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Agastya Sen, the hero of English, August, is a child of the Indian elite. His father is the Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. PDF | On Jan 1, , Krushna Chandra Mishra and others published Upamanyu Chatterjee's English, August – A Post-colonial. SALMAN Rushdie's Midnight's Children was the first Indian novel to be widely perceived as a vital contribution to literature in English.

English August Pdf

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A best-seller when it was first published, in India in , this satiric novel chronicles the reluctant coming of age of a privileged young man who has just entered. The novel English, August: An Indian Story () is an artistic attempt in exploring the very files/documents/ retrieved on Sep. 09, In this sequel to Upamanyu Chatterjee's debut novel, English, August, Agastya Sen—older, funnier, more beleaguered, almost endearing—and some of his.

The essentialist nature of human self is only mocked at and derided by all the actions, thoughts and perceptions of Agastya. He looks at his own life from the point of view of daily existence. The immediacy of existence is more significant to Agastya than the dry essentialist gospels of religious or moralistic teachings. Madna is described by the novelist as the hottest place in India.

To beat the sun the residents there tie a towel or a scarf on their heads. Agastya finds this very funny and he himself ties a towel around his head and gets himself photographed.

This attitude of Agastya to reduce the serious life threatening problems to such frivolity gives a feeling to the reader that life is absurd and meaningless. The rationality of life, the logic of life makes no sense to a person who is faced with the nature in its red teeth and nails.

When Agastya seriously thinks of the heat, his remarks-. The world outside is not worth journeying out for, and any beauty out of doors is visible only in the dark, or in the half- light of dawn 8.

And administration is an intricate business, and a young officer who lacks initiative cannot really be trained in its artifices.

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There is very little that he can learn from watching someone else; Agastya learnt nothing. For a very short while he worried about his ignorance, and then decided to worry about it properly when others discovered it The paradox of life-the abstract high ideas and morality with the reality of concrete immoral life with crude physical realities is suggested throughout the novel. Upamanyu Chatterjee has excelled as a novelist interpreting the real life lived by the human beings the life which is governed, regulated and controlled by the everyday existence of human beings.

He has used the backdrop of Indian administrative system to show human life in its most basic form, striped of all essence.

He depicts the life of Indians as surrounded by and regulated by the absurdities of Indian administration. The picture that Chatterjee presents is that both the administrators and the administrated are involved in the absurdities and irrationalities.

The existentialist philosophy of life makes us understand that it is difficult to easily achieve any real aims of life. We live for the trivial things. Upamanyu Chatterjee depicts a vivid picture of trivial life. He makes it evident that the tragedy lies not so much in the triviality of life as in the knowledge and awareness of this triviality.

In Madna the human conditions are always in a distressful and disgusting state. Upamanyu Chatterjee considers human relationship to be based on the existential contingencies of life.

Man-woman relationships in the traditions of essentialist philosophy are considered to be defined by purity and morality.

Upamanyu Chatterjee depicts his characters, both men and woman, as struggling with their immediate lives. In this immediate life, it is not possible to make sense of life beyond the immediate needs of life.

It may offend the moral sensibility of the readers but the novelist chooses to be a naturalist in his portrayals of his characters. When Agastya visits Mr. Srivastava with all the frivolity that a man can have towards female. His assessment of Mrs. The novel English August is a real picture of actual life of Indian administrative officers.

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When Agastya spends his time with Mr. Srivastava, he comes to know how an administrator deals properly with each case and the District Magistrate of Madna. He is also influenced by his strong confidence. The first three weeks he will be with the Collectorate. And during the first week Agastya sits with him to grasp the work of the collector.

After all, in a few months he will be Assistant Collector; doing in a sub-division what he Srivastava does at the district level.

English, August : an Indian story

Meanwhile Srivastava tells Agastya that there is an integration gathering at the Gandhi hall at twelve fifteen. He tells him that there was a big Hindu- Muslim riot here few months ago. He continues that the politicians were actually behind the riots. He abuses politicians and tells Agastya that he will really know what they are like when he functions as Block Development Officer.

Therefore, in order to take some precaution, he forms an integration committee which meets once in a month. But Srivastava gives strong reasons in favour of this Integration gathering. His voice turns dictatorial — Effective administration really means meeting the people, and showing them that the Collector and the SP of a district are not www. This is India, bhai, an independent country, and not the Raj, we are servants of the people In this era of globisation, the material things instead of people have become the essential part of social machinery.

In this modern materialistic civilization, politics, economy and administration have become parts of the social system life. His novels bind his readers to this administrative social chain.

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In fact in his creative works, Upamanyu Chatterjee is always impersonal and objective as a scientist. In this way Upamanyu Chatterjee produces very useful messages to his readers through his fiction because his crises portrayal of human beings completely bares the existential during his writings. Even small characters like Shiva give us an idea of about Upamanyu thinks of human life.

Shiva tells Agastya that Mr. Srivastava, the Collector was having an affair with BDO and she committed suicide when she could not marry him. Shiva also tells him about Shanker, and his younger brother.

Shiva tells Agastya that Shankar is a deputy engineer in Minor irrigation department. He says that to get a cut in the extra money he acts like a servant to his younger brother.

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But Srivastava gives strong reasons in favour of this Integration gathering. The picture that Chatterjee presents is that both the administrators and the administrated are involved in the absurdities and irrationalities.

Chatterjee also suggests model of how ideal administratio.