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BSC Banking Services Chronicle Magazine September PDF Click on download. Banking Services Chronicle Magazine May in Hindi & English PDF Download – दोस्तों आज SarkariExamHelp आप सब छात्रों के बीच Current. Banking Services Chronicle Magazine April PDF Download – दोस्तों आज SarkariExamHelp आप सब छात्रों के बीच Current Affairs से.

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11) BSC Magazine November (English) 12) BSC Magazine December (English). Join Our Telegram Group to Get Latest Updates : Click Here. Join BSC Magazine. With Bank PO exam as its forte, the monthly magazine has enough material to cater the needs of other exams as well. The magazine has. BSC-Magazine-Match-Point-Februarypdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The following endorsements and other stated information is required on the original certificate of insurance: Automobile Liability: Submission of Certificate of Insurance: The original certificate of insurance. Mail the original certificate of insurance to: Upon request. Termination for Convenience HCC may. Limited Sales Tax Number: State of Texas and local laws.

All contract renewals or extension may be subject to approval by the Board of Trustees. Venue of any suit. Bids do not become contracts until they are accepted by HCCS through issuance of written purchase orders or other duly executed documents. Jurisdiction and Venue The Contract shall be construed and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.

Contract Term The Contract performance period shall be for a two year period. The Depository Contract term also provides for an extension period not to exceed 90 days for the transition to the new depository at the end of the term.

Ethics Conduct Any direct or indirect actions taken to unduly influence competitive purposes. The Contractor agrees to enter into agreements for the Work identified in Attachment No.

Termination for Default HCC may terminate the contract immediately for default. Small Business Compliance To ensure compliance with the stated small business participation goal in this contract.

HCC shall have against the Contractor. No such change shall be effective in the absence of express written direction of HCC. In the event of termination for default. Changes HCC shall have the right. This Contract shall inure to the benefit of.

Assignment The Contractor may not assign or transfer any of its rights. Independent Contractor It is agreed and understood that the Contractor shall be deemed to be an independent contractor in all its operations and activities hereunder. Notices All notices hereunder by either party to the other shall be in writing.

Procurement Operations Houston Community College System: Insurance Requirements The Contractor agrees to comply with the insurance requirements contained herein. Box Houston. HCC shall not be responsible for any payment of any service or product received that occur after the end of the current contract period.

Upon cancellation of this contract. Appropriated Funds The purchase of any service or product under this contract beyond the initial contract period is contingent upon the availability of appropriated funds. Entire Agreement This Contract and its accompanying exhibits contain the entire understanding of the parties regarding the services or materials provided and supersede all prior agreements.

HCC shall have the right to cancel this contract at the end of the current fiscal year if funds are not allotted for the next fiscal year to continue this contract. This Agreement may not be amended or modified. Invoicing and Payment The Contractor shall submit an original invoice to the address shown below for the goods or services which have been inspected and accepted by HCC: HCC reserves the right to cancel this contract by giving the Contractor a thirty 30 day written notice of cancellation without penalty.

Texas Reference: Georgia Coats. Senior Buyer To be reported monthly: TX Attn: This policy serves to satisfy the statutory requirements specifically the Public Funds Investment Act. Chapter of the Texas Government Code [the Act] to define. It is the policy of HCCS that. Each major fund type has varying cash flow requirements and liquidity needs. Page 20 Page 4 Policy 2.

Page 9 Authorized Investments 7. Page 16 Safekeeping and Collateralization Page 17 Performance Page 15 Diversification 9. Page 4 Scope 4. Page 7 Investment Objectives 5. Page 4 Investment Strategy 3.

Page 15 Authorized Financial Dealers and Institutions Page 11 Effect of Loss of Required Rating 8. Page 19 Investment Policy Adoption and Amendment Page 19 Reporting Page 8 Investment Responsibility 6.

The restrictions limit possible credit risk and provide the maximum measure of safety. An active cash management and investment policy will be pursued to take advantage of investment interest as a viable and material source of revenue for HCCS funds. The investment strategy emphasizes low credit risk.

This strategy uses local government investment pools to achieve diversification. Investment shall be made with the primary objectives of: Safety and preservation of principal Maintenance of sufficient liquidity to meet operating needs Maximization of yield on the portfolio Public trust from prudent investment activities 3.

