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Enter eBook. [1. S. W. Erdnase's. The Expert at the Card Table. The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation. This version is hosted at resourceone.infoandnines. com. Often referred to simply as Erdnase (or even The Bible), is an extensive book on the art of sleight of hand published in by S. W. Erdnase, a pseudonymous. Free Ebook: Learn How YOU Can Become an Expert At The Card Table! The Expert At The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase is considred the cardmans' bible by.

Erdnase Expert At The Card Table Pdf

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A link to download Expert At The Card Table for FREE! This is the "Bible" edition released by You can purchase the book or. DIGITAL PRODUCT (PDF DOWNLOAD). The Expert at the Card Table. Author/ Originator: SW Erdnase. Product Code: e Of the thousands of books written on . 20Table% The pdf from Conjuring Arts has searchable text!.

A self-satisfied unlicked cub with a fairly fat bank roll was too good a thing to be passed up. We naturally began to imbibe wisdom in copious draughts at the customary sucker rates, but the jars to our pocketbook caused far less anguish than the heartrending jolts to our insufferable conceit. After the awakening our education progressed through close application and constant study of the game, and the sum of our present knowledge is proffered in this volume, for any purpose it may answer, to friend and foe, to the wise and the foolish, to the good and the bad, to all alike, with but one reservation, — that he has the price.

Hold Outs.

The simplest form is a steel spring with an awl-like attachment at one end which can be pressed into the under side of almost any table in an instant.

The spring snaps up against the table, the end curving slightly downwards to receive the cards. The thumb of either hand can put in or take several cards from the apparatus without the hands leaving the table. A more complicated table machine passes the cards from below completely over the edge of the table, and the hands, held naturally on the table top, receive and make the discard without a sign to denote the procedure.

Hold outs that are adjusted to the person are of most ingenious construction and very expensive. A sleeve machine which passes the cards into and from the palm by spreading the knees may be worth from seventy-five dollars to several hundred dollars. Some are worked by arm pressure, some pass the cards through an opening in the vest about the usual height the hands are held. One of the most novel and perfect machines ever constructed makes the sneak by simply expanding the chest an inch or two, or taking a deeper breath than usual.

In almost all cases where hold outs are used the principal skill possessed by the player is that of working his apparatus perfectly and secreting the extra cards while in his hands; but to employ a machine successfully requires considerable address, and especially nerve. However, a full description of these devices or their uses is not contemplated by us. They can be purchased from the dealers in club-room articles, and, anyway, the expert professional disdains their assistance.

They are cumbersome, unnecessary, and a constant menace to his reputation. Prepared Cards.

Free copy of The Expert At The Card Table

Marked cards, generally known as readers, can be distinguished by the backs as readily as by the faces when the key is known. Printed cards are manufactured, but these are rarely used by professionals.

The designs are not the same as those now of standard make, and consequently would be difficult to introduce. The usual plan is to mark the standard decks by hand. For the benefit of the unenlightened or curious reader we shall describe the process. It is not at all difficult, and a deck can be doctored in an hour or so.

Nearly all standard cards are red or blue. Cards of intricate design are best adapted for the purpose. Each card is marked at both ends, so as to be read in any position. The peculiarity of the figures or design across the end is first closely considered, and twelve fairly distinct points, or dots or dashes, are noted and located.

Then the four Aces are laid out, and with a fine pen the first point located is shortened barely enough to notice.

The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation

The point is white and the background red or blue, the color of the ink used; and the slightest shortening of a single point or the obliteration of a single dot on a card, is undetectable unless it is known.

The four Aces are treated in this manner, then turned end for end, and the operation repeated. Then the Kings are doctored, the second point located being shortened in this instance.

Then the four Queens at the third point, and so on throughout the deck for the twelve values; the absence of any mark denoting the Deuce.

Now the suits are marked. Three additional points are located, possibly close to one corner. The first point marked say for Diamonds, the second for Clubs, third for Hearts and Spades left natural.

To report this review as inappropriate, please complete this short form.

Thus the operator at a glance, by noting the location of the two blockouts, can instantly name the cards as they are dealt. Combination systems lessen the number of points to be located. The design of the particular deck will suggest whether a dot, line, or blockout, would be least noticeable.

It is seldom that two operators work alike. Cleverly done, it is almost impossible to detect, and unless suspicion is aroused quite so.

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Most of the supply houses keep a skilled operator constantly employed, and will mark any deck to order for about one dollar. Some players make a practice of marking cards during the process of the game.

Another plan is to darken the edges with different prepared inks that are conveniently adjusted in pads. These manoeuvres, while making nothing sure in a given instance, always net the operator a favorable percentage in the long run. Prepared cards known as Strippers are much used by certain players. The desired cards are placed aside and the rest of the cards trimmed slightly along the sides; then the briefs are trimmed from nothing at middle of sides to the width of the cut deck at ends.

This leaves a slight hump at sides of the desired cards when shuffled in the deck, and they can be drawn out at will and placed on top or bottom at option.

The trimming is done with machines made for the purpose, and the cutting leaves the edges and the corners as smooth as glass. There are many other methods of doctoring cards to meet the requirements of particular games, and the skill, or rather want of it, of the operator. By roughening the faces of some of the cards they will hold together, and are more easily retained while shuffling. Faro cards, used in connection with a certain form of brace box, are treated in this manner.

In the construction of the various kinds of control boxes the acme of ingenuity and mechanical skill has been reached, and most extravagant prices are demanded and paid, for these innocent-appearing little silver-plated articles.

See Gardner's Foreword, pp. Although the author did not renew the copyright, the book has remained in print since , albeit small private printings on occasion.

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Dai Vernon is credited with popularizing this influential text in the community of professional magicians. Well past ninety years of age, Vernon was fond of quoting from it, with page numbers, when discussing card techniques with his colleagues at the Magic Castle.

A film based on the life of the mysterious author, adapted by German director Hans-Joachim Brucherseifer , is currently in production. The magicians Yann Yuro S. Erdnase and Alfonso Rituerto himself play the lead roles. It is scheduled to be released in November, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Expert at the Card Table: Retrieved January 13, W []. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications. Retrieved January 8, Published on Feb 7, Facsimile of the original edition.

First published in under the title: It is arguably the most famous and most studied book in the genre. It is still considered a fundamental text for establishing card mastery and remains in print well over a century after its original publication. The first section concerns card table artifice; the second covers legerdemain.

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Why not share! An annual analSW Erdnase Product Code: The professional card player may enjoy the average luck, but it is difficult to find one who thinks he does, and it is indeed wonderful how mere chance will at times defeat the strongest combination of wit and skill. In this new, high quality ebook edition from Trickshop. The thumb of either hand can put in or take several cards from the apparatus without the hands leaving the table.

Dude, Erdnase isn't the authors real name. It is divided into three sections. Erdnase E.