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Related topics[show]. Ahl al-Hadith · Criticism · Category · Book · v · t · e. Al Kafi Cover Page. The book Al-Kāfī (The Sufficient Book) is a Twelver Shīʿī ḥadīth collection compiled by . 'Usul al-Kafi English Translation, E-Book Volumes ', compiled by Muḥammad Ya`qûb Kulaynî, translated by Muḥammad Sarwar. - Buy Ashshafi Tarjuma Usool E Kafi 5 Volumes book online at best prices in India on Read Ashshafi Tarjuma Usool E Kafi 5 Volumes. Uṣūl al-kāfī (Arabic:أصول الكافي) is the title of the first part of the three parts of al- Kafi, a major Shiite book in hadith. In this part of al-Kafi, we.

Book Usool E Kafi

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Online Islamic Library offers wide selection of Islamic Books, Islamic Audio, Video and more. Urdu Books - Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Al-Kulayni. Title, Subject, Download. Usool e Kafi - Volume 01, Hadith, Download. Usool e Kafi - Volume 02, Hadith. This free e-book was downloaded from .. 'Usul al-Kafi has made it possible to create a comprehensive link to make understanding of the.

Haqqul Yaqeen - P - Kitaab be Noujawanaan - P8. Mut'a temporary marriage, legalised prostitution 1. One time 'Muta' reward is Jannat. When the couple sit in Solitude, angels protect them. Their Speech is Tasbeeh. When they touch hands, sins fall from their fingers. When they Kiss, reward of Hajj and Umrah for both. On bathing - every drop from each hair brings reward of 10 Thawabs, 10 sins drop, stages raised by 10 fold. From every drop of water, angels created to make Tasbeeh till Qiyaamat.

Contractors of 'Muta' will cross the 'Pul Siraat' like a flash of lightning. After making muta Once - The stage of Hussain is reached. After making muta twice - The stage of Hasan is reached. After making muta thrice- The stage of Ali is reached.


Tahrirul Wasillah Vol-2 P Ujul - e- Hasana P Tafseer Mianjajus Sadiqeen General 1. They have their own Quraan. They have their own Ahadith Books Usul-e-Kafi etc. They do not believe in our Ahadith Kitaabs- Bukhari etc. They have their own Fiqh, Fiqh - Jafari.

They have their own concept about Allaah. They believe that Imaams get 'Wahy' Divine Revelation. The concept of Ambiyaa A. S is different they failed. Their concept of Sahaabah R.

A is different. They Practice 'Muta' Temporary Marriages. Terms of Sehri and Iftaar are different. Ghusl for the dead is different. Usul -e-Kafi. Tafseer - al- Waeelah Vol. General Ummah like Swine's. Ayesha and Hafsa are both Hypocrites Ayesha and Hafsa - Poisoned Nabi before his death.

This basis is forever, and it is not open to any amendment nor abrogation. Everybody, exept us Shites are illegitimate. Nasabi group are those who preferred Abu Bakr and Umar over Ali. It is true that Allaah has not created anything more despicable than dogs.

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But the Nasibi is even more despicable than dogs in the eyes of Allaah. People of Makkah openly refute existence of Allaah. People of Madinah 70 times more unclean and polluted than people of Makkah. References: Tazkiratul Aimma P Baqir majlasi. Usul-e-Kafi Vol2 P Hayatul Qutub - M. Haqqul Yaqeen Usul-e-Kafi P Vol General Ummah 1.

Most dirty and polluted left over water is that of a sunni. Not permissable to marry sunni because they are Kaafir.

Cannot eat animal slaughtered by sunni. Sunnis created from soul of Jahannam. Shia's created from soul of Jannat. Usul - e- Kafi. Fiqh Examples 1. Folding right hand on left hend in Salaat breaks Salaat. Sex in one's wifes anus permissible. The 9th act which breaks Salaat is saying of 'Amen' intentionally after Sura Faatiha.

But this, too, is Permissible under Taqaiyyah. No cover over the head in Ihraam. Tafseer - al- Waseelah. Tafseer - al- Waseelah- Vol.

The Creed of Shi'a from Their Own Sources

See - Hajj time. Our Action Fataawa of Rasulullah There is a specific Hadith about Rafida: "A sect is going to emerge who will be known by a bad connotation. They will be called Rafida.

They will come neither on Friday nor in the congregational prayers. They will vilify the first generation of Ummah.

You should neither keep their company nor dine with them, nor have matrimonial relationship with them. If they fall ill do not go to greet them and if they die do not participate in their funeral prayers.

Shia's because of their peculiar beliefs are outside the pale of Islaam and as such Kafir's. Hence Islaamic bonds like : 2.

Marriage with them ; 3. Using their Zabiah Slaughter ; 4. Saying the funeral prayer of their dead ones ; 5. Allowing them to participate in the funeral prayer of Sunni Muslims; 6.

Making them shares in Qurbani i. Making them witness in the nikah of sunni Muslims ; 8. Accepting their monetary contributions for the building of Massjid all these things are not permissable in Shariah and should be given up forthwith.

Anyone who does not do so is outside the pale of Islaam and is similarly a Kaafir like the Shia's. Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias. Here are some well-known commentaries of the latter sort: Sharh usul al-kafi by Sadr al-Din Muhammad al-Shirazi , known as Mulla Sadra d. This commentary on Usul al-kafi has been published in 3 volumes. Sharh al-kafi by Mulla Salih Mazandarani d. The book contains a commentary on Rawda al-kafi as well.

It has been published in 12 volumes.

Muhammad Mu'min Gilani in Arabic, published in two volumes. Al-Hashiya 'ala usul al-kafi by Sayyid Badr al-Din b. Ahmad al-Husayni al-'Amili.

New Kalimah (testimony of faith)

Dirakhshan partu'i az usul-i kafi A shining light of Usul al-kafi by Sayyid Muhammad al-Husayni al-Hamadani in Farsi, published in 6 volumes.

In addition to these commentaries on Usul al-kafi, there are some incomplete commentaries. All of these commentaries are available in the form of a multimedia software called Kulayni Software. Translations Usul al-kafi has been translated into English by Muhammad Sarwar.An Encyclopedia.

Jump to: The narrations would have to be cross-checked against one another. It contains 3, hadiths. The general idea behind this metaphor is that Khomeini objected to the laziness of many ignorant people of his day who simply kept al-Kafi on their shelf, and ignored or violated it in their daily lives, assuming that they would somehow be saved from Hell just by possessing the book.

Al-Hashiya 'ala usul al-kafi by Sayyid Badr al-Din b.

He was a sinful wretch occupying position of Judge.