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The Jungle Book - Title Song (Hindi) (TV Serial) - YouTube. Mowgli cartoon song My Childhood Memories, Best Memories, Cool Cartoons, Song Hindi,. Visit and understood how children from feel about Star wars (hype, reaction videos). The Jungle Book - Title Song (Hindi) (TV Serial) - YouTube. Mowgli cartoon song My Childhood Memories, Best Memories, Cool Cartoons, Song Hindi,. Visit and understood how children from feel about Star wars (hype, reaction videos). Mowgli's lyrics in hindi. Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai.. Arre chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai phool khila hai (2) Jungle jungle pata chala hai.

Jungle Book Mowgli Hindi Title Video Song

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Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli is a Canadian-Japanese anime adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's .. The Hindi version of the title song, Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai (जंगल It featured original music by Vishal Bhardwaj and lyrics by Gulzar. Hindi Children Songs Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai (जंगल जंगल बात चली है) lyrics: / Jungle Jungle baat chali / hai pata chala hai.. / Jungle. Amol Sahdev,The Jungle Book,Mowgli Remember the song Jungle, Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai, Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hai, the title track of the animated TV series, The Jungle Book? Now, with the book Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

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From Episode 2 to Episode 24, he was often mocked by Lala. Bagheera - A black panther , Mowgli's main teacher of the Laws of the Jungle, and his closest friend.

He is seen as a de facto member of Mowgli's wolf pack.

Bagheera spent part of his childhood in the care of an English family, though later escaped when his young caretaker was shot by her father.

At one point, he was mistaken for a minion of a demonlord in Episode 11, only to redeem himself when he learns that Fargas was being mind-controlled by the blasphemous demons of Hell. At the end of the series, Bagheera chooses to leave the jungle and live amongst humans with Mowgli.

Baloo - A purple sloth bear , and one of Mowgli's friends.

He also serves as one of Mowgli's teachers, though he is more enthusiastic and has a gentler approach in some of his lessons. Despite this, he is also a very brave and selfless crusader, fighting to defend Mowgli from a hungry mugger crocodile.

Though he was thought to have been slain, he was revealed to be alive and well shortly afterward. He has a strong fondness for honey. Kaa - A very wise yet short-tempered rock python and one of Mowgli's friends. He is brown with gold spots. He also serves as a teacher to Mowgli on a few occasions, teaching him about animals who flee from drought and showing him how to defeat the invading dholes by luring them over Bee Rocks.

He is feared by a large militia of monkeys due to his short temper, as seen in Episode Akela - The leader of the pack, notably when Mowgli is first adopted into the pack and during most of Mowgli's younger days.

His coat is mostly a dark, bluish-grey hue, with a lighter shade of those colors for his eyebrows and the thicker fur on his upper body.

He is very old but very knowledgeable, and is forced out of his retirement after Alexander died. Later, he serves as Luri's consultant or advisor when she takes over as pack leader.

Near the series' finale, Akela would pass away by the wounds sustained from jackals. Alexander - Mowgli's adoptive wolf father, Luri's husband, and the biological father of Akru and Sura. He becomes leader of the wolf pack when Akela chooses to retire. He has a fight with Vermillion, despite being unwilling to do so, to determine the successor to Akela's leadership, in accordance with the Law of the Jungle.

During a fire that grazes the forest, Alexander dies defending his pack from Shere Khan. Luri - Alexander's widow, Mowgli's adoptive mother and the biological mother of Akru and Sura. Beige furred. She later becomes the official new leader of the pack and the first female leader of the pack when Akela steps down from his position once again, after originally asking Mowgli to convince Vermillion if he'd accept the request of leading.

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She came up with the plan of getting an ex-member of the pack named Grizzle exiled from it again, this time along with his gang, without having to battle. Akru has brown and beige fur, while Sura's is blue and black, like his father.

They are only cubs when Mowgli is first adopted by the wolf couple but are fully grown in subsequent episodes. They are both very close to Mowgli and stay that way throughout the series, even after they leave home and find mates.

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Akru has a tendency to be hot-headed and does not always look before he leaps, whereas Sura tends to be calmer and more collective. In the French version of the show, Akru was actually female and Mowgli's adoptive sister; this later became a problem when the character becomes mates with Maki, and due to his voice actor being a woman, many mistook Sura as female in the English version initially.

Sura's efforts to court Lala are, at first, incorrect, but in Episode 24, he proves his worthiness to her by keeping a trio of crocodiles away from her long enough for Baloo to finish them. In the ninth episode, Akru was briefly exiled from the pack, but re-welcomed after Mowgli conjures a remedy to ease his injuries. Sura becomes a father of two cubs, making Akru and Mowgli uncles. Vermillion - Lala's father and Alexander's great friend.

