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Swords do not follow the closing chapters ofA Clash of Kings so much as overlap them. . good as bear,” he warned her, his breath frosting with every word. A Song of Ice and Fire 3 - A Storm of Swords. Home · A Song of Ice and Fire 3 George R.R. Martin - Song of Ice and Fire 03 - A Storm of Swords · Read more. A Storm of Swords is the third of seven planned novels in A Song of Ice and Fire, a fantasy series by American author George R. R. Martin. It was first published.

Game Of Thrones A Storm Of Swords Pdf

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A song of Ice and Fire 3; A Storm of A_song_of_Ice_and_Fire_3; (filstorlek: 2,39 Mbyte, MIME-typ. Book 1: A Game of Thrones. • Book 2: A Clash of Kings. • Book 3: A Storm of Swords. • Book 4: A Feast for Crows. • Book 5: A Dance with Dragons Part I. A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) Rarely has there been a tale as gripping, or one as likely to seize In A Game of Thrones, an ancient kingdo.

She jumped down rather than climbing. Be quick. Brienne shoved off with an oar and raised sail hurriedly. The skiff began to cut the water a bit faster; current, wind, and oars all worked for them.

Jaime sat chained, peering upriver. Only the top of the other sail was visible. With the way the Red Fork looped, it looked to be across the fields, moving north behind a screen of trees while they moved south, but he knew that was deceptive. He lifted both hands to shade his eyes. Once the pursuers swung around the loop they would become visible again. Tyrion could think of something clever now, but all that occurs to me is to go at them with a sword.

For the good part of an hour they played peek-and-seek with the pursuers, sweeping around bends and between small wooded isles. Ser Cleos paused in his stroke.

With every stroke, it seemed to grow a little larger. More, if they crowded on fighters as well as rowers. And larger sails than ours. We cannot outrun her. We ought to be able to kill a good many of them. More likely twenty or twenty-five.

The best we can hope for is to die with swords in our hands. Jaime Lannister had never been afraid of death. Brienne broke off rowing. Sweat had stuck strands of her flax-colored hair to her forehead, and her grimace made her look homelier than ever. He had to laugh at such fierceness. Or would be, if she had any teats to speak of. Or free me to protect myself. The water around her was churned white by the furious action of her oars.

She was gaining visibly, the men on her deck crowding forward as she came on. Metal glinted in their hands, and Jaime could see bows as well. He hated archers. At the prow of the onrushing galley stood a stocky man with a bald head, bushy grey eyebrows, and brawny arms. Over his mail he wore a soiled white surcoat with a weeping willow embroidered in pale green, but his cloak was fastened with a silver trout.

In his day Ser Robin Ryger had been a notably tenacious fighter, but his day was done; he was of an age with Hoster Tully, and had grown old with his lord. When the boats were fifty yards apart, Jaime cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted back over the water. The distance between skiff and galley had shrunk to forty yards. Four archers crowded into position on either side of him, two standing and two kneeling.

One thudded into the mast, two pierced the sail, and the fourth missed Jaime by a foot. Brienne angled the skiff across the bend. The yard swung as they turned, their sail cracking as it filled with wind.

Ahead a large island sat in midstream. The main channel flowed right. To the left a cutoff ran between the island and the high bluffs of the north shore. Brienne moved the tiller and the skiff sheared left, sail rippling.

Jaime watched her eyes. Pretty eyes, he thought, and calm. He knew what fear looked like. She is determined, not desperate. Thirty yards behind, the galley was entering the bend.

They crossed the head of the island and turned sharply down the cutoff, sending a wash of water against the face of the bluff as the boat tilted. The island was densely wooded, a tangle of willows, oaks, and tall pines that cast deep shadows across the rushing water, hiding snags and the rotted trunks of drowned trees. To their left the bluff rose sheer and rocky, and at its foot the river foamed whitely around broken boulders and tumbles of rock fallen from the cliff face.

The skiff rocked. He heard a soft splash, and when he glanced around, Brienne was gone. A moment later he spied her again, pulling herself from the water at the base of the bluff. She waded through a shallow pool, scrambled over some rocks, and began to climb.

