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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Kenyon boldly goes where no author has gone before and claims Born of Silence (The League Series Book 5) by [Kenyon, Sherrilyn]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Born Of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Born of Shadows. League (Series). Book 5. Sherrilyn Kenyon Author Holter Graham Narrator (). cover image of Born of Shadows.

Born Of Silence Sherrilyn Kenyon Pdf

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Why is Born of Ice and In Other Worlds set in the future? Why did you go back in time with Born of Shadows? The first three novels I ever published back in the. Counted among the fiercest Andarion warriors ever born, Hauk is one of the five founding members of the Sentella- an organization that has. **Please note that Born of Blood is NOT out of print or OUT OF STOCK. It is still in But don't mistake his silence or quiet nature for weakness. Remember, the.

To her credit, Thia stayed upright and hugged them against each side while laughing at their enthusiasm. At six and eight, the blond boys had laughing blue eyes and were almost identical in looks.

The only way to really tell them apart was the difference in height. Adron, being older, had a good three inches on his brother. For now. The boys were talking so fast and furiously that Hauk got a headache trying to figure out what they were saying.

With the patience of a saint, Thia nodded and listened attentively. Take a breath. Give your sister a minute to catch up. Still laughing, Thia rubbed his back. I can strangely follow their gibberish. Facing her intense husband, Kiara motioned toward Thia with her hands. Nykyrian recovered himself and unstrapped his blaster from his hips.

He checked the charge level before handing it to Thia. Check your perimeter every night and never sleep with your headphones on. With a patient sigh, Thia took the blaster from his hands. Arms akimbo, Kiara approached her husband. Are you out of your mind? What are you thinking? He frowned as if he had no idea why she was upset at him. Nykyrian shrugged. Why not keep it in the family? Sighing in surrender, Kiara shook her head.

Adron flashed a big grin to Jayce. The two of them hit the deck, pounding on each other. Both of you. None of my children are going to be assassins. None of you! I mean it! She made that imperious maternal gesture that never failed to quell squabbling children, and reminded Hauk of how his own mother used to break him and his brothers up from fights.

Oh for the silent peace of those days. Nykyrian swept Adron up in his arms to keep him from punching at his brother. A tender, heated glance passed between Nykyrian and Kiara. The love they bore each other never failed to amaze Hauk.

Battle-hardened and battered by life, Nyk had every reason to kill. No reason whatsoever to understand, never mind show, any kind of love or compassion. Nykyrian pulled Thia against him with his free arm and placed a kiss on the top of her head. Closing her eyes, she squeezed him until he protested it.

She cast a speculative glance toward Hauk. Adron laughed as she set him down on his feet. Thia opened her arms for Jayce to get just as warm a hug from her. She released him before ruffling the hair on both their heads. Almost as tall as Nykyrian, Chayden had the lethal swagger that marked most of the Tavali pirates who brazenly preyed on League ships and flaunted the laws of any organized nation or empire.

But his laughing hazel eyes and mass of short curly dark hair gave him a boyish, carefree appearance. It was why he kept his face and hair covered whenever he had to deal with people he needed to intimidate. Only those who called him friend got to see this relaxed, playful side of the fierce pirate captain who never took prisoners.

The boys whooped as they ran to Chayden and jumped into his arms while rattling off their rapid-fire words. I need a translator. Kiara laughed. See, Chay, you do speak small human-Andarion. As soon as Chayden saw that dark expression, he stepped back and held his hands up. Got it. Have no fear. Not even my eyes.

Chayden took another step back. He had a bad bad feeling in his gut. Instead of answering, he turned a small circle and scanned the desert around them.

There was nothing there. Sumi buried her hands in his hair and forced him to look at her. A lot had changed in eight years. Then, Kiara had been kidnapped by Aksel and brought here to die. Nykyrian had come on a suicide run to save her life. His best friend had given him one hell of a bad day back then.

He still owed Nyk a beating for that. But this was an entirely different time. It was an entirely different enemy breathing down his neck, trying to kill him. Sumi narrowed her gaze on the shadow that stood in the doorway of the base. Wanting a better vantage point, she crawled along the ground to a small rise. She smiled at his offer and patted his arm. You know that. This requires someone who can actually vanish into a shadow. Hauk hesitated as he stared into those hazel eyes that seared him.

For wasting their time together in silence. Now he understood. It was hard to let someone that deep into your life. To admit out loud to them that they, alone, held a place inside you where only they could destroy you. And Sumi definitely held his heart and soul in her delicate hands.