In order to minimize risk of loss due to interest rate fluctuations. Within the investment objectives.

The allowable investment instruments as defined in Section 7 of this Policy reflect the avoidance of credit risk. Diversification refers to dividing investments among a variety of securities offering independent returns. To increase the interest earnings for funds identified as being available for investment over longer periods of time based upon a cash requirements projection.

HCCS will consider the following strategies: HCCS maintains a comprehensive and proactive cash management program.

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HCCS maintains a portfolio that utilizes specific investment strategy considerations designed to address the unique characteristics of the fund groups represented in the portfolio. Effective cash management is recognized as essential to good fiscal management. The purpose of this investment policy the Policy is to set forth specific investment policy and strategy guidelines for HCCS in order to achieve the goals of safety.

The composite portfolio will have a dollar weighted average maturity of two 2 years or less. The management of maturities refers to structuring the maturity dates of the direct investments so that. Because of the size and expertise of their staff. Ethic and disclosure requirements for outside financial advisors and service providers are in Chapter In this manner. Building a laddered structure of Investment Policy authorized securities with staggered maturities for all or part of the longer term investable funds.

The strategy of HCCS calls for the use of investment pools as a primary source of diversification and supplemental source of liquidity.

Section 80b-1 et seq. At no time shall the Advisor take possession of securities or funds or otherwise be granted authority to transact business on behalf of HCCS. Chapter of the Texas Government Code mandates certain actions by governing boards of state entities involved in the management and investment of state funds and adds disclosure requirements for outside financial advisors and service providers.

Funds are usually available from investment pools on a same-day basis. Funds that may be needed on a short-term basis but that are in excess of the amount maintained at the depository bank are available for deposit in investment pools.

Any contract awarded by HCCS for investment advisory services may not exceed two years. The benefits of this ladder approach include the following: An appointed Investment Advisor shall act solely in an advisory and administrative capacity. HCCS may. An investment pool is an entity created to invest public funds jointly on behalf of its participants and whose investment objectives in order of priority match those objectives of HCCS.

The Investment Policy shall govern the investment of all financial assets considered to be part of HCCS entity and includes the following funds or fund types: Except as may be required by the bond ordinance specific to an individual issue.

Debt Service Funds. Endowment and Loan Funds. This policy does not include funds governed by approved trust agreements. When market conditions allow. HCCS will maintain portfolio s. Hold until Maturity. All security types. No investment maturity shall exceed the final maturity of the bond issue. Should it become necessary to sell a security prior to maturity. Securities purchased shall not have a stated final maturity date which exceeds the debt service payment date.

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The strategy of HCCS is to maintain sufficient liquidity in its portfolio so that it does not need to sell a security prior to maturity. Market conditions and arbitrage regulations will influence the investment of capital project funds.

These funds have predictable payment schedules. HCCS may add or delete funds as may be required by law. The secondary objective is to create a portfolio structure that will experience minimal volatility during economic cycles through diversification by security type. HCCS shall maintain a comprehensive cash management program with includes collection of accounts receivable. These individuals must be qualified and capable in making investment decisions. Cash management is defined as the process of managing monies in order to insure maximum cash availability and maximum yield on short-term investment of pooled idle cash.

This is accomplished by structuring the portfolio so that securities mature concurrent with cash needs to meet anticipated demands. The safety of the principal invested always remains the primary objective. Safety of principal invested is the foremost objective in the investment decisions of HCCS. All investments shall be designed and managed in a manner responsive to public trust and consistent with all applicable Texas statutes.

As provided in this policy.

Such procedures shall include explicit delegation of HCCS to persons responsible for investment transactions. Finance and Administration. Because all possible cash demands cannot be anticipated. The authority for investing funds rests with the Board of Trustees. Return on investment is of secondary importance compared to the safety and liquidity objective described above.

Each investment transaction shall seek to ensure the preservation of capital in the overall portfolio. HCCS shall manage and invest its cash with four primary objectives.

In the management of the investment program. The core of investments is limited to relatively low risk securities in anticipation of earning a fair return relative to the risk being assumed. All officials of HCCS having either a direct or indirect role in the process of investing idle funds shall act responsibly as custodians of the public trust. Finance and Administration shall establish written procedures for the operation of the investment program consistent with this Policy.

