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Download the eBook on Jack he Ripper's London by Richard Jones for FREE. Perfect for reading on your desktop, phone or Kindle. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. British historian-researcher Sugden here presents The Complete History of Jack the Ripper by [Sugden, Philip]. Read "Jack the Ripper The Theories & the Facts of the Whitechapel Murders" by Colin Kendell available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your.

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He has expanded the book to include more material especially his analyses of recent theories. He does not disappoint with the update.

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While Mr Rumbelow has his own suspect, he admits that we will not likely ever know the true perpetrator. Too much time has passed, all the witnesses and investigators are dead, a lot of evidence was lost or destroyed over the years, and forensics of the time were not as developed as a science with police officers specially trained in the field as they are today.

Crime scenes were not secured and methods for chain of custody are not as rigorous as they are now either. I am not so sure about Montague Druitt and think his suicide was coincidental with the cessation of the ripper crimes. Sexual serial killers tend to target prostitutes because they make easy targets. The very nature of their work puts them in harms way every time they get in a car or go with a customer.

They tend to be heterosexual but highly misoginitic when women are their targets. The mutilations suggest that this is the case.

Serial killers also have a pattern of collecting "trophies" of their crimes so they can relive the experience, hence the missing organs or personal items that were obviously taken.

There has been a claim that one of the victim's shawl was found with DNA but the provenance of the shawl and DNA testing results have been called into question. I strongly recommend this for anyone who likes reading about true crime or is an amateur ripperologist. Update of Runbelow's earlier book on the Ripper killings.

He brings a working detective's intelligence to a complex case and a historians in-depth knowledge and makes it all come alive. Note that some other serious scholar's of the Ripper case disagree with Rumbelow on some things - but that doesn't mean he's wrong. Captures the spirit and the air of the times and throws in some later "Ripper" cases for good measure.

This was the first book I picked up when I became interested in unsolved true crime, especially unsolved murders. It's still the book I judge all the rest of them by. Rumbelow examines the atmosphere of the late industrial revolution in London and the wretched poverty that existed in the districts where the crimes occurred. Rumbelow then takes his time to examine each murder in detail, who discovered the body, testimony from passers by, descriptions of the injuries to the body, and exactly how the body and possessions nearby were found.

As well as taking time to describe what was known about the life of the victim. He follows up each case with an escalating tension as police desperately attempt to apprehend the criminal. Climaxing with the final, most brutal murder.

Then as the Ripper vanishes the book settles in to looking into all the possible subjects that had been accused or since discovered through academic research on the murders.

Rumbelow remains impartial describing which suspects could have most likely to have been the Ripper based on known facts and presumptions about their lives from later sources. She forms a friendship with another student, Thomas, and soon, they are all working together on the Jack the Ripper murders. I really love the character of Audrey Rose as she fights to break any stereotype and traditional mold of the Victorian female. I think this is incredibly important, especially in a novel marketed for young adult readers.

I also enjoyed watching the relationship blossom between Thomas and Audrey; they had considerably witty banter. Another cool feature of this novel was the inclusion of photos. Maniscalco has a picture from the Victorian era at the beginning of each chapter; photos of leprosy, autopsied hands, and illustrations of human anatomy from Victorian doctors.

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This was a great touch and really helped to set the tone. The Victorian period was a huge time for medical advancement and Maniscalco makes sure you know it!

This novel did move slowly at times. I found myself feeling a bit of a lag in the middle.

But then it picked right back up for the ending, which completely blindsided me! I also wish that this novel had been written for adults; I wanted more from the plot.

However, for a young adult title, I did end up enjoying this one. If you are a young adult reader who likes a bit of morbidity to your reading, then I would highly recommend.

The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper

If you find yourself on the fence about this one, I would absolutely pick it up! However, if you are looking for something scary or to give you your intense crime fix, I would skip this one. Email required Address never made public.

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