Born of Fury

One harsh look or word from her lips could break him even worse than any enemy assault. Before he could speak, she was gone. And every minute that ticked by was sheer torture for him as he imagined all manner of atrocities befalling her. If anyone harmed her, he would tear them apart and relish doing it. No one better lay a single finger on her body.

They better not even cast an evil glare in her direction. Desperate pain swelled inside him as his mind tortured him with horrid possibilities. The Andarion in him wanted to storm the complex right now, and burn it to the ground. But the saner part of himself knew that if he did that, the Boldorians would kill every being he loved in that building before he got through the door.

The League: Nemesis Rising

That was a lot easier said than done. He hated not having an earwig to stay in touch with her. To not know what was going on. He was just about to go in anyway when he felt a hand on his leg. Until he looked into a pair of beautiful hazel eyes. He grabbed her into his arms and held her tight against him.

Sumi laid her head down on his chest and smiled as warmth filled her. Definitely your kind of place. Filled with undesirables, who have way too much training and ammunition. She winked at him. Took out two of their burliest in the back.

Sounded like more upstairs. They are trained. They are savage. Hauk scowled at her use of a rank no one had called him by in years. It sounded so strange and yet, he adored the teasing light in her eyes. Before he could stop himself, he kissed her lips again, then crawled away from their spot to a safe area where they could plan and tie up Illyse.

Sumi followed Dancer back to the cliffs. They found a small cubby to use for cover. She sat quietly as he ran over the layout of the facility. I have scary recall for floor plans. But what really impressed her was the fact that even though he a ton more experience with strikes and planning such events, he still listened to her suggestions and advice.

Nor did he get angry or defensive when she asked questions such as the one about his recall. He treated her like a partner. Sighing, he turned the tablet around. What if we go in a standard League two assassin team and take them out systematically?

We can grab weapons as we find them. What do you think? Dancer considered it. Been there, got my ass flambeed. Not looking for a repeat. I like your idea best, so far. We can combine that with the strikes I make with Darling. You said you saw the raid on the prison? She nodded. But that being said, our normal mode of attack is a subtler version. Hauk froze as he heard the most precious words in the universe. We all go home. He pulled her against him and held her tight. I have a promise to keep for you.

Her hot tears fell against his skin as she kept her arms wrapped around his neck. But that dream had died along with Keris. Sumi pulled back to stare up at him. Not until she saw the truth in his eyes. No one had ever looked at her like that. If I have to cut her fucking throat to keep you safe, I will. And I will relish her blood flowing over my hands. A smile spread across his face, exposing his fangs. Fear for him ripped her apart as she watched him prepare for their attack.

This was about battle and Dancer needed an assassin at his back. Not an emotional woman distracting him. They removed all color from their bodies except for the black and brown that would help hide them in the shadows.

Hauk frowned at her hair as he noted the pale color. That would definitely stand out. He handed her his scarf to wrap around her hair to help conceal it. Likewise, he wore some over the shiny areas of his face. Across his forehead and along his cheekbones and chin. And this time, she definitely saw the marks of his family in it. The instant he let go, the weight of it caused her to stumble forward. She lightly ran her hand over the black swirling pattern that swung up from his eye and across his cheek.

The fiercest winged predator known in any world. They were said to be lethal whenever their nest was threatened. Territorial and vicious.

But also because it was the Oksanans my family held back from enslaving our world. To show our young that they can achieve any goal and climb any obstacle. And that no matter how high they ascend, there will always be family with them to catch them should they fall.

In that moment, she realized it was why he fought the way he did. Like he was proving himself worthy to everyone. She kissed his lips. No one is more worthy of your noble lineage.

You honor your family and your ancestors. And you are a treasure for Andaria. I know the first Dancer of the Warring Blood Clan of Hauk smiles whenever he looks down and sees the strength and beauty of his namesake. No one had ever made him feel like she did. Like he could do anything. Even fly.

It was how Andarions battled. They never exposed their faces to their enemies. When she was finished, he returned the favor to her. Then together, side by side, they headed to war. Right here.

Right now. In the hallway of the Caronese Winter Palace, Maris froze as he heard the deeply masculine, pleading Andarion accent through the door talking to his male best friend. There was no way the two of them were talking about what it sounded like.

Unlike him, they were both straight. He knew that for a fact, and yet, as they continued arguing, it definitely sounded like two lovers squabbling. Tall, blond, and lethal, Nykyrian—or Nemesis, as he was better known—was a former League assassin who had an intensity that let you know in an instant he saw you first as a target and then, only if you were lucky, a sentient creature he might not want to kill.

Not that anyone needed supersonic hearing to miss this exchange. Forget it. Not like this, and definitely not from me.

A major one.

See a Problem?

