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28 mar. A ascensão do Governador - The Walking Dead - vol. 1 by Robert Kirkman - O livro apresenta aos leitores um novo núcleo de personagens. Snatchers The Dead Don't Knock by Shaun Whittington - Horror . historia de Jack Sawyer, protagonista de El talismán, el album libro que escribieron juntos. A ascensão do Governador - The Walking Dead - vol. 1. PDF. Uploaded by. Marco Corona. Livro Receitas Uploaded by. Henrique Azevedo. The Walking Dead - 01 - A ascensao do

Livro The Walking Dead A Ascensao Do Governador Pdf

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The Road to Woodbury (The Walking Dead). The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury Walking Dead Book 2 - Robert Kirkman, Jay Bonansinga. Woodbury. Ċ, 02 - 50 tons de cinza mais Ċ, 09 - harry potter and as reliquias da Ċ, livro the walking dead - a ascensão do 4 dez. esse link: Livro: A Queda Do Governador – Parte Dois – The Walking Dead.

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Andrea (The Walking Dead)

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The Walking Dead, Rise of the Governor, should be more aptly titled as mentioned by several other reviewers: The Birth of the Governor. If this book has a sequel, it would tell of the actual rise of the Governor. In fact, I feel that given what this particular book is lacking, there would need to be a sequel to bridge the gap between what we have been introduced to with this story and what we see when Rick, Glenn, and Michonne stumble across Woodbury in the comic books.

While this story wasn't The Walking Dead, Rise of the Governor, should be more aptly titled as mentioned by several other reviewers: While this story wasn't quite what I expected, I had no issue with it as a stand alone tale in TWD universe. It is the story of a normal human being, doing his best to survive the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. In that regard, this story parallels TWD. We are introduced to a group of survivors: Philip is the leader of this small bad of survivors trying hard to cope in this new world.

Bobby and Nick follow Philip's lead, as they have always done in life before the apocalypse, which is usually a good thing, since he is willing to do what it takes to remain alive. The story covers their saga of survival as they travel across Georgia, from a wealthy subdivision outside Atlanta where they hide out for a time, to a barricaded apartment building inside the city that they share with other survivors, to their grim journeys out into the sticks, where they finally arrive at Woodbury, the town that the Governor rules with an iron fist in TWD comic books.

As I mentioned, I would be willing to read a sequel to this story; one that would further explain how the man who enters Woodbury near the end of this tale transforms into the man who can do such unthinkable and horrible things to other survivors in the comic books-especially to Michonne and Rick.

But if this book, and the psychological transformation that occurs within its pages, is the only justification offered up as to why the Governor is the way he is by the writers of this novel, I just can't buy it. There has to be more trauma put upon him to allow him to become such a casually evil and demonic creature. I firmly believe this. To elaborate further would reveal spoilers, which I'm unwilling to do. So again, my hope is that there is a plan to scribe another book Again, this book, as a standalone tale of survival during the zombie apocalypse, is entertaining.

Present tense writing is not the norm, but it does speak of the immediacy of everything going on around the characters and keeps the energy level high, for the most part. I didn't have a real issue with that. I did feel that the author could have toned down the descriptive verse a bit. He creates vivid images, but I often felt a bit overwhelmed by the details he would elaborate on, when simpler descriptives would have sufficed. That is a minor niggling detail though. My main concern with this story is that it only shares the beginning of the metamorphosis the man who turns into the Governor.

There is a big chunk missing in the tale that goes from this story and ends when we come across the full blown Governor in TWD comic books. Nov 08, Brian rated it did not like it. I have also been collecting the Walking Dead comic book since issue 2 and when I first heard about this novel, I was excited. Also, he has never not in comics or TV dealt with the early days of the epidemic. If you haven't ever read the comic, but are a fan of apocalyptic fiction, then you MIGHT like this book.

It's not badly written, per se. There are a couple of points where they really built suspense up for example. However, it is definitely not worth the price of a hardcover. Now, if you're a fan of the Walking dead, you're going to be disappointed. Now, I'm sure there are fanboys out there that will attack me for saying that, but give it time.

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A couple of years from now, even the most hardcore fanboys will be ashamed of it. Little is covered about the initial outbreak. Instead, we jump a few days into the z-plague with them just hiding in a house and then quickly fast forward weeks into it. We don't hear about how it spreads.

