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Compre Lords of the Sith: Star Wars (English Edition) de Paul S. Kemp na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros . Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, is just a memory. Darth Vader, newly anointed Sith Lord, is ascendant. Paul S. Kemp lives and works in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, with his wife, children, and a couple of cats. Star Wars: Lords of the Sith is a work of fiction. eBook design adapted from printed commander called, his voice frantic in Vader's helmet comm. “Lord.

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Read "Lords of the Sith: Star Wars" by Paul S. Kemp available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. **NEW YORK TIMES. People Who Read Lords of the Sith: Star Wars Also Read. ‹ › Thrawn: Treason ( Star Wars). Master & Apprentice (Star Wars). Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded. Lords of the Sith is a canon novel written by Paul S. Kemp. Media type. Hardcover; Paperback; eBook Darth Vader, newly anointed Sith Lord, is ascendant.

So because of this the author had to create a plot exciting enough that made the reader want to find out exactly how the events will play out. And he did. The plot was full of epic space battles, blaster rifle shoot outs, and lots of Vader murdering people.

Overall, this is a worthy edition to the Star Wars franchise, but it could have been better if the rebals were more symphisable. Overall, this is a worthy edition to the Star Wars franchise, but it could have been better if the rebels were easier to sympathise with.

I've gone Star Wars mad lately. I had to repost this one because, in retrospect, it simply is one of the better Star Wars novels. View all 6 comments. May 03, Khurram rated it it was amazing. Excellent book. This is and action packed insight into the minds of most powerful end evil men in the Star Wars universe. The book is very action packed, but all the action is tempered by tactics and strategies. I like the way Kemp showed not just Darth Sidious and Darth Vader's power but their intelligence as well.

Also I like the way the Emperor lets Vader do all the public fighting, but never lets Vader forget he is still the second more powerful and that he has much to learn. For Vader's par Excellent book. For Vader's part Kemp allows Vader to show all of his not just an unstoppable force of destruction with a Lightersaber, or using force blasts and chokes, but also as a pilot, a survivalist and most of all a military commander.

I do also like the way Darth Vader not just accepts his past and uses it to fuel him. He sees the robotic enhancement as that, enhancements that made him better. There is also a hint of a link to another Star Wars Rebels character. If you look back at Anakin Skywalker's history, the Darkside has always suited his personality more that the peace and philosophy of the Jedi.

The world Ryloth home of the Twi'leks.

Has never really been free. It is the source of the Twi'leks for the sex slave trade, or the Spice trade a powerful drug with hologynic properties. Cham is the leader of the Free Ryloth movement, that has been picking off Imperial targets with some success.

That is till one of their strikes teams runs into Darth Vader. However they are still a minor annoyance. Now they have a chance really make a statement and get some revenge by killing the emperor and Vader on their unexpected visit to Ryloth. With sizable resources, a great strategic mind, and the element of surprise Cham believes he can make it happen. The one think is cannot plan for it the Darkside. The powers at these two Sith Lords command is beyond anything he has experienced. Kemp valiantly manages to keep the suspense up throughout the entire story.

The story examines the Sith mentor and apprentice relationship, and does it very well. Vader, portrayed as utterly loyal to Palpatine, is nonetheless not immune to his momentary lapses and brief, emotional flashbacks to the past. Kemp strikes a fine balance, giving us plenty of full-on-Dark-Side force-choking Vader, but those glimpses we get of what little humanity he has left also made me sympathize with his inner conflict. View all 12 comments. May 06, Jberz rated it liked it. Out of the new books that have come out so far Lords of the Sith may have been my least favorite.

That's not to say it's a terrible book by any means but many aspects of it simply fall flat. Yes there are portions of the novel that deal with Vader and Palpatine but an enormous part if not the majority of the story focuses on the Free Ryloth movement. That would've been fine if the book had been marketed that way Out of the new books that have come out so far Lords of the Sith may have been my least favorite.

The novel has 18 chapters and over half of the story is centered on the Star Destroyer "Perilous" event. It is a fun read to see the Twi'lek strategy but the scene does drag on for what seems like forever. This portion would've done much better on TV. For a book marketed as "Vader and his Master stranded on an inhospitable planet" the readers don't even reach that point for a very long time.

He rarely spoke. Over and over again. As if he had nothing else in his vocabulary.