Now give it to me! Not if we were the last two beings in the universe. Not even if you were down on your knees in front of me, buck naked and begging me for it. With his short red hair brushed back from his face and his royal harone hanging to his left shoulder, Darling was dressed in dark blue and maroon emperor robes while Hauk was swathed in a red-tinged black blast-resistant Sentella battlesuit that hugged every inch of his huge, well-muscled body. His black hair fell to his shoulders in small, extremely attractive braids that were common for the warriors on his home planet to designate them as the fiercest of their breed.

Even though Nykyrian shared many Andarion traits with Hauk, such as fangs, sensitive hearing, and extreme height, he had green human eyes. Ones that showed no fear as he locked gazes with Hauk. Now tell me, what exactly are we interrupting? Hauk scowled at the comment and question as if replaying their exchange in his head while Darling burst into laughter.

Maris scoffed. Darling gave him a droll stare, but he knew it was true. Due any minute now, the poor girl was almost as huge as a shuttle craft. Moving closer to Hauk, Nykyrian looked back and forth between them.

What had the two of you shouting lewd come-ons at each other? Maris arched a brow at that dire statement. Given what each of them had survived, he could only imagine what would make the intrepid Andarion warrior flinch. Darling jerked his chin toward Hauk. The gape returned to Nykyrian as he faced Hauk. Hauk scoffed at his nonchalance. What do you feed them? What if he has to go to the bathroom? What do I do then? Darling rolled his eyes. Maris and Darling laughed while Hauk glared viciously at Nykyrian.

Laugh at me. Why not? But none of you have ever had to survive alone with a child, in the wilderness, for six minutes, never mind six weeks. Endurance is the hardest thing any Andarion goes through. Both the adult and the child. Instantly, Nykyrian sobered as if he had sudden clarity over this uncharacteristic outburst. A deep sadness darkened his green eyes before he looked at Darling, then Maris. Hauk visibly cringed at the sound of their exit as he realized what Nykyrian really wanted to talk about.

Hauk turned away from his best friend, unable to face the truth Nykyrian spoke. Gods, even now it was enough to bring him to his knees. Every fucking day of his life had been spent with guilt and grief over an unnecessary loss that no one in his family had ever forgiven him for.

Even their speech inflections are the same. And when she cops their condescending tones and snotty attitudes, it takes every bit of will I possess not to put her through a wall.

See a Problem?

It was a hell no child should ever endure. It had to be grueling for Nyk to deal with that all over again. There was a lot to be said for a friendship that spanned double-digit years. But right now, it seriously rankled him that Nyk knew what was really bothering him. Nykyrian shook his head. Not to mention, the first two years of their living together, Nykyrian had been going through extensive operations and physical therapy for the almost fatal injuries Aksel had given him the day Nyk had finally put the bastard in his grave.

Even now, eight years later, Nykyrian still walked with a pronounced limp, and only had limited use of his right hand and arm. Hauk ground his teeth as other painful childhood memories surged. A world where the harsh hand of the Caronese government doesn't destroy the lives of its citizens. As a resistance leader, her goal is to topple to government that took her father's life, along with her mysterious right-hand man, known only as Kere.

But Kere has a dark secret. He's out for revenge for past crimes against his family, and plans to annihilate all those he feels guilty, along with every resistance member he can find. Other books in this series. Born Of Shadows Sherrilyn Kenyon. Add to basket. Born Of Night Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Born of Legend Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born Of Silence Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born Of Ice Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born of Betrayal Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born Of Fire Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born of Defiance Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born of Vengeance Sherrilyn Kenyon. Born of Fury Sherrilyn Kenyon. If he doesn't get killed off Just kidding. We are building in that direction. Keep your eyes on the next few books.

You and Darling go way back. How did you first meet? I really don't like talking about my childhood. The only good thing I can say is that I survived and that I met Darling during it. But for him, I'd probably be dead by now. In fact, that The 1 New York Times bestselling series. In the Ichidian Universe, no one was safe.

People were dragged from their homes and killed in the streets- victims of a ruthless tyrant who was bent on being the sole ruler of their entire cosmos. Those who opposed him and his army formed an alliance called The League.Sumi The heroine Sumi never speaks about her past. For Nykyrian, what started as a job turns into an obsessive need to keep Kiara safe. Both of you. We can combine that with the strikes I make with Darling.

Adron laughed as she set him down on his feet.

Like Dark-Hunter, I want it to be an ongoing series and to write them for a long time to come. Thia had been right, the woman was dressed as a civ, in dark brown desert clothes and a dirty poncho. It helped create a pretty good tension that made the eventual love scene hot and satisfying.