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DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download Islam između istoka i zapada - Alija Izetbegović Free in pdf format. Islam Između Istoka i Zapada Alija Izetbegović - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. puki. Islam između Istoka i Zapada by Alija Izetbegović, , B. Izetbegović, S. Mašić edition, in Croatian.

Islam Izmedju Istoka I Zapada Pdf

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Islam između Istoka i Zapada by Alija Izetbegović,, B. Izetbegović, S. Mašić edition, in Croatian. 74 Islam-SavrsenoPotpunaVjera · islam izmedju istoka i zapada pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Jan 29, am. Looking for islam izmedju istoka i zapada pdf. Will be grateful for any help!. The Islamic Declaration, By Alija - Free pdf. Islam u knjizi Alije Izetbegovi?a ''Islam izmedju Istoka i Zapada'' Islam izmedju Istoka i Zapada.

Godine Islamska deklaracija Umjesto svojih armija oni sada ubacuju svoje ideje i svoj kapital, i ovom novom formom utjecaja Takvi poput tebe nisu u Istovremeno sa dolaskom Turaka, nestaje djelovanje Crkve bosanske. Izuzetno je cenjena medju diplomatama, novinarima i naucnicima kao jedan… Abid Prguda - Sarajevski proces - pt.


Tito je nastojao da spreci da njegova zemlja dozivi sudbinu svoje prethodnice. Nismo dali ni hroniku sudbine opozicionih pokreta u raznim republikama. Jugoslavija je izbacena iz zajednickih institucija Rat je otvrdnuo javno mnjenje i ojacao osnovu moci republickih lidera.

Osim toga. U ruskoj prijestolnici do sada su postojale cetiri dzamije, medjutim veliki je broj "pokretnih" dzamija koje su zapravo autobusi prilagodjeni obavljanju molitve i vjerskom pranju.

Razlog ovako malom broju bogomolja, uprkos velikom broju Knjige Alija Izetbegovic Islamska deklaracija, Islam Previous Page. Next Page. If they disap- pear, then there will be a disastrous symbiosis of religion and dictator- ship Ibid.: The Syrian scholar Sadik J.

Al-Azm 19 In addition and on the following discussion the review by Pormann According to Al-Azm, Islam is in principle compatible with secular humanism. Here, he considered Turkey to be exemplary 41ff. Al-Azm here did not discuss the problem of conceptualization of val- ues.

Are values and their terms defined in an archetypal manner? Are they, once defined, universally valid at all times and everywhere? A native of Palestine, the American literary critic Edward W. Said in his posthumously published work Humanism and Democrat- ic Criticism has criticized traditional humanism as ahistorical and es- sentialist; therefore he argues for a critical and transparent humanism without geographical boundaries that corrects itself constantly Rad- hakrishnan Rosenthal In the view of Said, religion is an irrational product of human imagina- tion, which can nevertheless determine thought and action of humans.

Mitchell This requires self-knowledge and self-criticism, and that forms the essence of humanism. This humanism manifests itself in the critical discourse of the word, in philology, which connects writers, intellectuals and crit- ics, as well as creativity, learning and judgement Ibid.: Edward Said hereby provides a theoretical foundation for the existence of humanism in Islam.

Our historical excursus has already shown that there has already been an Islamic humanism in the past. It manifests it- self not so much as a norm, but rather as striving for ethical values, as critical consciousness, as self-knowledge and reflection on the will and mind of man in his responsibility and position in society and in his de- pendence on God and the divine inspiration. There were attempts in the history of Islam to emphasize the universal- ity of humanistic thought.

A Tradition Common to both Islam and Europe But Islamic tradition and dogma of the increasingly consolidated Islam- ic religion led to the rigidity of structures, which made impossible a dy- namic adaptation to the changing circumstances of time. Moreover, we are faced with the dilemma that even humanist thinking, as a generally and universally valid standard, tends to become a fixed and static rule.

It is primarily an epistemological act, which in constant reflection should lead to self-education, but also to the criti- cal attitude towards any political system. The inability to distinguish between historical formation and reli- gious truth, leads to an assessment of Koranic statements as archetypal truths.

Butterworth In this manner man is able to learn how he has to behave before God and as a member of a good society and how he has to act. Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas considers this knowledge to be wis- dom and justice.

Islam između Istoka i Zapada

A leading position should only have those who have knowledge with high moral, intellectual and spiritual standards, and who watch over the proper use of the Koranic language and thus avoid misconceptions about Islam and its ideology.

A Tradition Common to both Islam and Europe and his identity in dialogue with one another. However, can we be sure in our assessment of human dignity, jus- tice, and democracy? Or is humanism a never-ending process of critical reflection of man about himself and about others? There was and there is an Islamic humanism. Through Arab-Latin translations it shaped scholastic thinking in the Middle Ages, as well the educational program.

This would be a prerequisite for ensuring a co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims. However, the influence of the Islamic-Arabic culture cannot be doubted; this does not exclude the possibility, that there existed subse- quently partly independent parallel developments. Any remaining mistakes fall under my responsibility. The Good Society: Humanism, Culture, and Language in the Near East.

Studies in Honor of Georg Krotkoff, ed. Mathias Zah- niser, Indiana: Steiner Daiber, Hans , Naturwissenschaft bei den Arabern im Jahrhundert n.

History of Islamic Philosophy II, ed. Schefold, B. Wirtschaft und Finanzen: Philo- sophia Islamica.

Der Humanismus als historische Bewegung, ed. Arabica Intention und Kontext im modernen arabischen Umgang mit dem rationalistischen Erbe des Islam, Leiden: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Kraemer, Joel L.

Lit Kristeller, Paul O.

Studies in Honor of Georg Krot- koff, ed. Mathias Zahniser, Indiana: Eise- nbrauns: Ritter, J. Reclam Mitchell, W.

islam izmedju istoka i zapada pdf

Edward Said. A Legacy of Emancipation and Representation, ed.

University of California Press: Enduring Values for Huma- nity, San Francisco: Harper Pormann, Peter E. Oriens 1: A Legacy of Emancipation and Repre- sentation, ed. Menschsein im Diskurs der Disziplinen, ed. Transcript Said, Edward W. Saeculum 1: Ovo je uporedivo sa hu- manistima u Evropi koji su od Most Related.

I have attempted to be as clear as possible while remaining simple and methodical. That is what I call the reformist approach. He studied in Qom and Tehran, and spent also much time in the Shia centre Najaf.

According to the Zoroastrian-Sassanian tradition, knowledge is something universal and for this reason the Sassanid ruler Shapur I in the 3rd century and Khosrow I Anushirwan in the 6th century were in- terested in Greek astrology, astronomy and mathematics and commis- sioned the translation of works on medicine and philosophy, including logic.

Nevolja je sto su tokom tih vekova mnoge sile prelazile sa jedne na drugu stranu a Jump to. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Jahrhundert n.