The risk of loss shall be controlled by investing only in authorized securities as defined in this Policy. Finance and Administration shall be responsible for all transactions undertaken. Both the Vice Chancellor. Finance and Administration and the Executive Director. Commitment of financial and staffing resources in order to maximize total return through active portfolio management shall be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

Officers and employees involved in the investment process shall refrain from personal business activity that could conflict with proper execution of the investment program. An Investment Officer who has a personal business relationship with the depository bank or with any entity seeking to sell an investment to HCCS shall file a statement disclosing that personal business interest. Finance and Administration may delegate any phase of the investment program to the Executive Director.

The Vice Chancellor. The system of controls shall be designed to provide reasonable assurance that ensures the assets of HCCS are protected from loss. An Investment Officer who is related within the second degree of affinity or consanguinity to an individual seeking to sell an investment to HCCS shall file a statement Business Affairs are responsible for daily investment decisions and activities.

Investment officials shall disclose any material interests in financial institutions with which they conduct business.

Vice Chancellor. The concept of reasonable assurance recognizes that: Finance and Administration shall be designated as the primary investment officer for HCCS and shall be responsible for investment decisions and activities under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

The standard of prudence to be applied by the Investment Officer shall be the "prudent investor" rule. The Investment Officer acting in accordance with written policies and procedures and exercising due diligence.

Investment Officials shall refrain from undertaking personal investment transactions with the same individual with whom business is conducted on behalf of HCCS. All Investment Officials involved in investment transactions will be bonded. All HCCS Investment Officials having a direct or indirect role in the investment of HCCS funds shall act as custodians of the public trust avoiding any transaction which might involve a conflict of interest.

A statement required under this subsection must be filed with the Texas Ethics Commission and the Board of Trustees. HCCS is not required to liquidate investments that were authorized investments at the time of purchase. Interest rate risk is the risk that the value of a portfolio will decline due to an increase in the general level of interest rates. The Investment Officer shall establish a system of written internal controls.

The training will include education in investment controls. The following list of authorized investments for HCCS intentionally excludes some investments authorized by law. The controls shall be designed to prevent loss of public funds due to fraud. This review will provide assurance of compliance with policies and procedures as specified by this Policy. Clear delegation of authority to subordinate staff members.

The authorized list of investment instruments are as follows: As stated previously. Custodial safekeeping. Control of collusion. Such training from an independent source shall include the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Written confirmation for telephone voice transactions for investment and wire transfers.

The investment officers shall attend at least one training session containing at least 10 hours of instruction relating to the officer's responsibility under the Public Funds Investment Act within twelve 12 months after assuming duties. These restrictions are placed in order to limit possible risk and provide the maximum measure of safety to HCCS funds.

The internal controls are to be reviewed annually in conjunction with an external independent audit.

The internal controls shall address the following points. Avoidance of physical delivery securities. Separation of transactions authority from accounting and record keeping.

Credit risk is the risk associated with the failure of a security issuer or backer. The investment training session shall be provided by an independent source approved by the Board of Trustees or a designated investment committee advising the investment officer. Development of wire transfer agreement with the depository bank or third party custodian.

The agreement must have a defined termination date and must be secured by obligations of the United States or its agencies and instrumentalities. Reverse Repurchase Agreements. Fully collateralized Repurchase Agreements. Public funds investment pools which invest in instruments and follow practices allowed by the current law as defined in Section A certificate of deposit issued by a depository institution that has its main office or a branch office in this state.

These investments are authorized. HCCS shall diversify the use of investment instruments to avoid incurring unreasonable risks inherent in over-investing in specific instruments. Diversification by investment instrument shall not exceed the following guidelines for each type of instrument: Percentage of Portfolio Maximum U.

The Investment Officer will take all prudent measures that are consistent with this Investment Policy to liquidate an investment that is downgraded to less than the required minimum rating. Government securities. HCCS will attempt to match its investments with anticipated cash flow requirements.