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This is in part due to the Emperor's reactions to everything. Again he's always just smiling in every situation. This takes the fun out of their "adventure" as the reader knows nothing will actually endanger or faze him. The author never explored her past deeply enough so I didn't care enough about her. Belkor was handled nicely though as we observe his steady descent into insanity throughout the novel.

Aside from Isval and Cham the rest I can barely even remember their names. Goll arrives in the novel way too late. You practically expect it of everyone. He also used the word "gore" so many times it just got annoying. Also not to be a grammar nazi but the editor of the book missed some glaring errors. I did find Vader's parts interesting.

He's only been Vader for 8 years and we see Anakin through his piloting and over-the-top lightsaber fighting styles. It is a noticeable difference from the much slower and refined style he adopts years later. It was nice to see that although he would try to bury his memories of the past he wasn't always successful. Also Isval was a fantastic character even though I would've like to know more about her rescues and her past. All in all I did like the book but to me it seemed like a missed opportunity.

Apr 30, Matthew rated it did not like it Shelves: Well, the fourth released "new" canon book is the first bad one. And, wow, is it bad. Where do I begin? The characters talk no more than a sentence at a time, so none of them sound like real people.

Any intriguing plot points are quickly forgotten Iswal freeing slaves and Mors's past. Additionally, this is supposed to be a story about the start of the rebellion and the lords of the Sith. The Emperor acts completely out of character and wields his lightsaber like he's in the prequels. Vader and Well, the fourth released "new" canon book is the first bad one. Vader and the Emperor fight a horde of creatures with lightsabers. Someone actually wrote this. The characters randomly curse and there's gratuitous gore because the book is pathetically trying to be edgy.

As for the start of the rebellion, I cannot sympathize with any of these empty vacuums they call characters. Two of them fall in love, apparently. Vader and a storm trooper hooking up would have had better chemistry. The reception for this book seems to be overwhelmingly positive because there's lots of actions. I will admit that Vader's opening scene is awesome, but action needs to have purpose to the story. In the "Legends" books, they had much better stories with Vader hunting down rebels while dealing with his past.

The ending, or lack thereof, is a complete joke. This is supposed to be some dramatic event that makes Vader officially heartless. Because slaughtering all the Jedi wasn't enough before? I guess I should end this on a positive note.

I'm positive this book sucks. I'd rather read Crystal Star - at least I can laugh at that. View all 10 comments. The mediocrity is strong here. Paul S. Kemp is a talented Star Wars writer. He's shown it before. He shows it here. Kemp is certainly no Zahn or Karpyshyn, but I have enjoyed his stories. This one was not bad either. However, the story is completely uninteresting with nothing at stake. There are two sets of protagonists: Their characterisation is both interesting and well-done, but they obviously have plot armour.

On the other hand, the local factions of t The mediocrity is strong here. On the other hand, the local factions of the planet Ryloth, including the Free Ryloth Movement and the imperial planetary administration.

I would mention the names of these people, but they were unfortunately boring enough that I forgot most details such as names. I couldn't care less what happened to them. This is not a bad book at all.

Actually, it is a well-constructed tie-in novel by an experienced author of Star Wars fiction. For me, however, it was a completely unnecessary detour without any interesting aspects. View all 5 comments. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The first stage of the plan, trapping the Imperials on the planet, is successful, but becomes much more compli I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The first stage of the plan, trapping the Imperials on the planet, is successful, but becomes much more complicated as the story progresses: In spite of the title, the narrative is divided between the Imperials and the Free Ryloth Movement.

This was a disappointment. I would have liked to see some discussion of the Sith background like Darth Bane and Darth Plagueis and how Sith teaching is passed down. He remembers the person that he was, but decides to regard his past heroics with contempt; any sorrow is built into a hateful rage that embodies his new role as a Sith Lord. View 2 comments. Feb 24, Sr3yas rated it really liked it Shelves: Ghosts must be banished. Lingering on the past is weakness, Lord Vader" Five years have passed since Order 66 and rise of the empire.

Lord Vader's reputation is spreading across the galaxy. But emperor senses a disturbance in his young apprentice and decides to teach him a lesson. They go for a hunt. But contrary to usual dynamics, Vader and Emperor find themselves stranded and being hunted by brave freedom fighters of planet Ryloth with the help of a rogue "The past is a ghost that haunts us. But contrary to usual dynamics, Vader and Emperor find themselves stranded and being hunted by brave freedom fighters of planet Ryloth with the help of a rogue imperial officer.

Will they succeed? You'd really freak out if I said yes, Wouldn't you?!

