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Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your Galaxy Note (Wi-Fi) from Samsung US Support. prior notice. Refer to the latest version of the user manual. exported as an image file or a PDF file to My Files→ sdcard. → S Note. Download Galaxy Note User Manual (in PDF format, GT-N, Jelly Bean , October English): Download Galaxy Note User Manual (in PDF.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Manual Pdf

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Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Device? .. Note: Instructions in this manual are based on default settings, and may vary. View and Download Samsung Galaxy Note user manual online. Key Functions. Galaxy Note Tablet pdf manual download. View and Download Samsung Galaxy Note user manual online. Android Tablet. Galaxy Note Tablet pdf manual download.

To remove the microSIM from it slot, just push against the slot to make it unlock and a little pop out, then draw the card out from its slot.

For the microSD memory card, the slot of the memory card locates at the same spot of the slot of the micro SIM card. The memory slot is above position of the SIM slot.

There are a lot of more tutorial available on the User Manual of this tablet. If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser. The processor uses big quad-core 1.

Depend on the market regional and also your own budget, the internal memory of Galaxy Note Higher memory means higher price cost you need to spend. Other connectivity that you can use on the Galaxy Note The Wi-Fi uses But there is Infrared, microUSB v2. Although this Galaxy Note The front camera is attached with 2 Megapixel camera p 30fps video recording ability.

Volume Key: From a Home Screen, press to adjust Master Volume. Page Back View Home Screen Used to access the Apps or Widgets tabs. The orientation of the display screen rotates with the tablet as you turn it. The Home screen is the starting point for using your device. Please note that a touch screen responds best to a light touch from the pad of your finger or a non-metallic stylus.

Using excessive force or a metallic object when pressing on the touch screen may damage the tempered glass surface and void the warranty.

Notifications Notifications Tilting Touch and hold two points on the screen, and then tilt the device back and forth to zoom in or out. Notifications shows information about connections, alerts and other items. Panning 1. Touch and drag downward from the top of the screen to display notifications.

When an image is zoomed in, touch and hold a point on the screen, and then move the device in any direction to 2. You can choose a picture to display on the Home Screen, Lock screen, or on both the Home and Lock screens. Choose from preloaded wallpapers, or select a photo you have downloaded or taken with the Camera.

Page 14 Customizing the Multi Window apps Using Multi Window Applications The applications found within the Apps panel of the Multi window can be organized by either being rearranged or You can use Multi window to run two applications at the same time.

You can edit the cropped content, or personalize it with handwriting notes. Entering Text While using the Samsung keyboard, tap Options.

You can enable predictive text, to have the Samsung keyboard match your key touches to common words and 2. At the Speak now prompt, speak your text.

As you speak, the text displays in the text field. Section 3: Contacts And Accounts Just as important as setting up and activating a Google account to help provide access to Play Store, etc.. An Google, and your Samsung account. Depending on the account, you can choose to synchronize your calendar, active Samsung account is required to begin accessing applications such as Samsung Link.

Page 19 1.

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From a Home screen, tap Apps g Contacts. Samsung account. Tap a contact to display its information, then select to display the linked contacts.

From a Home screen, tap Apps g Contacts g Groups tab. Tap a Group to display it. Tap Menu g Settings: Section 4: Messaging Section 4: Messaging Email This section describes how to send and receive messages and other features associated with messaging. Types of Messages Send and receive email using popular email services.

Setting Up Email Accounts Your tablet supports these types of messages: You can configure Email for most accounts in just a few steps. Gmail Gmail Email Settings Use settings to configure handling of your email. Available settings depend on the email provider. Setting Up Your Gmail Account 1. Section 5: Customizing the Apps Screen Samsung: By default, app icons appear in a Customizable grid.

You can change the view type to an Alphabetical grid. Alarm 4. Advanced alarm settings: Use these tools to create your memo: When activated, the alarm only sounds when you are at a specific location. View the current Calendar accounts. Display a list of configurable settings. You can use the camera or camcorder to take and share pictures and videos.

Chrome — Location tag: Store GPS location information in picture files. Set pictures to display briefly after you take them so you can review them. Tap an item to open it if an appropriate application is installed. Drive Gallery Accessing Dropbox on your Device 1.

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Using the Gallery application, you can view pictures and watch videos that you've taken with your device's camera, downloaded, or copied to an optional memory card not included. Page 29 3. With the image displayed, tap Menu g Edit to launch the photo editor. Touch and hold the image then select an option: Rename the photo or video.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 User Manual

Tap a category, and then select a picture to select it. Group play is not the same as Screen mirroring which requires a connection to a Wi-Fi capable Samsung 3. Tap Menu g Set as. Internet Internet — Set as homepage: Set this page as default home page.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Teardown

Move a bookmark to a folder. Your device is equipped with an web browser for surfing the Internet. Maps Maps Music Find your current location, get directions and traffic reports, discover local businesses and attractions, and much The Music Player is an application that can play music files. Launching the Music Player allows you to navigate more. Visit google. From a Home screen, tap Apps g Music. This application takes you directly to the Play Store Games area from where you can make purchases.

Tap the Playlist tab to open it, then select the Songs tab. This application provides a central place for managing your documents online or offline.

User manual for Galaxy Note 10.1

Visit polarisoffice. S Voice 2. Smartphone smarter. Access to this feature requires that you already be logged in to your Samsung account application.

Confirm you are currently signed into your Samsung account. T-mobile My Account T-Mobile My Account Additional Video Features This application provides you online access to account information such as your current activity, billing information, 1. From a Home screen, tap Apps g Video.Set to encrypt files when you save them to a memory card.

Storage View memory information for your device and memory card. I bought a SM -T tablet and to turn it on it want a an unlock pattern, what is that and how do I fine it?

While viewing the note. This is referred to as supporting words and phrases. Latest Posts , User Manuals. Page 17 Browse the Web 1.

You must subscribe to the multiparty call service to use this feature. Search for an application and download it to the device.