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Student's Book Workbook Workbook Teacher's Edit Teacher's Book 2. All about me. • The verb have got. • these/those. • Plurals (regular/irregular) . SAMPLE PAGES FROM FULL BLAST 2 - STUDENT'S BOOK sample text to be. Full Blast! is a six-level course for teenagers and young adults with two core functions and skills for each level, click on the corresponding Student's book. Full .

Full Blast 2 Student Book

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Full Blast 2 Student Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. KSA edition. Full Blast 2: Student's Book by Mitchell, H. Q., , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. "Full Blast 2 Student's Book with Culture Time for Ukraine" "Full Blast 2 Workbook with CD-Rom": "Full Blast 2. Full Blast Plus 4 - Test.

Go to pages for 1. Tom is putting up for. Bill is writing. Ali is making a. At the moment poster for a fundraiser. There are 4 hes looking for. Correct them. They cant put a cat on the flyer because cats arent.

What are they doing? Student A go to page Student B go to page What do you think people do on Earth Day? Listen, read and find out. Lots of activities take place on that day and during the week that follows. Its a time to celebrate the environment, learn about the citys problems and do something to help.

Over 6 million Canadians take part in Earth Day. Families and friends get together and clean up an area in the city. They usually collect rubbish from the streets, parks, etc. In this picture a man is helping clean up a park in his neighbourhood.

Everyone is welcome to help plant trees. Every year people plant over trees! In this picture two children are planting a tree in a park. When do Canadians. People also build things to help nature. In this celebrate Earth Day? How many Canadians take part in Earth Day? What do groups of people But Earth Day is not do? People also enjoy walking, riding 4. Can children take part in bikes or having a picnic Earth Day?

In this picture the boys are 5. What can people build? How can people enjoy nature? Choose picture a or b. TENSE use example 1. What is Ray doing? Present everyday I usually watch Simple activities or TV after school. Present actions Im watching a Progressive happening documentary now now. What do Harry and his family usually do on Thursdays? Where are the children? When does the art competition take place every year? Lets get on Thursday morning. The race takes in the city centre 5 rite Write about a special day in your country.

Answer these questions:. We must all do something to help save the What is this special day called? When does it take place? I usually to school every day. Where does it take place? What do people usually do? Good luck! Have a nice trip!

Get well soon! Happy Eid al-Adha! Read the e-mail and answer the questions. Read and complete the phrases with the words given. Set phrases for letters and e-mails When you write a letter or an e-mail to a friend, Hi Sita, dont forget: Im having a great time. At the moment were to use a set phrase. We love getting together with family How are you? I hope youre fine. Im writing to tell you about garden. Write your first to my uncles and cousins. My sister isnt outside. Shes in the kitchen.

Shes name under this. My mums with one Yours, Bye for now, See you soon, of my aunts. Theyre making dessert. Its Best wishes, Write back soon, a surprise! They make delicious desserts.

Anyway, thats all for now because I must go and help. Sita b. Amina 1. Dear , 2. See you , b. Evan, b. Where are you? Whats the weather like? Imagine its Eid ul-Fitr. Use the information from activity B. Are you preparing a meal?

Who are you with? Think about what you want to Are you having a good time? Make some Cross out the odd word. Then add one more. Hi, Mike. November September Internet A: December B: Its cool!

Its Earth Day today. Youre the winner! What are you doing? Complete with on or in. Whens the bike race? Is it March? Complete with the Present Progressive of the verbs in B: No, its summer. I think its 17 August. Is this competition April? I look for my mobile phone. Its 5 May. Look at your brother! He swim with the dolphins. Thats amazing! Im in hospital. Nothing much.

Whats the date today? Get well soon. Its 12 March. No, they arent. They 5. Im leaving now. Its hot and sunny. Why are you wearing a scarf? Whens the school fte? Because its cold. The rest of the students must guess what you are doing. No, Im not. Are you sending an e-mail? Write 5 sentences. Now I can I think my father is working at the moment. Read the rhyme and circle the corr ect words.

My year by Joh n, UK. Dec ember is the last mo nth Com es Jan uar y aga in What can you guess about this event? It is one of the oldest and most traditional festivals in the Arab world. The Al-Janadriyah Festival usually takes place from the 12th to the 26th of February.

At this celebration of Saudi Arabian culture, you can find traditional arts and crafts, poetry readings and other fun activities such as camel races.

The camel races begin the festival and are one of the most popular events. More than 2, camels and their riders take part in these races. The King gives the prize to the winners and, of course, this is a great honour for them. Where does the Al-Janadriyah Festival take place?

What can people see and do during the Al-Janadriyah Festival? What is the first event that takes place during the Al-Janadriyah Festival? Who gives the prize to the winners? Whats wrong with Bill? Ali is sleeping over at Bills house Bill Hmmm No, no, no dont!!!! Ali Bill, wake up! Oh, it was just a dream. Ali Are you OK? Was it scary?

Bill Yeah, we were all in a museum. Bill Me, you and Tom. Ali Was it like the boring museum on our school trip last week? Bill No, it wasnt. It was full of interesting, ancient Egyptian stuff, like mummies. Ali Mummies? We were in a big room were in ou and there was a small door.

It was open and dream my. I t wa s terrible Ali Was it alive? Bill Yes, and suddenly Tom wasnt there. He was 7 the mummy! It was terrible. I was so scared! What was that? It cant be. Yes, I was. No, I wasnt.

Yes, you were. No, you werent. He He he? Yes, she was. No, she wasnt. It It it?

They They they? Yes, there was. No, there wasnt. Yes, there were. No, there werent. Where you yesterday? No, I. I with Andy. We at the museum. Yes, it. Dan and I at the new skatepark last weekend. Yes, it fantastic! Yesterday there any people in the park because it cold and windy.

Use the ideas in the box and the questions given. Where were you last Friday? Who was in Bills dream? Who were you with? Where were they last week? How was it? What was in the museum in Bills dream? What was at the bottom of the steps? Why was Bill scared? Who was in Toms dream? Last Friday, I was at. Look at the two diary entries below written by two brothers, Danny and Luke.

Listen, read and answer the question. Choose a, b or c. Who was happy about the blackout? Danny b. Luke c. Both Danny and Luke. Wednesday, 3rd April Then something incredible happened Today started like any other day. I got home from school A blackout! Then No electricity! No cleaning! Dad asked me to clean the No computer! So, I garage and Luke asked me played football in the street to find some information on with my friends all evening.

I just wanted to pla It was a football. Find key words in the text. They help you understand the main ideas. This evening there was a blackout for three hours. So, I stopped working on my project and sat outside in the garden with my parents. They were so funny! They sometimes kicked each other instead of the ball. They got a lot of bruises!

Then we had a picnic - sandwiches and fruit - in the moonlight. Life without electricity isnt bad every now and then! Read again and write T for True or F for False. They were without electricity for three hours. Whats the difference between a, b and c? Danny needed help with a project.

Danny cleaned the garage in the end. Danny has bruises now. They had dinner outside. Use some of the ideas in the box.

Yesterday after school, I did my homework and then I surfed the Net. Complete with the Past Simple of the verbs I did my homework and then I Yesterday I get up at seven oclock and prepare breakfast for my family. Maria and Fran stay at home last night and listen to the radio. We go to the skatepark yesterday. We have a great time. Last Saturday morning, Alan tidy his room. In the afternoon, he play tennis with John 5 rite and in the evening, he Write a few sentences for your diary about what you did yesterday after school.

I had quite an exciting afternoon. I got home at 4: Below is an interview. Listen, read and tick the correct pictures a-d that show what happened. Fou rtee n-year-old Dave Sto ne He saved his best friends life. What happened three days ago?

Milford Lake Well, Colin and I went fishing on new underwater in the afternoon. Colin had a ures. He saw a camera and wanted to take pict the wat er. Then big fish so he put the camera in ht? Did you stay there during the nig Our mo bile s were wet so there was Yes, we did. Did you jump in the water? It was dark, scary, cold h fell in. I was No, we didnt really jump.

We bot and we were hungry. Colin slept for hours, but he cant swim. And what did you do? How did you return home? Luckily, we us home.