Despite the name, the story is NOT just about the two ruthless Sith lords. They are only a part of it. But hey, I am not complaining. Because I found the characters that fill the rest of the story as interesting as Lord Vader and emperor themselves. Sometimes, even more than them! They want to free their planet from exploitative hold of empire.

The movement is being aided by an ambitious imperial officer, General Belkor Dray for his own selfish reasons. Their plan is daring and elaborate filled with contingencies and various exits.

Their mission? To assassinate emperor and lord Vader. Lambs hunting lions. I really enjoyed the adrenaline and action filled scenes like freedom fighters VS Vader, freedom fighters Vs predators and the final convergence.

The force. It's an ultimate cheat code. First of all, we know the siths are going to come out top in the story. Combining that with unlimited power of force puts them in no danger at all. You need to get into a spaceship? Use the force. You find hundreds of predators trying to kill you? You hungry?

Use the damn force. That is why I really loved the characterization of the other players and their situations and struggles. After all, they were only humans. But you got my point, right. Twi'lek Freedom Fighters Cham Syndulla, Isval, and the Free Ryloth movement find themselves with an opportunity too rare to pass up on The leaders of the Empire are traveling together to Ryloth, the home of the Free Ryloth movement.

Cham will use every resource he has to strike the head from the Empire and watch the body die so Ryloth can be free once more. The resistances ambush leaves The Emperor and Darth Vader stranded in the forests of the p Twi'lek Freedom Fighters Cham Syndulla, Isval, and the Free Ryloth movement find themselves with an opportunity too rare to pass up on The resistances ambush leaves The Emperor and Darth Vader stranded in the forests of the planet while being hunted by the planets apex predators and the resistance.

Despite all the loss of imperial life and being stranded on the planets surface, The Emperor's unconcerned gaze and half smile makes it appear as though all is going according to his plan.

Lords of the Sith was easily one of the best Star Wars books I've read. Kemp delves deeply into the mind and abilities of Darth Vader letting us see his anger fueled into the force in different and deadly ways. Kemp writes some of the most awe inspiring moments I've read on Darth Vader's abilities. The sound of a man on a respirator never feels quite as terrifying as when Darth Vader is chasing down protagonists as the grim reaper of the Empire.

Darth Vader is the bogeyman, the scary story at the campfire, and the symbol of danger to every species in the galaxy. He is the physical manifestation of the force in a universe where the Jedi are practically extinct. The story constantly reinforces that few have seen a force practitioner by making statements such as he's not a man and he does things no one should be able to do.

Like every individual who's lived through a moment of terror those that have seen Vader fight have nightmares about it all throughout the novel. Who wouldn't though? If a man in all black choked me with an invisible hand that I can't fight against then I'd have nightmares too. One difference between me and the characters in the book is if I lived through that I'm running home sitting in the shower fully clothed hugging my knees with the water soaking me.

I would NOT be chasing after the man with magical powers! The scariest part of this is the reinforcement that regardless of how scary and deadly Vader is his master aka Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious aka THE Lord of the Sith is even more dangerous. I've seen all the movies, Palpatine was not young when Luke and Leia finally became a bump in their mother's stomach.

The people of the universe think he's a helpless old man, but this book, The Revenge of the Sith, and The Return of the Jedi clearly proved otherwise. It was interesting to see that The Emperor purposely makes people believe he's helpless likely so if anyone made it past Vader they'd be electrified with force lightning before they knew what was happening. Palpatine sits, smiles, cackles, and depresses the poor people and beasts that just want to kill him.

I feel for the Free Ryloth movement because knowing they're never mentioned in the movies means things can't go well for them. Cham is a wise leader and he makes the most of his opportunity. It would be interesting to see if any of the Free Ryloth movement members appear in any future expanded universe books. I was surprised and slightly disappointed to learn that The Clone Wars cartoon show is canon.

Darth Vader thinks of Ashoka and her nickname Snips. The cartoon show always seemed a bit too kiddy to be part of the canon, but it clearly must be. My only actual complaint against the book is I wanted to see a lot more from Darth Vader's point of view and I wanted to see from Palpatine's point of view. Cham, Isval, Belkor, and Mors all were strong point of view characters in a memorable story, but I really just wanted to be in the heads of the Lords of the Sith. Lords of the Sith was a fun Star Wars adventure in the new expanded universe.

