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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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Ebook Tentang Hacker

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Step By Step Teknik Hacking + DVD

So, if you do not change your ip and hack someones wireless network, you let them to investigate your identify by analysing network history. How to hide MAC address?

You may think that how you can change MAC address if computer reads it from hardware? You are not going to make modification on hardware, you going to change RAM. So, when you change your MAC address police will find your fake MAC address and they will not be able to trace hacker. Now you have basic information about what is MAC address, dangers of hacking without changing MAC address, how police can trace you, how we can change it.

Open VirtualBox, start kali virtual machine and open terminal.

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We need to stop our wireless card to change the MAC address. The ifconfig is a program, wlan0 is our wireless card and the down is action what we want to do. So, this command will stop every wireless service and it is nessesary to stop network card before changing the MAC address. This command tells Kali to call macchanger and show help.

There is program usage instructions. If everything is correct the screen should look like this: It shows you what was the permanent built-in in network card MAC address and its corporation in brackets, and down it shows that there is a new MAC address which does not have corporation.

So, now we already changed the mac address and we need to hack into anyones network. But you are not ready for that now, because you do not know what is monitor mode and how to use it.

In the next chapter you will learn what monitor mode is and how to use it with Kali. The handshake is connection of personal computer and wireless network, it is when network packet and personal computer packets meet each other. With handshake you do not need to be in wifi range anymore, you can hack password with handshake and wifi name you will learn this later.

Now you need to capture all the packets that are sent through the wifi router and all personal computers in network. So, now you know basics and ready to actually catch handshake. First of all, change MAC address, enter monitor mode by typing in these commands on the photo: You can see that finally when I checked wlan0 mode it was monitor as you can see on the image. So you are ready to actually capture handshake, then it is very easy to hack wireless network by handshake and wordlist.

Catching handshake Handshake packets are sent every time a client associates with the target AP.

So to capture it we are going to capture every packets that are sent. This program lets us to sniff and capture the packets that are sent over the network.

This program is also preinstalled program. There are two step to catch handshake.

Wait for a client to connect to the access point, or deauthenticate a connected client if any so that their system will connect back automatically. Follow these steps and when you will catch handshake your screen should like this: When you catch handshake you are ready to actually crack password. Cracking any wireless network Now you have handshake and you need to download largest wordlist in the world to have change to hack password.

We are going to use aircrack-ng to crack the key. It does this by combining each password in the wordlist with access point name essid to compute a Pairwise Master Key PMK using pbkdf2 algorithm, the PMK is the compared to the handshake file.

When the password will be hacked the screen should look like this: Congratulations!!! You already hacked WPA secured wireless network!!! It is time to secure our wireless network because as you know it is very simple to hack, and if someone will do, he can then capture packets that are sent over the network and analys them. There will be your mail password, your social network password, card pin and so on.

It is very dengerous to do not have secure wireless network. Next chapter you will learn how to secure your network and become it almost unhackable.

So lets have a look on each of these encryptions one by one: 1. WEP: WEP is an old encryption, and its really weak, as we seen in the course there are a number of methods that can be used to crack this encryption regardless of the strength of the password and even if there is nobody connected to the network. These attacks are possible because of the way WEP works, we discussed the weakness of WEP and how it can be used to crack it, some of these methods even allow you to crack the key in a few minutes.

I'm still in shock.

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Beberapa yang dapat anda pelajari melalui Buku ini adalah: NFO 1. TXT TXT 7.

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