State law specifically prohibits investment in the following securities: HCCS will not directly invest in securities maturing more than ten 10 years from the date of purchase. Diversification of the portfolio considers diversification by maturity dates and diversification by investment instrument. With the exception of U. The entire HCCS portfolio. Maturity scheduling shall be managed by the Investment Officer so that maturities of investments shall be timed to coincide with projected cash flow needs.

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Diversification of investment instruments shall be utilized to avoid incurring unreasonable risks resulting from over-concentration of investments in a specific maturity. The longer the maturity of investments. Unless matched to a specific cash flow.

No public deposit shall be made except in a qualified public depository as established by state laws. The review may include. Upon completion of the annual review by the Vice Chancellor.

Depositories located outside HCCS limits. Financial institutions federally insured banks with and through whom HCCS invests shall be state or national banks. All banking services will be governed by a depository contract awarded by the Board of Trustees.

An annual review of the financial condition and registration of qualified bidders will be conducted by the Vice Chancellor. In addition. Section 2.

Any collateral with maturity over five 5 years must be approved by the Investment Officer before the transaction is initiated. A clearly marked evidence of ownership. Federal Reserve System. Release of collateral or substitution of securities must be approved in writing by the Investment Officer. All securities owned by HCCS shall be held by its safekeeping agent.

Bonds must be and must remain investment quality: HCCS shall contract with a bank or banks for the safekeeping of securities either owned by HCCS as part of its investment portfolio or held as collateral to secure time deposits. HCCS shall authorize the release of funds only after receiving notification from the safekeeping bank that a purchased security has been received in the safekeeping account of HCCS.

The safekeeping agreement must clearly state that the safekeeping bank is instructed to release purchased and collateral securities to HCCS in the event HCCS has determined that the depository bank has failed to pay on any matured investments in certificates of deposit. In order to anticipate market changes and provide a level of security for all funds. The agreement is to specify the acceptable investment securities as collateral.

Consistent with the requirements of the Public Funds Collateral Act. Original safekeeping receipts shall be obtained and held by HCCS.

By doing this. The total market value of the eligible security must be reported at least once each month to the Board. The notification may be oral. Government Code. The reports prepared by the Vice Chancellor.

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HCCS and the financial institution shall jointly assume the responsibility for ensuring that the collateral is sufficient. HCCS requires all bank deposits to be federally insured or collateralized with eligible securities.

Finance and Administration shall submit a signed quarterly investment report that summarizes the investment strategies employed in the most recent quarter. The report will be provided to the Board of Trustees. The report will be prepared in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. The quarterly investment report shall include a succinct management summary that provides a clear picture of the status of the current investment portfolio and transactions made over the past quarter.

Consistent with the requirements of State law. This management summary will be prepared in a manner. The market value of collateral will always equal or exceed the principal plus accrued interest of deposits at financial institutions. In making investment purchases. The report will include the following: The listing shall include total pledged securities itemized by name. The portfolio shall be designed with the objective to obtain a market rate of return on investments commensurate with investment risk constraints and cash flow requirements of HCCS.

Finance and Administration shall be formally reviewed at least annually by an independent auditor and the result of the review shall be reported to the Board of Trustees by that auditor.

This list will include the name of the fund or pooled group fund for which each individual investment was acquired. The Board of Trustees must adopt a written instrument that it has reviewed the Investment Policy and investment strategies and the written resolution so adopted shall record any changes made to the Investment Policy or strategies.

Unrealized gains or losses resulting from appreciation or depreciation by listing the beginning and ending book and market value of securities for the period. Treasury Bill 2. Treasury Bill 1. Treasury Bill 7. Treasury Note 0. Series BSC magazine. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Order in the matter of Altius Finserv Private Limited. Interim Order in the matter of Chakra Infrastructure Limited.

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Prospective Bidders Re: August 14, Internal Distribution of Solicitation: August 23 October 26, Negotiate Best and Final Price, if necessary. November Insurance Required: Preparation for Bid a. Selection of Bank and Submission of Bids a. Opening of Bids a. Availability of Funds.

Interest Rates.Both the Vice Chancellor. Officers and employees involved in the investment process shall refrain from personal business activity that could conflict with proper execution of the investment program. In the management of the investment program. The notification may be oral. HCCS maintains a comprehensive and proactive cash management program.

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