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word or set that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the entire sentence. .. Kaplan's strategic approach to analogies on the GRE. . Each of the word lists below relates to two concepts that are opposite in meaning. Practice. Kaplan words and high frequency words for gre Antediluvian extremely old, antiquated (Combined set of kaplan and high frequency words) Study online at Combined Kaplan GRE Study Guide: Top GRE Words and Baron High- Frequency Vocabulary Word List Total Words * denotes word appeared on both.

Kaplan Gre Word List Pdf

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the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else. periphrastic. roundabout and. Barrons Kaplan Princeton Hit - Free download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) Barrons GRE High-Frequency Words Vocabulary List. Baron & Kaplan High Frequency Word List - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Combined Kaplan GRE Study Guide: Top GRE Words and Baron .

Extant adj. Obscure adj. Didactic adj. Pithy adj. Copious adj. Ostentation adj. Adulterate verb alter or debase, often for profit Of all teas, I love green tea the most and would never adulterate it with sweeteners; even a pitch of sugar would be a desecration.

Vociferous adj. Taciturn adj.


Obdurate adj. Garrulous adj. Lionize verb — treat someone as a celebrity The retired lieutenant is being lionized as a paragon of integrity for standing up against corruption. Imminent adj. Frivolous adj — trivial, silly Ram was passionate and serious about collecting coins but his friends thought it was a frivolous activity.

Benign adj. Dissonance noun — lack of harmony, disagreement There is a great deal of dissonance between the conflicting evidences produced by both the parties and hence the judge had to close the case on account of lack of sufficient evidence. Inculpate verb — accuse or blame Although the killer successfully disposed of the murder weapon, his friends provided evidence that could actually inculpate both the killer and the people who tried to cover up the killing.

Docile adj.

Sporadic adj. Prevaricate verb — deceive; stretch the truth Aria does not take bad news well and hence her brother always prevaricates when telling her something she does not want to hear. Chicanery noun — deception, trickery The judge has plenty of reason to suspect chicanery because the lawyer has a reputation of aggressively defending his clients and of getting verdicts of innocence on guilty Policemen. Gainsay verb — deny or contradict Some of the officers were about to reject the project, but it had come from them, they could not well gainsay it.

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Eulogy noun — praise, exclamation Public officials and her friends joined in a chorus of eulogy and remembrances for many days afterward as Michelle signs on the human rights doctrine. Belligerent adj. Dispassionate adj. Providential adj. Fractious adj. Malign adj. Disparate adj.

Kaplan words and high frequency words for gre

Plausible adj. Sanguine adj. Venerate v. Trite adj. Johnson delivered movements with any firmness; and even he was moving with such a professional awe that rendered everything trite. Succinct adj. Ingenious adj. Meticulous adj.

Erudite adj. Jane, who grew up in near poverty, became an erudite, self-educated woman and loves sharing her knowledge with others. Bolster v.

Anachronism noun — error in time placement With the rate of economic growth in the western countries at its lowest rate in nearly a century, the power wielded by the United Nations can seem like an anachronism. Trivial adj. Advocate noun — person supporting an idea or cause publicly Mr. Sam who is a leading GRE test prep expert advocates strong basics and ample practice to be the key to succeed on the exam.

Conspicuous adj. The rich will always be wealthy. Innocuous adj.

Audacious adj. Tumultuous adj. Reticent adj.

Fervid adj. Enervate verb — weaken, wear out The blazing heat in mid-June caused dehydration and enervated the shipwrecked crew, leaving them almost too weak to hail the passing vessel. Prodigal adj. Auspicious adj. Soporific adj.

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Engender verb — cause or give rise to The new technology has engendered great hope for the potential development of preventive methods for lethal genetic and severe chronic diseases such as glaucoma and cancer. Loquacious adj. Equivocate verb — to avoid giving a clear or direct answer to a question When I asked Rachel if the suit looks good on me, she equivocated a response, avoiding the question by saying she needed it to be somewhere else.

Inimical adj. Superfluous adj. Fastidious adj.

Ephemeral adj. Pusillanimous adj.

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Vacillate verb — go back and forth, be indecisive Since his term exams were round the corner, Adam vacillated between going on the family vacation and staying back at home to study. Follow us on Instagram Ambivalent adj. Enigma adj. Can your zeal for GRE vocabulary be contained?

That would be a waste of time. We provide quick and easy definitions for memorization purposes. And the best way to memorize a lot of vocab words is to make flashcards! You can make a free account and use various tools to study your own flashcard sets. However, while a level of rote familiarity with the words is important, knowing how the words are actually deployed in context will help you on the test. This will help you see how lots of words are deployed in actual writing.

Combined set of kaplan 900 and high frequency words.pdf

So, once you know which words from the list you still need to know, you have two necessary prongs of attack. On one hand, you need to memorize the words and definitions with flash cards.

On the other hand, you need to make sure you know how the words are used in context by finding articles where the words are deployed. This raccoon is just looking for some articles with GRE words in context! Now that you have the goods, how do you get them to deliver for you?

Once you print out the flashcards, we advise using the waterfall method to study. Check out our best-in-class online GRE prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your GRE score by 7 points or more.Befriend Act as a friend to someone by offering help Obsequious fawning, subservient, servile Md Abdullah All Sourav October 8, at 5: Along with this I solved Kaplan Sectionals, 1 everyday for verbal and quant.

Abnegate to deny to oneself, renounce, surrender Heterogeneous Dissimilar, mixed Plethora of excuses