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Jul 3, The Colorado Chess Informant (CCI) is the official publication of the CSCA Group Block Booking Instructions July 8thth, Rate $ Fri-. Mar 13, Download Chess Informant pdf, Size: MB, File name: Chess Informant pdf, Uploaded: TZ. Apr 2, Chess Informant Viking is largely dedicated to the newly crowned world champion, Magnus Carlsen. He's the emerging global brand and.

Kd4 Rh6 Kc5 Rg6 Rf7 Rh6 Nf3 Nf6 3. Ne5 d6 4. Nf3 Ne4 5. Bd3 Bd6 7. Nc3 Nc3 Bc4 Bf5 Ne5 Later in the article we will see another game, in which Li Chao suffered a painful defeat, this time in the hands of Nepomniachtchi with Be5N [RR Nd7 Esenov Gunbayar , Beijing ] Re1 Nd7 Qf3 g6 It is better to weaken the dark squares than to give up the b1h7 diagonal. Be6 Bd3] A dubious move, it was better: [ Bb3 Nc5 Bg5 Qf8 Qh4 Blacks threats on the queenside arrived before Whites threats on the kingside through the dark squares.

Bh6 Qe7 Bb3 a5 Now Bf7 is threatened, while Whites attack is going through the dark squares. Bf7 Kf7 Qh7 Ke6 Rad1 Nf8 Rd7 Bd7 Qf6 Kg8 Qg6 Kh8 Ne6 Rd7 Qc3 Bd2 Qc5 Qf6 Qf8 Rb7 Qg7 Bg5 Qc5 Bc2 After this provocative move that aims to the kingside, Black has to play energetically.

Bd3 The position is very interesting. Black has achieved a good counterplay on the queenside, compensating Whites activity on the kingside and the bishop pair. Bh6 b2 [ Not an easy decision over the board, but Black seems to be okay. Rab1 b2 Qg5 Re2 Rab8 Qg5 Ba2 Qf6 Ne6 Bg6 Rf8 Bf8 hg6 Bd6 Qc1 Re1 Bb1 Qe6 Kg7 Qe7 Kg8 Just an example of the tactical richness of the position.

Rab1 Rab8 Qf4 Until this moment, Li Chaos play was beyond critics. After this move, Maxime will slowly outplay him. Ba2 Freeing e6-square for the knight was the only move. Bf8 Rf8 Qh6 hg6 Qg5 Qe7 The resulting position after the queens disappearance is quite uncomfortable for Black, but there are not a lot of options. Kh8 This move stops the bishop-sacrifice on g6. Re4 Qg6 Qe7!

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Qd2 Ne5 Rb3 Rb2 Qc3 Rb3 Qd2 Bd2 Bb3 Ba5 Again an uncomfortable ending. Be3 Qd6 Bd4 f6 Bg6 and White has all the fun. Qe7 Re7 Re2 Ree8 Reb2 Rb2 Rb2 The complex middle-game has derived in a position where White has the bishop pair and his control over the b-column has no counterpart.

Blacks rook cannot make use of the d-column, because Whites bishops control all the squares. I would be terrified if I was Black.

My computer does not think the same and evaluates the position as just slightly better for White.

Tips on how to fight the allapin as black

Ne5 Be2 gh5 [ Ng4 Bg5 gh5 Bh6 transposes into the game. Rb7 Nf7 Bf4 Blacks deteriorated structure and his exposed king makes the defense very hard in a practical game. The passive Ra8 is better. Ra7 Nb3 [ Nc3 Rg5 Kh8 Kf2 Maxime will improve his pieces without hurry, Black has no counterplay.

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Rb8 Bf1 Be6 Bd3 Bd5 Bf5 Re8 We reached the 40th move. Maxime keeps improving his pieces. Bc2 c5 Rc7 c4? It is more stubborn to keep the pawn on c5. Bc4] Bd7 f6 Bb5 Bf7 Rc6 Na1 Ra6 Just a matter of taste now.

Of course Rf6 was also possible. Nc2 Ra5 Na3 Bc6 Nb1 Rb5 A good game from Maxime, in which he put a lot of pressure, imagination and technical skills! Rapport Vachier Lagrave Sharjah Rd7 [ Kg4 Rd8 It is just hopeless for White. Rd8 The kind of moves that express chess personality. Maxime goes for the activity of his pieces. Rb8 with clear advantage in both cases.

Rb7 Rd2 Ba3 Ra2 Ra7 Re2 Bc1 Rc2 Ra1 Whites pieces are returning to their original squares Rc3 Kg4 Rb3 Now, the c-pawn is free.