Ser Cleos goggled, mouth open. Fool, thought Jaime. The river galley came into full view at the top of the cutoff, twenty-five yards behind. Her bow swung hard as she came around, and a halfdozen arrows took flight, but all went well wide.

Brienne was halfway up the cliff face, pulling herself from handhold to handhold.

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What could you fear? The archers could scarcely have missed, but as they pulled on their longbows a rain of pebbles cascaded down around them. Small stones rattled on their deck, bounced off their helms, and made splashes on both sides of the bow.

Those who had wits enough to understand raised their eyes just as a boulder the size of a cow detached itself from the top of the bluff. Ser Robin shouted in dismay. The stone tumbled through the air, struck the face of the cliff, cracked in two, and smashed down on them.

The larger piece snapped the mast, tore through the sail, sent two of the archers flying into the river, and crushed the leg of a rower as he bent over his oar. The rapidity with which the galley began to fill with water suggested that the smaller fragment had punched right through her hull.

From the way they were splashing, neither man could swim. Jaime laughed. By the time they emerged from the cutoff, the galley was foundering amongst pools, eddies, and snags, and Jaime Lannister had decided that the gods were good. Ser Robin and his thricedamned archers would have a long wet walk back to Riverrun, and he was rid of the big homely wench as well. I could not have planned it better myself. Ser Cleos raised a shout. When Jaime looked up, Brienne was lumbering along the clifftop, well ahead of them, having cut across a finger of land while they were following the bend in the river.

She threw herself off the rock, and looked almost graceful as she folded into a dive. It would have been ungracious to hope that she would smash her head on a stone. Ser Cleos turned the skiff toward her. Thankfully, Jaime still had his oar. Instead he found himself stretching the oar out over the water. Brienne grabbed hold, and Jaime pulled her in. As he helped her into the skiff, water ran from her hair and dripped from her sodden clothing to pool on the deck.

Who would have thought it possible? I suppose you expect me to thank you? He had been a squire when Catelyn was born, a knight when she learned to walk and ride and swim, master-at-arms by the day that she was wed. And now he has seen me become a traitor as well. Her brother Edmure had named Ser Desmond castellan of Riverrun when he rode off to battle, so it fell to him to deal with her crime.

The two men stood and looked at her; Ser Desmond stout, redfaced, embarrassed, Utherydes grave, gaunt, melancholy. Each waited for the other to speak. The poor lads. You did not know If you fail to punish me, men will believe that we connived together to free Jaime Lannister.

It was mine own act and mine alone, and I alone must answer for it. A time alone, to pray for her murdered sons? You shall lack no comfort nor courtesy, but freedom of the castle is denied you.

May the Warrior give strength to your sword arm, Brienne, she prayed. She had done all she could; nothing remained but to hope. Her father himself had been moved half a turn down the stair, his sickbed placed to face the triangular balcony that opened off his solar, from whence he could see the rivers that he had always loved so well.

Lord Hoster was sleeping when Catelyn entered. She went out to the balcony and stood with one hand on the rough stone balustrade. Beyond the point of the castle the swift Tumblestone joined the placid Red Fork, and she could see a long way downriver. If a striped sail comes from the east, it will be Ser Robin returning. For the moment the surface of the waters was empty. She thanked the gods for that, and went back inside to sit with her father. Catelyn could not say if Lord Hoster knew that she was there, or if her presence brought him any comfort, but it gave her solace to be with him.

What would you say if you knew my crime, Father? Would you have done as I did, if it were Lysa and me in the hands of our enemies? There was a smell of death about that room; a heavy smell, sweet and foul, clinging. She still grieved for Ned, she would always grieve for Ned, but to have her babies taken as well He does not know me.

Catelyn had grown accustomed to him taking her for her mother or her sister Lysa, but Tansy was a name strange to her. Some village maiden he had wronged when he was young, perhaps? It was a queer thought, unsettling. Suddenly she felt as though she had not known her father at all. Do you want me to send for her, Father? Where would I find the woman? Does she still live? Catelyn thought.

