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TO THE MATRIX. FIRST EDITION. THE GOLDEN RULE. ૚ ૙ ૙. ૙ ૚ ૙. ૙ ૙ ૚. James Evans Bomær III. JEB³. ˚Arch Chariot. Observer of Spheres Prime Mobile. 10/2/ The Code to The Matrix To all the Youth of the World so you may See the Path to Ascen-Sion. Contents • Foreword • Reasons: 1. 1 to 25 2. 26 to 50 3. $0™à§x„iÌ”E Wâ™\»_„iÌ”E xi E ™à _W}. %0\ü——x»——}º™\³€”E hWF\P xix Free Arabic Qu Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms & Signs of Surgical.

Code To The Matrix Pdf

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Uploaded by: SEASON The Code to the, 39 MB I sincerely appreciate the effort you have put in revealing the code, and for all the other info you were willing to. In addition a printable copy of the Code is now av not the original as there had to be a few adjustments when converting from word to pdf. The Code to the, 39 MB I sincerely appreciate the effort you have put in revealing the code, and for all the other info you were willing.

And at some point, in my later twenties, I just started having a massive recollect of all the knowledge and the things that I had read and some of my experiences and abilities, and somewhat simultaneously around that time I think the towers fail and then a lot of different things happened in the reality that utterly altered the way we saw things then.

I can really resonate with that. Obviously, it was a huge situation. The accounts are holding a vibrational frequency. But even beyond that, you know that I believe that our country had to believe for a while that it was virtually impervious to these kind of things, whoever did it. And that day things changed and I believe that many of us rode that frequency into something higher.

We use that quick wake up to propel us to getting to a whole another level. So, you know, these kinds of things to me become like alarm clocks in the reality and they wake us up. That we like The Flash here in our house, so there was this whole like reactive thing that occurred that has created all these metahumans and I saw that energy of the energy going out, can open up all these, and create all these metahumans.

Yeah, basically. I mean, again, you know it was definitely altering for many people so they took on a different frequency after that. It makes sense. I have looked at it that way, and I just want to think that I really, really appreciate that about you. That you have this vast wealth of information and your ability to take that from the outer limits and kind of bring it into forms here or adopt things or in form and expand on that on another limit is an amazing gift.

Not suggesting that you did it, obviously, you had to, but I love that side of it like you have such a depth of information. Did you study certain modalities or how did that unfold for you? And you know, there would be the whether it was the baptismal, or you know whatever they have for you. I was always an observer. You know I was definitely on the gate in Edison List for gifted and talented.

And when I started accelerating in my pursuit of spirituality, I had already encompassed thousands of books just again as my cartoons more or less of spiritual knowledge.

So, it gave me the ability especially now you know, I think I really had the conclusion of how I can read and really learn from that level. So, I feel like if I figure it out first, then I could really start life.

He's Not That Complicated™ PDF, eBook by Sabrina Alexis & Eric Charles

And the great thing of course is that, these results are really put out for people now to start to get their feet wet. I appreciate the multi-faceted approach.

What would you say is your kind of legacy with all this? Any time you make a massive frequency shift you do really die. So, yeah, I mean just going to those shifts of frequency really allow you to give yourself a new clean slate on life.

And then when you get familiar with that, like if I get familiar with dying? Because one of the things is we discovered a blueprint. Something that kind of exists as some common integers between all things as they would say sometimes as above so below. And this is kind of like basic troubleshooting. I love that you talked about tools and a grounding. But, I love that you also obviously have heard many of the criticisms or the challenges to the information.

Is it real? Who gets to dictate reality and on what dimension and what frequency? And you know, a lot of times our interpretations are just based on that I or that filter which they call the Chakras.

Even in some of the most bunk and dark places if you know how to build a bridge there. I really like that concept when you talked about the Innerversity. So do you teach mostly or do you work with clients directly? But primarily I really started putting together a social network about five or six years ago which has now grown to 16, members. So eventually I started realizing that we needed something that was going to really be able to hold all of what we wanted to do as far as new endeavor like geo location and connecting people conscious people that are in your area.

We even started a form of employment. Only 7 percent of people in the world actually take that initial chance just because they want it first. So, the mass majority is just waiting on that to really start trending to get involved.

This is real, this happy application beyond death, this could answer major questions within society, within racism, within every single structure. You know since Mt.

And then really starting to look at you know just how many applications this spiritual knowledge really has. So, to get people back on the highway of life.

I love that! I said I want it. The emotions that we integrated that would be in the way of it.

And then you have to move beyond the physical body in order for it to show up here. Because of that conundrum like you know what happens when you do accomplish what you wanted to accomplish?

But what nobody told us we just made a new Matrix you know? You know and really kind of continuing to push that envelope.

Let me see you fly across the room, right? So, you know we can see that there is an immense level of misconceptions going on about you know how people pulse to see something in the physical reality when it comes to physical power when there is a metaphysical realm and if you want it to really see how powerful a person was or non-power focus you know we can discharge ourselves.

