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for showing the world what Fantasy AGE can do in Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana! Fantasy originally designed for the Dragon Age RPG, also by Green Ronin Publishing. If you .. You can also download a PDF version of the sheet. The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook is your entry point to tabletop roleplaying. Fantasy AGE Initiative Cards [ KB PDF]; Nobody's perfect, but we can try. Through Tuesday, March 13th, you can get a terrific deal on Dragon Age RPG and Fantasy AGE RPG PDFs at Bundle of Holding. For just $

Fantasy Age Rpg Pdf

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Your first stop is the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, which details the core rules of into larger adventures, check out our Fantasy AGE Encounters PDF series. Dragon Age RPG, Fantasy AGE, and Titansgrave: Free Downloads. This section [August 26 ]. Watermarked PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (41 ratings). The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook is your entry point to tabletop roleplaying.

This new Core Rulebook combines the rules and background of the original game under one cover for the first time, and adds a brand new adventure as well. The game system is easy to learn and play, and the book is packed with lore from the The Fantasy AGE Bestiary gives Game Masters a plethora of new foes to challenge their players, from classics like the basilisk and minotaur to new monsters like the eldritch crown and shard lord.

Each creature is fully detailed, with background information, adventure hooks, game stats, and variants. This beautiful, Based on the critically acclaimed Lazarus series by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark and presented by Image Comics, the book brings this noir dystopia to tabletop roleplaying games.

In the near future, time has rendered death obsolete, and life infinitely cheap.

This PDF version features the same files from the printed three-panel hardback screen, ready to print and use with customizable GM screens or to view on your electronic device at the game table. The GM Kit puts critical game information in front of you, and also includes 6 printable quick reference Many believe that it can never happen again, that the Dragon Age will pass without the rise of such evil.

They are wrong.

Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook

Beneath the earth the darkspawn stir. A new archdemon has risen and with it a Blight that will scourge the lands and darken the skies.

The nations of Thedas need Here they discover more than they bargained for, as the ruins hide a secret more valuable than gold or jewels. The Hermit's Road is designed for characters of levels City of the Blue Rose Welcome to Aldis: City of the Blue Rose!

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This beautiful, full color sourcebook lavishly details the capital city of the central nation in the Blue Rose RPG, providing players and Narrators alike the tools needed to tell stories using the city as a focus. From the intrigues of nobles in the High Ward to the entertainments in the Middle Ward to the roughest parts of town found in the Outer Ward, this Set 3 completes the core rules of the game, providing everything players need to take their characters from level 11 to They will love new specializations like the chevalier, force mage, and shadow, plus new spells, talents, and backgrounds.

Faces of Thedas: Tallis

Game Masters get a host of fearsome monsters to deploy, including stats for high dragons Fantasy AGE Encounters: Ancient Shadows Fantasy AGE Encounters are short "side quests" that can be used as is or expanded into longer adventures.

Ancient Shadows: The village of Crows Crossing lies near a site of ancient ruins and standing stones. Someone has explored where they should not have, and the heroes must decide what to do, lest something terrible be unleashed upon the world.

Ancient Shadows is a Fantasy Three PDFs: One with three pages of screen art, one with three pages of screen tables, one with ten pages of reference cards and play aids The Fantasy AGE Game Master's Kit is a key accessory for your Adventure Game Engine campaign.

It features PDFs of the same art and tables from the three-panel hardback screen, along with PDFs of ten pages' worth of the same quick Children's Crusade Fantasy AGE Encounters are short "side quests" that can be used as is or expanded into longer adventures. In Children's Crusade, our heroes come across a group of children beset by bandits. But bandits turn out to be the least of their worries, and it's difficult to know if all is as it seems AGE Explorations: Each entry in the series presents new game mechanics, systems, or other content to help change the way you play.

Add just the Explorations products you want to your AGE campaign to get the style of play you're after. Change your game with AGE Set 1 put adventurers on their path and covered characters of level 1 to 5.