We were very lucky. Find the Past Simple of the verbs below in the text. Why is Dave Stone a local hero? Where were the boys three days ago? What did Colin want to do? Why was Dave worried? How did Dave save Colin? Did the boys sleep during the night? Who helped them return home? Listen to Paul telling a friend what Past Simple negative - questions happened yesterday and choose the negative questions correct picture. No, she didnt. Student A: Imagine you are Colin, the boy in activity 1.

Student B is a reporter and wants to interview you. Student B: Imagine you are a reporter. Interview Student A, using the questions below. When did Dave save you?

Where were you? What did Dave do? Did you call your parents? Did you sleep? Paul jumped into the lake. The water in the lake was cold. Pauls brother can swim well. Pauls brother called for help and a fisherman saw them. The boys went home without the ball. Read the text quickly to understand the 1 ocabulary A. Did Jamie, Which one is your favourite?

Elsie and Kyle like the funfairs? What did you enjoy? Ferris wheel water slides My mates and I are fans of all sports, but las t Friday we decided to try something fair different. We went to a fun in the town centre. We do nt usually like funfairs because, well you know, theyre for kids. But this one was really es good.

It had lot s of good rid and a fantas tic water slid e. I dont usually go to funfairs, but my brother bo ught tickets for us as a surprise.

I loved it! Some of the rides were amazing. My brothe r told me he didnt like it very much, but I didnt want to B. Look at the box and read the years leave. In fact , I found out its a-e aloud. Then listen and check your half price answers.

I go on all the rides at a 3.

The funfair came to our tow documentaries. They built the Go to pages for extra grammar practice. Its something else! The wh funfair is good fun but the ole 4 isten A.

Listen to three people talking about funfair rides and roller coaster is the best! Listen again and answer the questions.

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Mark 1. Who is Roberta? Did Mark have fun? Adam 3. Did he enjoy the ride? Read the text carefully 4. What did Adam do when his cousin went to understand specific on the ride again? Read and write details. Jamie, Elsie or Kyle. Fahad 5. What ride does he usually go on? What happened to Fahads brother? Do you go to funfairs? I usually go When did you last go to a funfair? What did you do there? What rides did you go on? I went on Do you go to any of these places when you hang out with your friends?

What do you do there? Listen to two friends talking. Where did Phil and his brother, Mark, go yesterday? Choose a, 1.

The new bowling alley is far from the boys house. The boys didnt go bowling because Mark was tired.

The boys played computer games on their dads computer. The boys went to a football match with their cousin. Internet caf 5.

Phil hated the match. Read and put the pictures in the correct order. Last Saturday, Ibrahim and I spent the whole day together. First, we went skateboarding. Ibrahims a great skateboarder and showed me a lot of stunts.

After that, we walked around the city for a while. Then we met some of my friends at a fast food restaurant and had lunch. If we take a firm decision at our level that we are not going to be corrupt, then it is very easy to percolate it to the bottom," he said.

Lamenting that people were forced to pay bribes for everything, the chief minister said everything should change. Bribe for everything This is what should change. System should change totally from the CM to the district collector and to the village level.

There should be no corruption anywhere, he said. Remarking that we are not rulers, we are only public servants, he wanted ministers and bureaucrats to remember this all the time. Highlighting the governments flagship Navaratnalu programme, the chief minister said every deserving person should get welfare benefits on a saturation mode, irrespective of party affiliation, caste or creed.

Even those who did not vote for the party should get benefits, if they are eligible. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. If you not be careful, you might break the eggs. If Saud call , tell him to join us. If you see a bear in the forest, run! I get locked out if I lose my keys. You can only find it in Southeast Asia.


These baby bears about 18 kg. B: Over there, down those stairs. We pay an entrance fee. We keep it clean.

You do the washing-up now. The sign says that we feed the fish! Circle the correct words. I need help. Complete the dialogue with the phrases a-f. Then listen and check your answers. I just have to help my dad wash the car. We had an argument. How about asking Turki to join us? Hold on!

Sultan Hey, Tariq. Would you like to come shopping with me on Thursday? Tariq Sure!Read Brians weekly schedule and answer the questions. Im leaving now. These parts also offer learners the opportunity for self-evaluation.

Theyre not Waiter 4 good for you. Where are you having it?

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Anyway, thats all for now because I must go and help. Listen, read and find out. Bill Yes, and suddenly Tom wasnt there. What do you think is happening?