Then you need that ice deal yourself. We can be sure that we cannot be destroyed because the soul within us, a gift by the Most High, is Immortal and without end, but ye can be made to forget which is called the second death.

Other sentient life forms are found on Earth all the time but we have now been trained to reject clear proof separating us more from the reality of the existence of other Creations, many of whom are very intelligent. This also allows us to make a sober estimate of ourselves and where we personally stand in the levels of Matter.

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When one remains insolent to a fact of such magnitude, there are sure to be repercussions. Those repercussions cause a Supremacist nature; never considering what we think is the top is actually the bottom for another Being. We would assume we are on an elated level which really does even more damage than good since the sub-conscious mind factors in that we are poisoning the same air we breathe, so as the most intelligent we are really the most ignorant.

When this changes, which it will very soon, everything will be different, fast. I had no doubt heard of accelerated thinking and higher abilities, however, my intention at the time was to just seek answers from a Higher Source, not to mention trusting if whether a Higher Source could actually be contacted.

I had done this by chanting until my body had changed its complete vibrational frequency which took about 2 hours and some extreme desire. It was said to be the real formula of contacting the Most High, a focal point to interface with if One came to such a moment that contact would need to be made.

Once I started to activate all the metal in the room was shaking I had to remove my watch, belt, and anything that contained metal. I had no idea this was going to be the outcome, the energy was far more than I anticipated thus I was extremely unprepared and confused but strong nonetheless, I had become the portal for Higher Selves. As the camera continued to run on my PS3 catching these moments I knew we had something special, finally I had vividly captured my proof of the paranormal.

I can only explain it as I went up and came back down very fast and I could feel the Essence of were I had gone inside of me, especially in my hands.

My friend, who is now my witness was even less prepared, he had also experienced the phenomena by simply touching me once I reached High Vibration, this he did by accident or fear of the metal situation.

The Code to the Matrix - Final Copy

This prompted him to grab me and ask me what was happening, like I knew. He was, what I later figured out, in some lower dimension being ruled by some Dominion.

This was defiantly a result of his current character although he was given a chance nonetheless. The sub-Planes are indicated above by the triangles in the center. The pictures of Beings you see are of various Ascended Masters or Gods who rule different parts of the Planes. The 4 outer points are the Gates.

The Kabbalah reflects the same thing indicating the Planes as Spheres or Hexagrams. They also served as Calendars because the alignment of everything from above and below is perfectly in order.

Breaking through the Netherworld with obviously his Ka in tow, my friend got stuck. How this appeared in our Realm was he looked to me to be gone, wacko, done, goosed. I was gathering myself fast, still feeling the strength, but also thinking of the full parameters of what just occurred. I knew that I had to do something fast because my friend fiend was saying the same two words over and over so loud eventually the neighbors would call the cops, he seemed to be in a mental loop.

Later he said at that moment he saw a light and he was able to hurry to it. That brought him back to this Plane.

That was my second vivid Spiritual encounter. We swoon in ecstasy when You touch us, and we guard thy Beloved with our life as no cost. The charge is to admonish the Guided with exact knowledge of this time sequence and its mysteries we will expose as they lay bare before us. This is so all things may be made clear and the Path may be made level for thy feet. Think not these works are those of my own, nay, I was found by the Source headed swiftly in the wrong direction, it was then I was visited.

In that state I was strengthened by the Hosts who perceiving in me such a lowly state but a subtle glow as we all posses the remnants of a Brighter Star in our 11 P a g e hearts.

It was through Them it was conveyed to me my mishaps. It was in such joy of returning to the true Path and turning from the Abyss that I light ultra rays Resplendid that will exhaust Plutonium fuel cells so all in the darkness may know of and come to receive the real Light. It was then I knew that the world could raise its entire vibration by contact with just one person who could hold the frequency. I also felt the activation of the opposite hemisphere of my brain which came first as a separate voice with a mind of its own.

At first I thought I had gone crazy or had broken something in my brain, as I settled down I realized it was my other half so excited to be heard finally.

I spent weeks on Google checking the information after it was made known to me and I was fascinated with such a breakthrough as everything that was being spoken into my mind was accurate, not to mention the personal hidden things it revealed.

For me at that moment I knew there was something they were not telling us, this should be the first subject in school! I imagined how much the encounter would enliven the Youth this is what we wanted.

Later when I was able to enter Higher States through simple whole body breathing techniques I realized our potential as a Species is definitely a threat to anything that seeks to rule over the Human Race.

ICD Framework: External Cause of Injury Mortality Matrix

It would not be possible, the energy of freedom is too great and when felt, ones life means nothing if they cannot constantly feel it again.

They admit the eye can see thousands of miles when there is no atmosphere, this was another phenomena they recorder when in Space. This is the time one is now free to feel and receive the truth from the thin air which contains a stream of information of now, past, future and most valuably who we really are. Who we really are is the biggest secret period, any wise man thinking on that will agree.

