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Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman cast a holistic new light on an emerging . Spontaneous evolution: our positive future (and a way to get there from here) /. Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here Paperback – August 1, According to pioneering biologist Bruce H. Lipton, it’s not only possible, it’s already occurring. In Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman cast a holistic. Spontaneous Evolution is the life-map we've all been waiting for! With just the right blend of spiritual humor and rock-solid-science, Bruce Lipton and Steve.

Bruce Lipton Spontaneous Evolution Pdf

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Like it or not, our future depends on the choices we make as a species. By Dr. Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman. Spontaneous Evolution. Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief, Fall Please use the following citation format: that's called Spontaneous Evolution. Because within a very short time. Conscious Community, in New Book, Spontaneous. Evolution, by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman. From Chapter on Healing the Body Politic. Page

Its also, in the brain, when you have stress hormones in your body, you constrict the blood vessels in your forebrain so that the blood preferentially goes to the hindbrain. This is where the brain controls reaction and responses to the environment, stimulus responses.

So when you are thinking, you are using the forebrain.

When you are reacting you are using the hindbrain. So the biology of stress redirects the flow of the blood from the forebrain to the hindbrain to encourage that.

So I say, Cool, the blood flows change when you are in stress versus when youre happy. And I go, Oh thats nice. What does this mean for the fetus? The fetuss body develops in response to the nourishment it gets. Whatever tissue gets more nourishment grows faster. And I say, Okay, what is the consequence of a fetus that is in a mother that is stressed in the world that she lives in? The stress hormones from the mother which cause her blood to go to her arms and legs and get ready for fight or flight and cause the blood flow in the brain to go to the back.

That happens in the fetus.

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But the fetus is growing very quickly in response to nourishment. So I say, What will happen to a fetus that lives in a mother who perceives the world as stress? And the answer is, the blood flow in the fetus will preferentially go to the arms and legs. The fetus will be bigger! More muscular! And what about the blood flow to the brain? And I say, What have you done? You have changed the genetic readout of this fetus to create a street fighter.

And the reason why is, if the world really is a struggle, as perceived by the mother, then a fetus that grows up with these characteristics of a bigger physical body and a better coordinating hindbrain; this child will survive better in a stressful environment.

But what is the consequence? What if the child were in a healthy environment, a happy environment as perceived by the mother? The blood then goes into the viscera, all the organs of growth, maintenance and health of the body get nourished very well. Never have we had such understanding of the workings of our world, and yet we appear to be propelling ourselves inexorably towards our own extinction through a combination of exponential population growth, an economic system which is dependent on an ever-increasing addiction to the consumption of unnecessary material goods and an unsustainable food production system which is emptying the seas of fish and removing vast tracts of forest which act as our world's lungs, replenishing the air we need to breathe.

Many of us are also at war with members of our own species. How is it that we are, at one and the same time, the smartest of species when it comes to knowledge and the stupidest of species when it comes to behaviour? Just as a computer is only as capable as its programming, the human mind is dependent not just on the accuracy of the information it has to work with but also the integrity of the conceptual framework with which it seeks to associate and draw conclusions from that information.

Maybe some of what we "know" is wrong? Is it possible that our self-destructive behaviour can be traced back to what Lipton calls the "Four Myth-Perceptions of the Apocalypse"?

Personally, I like to think of this trend as an attempt to avoid considering the importance of relationship.

Reductionism denies the importance of the relationship of parts in a functioning whole. Mechanism denies organic interrelatedness, trying to replace it with the simple inflexible workings of a machine. And materialism looks at things but not at their relationship to each other. While there are advantages to breaking things down into their constituent parts, making analogies between living things and machines if only because we can make more effective machines by copying the superior technology of nature and considering forms of matter in isolation, each of these approaches falls far short of the apprehension of reality we can achieve when we take an holistic approach.

And the denial at the heart of materialism can no longer be maintained now that we know that, when we look at the subatomic structure of matter, there is nothing there but relationship. And in this particular case.. I am very familiar with the fact that there is some kind of unwritten statement in the profession that says.. Because if we do not offer the patient that there are possibilities to get out. What could a practitioner do tomorrow with their patient.

There is some hope for me. So why does conventional science reject this idea so much? And then when you come in and say. We have this other diagnosis.. And this is what the whole issue about the evolution that the planet is facing right now. And as a result. But I think the most. I grew up in the regular world of genetics. We have been educated with things that we are supposed to think.

So that is one thing.. And the reason is the pharmaceutical industry only makes money when they sell drugs.

I have to tell you from my personal side of the story line. I grew up in the field. After that it is very difficult. I may take some action and change this probability.