Has he forgotten that Ned is gone? Is he still talking to Tansy, or is it me now, or Lysa, or Mother? When he coughed, the sputum came up bloody. His nails dug into her hand, and he gave a muffled scream. Maester Vyman came quickly, to mix another dose of milk of the poppy and help his lord swallow it down. Soon enough, Lord Hoster Tully had fallen back into a heavy sleep. A serving girl, a woman from some nearby village? Perhaps someone from years past? I can make inquiries, if you like.

Utherydes Wayn would surely know if any such person ever served at Riverrun.

Tansy, did you say? The smallfolk often name their daughters after flowers and herbs. Her name was Tansy, now that I think on it. Or was it Pansy?

Some such. But she has not come for many years Ser Desmond has decreed that we are to speak to you only so far as our duties require. I am free of the war, at least, she told herself, if only for a little while.

After the maester had gone, she donned a woolen cloak and stepped out onto the balcony once more. Sunlight shimmered on the rivers, gilding the surface of the waters as they rolled past the castle. Catelyn shaded her eyes against the glare, searching for a distant sail, dreading the sight of one. But there was nothing, and nothing meant that her hopes were still alive.

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All that day she watched, and well into the night, until her legs ached from the standing. A raven came to the castle in late afternoon, flapping down on great black wings to the rookery. Dark wings, dark words, she thought, remembering the last bird that had come and the horror it had brought. Maester Vyman returned at evenfall to minister to Lord Tully and bring Catelyn a modest supper of bread, cheese, and boiled beef with horseradish.

He is quite certain that no woman by the name of Tansy has ever been at Riverrun during his service. Has Jaime been taken again? Is Edmure in difficulty? Or Robb? Please, be kind, put my fears at rest. He was hiding something from her. Is it Robb? Is he hurt? What sort of wound? How serious? Is he being cared for? The maester at the Crag will tend to him, I have no doubt. I am sorry. The milk of the poppy had done its work, and Lord Hoster was sunk in heavy sleep. A thin line of spittle ran down from one comer of his open mouth to dampen his pillow.

Catelyn took a square of linen and wiped it away gently. When she touched him, Lord Hoster moaned. Blood, she thought. Must it all come back to blood?

Father, who was this woman, and what did you do to her that needs so much forgiveness? That night Catelyn slept fitfully, haunted by formless dreams of her children, the lost and the dead. Sweet babes, and trueborn She could not believe it. Her brother Edmure, yes; it would not have surprised her to learn that Edmure had a dozen natural children.

But not her father, not Lord Hoster Tully, never. Could Tansy be some pet name he called Lysa, the way he called me Cat? Lord Hoster had mistaken her for her sister before. Sweet babes, and trueborn. Never, unless Afterward, when their moon blood did not come at the accustomed time, Lysa had gushed happily of the sons she was certain they carried.

Catelyn had always thought that Lysa had simply been a little late, but if she had been with child She remembered the first time she gave her sister Robb to hold; small, red-faced, and squalling, but strong even then, full of life. Hurriedly she had thrust the baby back at Catelyn and fled.

An old man without an heir. He needed a young wife if House Arryn was to continue Catelyn rose, threw on a robe, and descended the steps to the darkened solar to stand over her father. A sense of helpless dread filled her. She was a widow, a traitor, a grieving mother, and wise, wise in the ways of the world. The Arryns were proud, and prickly of their honor. Lord Jon might wed Lysa to bind the Tullys to the cause of the rebellion, and in hopes of a son, but it would have been hard for him to love a woman who came to his bed soiled and unwilling.

He would have been kind, no doubt; dutiful, yes; but Lysa needed warmth. The next day, as she broke her fast, Catelyn asked for quill and paper and began a letter to her sister in the Vale of Arryn. She told Lysa of Bran and Rickon, struggling with the words, but mostly she wrote of their father.

His thoughts are all of the wrong he did you, now that his time grows short. Maester Vyman says he dare not make the milk of the poppy any stronger. It is time for Father to lay down his sword and shield. It is time for him to rest. Yet he fights on grimly, will not yield. It is for your sake, I think. He needs your forgiveness. The war has made the road from the Eyrie to Riverrun dangerous to travel, I know, but surely a strong force of knights could see you safely through the Mountains of the Moon?