Jun 18, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: All right! What could be better than a book devoted to Darth Vader? Now apparently this book in in the "new" timeline.

That's fine. Whatever issues I have with the world of the "new" universe is not present in this book. It is the Rogue One to the usual Force Awakens pap. This is how Sith Lords are done. On Ryloth there is a terrorist organization that h All right! On Ryloth there is a terrorist organization that has been operating with some brazen results. The Moff in charge is lazy and hedonistic, while the subordinate, Col Belkor, is a traitor.

These various entities work together to not only remove a Moff but also destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer-the Perilous. They do so- the only problem is Darth Vader and Darth Sidious is on that ship. What follows is a great romp through the Star Wars story. From a crash landing to a great deal of awesomeness from both Sidious and Vader-as they try to outwit and outlast Ryloth's natural dangers, rebel scum and rogue Imperials.

There is a great deal of fascinating back and forth between Vader and Sidious. It well illustrates the various Sith methods of teaching. None are pleasant.

It is also instructive to see how much Sidious relaizes that Vader wants him dead and seems to appreciate it-that is what a Sith Apprentice does. A good book to read to really get into the Sith way of things.

For once Vader can not claim to be the sole star of the show. The Emperor does some very cool things as well.

In fact, it is obvious from the way he acts and how he does things that he is indeed the Master Sith. On an interesting note- I found out that only the Emperor's Royal Guard outside of Vader are ever allowed to see Sidious "in action"- for any other Imperial it is a death sentence.

The Emperor likes the concept of the "frail old man". Do you like Star Wars? Do you like Darth Vader? How about The Emperor? If you answered yes to any of these then you will like this great story. At the very least you will leave respecting Darth Sidious far more than when you started.

He is one seriously crafty and dangerous Sith Lord. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away S obzirom na odabir meta, ovo A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Opasan, nepobjediv, jedinstven. I drugi su likovi ovdje jako dobro okarakterizirani: Apr 24, Michael O'Brien rated it liked it. An entertaining read. Very interesting see how the force is used by the Sith -- as well as its limitations. While powerful, it's still possible to get the best even of a Sith Lord with a cunning strategy and overwhelming numbers cleverly deployed.

It has some situations in it that I would not recommend younger children encountering, but, for adolescents and older, I think this book is ok. View 1 comment. Mar 24, Stefan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kemp is one of my favorite authors, his ability to draw me into a story is unparalleled.

As the title and cover state, this book is about the Lords of the Sith, Palpatine and Vader. There is a scene at the beginning of the book Paul S. There is a scene at the beginning of the book that sent sent hills up my spine. Vader is chasing a group of rebels but instead of engaging them in ship to ship combat he wants to get up close and personal. I won't give away any spoilers, but he gains access to the rebels' ship and takes a comlink. All that can be heard is the sound of his respirator, and then he says, "I'm coming for you now.

We get a peek at just how powerful the Emperor is. So much so, that is makes his battle with Yoda in Revenge of the Sith look like a simple sparring match. He has captured their collective voices perfectly. I received an eARC from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review. Accompanied by his merciless disciple, Darth Vader, he sets out on a rare personal mission to ensure his will is done. And for the Emperor and Darth Vader, Ryloth becomes more than just a matter of putting down an insurrection: The focus on the Empire, Darth Vader and the Emperor in particular, made it incredibly fascinating to read, and particularly with that awesome cover — the Emperor crackling with the force lightning and Vader clearing a path through the middle of a warzone with two Star Destroyers on either side, makes for a striking background for what turns out to be a very fun novel, written by one of my go-to authors for good entertainment, Paul S.

If you ever wondered what a buddy cop story set in the Star Wars universe might look like with Vader and the Emperor as the bad cop and the even badder cop, then Lords of the Sith might be your best bet.

Each line of dialogue I was reading in the voice of the actors from the movies, and it felt very much a part of the Star Wars Universe. Making use of a variety of action sequences, Kemp writes equally well the battles on land and space, weaving them together well for a masterstroke of action.

Out of all the new canon Star Wars books, I've read three A New Dawn , Tarkin and this one and it seems that I have to change my rating after each one. Lords of the Sith was two different books at the same time - one when it was dealing with the resistance of Ryloth and one when dealing with Vader and the Emperor. Cham Syndulla was a nice connection to The Clone Wars and Rebels both - he appeared in the former as Ryloth freedom fighter and he is the father of Hera from the latter.

