siebert, The fourth type includes organised group activities aimed at disrupting or subverting a community and its parts and subsequently causing the breakdown of horizontal networks among individuals e. The threats thus take regional or global forms which can subsequently destabilise nation states and their basic governance structures.

We explain these specifics only where they are crucial for understanding the context.