A hundred men, or a thousand? And if you cannot come, will you not write him at least? A few words of love, so he might die in peace? Write what you will, and I shall read it to him, and ease his way.

Even as she set the quill aside and asked for sealing wax, Catelyn sensed that the letter was like to be too little and too late. Maester Vyman did not believe Lord Hoster would linger long enough for a raven to reach the Eyrie and return. Though he has said much the same before Tully men did not surrender easily, no matter the odds.

Ser Robin, she thought at once, flinching. She went to the balcony, but there was nothing to be seen out on the rivers, but she could hear the voices more clearly from outside, the sound of many horses, the clink of armor, and here and there a cheer.

Catelyn made her way up the winding stairs to the roof of the keep. Ser Desmond did not forbid me the roof, she told herself as she climbed. The sounds were coming from the far side of the castle, by the main gate. A knot of men stood before the portcullis as it rose in jerks and starts, and in the fields beyond, outside the castle, were several hundred riders. When the wind blew, it lifted their banners, and she trembled in relief at the sight of the leaping trout of Riverrun.

It was two hours before he saw fit to come to her.

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This is partly true as Sansa is at Kings Landings but even Jamie is not aware yet that Arya is not there. Brienne of Tarth is alongside Jamie as she has sworn to Catelyn that she will protect the Stark girls and escort Jamie to the south.

Since Catelyn has made this decision without asking the King and her son, Rob Stark, she is imprisoned for this. He returns back to Riverrun and tells everyone that he has married Jeyene Westerling. This invalidates the promise he has made to Lord Frey in exchange for their passage through the towers. Rob would have to pay for this later as Lord Frey literally kills every Stark present at the Red Wedding. Jamie had killed his two sons, Torrhen and Eddard Stark in a battle and he is infuriated about that.

In an attempt to take revenge, Lord Rickard kills two Lannister captives that are very young. Rob is worried that Lannisters might start to execute Stark prisoners and he also needs to atone for the death of young prisoners.

So, he beheads Lord Rickard and as a result of that, he loses the alliance of House Karstark. Lady Catelyn Stark is also killed and so is Rob. Raymund Frey kills her by slitting her throat and throws her body in a river. The Northern lords of high Houses are either help captives or are killed. Edmund consummates his marriage but is later held as captive too.

Arya sees all these events as she arrives the Twins with the Hound. She escapes from the towers for her safety but she sees her family dying and later comes back to take revenge for her brother and mother.

It is later revealed that the Boltons withheld their army as they already had a deal with the Lannisters. At the frey tower, during the time of the red wedding and on the orders of Tywin Lannister, Walder Frey Robb Stark, his wife, mother, and rest of the northern soldiers who have been there.

Arya, who had just reached the place with the hound, has to flee because of the situation there. Chapter 67 Chapter 68 Chapter Chapter 70 Chapter 71 Chapter Chapter 73 Chapter 74 Chapter Chapter 76 Chapter 77 Chapter Chapter 79 Chapter 80 Chapter Chapter 82 Chapter At the time of its publication, A Storm of Swords was the longest novel in the series.

It was so long that in the UK, Australia and Israel its paperback edition was split in half, Part 1 being published as Steel and Snow in June with the one-volume cover and Part 2 as Blood and Gold in August with a specially-commissioned new cover.

The same division was used in the Polish and Greek editions. In France, the decision was made to cut the novel into four separate volumes.

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There are list of books in the series A Game of Thrones Catelyn had grown accustomed to him taking her for her mother or her sister Lysa, but Tansy was a name strange to her. I pity the men, if so. And now he has seen me become a traitor as well. Flies swarmed around the bodies as they fell, and the stench grew worse with each one she dropped.

Grubbs and Aethan as well, their ill luck for drawing the watch, Dywen and Barmen for their tracking, and Ser Piggy for the ravens.

As he slipped the huge tent of a garment down over his head and wriggled into it, he spied Chett standing there.