I liked Cham in TCW, because he was a badass dedicated to his people. Here, he takes more of a role of the main planner.

Isval, former slave of the Empire, is a contrast to Chem, more idealistic and level-headed leader, in her relentless hate and desire for revenge. In fact, when the story was on them, I was impatient to return to the Sith.

The same could be said for the part of the story regarding Moff Mors and her traitorous and ambitious underling Belkor. Vader is in his prime — both as a pilot and as a Force user. The dynamic between him and Palpatine is extraordinary. He is constantly tested by the Emperor and, while they are hunted, you never feel that they are at significant disadvantage. When they are surrounded by hundreds deadly beasts of Ryloth, they are unbeatable force and you have to feel sorry for the rebels who plan to confront them.

It will chill your blood and break your heart. This part of the book I loved and if the entire book was more centered on these two, I would have given it six stars — that how good this part of the book was.

So, average rating, but still recommended for the fans of Star Wars and those who want to know more about the dark side. But, beware: For the dark side looks back. Apr 03, KevBayer rated it really liked it. Darth Vader? Scary awesome when he was younger. I need more Star Wars fiction like this that features Vader in his prime: I really enjoyed the introspection Vader had, the seeming omniscience Palpatine showed of Vader's thoughts, and Vader's respons Darth Vader? I really enjoyed the introspection Vader had, the seeming omniscience Palpatine showed of Vader's thoughts, and Vader's responses to his master questioning and testing him.

Palpatine unleashed! He and Vader become stranded together on a planet and must make their way to civilization. Along the way they encounter wildlife and terrorists freedom fighters that are trying to kill them. Since they're pretty much alone, Sheev can use the Force without witnesses. I'm just glad it wasn't Jedi facing them when he and Vader both ignited their lightsabers. The lords of the Sith tore through the jungles and caves and citizens of Ryloth.

Darth Sidious expertly manipulated the fledgling rebellion on Ryloth to his own ends, as always, and the sad Imperial presence there suffered as well under an inattentive Moff and a traitorous second-in-command.

I really didn't care much about the Imperial characters beyond the Darths, though they served their parts well in the story. There are rumors Moff Mors may be a recurring character. If so, she had better stop being lazy and start serving her Emperor! It would have been nice to get to meet a young Hera, the daughter of the leader of the rebels on Ryloth. She's mentioned briefly, but we know she becomes the leader of a rebel cell years later in the Star Wars cartoon Rebels.

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Many characters die, and the Emperor achieves his goal. But an ember still remains for the rebellion. Great space combat, awesome Vader scenes, and the Emperor being cunning. What's not to love? View all 4 comments. Apr 24, Hannah Heath rated it it was ok Shelves: That was pretty bad. Despite what the synopsis and the title says, this book is really not about Sith.

It was more about the Free Ryloth movement, so I felt kind of tricked. False advertising. The writing wasn't very good and the story dragged. But at least I learned some interesting new things about the galaxy far, far away.

The first couple of chapters of Paul S. Kemp's Lords of the Sith reminded me of my childhood, playing in the yard with my Star Wars action figures. I could create a wide variety of scenarios and battles among the action figures, including making Darth Vader the baddest bad guy in all the universe.

The bookends of this one make Vader and to a lesser extend Emperor Palpatine just that. In the opening chapter, Vader uses his ship to kamikaze another after he's ejected to board the ship and then takes out an entire crew of 24 with just his lightsaber and the Force. At this point, I was fully hooked, wondering if and how this book couple top that.

But I was ready to give it the chance to do so. Unfortunately, the book peaks early and never quite gets back to that point of pure awesomeness that felt like it was straight out of my childhood back yard.

Meanwhile, Isval and several of her fellow operatives survive the crash-landing but Eshgo, Drim , and Crost are killed. Isval vows to complete her mission to kill the Sith Lords so that her friends don't die in vain.

Meanwhile, Cham and the surviving Free Ryloth ships fly to the night side of Ryloth to plan the next stages of their operation. Cham has exhausted most of the Free Ryloth movement's resources in taking down the Perilous but is still determined to kill the Emperor and Vader.

Cham contacts Isval and they decide to destroy the Imperial communications station on the equator to impose a communications blackout. Putting his plans into action, Cham contacts Belkor and tells him to allow an Imperial escort ship carrying Free Ryloth rebels to land at the Equatorial Communications Hub. In return, Belkor gets Cham to transmit the trajectory of Moff Mors ship since he wants to ensure that his political rival is actually dead.

