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3mHjtOdjfHjw - Read and download Cassandra Clare's book Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. The Alkahest - a copper gauntlet capable of separating certain magicians from their magic - has been stolen. And in their search to discover the. Callum Hunt's summer break isn't like other kids'. His closest companion is a Chaos-ridden wolf, Havoc. His father suspects him of being.

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The Silver Mask Magisterium 4. Holly Black. He and Alastair drive around town calling out to Havoc, to no avail. Call briefly has a miserable, restless night's sleep when he is awakened by a whining.

He follows a feeling and finds Havoc chained up in a room in his father's cellar. In the room, he also sees a cot and shackles—just the right size for him. Call sees notes on the desk about a ritual—which requires a copper gauntlet and a Chaos-ridden's beating heart—that could take out the chaos magic from a Makar , which would also kill and destroy them.

Call immediately assumes that Alastair will try the ritual on him to confirm his fears. When Alastair arrives, Call confronts him about it. In a fit of rage, Call ends up attacking Alastair with magic and knocks him unconscious. Call, who had already decided that he will leave with Havoc, packs up his bags and takes some money lying around and leaves the house.

Quickly deciding that he will go to Tamara's home in Arlington, he goes straight to the bus station and, posing as an year-old, buys a ticket, using up all his money for the ride.

Once there, he takes a cab to Tamara's house, called the Gables which is well-known among the locals due to its extravagance.

There, the butler almost didn't let Call enter, but he ran past him and almost caused a scene until Tamara herself arrived and vouched for him. Call arrives on a day when Tamara's parents, both Assembly members, were throwing a party and finds Jasper deWinter in attendance, as well as Aaron Stewart , whom Call just finds out has been staying with the Rajavis all summer.

He also sees Alex Strike , who has been staying over because he was dating Tamara's sister, Kimiya. The Rajavis allow Call to stay with them for the rest of the break. Once summer break was over, the kids happily head back to the Magisterium. Once there, the trio go to the library to learn more about the Alkahest , which they had overheard someone talk about at the party, saying someone had tried to steal it and that it would put Aaron, the Makar, in danger.

It has since worried the boy, who has been feeling the pressure and weight of his responsibilities since. Soon, Alastair comes to the Magisterium and asks Rufus if he could talk to Call; Call refuses in fear and has him sent away.

Some time after, Call, remembering the notes in their cellar room, realizes that Alastair may have something to do with the failed attempt to steal the Alkahest. From a previous lecture given by Rufus, Call figures out that the Alkahest was moved from its display in the Collegium to a vault below the airplane hangar—which Alastair had a blueprint for.

Call realized that Alastair wanted this move to happen because he was a good metal mage, and its new placement was in his favor. This bothers Call the following day—so much that both Tamara and Aaron become worried and confront him about it. Finally, Call tells them about Alastair, telling them the things he could without bringing up what he believes is his father's ulterior motives. Tamara, however, fears for Aaron's safety and tells Rufus, despite promising Call that she will keep whatever he will admit to them a secret.

Call becomes furious at Tamara for this, driving a wedge in their friendship. Shortly after, Alex comes to Call and tells him that now that the Alkahest had been stolen, presumably by Alastair, the Assembly has decided that the search for Alastair will be a hunt: they will kill him for the gauntlet. Deeply concerned, Call decides to go after him with Havoc somehow to warn him. However, he is caught by Tamara and Aaron before he could leave, and they insist on tagging along.

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When they are caught sneaking out by Jasper, they take him with them to prevent him from telling. While making their way to the highway, they end up at a base of members of the Order of Disorder in the woods and are caught sneaking around by Master Lemuel ; while he doesn't care if they run away from the Magisterium, his companion Alma insists that the children stay awhile, and she tells them about what they do in the woods: they study the Chaos-ridden.

When a search party from the school arrives, Alma agrees to hide them in exchange for Aaron, a promise from him that he would return to conduct experiments with chaos for them, with Havoc as collateral. Call agrees, and Alma hides them in the building where they hide their Chaos-ridden animal subjects. Once alone with his other fellow apprentices inside, Call tells the other his plan: escape with Havoc while Alma speaks with the Magisterium Masters, and not allow Aaron to come back for their experiments.

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The Copper Gauntlet

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The Copper Gauntlet

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Looking for More Great Reads?This book has an amazng plot that leads you ino a dangerous and exciting plot, filled with anger, betral, and love. Constantine's body disintegrates, and the chaos magic in his body dissipates and is released into the air. View all 5 comments. Es gab Wendungen, die man nicht genau vorhersehen konnte und das Buch endete mit einem Cliffhanger.

While trying to figure out more information, Callum accidentally raises her from the dead and Alma becomes suspicious of him.

Oct 29, Danny rated it really liked it. From Call's perspecti I seem to be in the minority here, but I really struggled with this one. Although Call tried hard to fail the test, he couldn't and the Magisterium that his father avoided awaited him.