You'd think that starting with the characters seeing their first walking corpse would be a big moment in a book like this, but it isn't. Heck, I don't even think they covered it.

So let me reiterate, this novel adds nothing about the spread of the zombie plague EXCEPT them describing how television and radio stations go off air. Fine, chalk it up to writer's license. Maybe Kirkman and Bonansinga the authors didn't want to deal with those time periods. That's okay. Let's move on to the meat. The Governor is one of the most vile characters in the comic book medium because his actions are horrendous.

He is evil. The comic deals with him torturing and raping a woman. It deals with him holding gladiatorial-style games where people fight off zombies to entertain the masses of the Woodbury community.

He orders the killing of women and children. The frickin' title of this book is "Rise of the Governor"! The blurb on the back of the dustcover is "In The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, the world will finally understand what drove Phillip Blake to become The Governor.

Guess what? It's a lie. You do not learn what drove Phillip Blake to become the Governor. You don't learn what turns an average law-abiding citizen into such a monstrous being. Oh, and want to learn the bigger lie? It's his lame-ass asthmatic brother who only kills one zombie nearly accidentally in the whole book and later only kills one man.

Plot twist? It was a cop-out. What motivations would brother Brian have for his monstrous actions in the comic? The lame-ass ones the book give are not believable. I didn't care about the characters. Phillip was the most interesting, but he is killed off for the surprise ending, leaving us with a character who is still a wimp. The authors try to wring out his motivation for his evil personality in a two or three page description of him losing it and going insane.

View all 6 comments. Oct 02, Gabriel rated it it was ok. Won in a Goodreads First Reads. After greatly enjoying the first season of the AMC show and getting deep into the comics, I was looking forward to this. I mean, good zombie novels are far and very few between. They seem to work better as film horrors over novel horrors.

Even so, The Walking Dead comics did a wonderful job of transforming the brutality of George Romero zombie flicks into a written media. This book does NOT follow suit. Maybe it's due to the fact that it's written in the present Won in a Goodreads First Reads.

Maybe it's due to the fact that it's written in the present tense for no real reason or has random details from near the end, "He They aren't. Maybe it's due to the random redundancies that abound in this book; some ideas repeated mere paragraphs apart.

Maybe it's due to some of the worst writing I've ever had the bad luck to read from the middle, "Yes, they hear him, and now Brian and Nick are climbing out of the SUV. Over the course of a mere minute, Brian makes a series of observations - most of them, apparently, already calculated by Philip - beginning with the front of the store. We're talking about writing that isn't sure whether it's trying to describe thoughts via different character's heads or just unsure of itself to begin with.

There was so much going for this. It's a cool idea to retell the beginning of The Walking Dead from a different perspective. There are so many great stories to be had here and neat references to the comics possible.

I won't read anymore of this "trilogy" and probably am leaving the comic series after this book. It's just not worth my time. View all 9 comments. Sep 14, Chris Greensmith rated it liked it Shelves: Although the plot was a bit thin it did work toward fleshing out one of the most brutal villains in the Walking Dead and kept me reading to he end, and the following books, wanting to know more. A good companion to the comic focusing, in depth, where the comic couldn't I really enjoyed this book a lot!

This book was so much better for me then World War Z! I can't wait to start the next one will start it tonight. Jan 11, Kristina rated it liked it Shelves: Okay, so I liked the book. I liked it enough that I plan on reading the rest of the series. I did not however "really" like it or think it was amazing. Hence, the three star rating. For one, and probably my biggest issue with this book, is how part two of this book played out almost exactly like parts of season four of the show played out.

I kept thinking, "Wait, is this a novelization of season four, or is this really the story of way before we ever met the Governor in season three? After coming to that conclusion it felt contrived. I am a big enough fan of the show that I will continue with the series because I am curious enough to want to know "what happened next," but overall I just didn't feel the storyline was in anyway on par with the television show.

It was pretty cool to see how the Governor's zombie girl came to be though Aug 28, Chris rated it liked it Recommends it for: Walking Dead fans.

Well now. That was interesting. I actually had a bit of a time getting into this one. It didn't have the pace of the comic series that this is based on , and was written in the present tense. That's a bit jarring for me, though I did get used to it. As far as a backstory goes, this one is pretty damn goo Well now.