After learning that another rebel team led by Nordon has located the Emperor's wrecked shuttle, Isval and her remaining team fly their escort boat to the equatorial communications station and proceed to bomb the station's communications dishes.

Their actions create a communication blackout which disrupts a Imperial efforts to rescue the Emperor, Vader, and Moff Mors. Vader and the Emperor use their dark side powers and Force lightning respectively to attack the freighters, causing them to crash into the forest.

Meanwhile, Moff Mors survives her crash-landing only to discover that her pilot Breehld did not survive the crash. Mors comes to suspect that Belkor had a hand in the attack on the Perilous and that the Colonel diverted her to rescue operations in order to prevent her from taking command and to kill her.

At the base, Mors and Borkas go over the recent events and deduce that they have a traitor within their ranks: Belkor. The two mobilize all available Imperial forces on Ryloth to find the Emperor and Vader and to foil Belkor and the Free Ryloth movement's plot. Meanwhile, Isval and her team land their escort boat near Nordon's wrecked freighter; which had been downed by Vader and the Emperor. They discover that most of Nordon's team were killed during the crash and their bodies being devoured by large insectoid predators called gutkurrs.

Isval and her team are attacked by the creatures and narrowly manage to escape back to their ship; losing four members. Elsewhere in the equatorial forest, Vader, the Emperor, and their two Royal Guards settle down in a forest clearing for the night. While meditating with his master, Vader is still haunted by his past as Anakin Skywalker but resolves to put these memories behind him.

Shortly later, the Imperial party comes under attack from a pack of lyleks , vicious apex predators native to Ryloth.

In the skies above Ryloth's equator, Colonel Belkor leads a handpicked search-and-rescue team consisting of V-wing pilots whom he had managed to convinced that Moff Mors was the one conspiring with the Free Ryloth movement to bring down the Perilous. Belkor is traveling in a small search-and-rescue recon craft with his pilot Ophim.

Approaching the damaged Equatorial Communications Hub, Belkor learns from the acting base commander Captain Narrin that Moff Mors, Borkas, and a squad of stormtroopers have embarked on a rescue mission to find the Emperor and Vader. Belkor convinces Ophir that Borkas is part of Mors' conspiracy and orders his team to hunt down Moff Mors and her forces. Meanwhile, Vader, the Emperor and the two Royal Guards fight off an entire horde of lyleks.

At the Emperor's urging, the four retreat into a nearby tunnel and proceed to kill hundreds of lyleks in their path. Later that night, Cham and Isval correspond with Kallon's team via intercom and learn that he has found the Emperor's shuttle. They find the bodies of several fallen Imperial personnel but see no sign of the Emperor and Vader. Cham and Isval vow to continue the hunt for the two Imperial leaders. Meanwhile, Belkor and Ophim's recon craft's ship sensors pick up Isval's stolen Imperial escort ship, Cham's native transport and a wrecked Imperial shuttle in the forest.

In an attempt to prevent Ophim from discovering his dealings with Cham, Belkor shoots Ophim in the back of the head. Cham orders Belkor to use his V-wings to hunt down and kill Mors. They also agree to trick the V-wing pilots into bombing Vader and the Emperor once they have closed in on them.

Elsewhere, Mors and Steen's men continue their search and rescue mission at night. Cham and Isval's team eventually stumble on the Sith Lords' trail but discover lylek footprints.

Darth Plagueis: Star Wars Legends

They follow these footprints into the lylek cave where they discover that Vader and the Emperor have slaughtered the entire lylek horde. Following a long and grueling battle, Vader slaughters the lylek queen at the Emperor's command.

Sergeant Deez survives the battle but the Royal Guard captain is killed. Based on their encounter with the lyleks, the Emperor and Vader deduce that the Free Ryloth rebels plan to cut off the head of the Empire: the Sith Lords themselves. As daybreak approaches, Cham orders his lieutenants including Faylon and Kallon to avoid direct contact with the Sith Lords. The conspiracy unravels Edit After emerging from the lylek tunnel, Vader, the Emperor and Deez encounter an adolescent Twi'lek girl named Drua.

The Emperor attempts to kill her with his lightsaber but Vader prevents it. Vader convinces the Emperor that Drua can lead them to her village so that they can call for Imperial reinforcements. Meanwhile, strains emerge among Cham's team as the losses from the previous day's operation begin to sink in. Cham and Isval revise their earlier assessment that killing Vader and the Emperor would lead to the demise of the Empire.