This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to bring this in. And that is an unfortunate situation but that is what happens when you build a health system.

But when we start to recognize. Because if you go back to your education.

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And this is really where we have to get back into it. It is very interesting. I taught in the medical field. We can take it apart and look at all the parts and the pieces.

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What they have left out is. If you have very bad driver education then the vehicle could get damaged and wrecked along the way.

This is relevant because in a regular automobile. If you could market it and put it in a capsule. And therefore the system does everything in its power to direct us away from this new awareness and keep us in the old track. Is there any new biology that has been presented about genes that would contradict the conventional thought? And the point is.

A whole science built on a model of how life works and the model says you have to have Now it is time to really focus on the driver in that vehicle and give them the proper education. It turned out it was actually a venture capitalist project because what the pharmaceutical industry saw was every gene was going to be the equivalent of a new drug.

And then when the results came in around And then you have regulatory genes that control the other genes. They start the project. It takes a gene to make a protein so you have I thought. So the number comes to Lifestyle is the driving of the vehicle! We have been focusing on the vehicle.

Bruce H. Lipton

That was the fun part! Because the Human Genome Project got off the ground originally by venture capitalists because what they saw was a human body should have This was the understanding of science.

And what was wrong was. Well then how can I build this complex human body with so few genes? So they were very excited. What is it saying? Oh yes. Did the Human Genome Project have anything to shed light on this? Genetics vs. And that was the way. We operate from that database of learned beliefs.

Not our conscious perceptions. This is completely like pulling the rug out under the belief system! It was such an astonishing finding that the topic.. Whenever we learned a skill by observing our parents. And these learned beliefs become our perceptions. You are not just a passive person in the backseat of your vehicle.

The new science comes out. Right now the cost of health care is undermining every country. Our perceptions were acquired through our education processes and primarily through the first six years of our development. I have a question. You are involved.. And this is helpful. Because we can look at. What does a practitioner say to a client to help them have this new level of understanding? So this is a very important finding because this is the key to bringing health to the world.

That meant our belief system of how the human biology worked was so wrong that we were estimating It turns out that all this inflated cost of health care is because we have misunderstood how it worked. The cost of health care is one of the greatest debts to our nation. I think the first thing is a reeducation because our perceptions are what are controlling our belief system..

What does that mean? My first research forty-three years ago. As a matter of fact. We were capable of healing ourselves innately because that is the design of the evolution of the system. I could simplify this I think and make it very. Once that step was accomplished then the system would say. I changed the culture medium..

And then we got to a point where all of a sudden education came in and said. And the joke is. So what it basically says is that we must be careful of the education and the programming because this is not just the thoughts in our head. What do they learn about health?

I would put one stem cell in a Petri dish all by itself and it would divide every ten or twelve hours. I split the population and put them into three different Petri dishes. But the unique fact is every cell is genetically identical to every other cell.

And I go. I have to go to the doctor. So I have thousands of genetically identical cells. What is the perception? The perception is before I operate this self-healing.

So after two weeks I had thousands of cells in my Petri dish. The answer was. So I have a self-healing system but I put a perception in the front.

It is. Go back to a child less than six. And yet perceptions are influencing the operation. And this is independent of the genetics. And the answer is. I see my beautiful partner Margaret in front of me. And our perceptions are translated into chemistry.

Because when I change the chemistry of the culture medium. I start to release inflammatory agents. I say. I open up my eyes. So I say.

That chemistry when I put it into the culture medium provides health and maintenance to the system and encourages its growth. I have three dishes. The same person sitting in the same place opens their eyes and sees something that threatens them. The culture medium. And I say. And you might say.

Inside that human body are 50 trillion cells in this culture dish. Now I step back and ask the simplest but most profound question. You just take the plastic dish from the bad environment. So I said. I take my plastic Petri dish and put it into a less than optimum environment. They were all genetically identical! The only thing that was different was the environment.

And if you take the cells.

And in one dish the cells form muscle. And you can start to observe the cells getting very sick as you do this. So all of a sudden with those chemicals in my blood. The brain is the chemist. And that is why people in love are so healthy.Hello Everyone!

To simplify what life is all about, it is doing paint by numbers in reverse. A picture of love in the mind is translated by the brain into very specific chemistry. Why is this new insight important?

So then, what controls the composition of the culture medium? And heres a fact, the American Medical Association has recognized this, I have articles in Science from ten years ago, but finally the AMA recognizes that the fundamental cause of most adult diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, issues like this, is related to life experiences in the fetal and perinatal period of the childs development.

Thanks for hanging in there and sticking with it! Epigenetics is about the fact that we are beginning to understand who reads the blueprints.