He competes with Alexander to be the next leader of the pack, when his father, Akela, chooses to step down. He acquires a scar on his left eye afterwards.

His fur is red in color. It is later revealed that they had also fought previously to decide which one would marry Luri. He later moves away, apparently leaving his daughter behind, and becomes the leader of a pack of wolves in a rocky desert area.

Bacchus - A fat wolf who can never hunt properly. He is more fitted to babysitting the wolf cubs.

He appears more often in the first half of the series, and is occasionally used for comic relief. He is mentioned later on however, when everyone was discussing the topic of a new leader one of the wolves said Bacchus should lead the pack, much to some of the other wolves' dismay , though no further mention of him occurs after that.

Fargas - An old wolf who was saved by Alexander from a pack of dholes. His fur is pale blue or fully white. He steals food from the pack's storage in his first few appearances due to apparently being brainwashed by demons; he soon leaves on a journey after being purified by Bagheera, and has not returned since.

Lala - Vermillion's daughter and Akela's granddaughter. She has orange fur, though slightly lighter than her father's. She acts like a tomboy early in the series, and refuses to accept Mowgli as a member of the pack. Later in the series, she matures and becomes more fond of Mowgli, even developing a crush on him ep; "Mowgli Has a Sweetheart".

She soon switches to Sura when he saves her from a trio of crocs.

By the end of the series, she and Sura are the parents of two cubs, one of whom is given the name Rusty in the English dub. He is navy blue in colour. Sandah hates the humans after they killed his sister, Dulia and resents Mowgli for being a human. He eventually comes to terms with him, and even though he leaves with Vermillion and his pack, he and Mowgli appear to share a close camaraderie. Sandah seems to be a lieutenant, or beta wolf, to Vermillion. Certain translations portray him as female.

Maki - A golden-yellow and cream, female wolf and Akru's mate. Maki is a great singer and, at one point, she's seen giving singing lessons to Akru. She is a minor character and appears very late in the series.

In the German version she was actually male, due to the fact that Akru was female in that version of the show. She still retained her feminine looks though. Kichi - Mowgli's red panda friend. His parents are killed by humans. After Mowgli accuses Kichi of causing trouble which he unintentionally does and being a nuisance, he has a harder time fitting in with the new crowd due to already being an outsider and decides to get on the wrong foot.

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But his friendship with Mowgli would be put to the test when they're prompted to work together. Later in the series he lives together with Mowgli in his hut. In the English version, Kichi is referred to as a male. In the German version, Kichi is called Kiki. The confusion is due to the fact that the character was voiced by a woman in the Japanese version, a common practice in animation voice work for younger or cute characters. He exhibits a similar protection towards her and her family as he did to the English family in the original short story, and extends this protective behavior to Mowgli.

Rikki-Tikki kills Buldeo's pet Indian cobra after it tries to attack Mowgli in the middle of the night and later alerts Mowgli that Jumeirah and her family have been holed up by the villagers. Hathi - The great Indian elephant who serves as the ruler of the whole forest of Seeonee. He is usually seen accompanied by his two sons.

Hathi first appeared in the series proclaiming the Water Truce at the Peace Rock during a drought and told the animals the story of How Fear Came. Hathi shows up occasionally afterwards, appearing once to help drive Grizzle away, another time to help raze the village, again to show Mowgli the Elephant Dance, and one final time in the series finale when the animals bid Mowgli farewell.

Chil - A Brahminy kite who served as the messenger for Akela's pack and Hathi. Linda - A benevolent English girl although in the American dub, neither her nor her dad speak with English accents who adopts Bagheera as a cab and keeps as a pet. Bagheera tells Mowgli a story about her and we meet her through flashback sequences.

She has a love for not just any animal, but him especially it seems.

Can someone please translate this for me?

She also seems to have a grand understanding of animals through some connection.He was once a good wolf who had gone bad and got kicked out years ago for not abiding by the law of the jungle, which has since made him bitter as a result, and turned to the dark side after meeting Shere Khan, who put him up to getting revenge for his banishment.

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Vermillion - Lala's father and Alexander's great friend. She comes to love Mowgli so much so that she desperately wishes and prefers that he not take on Shere Khan. When the family is kidnapped and held captive, Mowgli rescues them and helps them escape, one way of which is by saving them from the other villagers and he has his animal friends guide them to another town when the animals destroy the residents' homes.

Her name is Jumeirah in the English version.