As far as a backstory goes, this one is pretty damn good. It's shocking at times, and heartfelt at others. And whether you want to or not, you might just feel some degree of sympathy for what will become one of zombie literature's most notorious villains. Actual rating 4. How did I fall for that one! This was really great. I really enjoyed the Governors back story.

View 2 comments. May 18, Charley Girl rated it liked it Shelves: I listened to this book and it had my heart going. It freaked me out more than the show and I was cruising threw my chores that I was doing because of the adrenaline it made me feel. I gave it a 3 because after awhile, just like the show, I didn't want to go through the cycle of not having any supplies, biters coming, running, someone dies. Start over. Only so much I can take.

The characters are super though! Phillip goes from caring father to one loco muchacho! He lost every marble he ever had a I listened to this book and it had my heart going. He lost every marble he ever had and maybe some that were lent to him. Phillips brother, Brian, is the sweet uncle to Penny and tries very hard not to feel like a loser and keep Penny's spirits up. Not a small task. Nick, is a good friend that is traveling with them but after seeing corpses eat people and hunt and try to kill him he becomes a bit unbalanced too.

They end up somewhere that is sort of safe but it is a series so there is more to come, but not for this reader. This was a great easy read. I enjoyed seeing the governor from the beginning and getting more of a background story on him.

But Jesus the twists that are in this I did not see coming. The fact that the whole time it was Brian that was going to become governor not Phillip.

Threw me for a loop for sure. Oct 03, Wendy rated it liked it. This does not change when the zombie apocalypse hits, but his circle of protection expands to include his two best friends, and, unfortunately, his hapless, sickly brother Brian. This trilogy serves to reveal what made the enigmatic leader of Woodbury who he is by first showing us what he was and reminding us just how much of a struggle leadership is, especially when all the rules have gone out of the window.

Variations of the phrase "do what you have to do" comes up often and with necessity. Interestingly, the book is written in present tense. I've seen this done in another book originally intended to be a comic and I wondered if that was the original intention for this.

As an audiobook, the tense works well, amplifying the tension of the characters and events. See more reviews at The BiblioSanctum Jun 22, Matt rated it did not like it. It's slow and boring and adds very little to the Walking Dead narrative. I don't think Kirkman had very much hand in this at all. Another author Jay Bonansinga is listed and, unless Kirkman really can't switch mediums like Orson Scott Card, for example, didn't write a very good Iron Man comic , the fault lies with Bonansinga.

The descriptions use far too many cliches, which detracts from otherwis As far as prequels go, this rates up there with The Phantom Menace and Batman Begins Kindergarten. The descriptions use far too many cliches, which detracts from otherwise quality painting of a scene.

It retells the crisis from another point of view, which would be OK, except that I've already seen it. And when the comic heroes went through the original crisis, a LOT more happened. Whatever faults the comic series has, it makes up for it with a lot of plot.

This prequel does not have a lot happen. When Lost had to retell the original crash landing, they at least had the foresight to tell a very abbreviated version of it.

I figured the surprise twist out 16 pages before it happened. And then I thought about it and it wasn't plausible. And the other characters were uninteresting.

All of them. And the most interesting things about the Governor his governing philosophy weren't revealed at all. The Governor: Darth Vader: The Phantom Menace without the good parts. Also, Bonansinga's picture on the back makes him look like a high schooler trying to look like a serial killer, but middle-aged.

Anyway, I'm done. Back to the comic series. Oct 27, Kandice rated it liked it. This was not what I was expecting. I read the comics long before the show came out, but have since become a fan of the show as well. I occasionally find it hard to remember what happened in which.

That sounds a bit silly, but for those of you that read and watch, you know what I mean. Story lines from the comic are revisited in the show but with different characters or timing, names change, but personalities stay the same or even vice-verse. That being said, this was very, very obviously the sto This was not what I was expecting.Fine, chalk it up to writer's license.

Military bases Northern Territory Tindale. Negan se assusta com Shiva e com o fato de Maggie ainda estar viva. Deakin, A. Rise of the Governor, the world will finally understand what drove Phillip Blake to become The story wraps itself up in the town of Woodbury, an off-the-beaten-path town that our dazed and damaged group manage to stumble into.