Kf5 Rd3 Ra8 Kh7 Seeking some activity. Objectively, the move just loses, but maybe it was the best practical decision. Rf7 Nd8!

The key. Rc7 Rf1 Ke4 Rc1 Rc8 Nf7 Rc6 Nh6 Ng8 Is this the knight from g8 or from b8? Rc7 Nf6 Ke5 Kg6 Adams Hammer Michael Adams. Photo by Andreas Kontokanis The position looks like White stands slightly better. Lets see what happens when a top-class player put his hands on it. Forcing the exchange of queens. Rd1 Rd1 Rd1 Kh2 Qc4 Rc4 c6 Rb4 Rd7 For sure this was the position Adams had in mind before playing Black has two weaknesses: b7 and e5, and White can slowly improve his position.

Kg3 Kf7 Kf3 g5 Ba7 White is threatening to win the pawn on e5 with Bb8! Ng8 A very strong move. One of the ideas is to fix the kingside with h5, leaving Black with minimum space. The other one is that if Black captures on h4, the pawn on h6 will become a target. It would be a slow death. Here is an example of how that would look: [ Kf6 Blacks pieces are paralysed, like in the classic books.

Nc8 Bc5 Ne7 Ke2 Ng8 Rb3 Nf6 Ba7 Kf6 Bb8 Ne7 Rd3 Kd3 Nc8 Kc3 c5 Bc7 Zugzwang! Ke7 Kg4 Ne7 Now, h6 is also a weakness. Kh4 Ke8 Rb3 with the idea of transferring the rook through the 3rd rank after c3-c4. Rg7 Ba7 Nf6 Bb8 Tying up the knight. Nd7 Bd6 Kd8 Kh5 Beautiful. Each one of Whites pieces is attacking each one of Blacks weaknesses! Rf6 Rd3 Ke8 Bb4 c5 Bd2 White has concentrated his efforts on h6 and the pawn will fall.

The result of Rf7 Bh6 Nf6 Kg6 Ng8 Bg5 The technical move. Also possible would have been possible the nice: [ Rd8 Kd8 Kf7 Nh6 Kg7] An instant classic!

An endgame conducted with mastery by Adams. This fragment is an example of Shakriyars forcing style, which inflicted the only defeat upon Michael. Mamedyarov Adams Sharjah Black wants to capture the pawn on g7. It is going to be a position where Black has three pawns for the knight and Whites king seems to be more exposed. Shakhriyar decides to defend the g7pawn. Qe5 [ Rg6 fg6 Kg2 Kg7 Qe7 Qf7 it is halfway between equality and a small advantage for White. Qe5 Qe6?

Qe8 Rg6 Qf1 is perpetual check. Qb8 Kg7 There is also Power play Palliser discussed 1 e4 c5 2 c3 d5 3 exd5, but he suggested Qxd5 instead of The Sveshnikov book suggested Nf6 instead of What do you play against the ambitious try of Think mentioned could transpose into a good line of the Panov, but didn't notice this when had a brief look in GM 6.

Advice for White after 1 e4 c5 2 c3 might be found in an article in the October issue of Chess Life, a section of Openings for Amateurs by Pete Tamburro. The c3 Sicilian by John Emms Just been looking at that in opening explorer.

I like the look of it from the black side. I play e6 Sicilians , so if white plays a deferred c3, it would have to be something else What's GM6? There's another thread that I've seen recently discussing this g6 move - will seek out!

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Sep 9, 1. IM poucin.

Chess Informant 131 FC2

Sep 9, 2. Sep 9, 3. Linking him videos he can't watch. So helpful, wow. Sep 9, 4. Sep 9, 5. What did u do to help instead of criticizing?

FM Rumo Sep 10, 6. Sep 10, 7. Sep 10, 8. Maybe not so good as main lines, but for a practical test Morevover Clopin, u are here, u know better than Willimas how to handle Alapin?

Well, tell us how to play then? And what about Finegold's one? U continue to criticize me, now S. Williams, lol without arguing and answering Please, don't criticize for nothing Sep 10, 9.Returning to earth, Chess Informant 99 has main games some fragments , most of them incredibly densely annotated. Kh1 Bf4? Ra5 Na3 Nc3 Dutch with 3. Then, too, theirs are not downloadable, at least in the most popular and usable format, whereas ChessBase material can be searched and manipulated, and you do get a database of recent games.

Rae1 Rad8 Shirov goes over three games from the event in multimedia 'Fritztrainer' mode.