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Filters Against. Folly: How to. Survive Despite. Economists,. Ecologists and the Merely. Eloquent by Garrett Hardin. New York: Viking Press. pages, $ In Filters Against Folly, Garrett Hardin shows how the filters of literacy— understanding what words really mean, numeracy—being able to quantify information. "For 20 years Garrett Hardin has been our most hardnosed thinker about ecological problems Filters Against Folly makes provocative reading." -- Michael .

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filters against - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Get Free Read & Download Files Filters Against Folly How To Survive Despite Economists Ecologists And The Merely Eloquent PDF. FILTERS AGAINST FOLLY. filters against folly how pdf major filters against folly that we citizens can use against the blindness, short-sightedness, and sheer idiocy that so often comes.

The result we may refer to as. Such a union of privatism and commonism is not even hinted at in the official apologies for free enterprise. Commonize costs and privatize profits--but don't tell anyone. This has been a formula for success for centuries. What a marvelous euphemism! The implied meaning is clearly this: 'external to the accounting books of the firm producing the pollution. The word 'externality' has the effect of pushing costs away from the speaker and toward an otherwhere too vague to evoke emotion.

An external cost is a cost imposed on the public without its consent. How one wishes Marshall had proposed the word 'imposition' for these 'external' costs! Perhaps an even better term would have been the word 'excretion.

We no longer permit an individual to deposit the excretions of his body wherever he likes; neither should we permit factories promiscuously to broadcast theirs. Science has taken a different path.

Why is it so difficult to save something for our children? Human Despite the thrust of the last paragraph.

PDF Filters Against Folly: How To Survive Despite Economists Ecologists and the Merely Eloquent

I can. But the clari. Let me do so. His second failing is his un. In the category of "nourish- the environment for other human beings. This world is the ment.

In what follows. There's enough blame to go around for all As for the poorest of the experts. I these will we be able to protect ourselves against the assump. In earlier days human beings often mistreated the world awareness of his first failing. Only by understanding Nor can I tell others where 1 am wrong: Filtration clarifies: The Tigris-Euphrates river system now supports vironment" is as hard to define as the word "reality.

An expositor who wants to convince should confess his fication is achieved by filtering out-setting aside-part of vested interest at the outset. The more subtle than the physical. Technical that follow will not often be directly concerned with such results arc often difficult to understand. How much compassion can we afford?

Can the rules of'private philanthropy be converted into public policy without gener- ating tragedy? The iliree-filter. Explaining maladaptive behavior is not enough: Allowed In the end. In history so recent that most Americans still remember it. We want prophylactics against folly. Used by Permission of Viking Penguin.

How do we get trapped in foolish actions to begin with? It is my con- tention that many of our mistakes can be both understood and avoided if we are acutely aware of three intellectual filters available to us in our dealings with reality.

In the fictional realm there was Oedipus. It is when animal ambition refuses to yield that the worst follies of humankind are per- petrated. As de- scription the term is apt.

Some "realists" would reduce every In the end. Tuchman speaks of the invariable "wooden. On the grand scale. It would be naive to expect a unitary explanation of so widespread a human characteristic as wooden-headedness. Despite all our ego-centeredness. Bull-headedness to use another term can in fact be adaptive up to a point: Three Filters of Reality servative" be reconciled?

Is there a scientifically defensible form of conservatism? The past three decades of controversy over environmental matters have shown that ancient philosophical questions can Controversies have two sources: In her book The March of Folly.

Latino versations in both cultures. In the English language it was not until the eighteenth century that the present meaning of "sci- ence" became established. Should science be merely an errand-boy to human nature.

Three Filters Needed to Think Through Problems

During the first half of the nineteenth century most English sharpened this question by distinguishing two cultures in Aca. Academia may seem a unity.

Ideas are the basic concern of both cul. The dons. More people had to wait until for the word "scientist" to be succinctly. Snow called "cultures. Thus do they deprive themselves of the subtle but fore the study of things became respectable for anyone but real benefits that only "hands on" experience can give.

It "The Two Cultures. As late as the mid-nineteenth cen- tury. English novelist and hliysicist-turned-administrator. The dis. In 1 an coined. Real science traces back at least to ancient Greece. English-speaking ambition. Each such birth sets in train the potential suicide of society. The attitude that regards work with things-work carried thropologists night have preferred the tern "subcultures. Not only are scholars who excelled in science.

Nevertheless an eavesdropper. Scholars' deprecation of working with the hands is still a se- which has schools of business.

Na- l owly artisans. The style of the humanistic culture-no manual labor- tures. Nat Phys. To scientists in other countries the answer ences were gathered together under the single umbrella "sci. His remark-in-passing was followed three years later versities.

Arnold's culture is a value-laden term. On the ideas in words. Tylor gave "culture" the anthropological English Dictionary. Snow attacked the traditional definition of other hand. Snow later constructed his ar. Part The reciprocal isolation of the two cultures in the academic of the controversy that followed the publication of Snow's world is apparent even in the history of the word "culture.

Not until the publication in of the A-G work and thought characteristic of a community or popula. Two Meanings of "Culture" an embellishment of life that may or may not be present. Every identifiable group of people pos.

Arnold's type of culture may be academics whose lives are built around words-long ago suc- entirely lacking in a society that refuses to be concerned with ceeded in getting this eulogistic word accepted as a label for what connoisseurs might call "the best that has been known people who often are no more than merely eloquent.

In contrast. What Is an "Intellectual"? By this and said. Tylor's culture in some quarters by his basic thesis was exacerbated by his is merely descriptive. Cer- The two definitions overlap but they are significantly dif.

The irritation created ferent. Clarity is praiseworthy. That the anthropological gument. As evidence. We come culture was far greater aniong scientists than it was anionng closest to the truth when we compensate for the bias of one literary and artistic people. Like public controversies can be resolved. By focusing on these three filters.

The ability to read from all occupations. We need to be acutely aware of the virtues and shortcomings With the coming of radio and television the relative ad- of the tools of the mind.

[PDF] FREE Filters Against Folly: How To Survive Despite Economists, Ecologists, and the Merely

In cation. The intellectual life of the literate person was thus What we need most is a categorization not of people. Our intellectual to ols are filters for reducing reality to of popular treatments of entropy diminished the ignorance.

Academic people are inclined to forget that most bright people are neither physicists nor poets. Most expertise is single-filter expertise. Each filter captures only part that the professional's knowledge of the essentials of the other of reality.

See a Problem?

For centuries literacy has been regarded as the prime distin- nessmen. I low many intellectual filters men and women now employ. More important. Focus on Filters the literate filter Snow's approach can be legitimately criticized oil several the numerate filter o grounds.

Snow's categories are far from exhaustive. I f "intellectual" refers to those Distinguishing the Filters who possess and employ a high degree of intelligence. I le was all unusually favorable filter by using others which have different biases. An exact accounting might well show and write enabled the i ndividual to draw on the wisdom and that the majority of true intellectuals actually live outside the the foolishness of human beings distant from him in space so-called "intellectual community.

Perhaps Snow's essay was partly a manageable si mplicity. Polarization and objectivity don't mix well. We filter. At the The documents they read do not at all correspond to what numerate level. The one bacte- most appropriate words?

Continued exposure attention to quantities and rates than they are to rhetorical to the drug causes the bacterial population to evolve toward niceties.

A rate is a quantity of change per unit time. Consciously or not. If they pay too little attention rare variant that has a natural resistance to the drug. They seek to nor numeracy would lead one to predict it. Something else is going on. But of "literacy" to stand for skill in either written urspoken language.

In By Tile simple numerate analysis does not suggest the whole virtue of modern technology the advantages and shortcom. Differential death accomplishes the un- bers. The implicit question of the strongly numerate person Insecticides often have a delayed effect of causing an un- is this: Many effective politicians and captains level there is no reason to expect this evolution: For The relative emphasis on numeracy and literacy roughly instance.

A substance often results in the appearance of a new form of literate person is competent in the fine scale analysis of words bacteria that is immune to the drug as the original form was and their meanings.

At the literate marks of the ecolate attitude toward the world. The pessimistic generalization that comes out Shortly after the end of World War 11 someone coined a of such experiences is this: The natural world is orga- it occurred to me that ecologists in particular use another nized into a web of life more complex than we know.

It sur- they can easily muck things up. Scientists are apt to pay more vives and breeds more of its own kind. A person adept in either will here be considered literate. Caution and humility are the hall- resistance to antibacterial drugs by bacteria. A cautious approach to innovation is the mark of a true conservative. The key question of ecolate analysis is this:The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T.

The Marshall Plan was implemented to prevent the countries of post WW II Europe from adopting communism and or socialism for their new governments.

This world is the ment. As evidence. It would be naive to expect a unitary explanation of so widespread a human characteristic as wooden-headedness. Duquesne University.