Instead, Isval hopes that by killing the two Imperial leaders they can start a rebellion against the Empire. Cham and his team decide to follow the Sith Lords' trail through the lylek tunnel. Meanwhile, the Emperor, Vader, Deez arrive at Drua's Village where they are greeted by Narmn , the head of the village.

Apart from blasters, the village lacks any other technologies including computers and vehicles. When Narmm asks the strangers for their identity, the Emperor introduces his party as "Krataa", "Irluuk", and the Sergeant respectively.

Only Vader and the Emperor know that these pseudonyms were the ancient Sith words for "death " and "fate. Cham decides that they only have once chance to stop the Sith Lords and that they must get it right. Back at the Twi'lek village, the Emperor warns Vader that his decision to spare Drua would cost all the villagers their lives in the event of a Free Ryloth or Imperial attack. The two Sith Lords befriend the Twi'lek villagers including Drua's grandfather Mala with Vader offering to use his mechanical skills to repair a decades-old communication device.

Meanwhile, Cham's team discovers that the Sith Lords have reached a Twi'lek village. Goll observes that the villagers are gathered in the village center for what appears to be a celebration. While flying the recon craft, Belkor is tormented by his actions and talks to the corpse of Ophim. Unable to contact Cham, he transmits his coordinates to the V-wing fighters and decides to find the rebel leader himself in order to extricate himself from his predicament.

Meensa is about to shoot them down but Mors manages to convince the pilot that Belkor was the true traitor and had withheld information about Vader and the Emperor from them. After winning over Meensa, Mors issues orders for the Wing Leader not to carry out Belkor's orders to give the attack but to instead send the coordinates.

Mor intends to land stormtroopers on the ground and tells Meensa to inform the five other V-wing pilots that Belkor is the true traitor. Meanwhile, Cham and Isval's forces assume positions around Drua's Village. Fearing that an impending Imperial crackdown is coming, Cham orders another lieutenant Kallon to initiate an organized retreat of the remaining Free Ryloth forces into the mountains.

In order to survive the crackdown, he issues orders for the Free Ryloth rebels to break up into their constituent cells. A dark showdown Edit After Vader finishes repairing the communicator in the midst of the awed villagers, the Emperor orders Deez to contact Moff Mors; who he knows is not a traitor. Sergeant Deez contacts Mors and informs her of the Emperor and Vader's coordinates.

Mors orders her forces to travel to Drua's Village. Meanwhile, Belkor is contacted by his V-wing pilots and orders them to bomb Cham's forces and Drua's Village in an attempt to kill Cham, the Emperor and Vader. Belkor hopes to hide his dealings with Cham but is unaware that Mors has reasserted her command over his pilots.

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On the ground, Cham's forces prepare to launch their assault. Isval insists on proceeding with mission but Cham refuses to endanger the Twi'lek villages. As a compromise, Cham agrees to order his men to fire warning shots in order to warn the villages to flee into the mine shaft. Cham orders Belkor to send his V-wings to bomb the village but Belkor reveals that he plans to bomb Cham's rebels as well.

Before Belkor can put his plans into action, he is approached by Moff Mors's transport and shuttle. Back at Drua's Village, Cham's forces commence firings their warning shots and the villagers flee into the mine shaft.

Drua tries to lead the Emperor and Vader into the tunnel but the Sith Lords refuse. Deez offers to stay at his Emperor's side. In the end, only the two Sith Lords and the Royal Guard are left standing alone in the village center.

Believing their plan has worked, Isval tells Cham to give Belkor the orders to launch the V-wing airstrike. Meanwhile, Moff Mors confronts Belkor over his traitorous actions. Belkor tries to defend himself by attacking Mors's character and corruption but Mors counters that Belkor's actions have led to the deaths of hundreds of Imperials. Mors then orders Belkor's pilots to destroy the traitorous Colonel's ship; killing Belkor.

After seeing Belkor's recon craft explode, Cham realizes his plan has fallen apart. Having eliminated Belkor, Mors orders Captain Steen to land stormtroopers on either side of Cham's forces in the quarry and to dispatch another contingent to secure the Emperor.

Mors then orders the V-wing pilots to shoot anything fleeing into the forest but to avoid the quarry. Mors's shuttle blocks the path of the Free Ryloth forces exiting the quarry and charging into the Twi'lek village.Darth Vader and the Emperor in all their glory!

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