Now Set 2 brings them to the next stage of their journey, providing everything needed to play characters of level 6 to Its many highlights include rules for playing the legendary Grey Wardens, the introduction of roleplaying and exploration AGE Bestiary: Beastmen Strange mixtures of animal and beast, the idea of the bestial humanoid who combines human cunning and animal ferocity can be found in numerous cultures and entertainment media.

From heroic half-animal men to hungry tribes of man killing beasts, they can be a serious threat or unusual ally to many adventurers.

Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook

Includes cute and furry and dangerous beastmen, centaurs, fish men, minotaurs, and reptile Menace from the Mines Fantasy AGE Encounters are short "side quests" that can be used as is or expanded into longer adventures.

Menace from the Mines: Traveling through a mountainous region, our heroes seek shelter from a storm in a seemingly-abandoned mining town. But something stirs beneath the earth, and it will be all they can do to survive! Menace from the Mines is a Fantasy Alien Horrors Alien horrors are terrible creatures from beyond space and time. Their bodies and minds conform to strange laws foreign to normal mortals.

Possessing potent sanity-bending abilities and physical might, they are a threat not only to the stalwart adventurers who battle them, but to reality itself.

This product includes tips on integrating alien horrors into your AGE campaigns, along with rules Drive for Justice Fantasy AGE Encounters are short "side quests" that can be used as is or expanded into longer adventures. Drive For Justice: Our heroes are asked by a local sheriff to prove the innocence of an accused knight.

Dragon Age RPG

Can they save him before it's too late? Set in the fantastic world of Aldea, these six adventures provide Narrators with ready to go scenarios for characters of various levels. They include ruined mansions, masquerade balls, vampiric curses, mysterious masks, sorcerous secrets, ghostly hauntings, lost loves, looming threats, and tragic quests Between its covers lurk some of the greatest monsters that Open Design has unleashed on players over the last five years - ready to deploy in your AGE System adventures.

All are core fantasy creatures designed for easy adaptation to a homebrew campaign Each entry includes new monsters, treasures, and story ideas that are easily adaptable to any fantasy setting.

Remix the game stats, themes, and motifs It features a page adventure by Jeff Tidball that can serve as an introduction to the game or as a follow-up to The Dalish Curse. Chimeric Creatures A motley collection of animal parts brought together in one terrifying package, chimeric beasts are a mainstay of fantasy fiction, mythology, and roleplaying settings.

From the noble half-lion half-eagle griffons to various abominations crafted from twisted occult science or sorcery, these creatures provide a serious challenge to even the hardiest adventurers. Includes AGE system entries Draugar Writer Byron Molix and Developer Jack Norris take to the frozen barrows and icy waters of the North to bring you the menace of the draugar.

Restless murderous undead returned to torment the living, the draugar are a great resource for any GM looking to add some new threats to their campaign. In addition to several examples of various draugar, this product includes a template for creating your Giants Larger than life threats, giants are a staple in fantasy, mythology, and folklore.

Giants come in various sizes, types, and range from savvy tricksters to near-mindless brutes. Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden Adventures are the heart of any roleplaying game but GMs on the go don't always have time to create their own.

Blood in Ferelden contains three full-length adventures for the Dragon Age RPG, as well as three adventure outlines whose bare bones can be fleshed out for even more action. The player characters will visit savage borderlands like the Korcari Wilds and Frostback Mountains, as Dragon Age Creatures of Thedas: The Wyvern Infamous for ferocity, the wyverns of Thedas are legendary to commoner and king alike.

Bring these fearsome creatures from the "Mark of the Assassin" video-game DLC to your Dragon Age tabletop RPG campaign with this PDF containing complete statistics, game-world lore, and information on the notorious and rare hallucinogenic liquor concocted from wyvern venom. The newest entry in the Dragon As far as the ruleset standards go, I doubt it. But there is always room for more material, be it settings, adventures, monsters, races or class abilities.

No, it means these are the core rules. I'm pretty sure there will be expansion later, other than the Titansgrave setting book.

