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IBPS PO Interview Questions (CWE–PO/MT) Question Answers Download PDF. Posted On December 21, by admin. Here is the interview capsule by Adda to help you crack the E-books Test Series Video Course Download App Monthly Hindu Review · GK Power Capsule · Insurance Capsules · Interview Capsules · Banking Awareness Pdf · Static Also, the interviews for the post of IBPS RRB PO Interview start in. The strategy that the candidate follows to answer the questions lets the panel Click here to Download IBPS/RRB PO Interview Capsule

Ibps Interview Questions Pdf

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and hard work. Must read - 50 Most Popular bank interview questions .. Download Free Interview Digest - PDF. Share This: Facebook. The IBPS PO Interview procedures are set to start from the third week of January. the questions lets the board decide the suitability of the candidate for the. And for all post wise interview questions, you may also download IBPS interview questions Pdf via visiting the given link below. Check post.

What is Base Rate? It is the minimum rate of interest that a bank is allowed to charge from its customers.

IBPS Bank Interview Questions and Answer with Tips – Major Topics

Unless mandated by the government, RBI rule stipulates that no bank can offer loans at a rate lower than BR to any of its customers. It is effective from, July 1, However, all existing loans, including home loans and car loans, will continue to be at the current rate. Only the new loans taken on or after July 1 and old loans being renewed after this date will be linked to BR.

This code is used particularly in International transfer of money between banks. SWIFT Code consist 8 or 11 character when code is 8 digit, It is referred to primary office 4 — bank code 2 — country code 3 — branch code optional. Swabhimaan is a financial inclusion plan of bank to take banking to the door steps of the remote village where banking facility are not available. What is a DeMat Account? DeMat is nothing but a dematerialized account.

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Thus, DeMat account is similar to a bank account wherein the actual money is being replaced by shares. In India, a DeMat account is a type of banking account that dematerializes paper-based physical stock shares. The DeMat account is used to avoid holding of physical shares: the shares are bought as well as sold through a stock broker. In this case, the advantage is that one does not need any physical evidence for possessing these shares.

All the things are taken care of by the DPs. This account is very popular in India. Physically only shares can be traded as per the provision given by SEBI.

What is RuPay Card? RuPay-based debit cards can be used by the consumers on the Internet from September, What is foreign exchange reservers? Foreign exchange reserves also called Forex reserves in a strict sense are only the foreign currency deposits and bonds held by central banks and monetary authorities.

What is Bancassurance? What is Money Laundering? Money laundering is the processes of concealing the source of obtain money. Money or funds obtained through illegal activities are presented as legitimate. What is the difference between Nationalized bank and Private Bank? A Nationalized bank is one that is owned by the government of the country. Since the people decide who the government is, they are also referred to as public sector banks.

The government is responsible for the money deposited into the accounts of these banks. Where as a private sector bank is one that is owned by an independent individual or a company that is controlled by a few individuals.

In short, the bank is owned by someone else and they run the bank. What are non-perfoming assets? A classification used by financial institutions that refer to loans that are in jeopardy of default.

Once the borrower has failed to make interest or principal payments for 90 days the loan is considered to be a non-performing asset. What is the Functions of RBI?

The commission submitted its report in the year , though the bank was not set up for nine years. To regulate the issue of Bank Notes and keeping of reserves with a view to securing monetary stability in India and generally t o operate the currency and credit system of the country to its advantage.

Banker to banks: maintains banking accounts of all scheduled banks. A Monetary policy is the process by which the government, central bank, of a country controls i the supply of money, ii availability of money, and iii cost of money or rate of interest, in order to attain a set of objectives oriented towards the growth and stability of the economy. What is SEZ? A special Economic zone is a geographical region that economic laws which are more liberal than the usual economic laws in the country.

The basic motto behind this is to increase foreign investment, development of infrastructure, job opportunities and increase the income level of the people. The Small Industries Development Bank of India is a state-run bank aimed to aid the growth and development of micro, small and medium scale industries in India. Set up in through an act of parliament, it was incorporated initially as a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Development Bank of India. Treasury bills T-Bills are the short term liabilities of the central government.

There are no treasury bills issued by state government. Minimum amount of T —Bills is Rs.

It is a short term money market instrument issued in the form of promissory note. Corporate; primary dealers and the all India financial institution are eligible to issue CP. The maturity period of each commercial paper is 7days to 1year from the date of issue. CP can be issued denominations of Rs. What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management CRM refers to the ability to understand, anticipate and manage the needs of the customer, interaction and relationship resulting in increased profitability through revenue and margin growth and operational efficiencies.

What is Right to information Act? The Right to Information act is a law enacted by the Parliament of India giving citizens of India access to records of the Central Government and State overnments.

This law was passed by Parliament on 15 June and came fully into force on 13 October What is Recession? A true economic recession can only be confirmed if GDP Gross Domestic Product growth is negative for a period of two or more consecutive quarters. What is dematerialisation? What is Defivative?

Forward contract in foreign exchange transaction, is a simple form of a derivative. What is LAF? What is a Repo Rate? Repo rate is the rate at which our banks borrow rupees from RBI. Whenever the banks have any shortage of funds they can borrow it from RBI. A reduction in the repo rate will help banks to get money at a cheaper rate. When the repo rate increases, borrowing from RBI becomes more expensive What is Reverse Repo Rate?

This is exact opposite of Repo rate. RBI uses this tool when it feels there is too much money floating in the banking system.

Banks are always happy to lend money to RBI since their money is in safe hands with a good interest. An increase in Reverse repo rate can cause the banks to transfer more funds to RBI due to this attractive interest rates. What is CRR Rate? If RBI decides to increase the percent of this, the available amount with the banks comes down. What is Bank Rate? Bank rate, also referred to as the discount rate, is the rate of interest which a central bank charges on the loans and advances that it extends to commercial banks and other financial intermediaries.

I was allotted no. I entered the room with a gentle smile and seeked permission and thanked. There were total 5 members in the Interview Panel. M1: Introduce yourself.

IBPS PO Interview Questions & Experience – Transcript Described by Abhishek Srivastava

Me: I introduced myself! Your answer should be modest at the same time show the pride in your achievements so far. M1: Do you play any National sport? Since you have good personality, you must be a Footballer! M2: By your appearance you seem to be working somewhere! Me: I have worked in a Tech support company that I got through campus placement.

M3: Why did you leave your previous job? Me: I answered my reasons! Your reason should show the higher and realistic picture for the future. M1: What have you come prepared in banking? Your answer should show your quick response and the confidence that you are prepared. M1: What are the types of cheques? Me: I answered the question.

F1: Elaborate bearer and order cheque and what do the transverse lines indicate? When the words bearer on the cheque are not cancelled, the cheque is called a bearer cheque. It is payable to the person specified or to any other else who presents it to the bank for payment.

When the word bearer appearing on the cheque is cancelled and when in its place the word order is written, the cheque is called an order cheque. It is payable to the person specified therein as the payee. Transverse parallel lines on left corner of check show the crossing of cheque.Mobile banking is a service provided by a bank or other financial institution that allows its customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Now RBI has shifted to a bi-monthly policy review, which means that the RBI will announce monetary policy review with a gap of every two months.

All these qualities are very important. As you go on completing the syllabus, allocate time for revision of chapters and topics that you have previously mastered.

In our country Banking is considered as one of the fastest growing sectors.