What I also felt more than I understood was that it was harder to destroy a Planet than it was to keep it in harmony and peace. This is the true food for thought. I was convinced that the majority would want to be on a Higher Vibration and I set out almost immediately on that Quest.

What was conveyed to me then was that many people in our history all the way until our current day claiming spiritual enlightenment, especially the New Agers, were talking to Angels and Masters that had in fact corrupted our world long ago.

Many of these Beings at a certain point were workers of a much Greater Force thus they learned various mental and spiritual techniques that appear Godlike to humans. In time, pride, jealousy, selfishness, and scarcity crept in the Order and ideas that they should divvy up everything that was resourceful to them became prevalent. This is in part due to the nature of the Most High which does not watch all its Creations like a micro manager.

As with all things some Beings have more senses thus more power than others. These Beings are often times given the name Angels, although there classification is much vaster and the term Angel is far from the word that should be used. Consider this, most modern Angels names end in EL.

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EL is the Name given by the Hebrews of their God which corresponds to our Planet Saturn, this means all the Angels work for El and this you will see is true on various levels as we go on. You will learn to trace the Origin of a Name using a system that is infallible.

Through the correct procedure you can seriously have a Guide to the Universe and a map to other worlds beside Earth Dimension 3. The word with the most practical use out of these combinations is Sat and Urn. As we go on you will learn who Sat is.

It was said Abram rejected the worship of the idols because they had no power. He later discovered the true God and thus became the father of all Mankind, just like that. Logically this story has to have so type of hidden meaning because its literal definition is preposterous although almost all people believe in the literal meaning; they believe Abraham is their ancestral father even when their genealogy places them somewhere like Africa or Asia.

These household Teraphim caused much trouble throughout the Bible even after Abrams exit from Ur. Rachel stole Teraphim from her father and he could not rest until they were returned, a few other similar stories exist like this. It is revealed that the Sylphs, Serpent spirits of the Air whom I call Siths, inhabited these items and would bring forth Oracles of the future.

Abraham wife is Sarah his father is Terah. It is obvious the real story here is about the unity of the Seraphim and the Teraphim both being spirit forms. Again, since the Bible is a partial account of various stories, only those who really have dissected the clay tablets are able to cross all these characters back over to their original Sumarian Archetypes along with putting together the details of their story about what went on.

When we are simply looking for truth and spiritual growth this all becomes too much. So many have never researched any of this and are at the alters blindly saying AMEN, they mind as well add Ra after that, its still the same Being.

Blindly they are dragged about. The Hebrews became enslaved by the Babylonians, along with many other Nations afterward. As more cultures are put into the melting pot of Babylon, facts become blurred with fiction and languages are turned to Babel. You will soon see that many of the stories being told are the events of the cross-breading that took place with mankind.

Amazingly many ancient nations such as the Phoenicians had no written language or culture of their own, instead they borrowed from everyone they conquered. In the Western world we credit our language, English, much of our symbolism like the Phoenix, our current death and resurrection doctrine, and many other things to the Phoenicians who were really the Philistines.

Philadelphia was the original state capitol of the United States. The biggest mistake a conquered people can make is to begin to imagine they were never defeated, thus placing their trust in the assailant. We are seeing the results of that now, our Government, Spiritual Leaders, and Instructors have been telling a multitude of lies many without the slightest knowledge of it.

Some are sworn traitors avowed to something much more sinister. We mistakenly have trusted the same system that once brutally annihilated everything that had its own will so they could indoctrinate their falsehood. Reason 7: There are traitors amongst us with phenomenal resources that have avowed to something far more devious then can normally be conceived.

Left unchecked for centuries they have finally come to the conclusion of an agenda scheduled for the near future. Who will face them? What now has to be done in order for us to discover our true potential is we have to put our real past back together. During the times Pharaohs, Czars, Kings, and Shahs despoiled the lands they found it most important to alter the history, culture, and language of the people they conquered.

This is how they gained a monopoly over social and spiritual power, the later being the controller of the former. Removing a persons spiritual belief in themselves leaves them powerless.

All of Mysticism has effect based on the belief of the Welder of such power.What is to come can not be escaped this was set in motion a long time ago and does not reverse so we must work beyond it. It was said Abram rejected the worship of the idols because they had no power.

Our consciousness, when not hindered, will always look to the sky for answers. Something that kind of exists as some common integers between all things as they would say sometimes as above so below. The paper itself holds a binding energy that perpetuates our desire for it; this was one of many wicked things done by the "Pa"pacy by direction of the esoteric knowledge of the Jesuits. I was always an observer.

With the science of sound which is vibration we can venture to know that if a large wave is made by anything in the same pool, it will only make the smallest waves speed up and increase in size, thus the small are supported by the Great and coaxed to become bigger. If you were strong did you protect the weak? It is already obvious that our current Overseers seem to be very detached from the people, so this means you must build yourself to learn of the higher things.