Declan F July 18, 9: Doga E July 18, 1: In terms of basics, no. That said, the specifics, the race and class options and such, are different, as well as the magic system being a bit more generic fantasy. Of course, this is going solely on the Dragon Age quick start. I didn't actually get the full book for that one. Steven J August 30, 4: There are some differences mainly with how magic works and the inclusion of the Accuracy stat.

Thomas S July 13, 3: Accuracy and Fighting both; while having both has some problems, the changes with using Fighting for hitting with Heavy Weapons, and having Intelligence be used for casting while Willpower is used for Spellpower and mana addresses some balance issues with how overattractive Strength was for Warriors in DAGE and Magic for Mages.

Robyn C July 17, 6: Mor importantly for me, does it provide advice on creating more mundane creatures? July 26, 4: They don't give much advice on creating adversaries. At the same time creatures are incredibly easy to create. Mostly just flavor to show personality though you can let them use some stunts more cheaply than the norm 6 List talents if they have any 7 List anything else that is unique to the creature Perhaps dogs get special pack attack stunts for example Done.

Tristan U July 30, My issue I have with creating adversaries is making it balanced. Any tips? August 11, 3: Still working on balance myself. In Dragon-Age shied away from heavy armor since it can sometimes leave rogues out of the fight. I think that the Rouge's pin point attack forget the exact name is probably designed to fix that, so it might be less of an issue.

Still lower armor values are more predictable. I always felt that one of the worst things to do in combat is turn a hit into an effective miss just because the PC can't generate enough damage to get through especially if the adversary has a decent amount of hit points.

Crista B July 16, 6: Worth buying, I highly recommend what the AGE system does and this introduction to it as a universal system. Jeremy H July 17, 6: It looks interesting in the preview and the gameplay examples on YouTube. But, I'm wondering how the "Adversary" section is for creating monsters.

Crista B July 17, 5: I don't think it's really necessary to have that sort of advice in the book, but the rules do provide a framework for making any sort of threat you might need. In terms of OGL Encounter Level and their AGE Threat equivalent, there is a small table that gives a general idea of what level a character should be to deal with a particular threat.

Conversion isn't discussed, so the small table is more of a guide than a strict rule. Jonathan K July 27, 7: What does the AGE system do, that you highly recommend it? Mostly curious; I was very turned off by Dragon Age's level bracket-per-book model; despite being a fanboy of the series, I couldn't bring myself to spend money on that product line. I backed the new Blue Rose because the setting looks amazing, though I had been expecting to ignore the mechanics.

Curious as to people's thoughts on this. Jonathan K September 03, 9: Which is why I'm poking at this again: I may wind up getting the new DA book, primarily due to the aforementioned fanboyishness. YANN E. This is a primer on the AGE system used in Blue Rose and Dragon Age , it is hence the name fantasy oriented and it is not provided with an specific universe, the core three class and the mechanics are provided and a few specialties, spells and equip [ James B.

On the whole I like the AGE system. The stunt mechanic is interesting, task resolution is generally fast and smooth and it is generic enough to build a homebrew setting around pretty easily. The system and this pdf do however have a few glaring probl [ Jeff P. It's a great little game system: A customer.

I have run this game more than any other in the past two years and ran Dragon Age more than most other games in the few years before that and I really do like this system!

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To use them, you must activate your Adobe Reader software. Click here for more details.As an actor you take what is given to you and have to rationalize why that line or moment would come from you as a human being. Several optional subplots are provided to add depth to her level of involvement in ongoing unrest and subterfuge in Denerim.

The basic rules are 'very lite'. I always felt that one of the worst things to do in combat is turn a hit into an effective miss just because the PC can't generate enough damage to get through especially if the adversary has a decent amount of hit points. File Last Updated:. We also present a short interview with Felicia Day, spotlighting her creation and portrayal of Tallis, so you can get a clearer idea of how to play the part in your own RPG adventures.

Dan B July 21, 7: