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his dance moves. Michael Jackson's singing and dancing have inspired many people who are famous today. The Jackson 5. Michael Jackson was born in Gary . songwriters and musicians who helped bring Michael's vision and music to life. By a fan for the fans. MICHAEL JACKSON. HISTORY. &E. Michael Jackson – A Biography by Louis Lau (2D). 'So beat it, just beat it', is a well-known line from the lyrics of a legendary song 'Beat. It' by Michael Jackson.

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my parents' nine children. My father, Joe Jackson, was born in Arkansas, and to be little Michael the lead singer - I did it and I loved it - but it was hard work. “When they say the sky is the limit, to me that's really true”, these lines by Michael Jackson beautifully suffice his life and his love for music. Michael Joseph Jackson (born ) is truly a music legend. He became a superstar at the age of eleven as a member of his family band The Jackson 5.

At the young age of 31, Eddie Murphy has carved out a truly spectacular career in almost any direction he choose to go in, including stand-up comedy, television, film-acting film-directing television producing and music included.

It would be impossible to cover all of Eddie's achievements and how brilliantly he performed in each area, but let's take a look After a short collection of clips from Murphy's many films, Michael introduced his friend, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the recipient of the Soul Train Music Award's Heritage Award, Mr.

Eddie Murphy. Seated, he gyrated from the waist up and belted out the song like nobody's business, even bringing himself up to stand, balancing himself on one foot a couple of times during the performance.

He was again wheeled out in the wheelchair from backstage by Bill Bray, he then stood on crutches. Run DMC, 1 think you're brilliant.

I'd like to thank Don Cornelius, I love you Don, thank you. I love you all. In mid March, Michael won a legal victory, something he would need to savor considering what lie ahead for him. Hugo Zucarelli sued Michael Jackson claiming he was never paid for Michael's use of recording technology Zucarelli invented, that was used in recording Bad.

A judge dismissed the suit, after which Zucarelli reportedly struck one of Michael's attorney's and shoved another. He also hit an attorney from Sony.

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Zucarelli was booked on battery charges and released on his own recognizance. Also in March, Michael won approval from officials in Santa Barbara County to build a twenty acre breeding ground for apes, white tigers, bears, and other animals on his ranch.

He visited the factory on April 14, and checked out the production line and fun room where toys are tested. He also visited with children and signed autographs. Following Michael's revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey and the resulting media frenzy, several members of the Jackson family appeared on the magazine show, Day One, in April, and talked with Michel McQueen.

They confirmed Joe was very strict and did beat them but refused to label the whippings as child abuse. The family, especially Jermaine, addressed issues regarding Michael's success. Jermaine denied he was jealous of Michael's fame and said he wrote his song condemning Michael, "Word to the Badd" out of anger that his phone calls to Michael weren't being returned.

Tito stated the music, melodies, and moves come very easy to Michael, certainly easier than it comes to Tito, "Dancing like Michael Jackson is a nightmare for me. The bill was paid at the last minute and the auction never took place.

It has been reported that Michael Jackson: In an earlier arrangement concerning a lawsuit involving Joe, the deed to Hayvenhurst had been turned over to LaToya. It was meant as a temporary arrangement, but then LaToya wouldn't return it In paying her tax bill, Michael took back the deed to Hayvenhurst and saved the family's Encino home. LaToya had bigger problems just a few days later when her husband and manager, Jack Gordon, was arrested for striking LaToya in the face, arms, and legs with a dining room chair.

LaToya was treated for her injuries and released from Lenox Hill Hospital. Criminal charges of assault and weapons violations against Gordon were dropped when LaToya decided to press a civil assault case in New York's Family Court. Gordon, at the time, claimed he was defending himself against a knife attack by his wife. The couple later claimed the attack was due to mood swings Gordon suffered in reaction to radiation therapy he was receiving for treatment for cancer.

This was not a Michael Jackson video, however, he did appear in it. The video is a light hearted look at Eddie and Michael singing and dancing against a backdrop of clouds, birds, and flowers.

The tribute, filmed nearly two months earlier, was attended by Michael Jackson, who was still on crutches due to his ankle injury. The tribute consisted of short clips of her movies with short remembrances from various friends and co-stars. Taylor sat at a table between her husband, Larry Fortensky, and her friend, Michael Jackson. Michael was not one of the speakers in the program.

The special, filmed in the spring, aired for the first time on September 7, In the interview, Michael explained one of the things he and Elizabeth Taylor have in common, "We shared a quest in search of the next step of acceptance from an adoring public who never really knew our inner turmoil". By the time this tribute to Taylor aired, Michael was embroiled in turmoil he couldn't have possibly imagined.

The award was in recognition of his many world records: Michael, dressed in black, with large mirrored sunglasses M 32 M.

The plague was in recognition of his work with children and its inscription read: In deepest appreciation for all you nave done for the children of the world, Because of your great love and sensitivity towards all children, they now have the chance to live a happy and normal life.

Without other great humanitarians, like yourself, the lives and future of our children the world over is hopeless. All of us wish to join hands with you, Michael, to help Heal the World and to preserve the future for all the children of the world. We, the members of the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club wish to offer you our support, love, loyalty and appreciation for everything you have done for our children, and for all of us.

Following the award presentations, Michael went inside the museum to unveil an updated lifesize likeness of himself being added to the museum's display.

The figure of himself stands on top of a giant 45 rpm record in recognition of his unprecedented world records in entertainment Also part of the display are Michael's albums, memorabilia, and video monitors playing highlights from his entire career. The wax figure later Michael Jackson: Oprah was nominated for Best News, Information or Documentary, but it didn't win either. Michael did not attend the award presentation. The World Music Awards were established by Prince Albert of Monaco to recognize the top selling artists in major international markets and genres.

This year the awards were being telecast in the U. Helping to increase their stature and credibility was the presence of the King of Pop who would be attending, not to sing and dance, but to pick up three of their biggest honors. He received his first award of the evening from the program's host, Michael Douglas: It wasn't difficult to determine the Best Selling American Artist this year. His records have been at the top of the charts for over 24 years.

He sold more records than any other individual in recording history.


His televised interview was one of the most watched shows of all time and you can hear the screams anytime he even thinks of appearing on stage anywhere. In this princely principality, it may be considered inappropriate to introduce a king but indulge me this once as I introduce this year's Best Selling American Artist, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

He was seated in the front row of the Sporting Club with a little girl, and a young boy who was dressed as Michael in a black jacket and a black fedora. Michael was dressed in black pants, a wide metallic belt, black and silver boots, and a black jacket with a red armband over a white t-shirt.

He also wore a black fedora and large mirrored sunglasses. Thanks to all my fans and friends in America for your continued support of my music. Thanks to Sandy Gallin and Jim Morey. I love you all Thank you very much. For Michael's second honor, Michael Douglas introduced a montage of video clips and concert footage of Michael Jackson. She in turn introduced Michael: In accepting his second award of the evening, Michael took time to recognize another Motown group who had performed on the program: Boyz II Men, I think you're brilliant.

Thanks to my fans around the world for making my album, Dangerous the biggest selling album of ' You continue to make my dreams a reality. Thanks to my Sony International family which made it happen.

I love you madly. Thank you. Congratulations to all the artists whose work has been recognized here tonight. Only one recording artist is receiving three World Music Awards this year. As you have recently seen the accolades are justified.

He not only set standards for all artists in sales and use of recording and video media but he demonstrates how the power of celebrity can be used to positive effect in helping to ease the problems of our world. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, the King of Pop, Mr. Michael walked out from backstage carrying his two awards he had won earlier then collected his third honor from Prince Albert.

In the middle of this acceptance remarks, he asked Prince Albert to hold one of his trophies: Thank you, your Serene Highness. I am honored to accept this World Music Award. It means a lot to me, for I sincerely believe that thorough music Would you mind? Sorry, it's kind of heavy.

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I believe that through music we can help heal the world. It's through such charities as the Princess Grace Foundation of Monaco that this will be accomplished. Again, thanks to my fans around the world, I love you, and you wonderful people of Monaco for these honors.

Immediately following the World Music Awards presentation, Michael was pushed to the floor by an over zealous fan.

The Italian fan was trying to get close to his idol and give him a hug. Michael said later, "He just got over excited". This incident was over as quickly as it happened. Unfortunately, the world would later hear more than they ever expected, or wanted, from the young boy who attended the award show with Michael. An ad in the June 5, issue of Billboard magazine congratulated the winners at the World Music Awards. In the center of the page was the biggest winner, a photo of Michael holding his three heavy awards.

The June 12, issue of Billboard offered a special section devoted to Rhythm and Blues. Columbia however, denied any knowledge of the project After months of persistence by Life magazine's director of photography, David Friend, the first ever photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch were featured in the June issue of Life magazine. The photographs were taken by Harry Benson. The "Michael in Wonderland" photo spread featured photos of the gorgeous, meticulously manicured, grounds of Michael's ranch, and the amusement park.

Michael Jackson: The King of Pop's Darkest Hour

There were also pictures of Michael surrounded by the children of his staff members, and several of his pets, including a first look at his twelve foot albino python, named Madonna, named so, according to Michael, "because she's blond, but I didn't name her that. The series of photographs showed the splendor of Neverland and David Friend's accompanying text explains its owner's vision while visiting the movie theater with the hospital beds built in for young visitors too ill to sit up: It is here, standing next to the hospital beds, that one understands the essence of Neverland to its owner, amusement is hardly the point of the place.

This is actually the world Jackson would fashion were it left in his charge: Michael was also featured on the June cover of Disney's Adventure magazine with Pinocchio. In return for posing for the cover, he asked for a subscription to the magazine, and he received a Disney Adventures jacket The issue offered "25 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Michael Jackson" that most fans probably already knew. As usual, Michael's other activities revolved around entertaining and helping children.

A rally was held at a middle school in Los Angeles on June 10, to launch a new D. The new program, D. Play and Learn Under Supervision , is supported by a number of celebrities, many of whom attended the rally. The celebrity who reportedly caused the biggest stir was the King of Pop. Michael was presented with a t-shirt, and said, "Thank you very much. Drug Abuse Resistance Education. He snuck in a back entrance to avoid the media that was covering the opening of the ride. The Movie. The film wasn't scheduled to begin running in theaters until Michael Jackson: Together For Our Children, a syndicated special, began airing in June.

The special was put together to help raise funds for children's immunization. Michael lent a performance of "Jam" from London's Wembley Stadium to be included in the special.

In early July, Michael sent Mallory Cyr, an eight year old girl suffering from a rare intestinal disease, a check and a promise to call. He had responded to a letter writing campaign conducted by school children in Sabattus, Maine.

Michael's note read, "I am sending you all my loving and caring, Mallory, along with the enclosed gift, which I hope will help nourish you and keep you strong. In our darkest hour In my deepest despair Will you still care? Will you be there? The video for Michael's latest single combines footage of whales swimming and frolicking freely in the ocean with Michael's performance of the song in concert Smooth and graceful choreography showcase his performance, complete with an angel descending and wrapping her wings around him.

The song's accompanying video incorporated footage from Free Willy and of Michael's performance of "Human Nature" from the Dangerous tour. Michael's record label, which was part of his mega deal with Sony, was originally reported to be named Nation Records, in recognition of Janet's massive success with Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation Michael had hoped his sister would be one of the artists to sign with his new label.

Janet who has long fought to succeed on her own without benefit of her big brother, thought better of the idea. She ended up signing a new recording contract with Virgin Records that made her the artist with the biggest recording Michael Jackson: Within days of Janet's announcement, it was announced that Michael Jackson had re-signed with Sony. His new deal with Sony was reported to have billion dollar potential. The award, from the American Friends of Hebrew University, was in recognition of his international humanitarian efforts.

In a videotaped message Michael said, "I am honored and humbled. Michael's attorney said no agreement was reached where license was required.

But this matter would be the least of Michael's legal problems. As the opening dates of the Asian leg of the Dangerous tour grew nearer, the dates kept changing. Shows were scheduled, then canceled, with dates and cities being changed frequently. Embassy officials in Seoul, Korea, tried to change a decision made by the 42 M. The South Korean officials were concerned about protecting any threats to their traditional confucian values such as loud pop music and suggestive choreography.

Originally, the tour was to begin in Hong Kong with shows on August 15th and 16th. Those dates, to be held at Shatin Racecourse, were canceled and could not be rescheduled because it would conflict with the start of the racing season. Finally, August 24, was announced as the opening show of the Dangerous tour in Bangkok, Thailand.

As usual, this was to be no small production. Michael would be performing on a stage wider than any stage in America. Michael's stage measured feet across and took four days to set up and three days to take down. The equipment necessary to stage the show and create the special effects included speakers, 9 video screens, and nearly 1, lights which were specially designed to be effective in darkness or daylight All of this was powered by four generators which would be sufficient to light up a small town.

However the excitement of the opening of the tour would be buried by shock and disbelief at reports that Michael Jackson was under criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department creating the biggest scandal in Michael Jackson's career and quite possibly, all of show business.

The investigation, which actually began on August 17, , was brought on by the thirteen year old boy who, with his mother and step sister, had accompanied Michael to Monte Carlo in May Michael Jackson: The boy had made claims of child molestation against Michael Jackson.

Michael was not home at the time of the search, having already flown to Bangkok for the kick off of the tour. A locksmith accompanied the police officers during the search to help them gain entry to rooms which were locked and to which the household staff had no keys. Jackson's camp cooperated with the search. Several boxes of photographs and videotapes were removed from the premises.

These were erroneously referred to by some members of the media as evidence, when in fact the photos and videos showed nothing out of the ordinary, and didn't incriminate Michael at all.

A source from the police T Michael Jackson: The search warrant didn't result in anything that would support a criminal filing. In requesting a search warrant, police are required to prove they have probable cause that a crime has been committed.

In this case, they had no such thing. With no evidence to be found, investigators from the police department's Sexually Exploited Child Unit, who were leading the investigation, then concentrated on interviewing other youngsters who are friends of Michael's in an attempt to find someone who would corroborate the boy's story. The thirteen year old boy gave authorities the names of four other boys he said he believed were also molested by Michael Jackson. These four, all said to be well known friends of Michael's, included child actor Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin was questioned by police and he stated there was never any inappropriate behavior by Michael Jackson. The other boys questioned by police also said there was never any improper conduct by Michael. In reporting on the story, Hard Copy correspondent Diane Dimond reported, "And one more shocker, Hard Copy bad obtained new documents in the criminal investigation of Michael Jackson and they are chilling, they contain the name of child movie actor Macaulay Culkin.

What was conveniently 46 August 17, ignored is that Culkin told police there was never any improper conduct by Michael. It was flatly and consistently refused. The refusals have in our opinion caused what has transpired in the last few days When we would not pay, a phone call was made to Child and Family Services, which started this investigation. When Michael's newly hired criminal lawyer, Howard Weitzman, was asked at this press conference why the extortion attempt wasn't reported to the police, he replied, "It was our hope that this would all go away.

We tried to keep it as much in-house as we could. My representatives have continuously kept me aware of what is taking place in California. I am confident the department will conduct a fair and thorough investigation and its results will demonstrate that there was no wrongdoing on my part. I intend to continue with my world tour, and look forward to seeing all of you in the scheduled cities. This of course wasn't as juicy as the investigation against Michael, so it received relatively little attention in the media.

But it too would last for several months. Coverage of the abuse allegations was top story news on virtually all morning and evening news casts, all entertainment news programs, and front page news on newspapers for days. Scandal hungry tabloid TV shows wouldn't let go of the story for months.

With a few exceptions, the identities of the boy and his father were concealed by the media. Photos of Michael with the young boy had the boy's face blocked out or blurred, and their names in documents were blackened out God forbid if their lives would become disrupted due to the media's unrelenting and intense scrutiny into their personal lives prompted merely by accusations of extortion that were as of yet, unproven.

Their names will not be hidden here as they are really no longer a very big secret, having been published by a few sources early on in the coverage of the story. The names were even easily readable through the black marker scandal shows used on court documents to conceal them. Meanwhile, the kick off of the Dangerous tour in Bangkok went on as planned. Michael dazzled and thrilled the soldout crowd starting with "Jam" and not letting up for two hours with his unsurpassed talent and showmanship.

The crowd was unconcerned with the allegations being made against Michael and the media eruption, continuing to cheer him and holding up banners supporting him.

Soon after the press conference held on August 24 by Pellicano and Weitzman, another investigator 48 August 17, entered the picture. Ernie Rizzo, an investigator from Chicago who had lost his license for illegal wire tapping, came forward and said he was representing the boy's father. This was denied by the father's attorney, Richard Hirsch, who said Rizzo was not being retained by anyone connected to the case.

While Rizzo would later turn up on a talk show or two, he actually had little if anything to do with the case and is really just a long time adversary of Anthony Pellicano. Experts in various areas of the entertainment field, not necessarily directly concerned with Michael Jackson, stated in numerous interviews that someone of Michael Jackson's status is an easy target for extortion.

Michael Jackson was seen as an especially easy target for child abuse allegations because his deep affection for children is so well known and he spends so much time with children. Michael Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, surprisingly, consistently supported Michael and the claims of extortion, "I've seen so many extortion attempts against the Jackson camp and they never turnout to be worth anything.

And that was just me, a biographer. You can imagine what it's like for him with his millions. That was certainly a wise move, otherwise the media might get completely out of control and start airing reports based solely on rumors and innuendo. Before you know it tabloid magazines and scandal shows like, oh Hard Copy, might offer people a lot of money for anything negative to report on Michael Jackson.

The story would then continue to grow with more and more people suddenly remembering things they saw several months, or even several years, earlier that somehow now seemed to be relevant to this story, making the "Michael Jackson Scandal" the dominating story for these magazines and television shows for months. No, that's too ridiculous, that would never happen. Actually the Los Angeles Police Department would turn out to be one of the biggest leaks of information in the whole investigation. Within just a few days, two tabloid TV shows had copies of confidential documents in the case from the Los Angeles County Department of Children's Services.

And this certainly wouldn't be the end of the tabloid magazines' and TV shows' efforts to buy any information in the Michael Jackson case. As long as it was something negative, they were interested.

And they would soon be bombarded with offers. The more money that was being offered, the more juicy the stories became. It was learned that the boy's father, let's call him Evan Chandler, was a Beverly Hills dentist who wished he was a screenwriter.

He had recently had one screenplay made into a movie that was based on an idea of his son's. The boy's parents, married in , divorced in and were both now remarried and were involved in 50 August 17, a bitter custody battle for the boy. Michael first met the young boy one day in May, , when his car stalled near a Rent-A-Wreck car rental company. Michael went to the car rental company to rent a car while his was repaired. The owner of the company quickly phoned his family and told them to come to the office to meet Michael Jackson.

Michael and the owner's stepson, Jordy, quickly became friends with Michael calling the boy frequently. Michael then began inviting Jordy, his stepsister and his mother to visits to Neverland. They would spend weekends at Neverland, or take trips together to Las Vegas and Florida. These weekend trips began to interfere with the boy's scheduled visits with his father. When Jordy preferred to go to Neverland for the weekend instead of spending time with his father, Chandler became furious.

As part of the ongoing custody battle, Chandler filed a court document requesting the mother "not to allow the minor child to have any contact or communication with a third party adult male known as Michael Jackson. If Michael Jackson were actually molesting the boy, why would he ever choose to visit Neverland over a scheduled visit with his father?

He certainly was old enough to decide for himself whether he would spend the weekend with his father, or with Michael Jackson. The boy's mother, who was with the boy on his visits with Michael, first learned of the allegations from police, not from her son or his father, and was complete- Michael Jackson: She said she had no indication anything untoward was going on. Numerous experts in the field of child abuse, and experts in family law, pointed out that bitter custody battles such as this one were often used to levy false child abuse allegations to gain the advantage in the case.

In this case, the father wanted to regain custody of his son who had been missing scheduled weekend visits with his father so he could spend time at Neverland. One expert pointed out that "there are therapists who interview children in ways that are leading, suggestive and coercive; they are the validators of sexual abuse charges. These children are the least reliable witnesses of all, because they're being torn between pleasing two parents.

They're trying to protect themselves. Often children side with one parent or the other and say what that parent wants to hear. The most obvious in this particular case is money. That will be explored in detail here. One other possible motive is jealousy. The father was furious when his boy choose to visit Michael Jackson at Neverland over his scheduled visit with his father. These possible motives along with big holes in some of the statements made by the boy, his father and others, raises series questions about their credibility.

According to the boy's testimony in court documents, his relationship with Michael heated up while they were in Monaco, and ended in July.

Why then did the boy seem very comfortable and happy at Neverland with Michael when Ryan White's mother, Jeanne, met 52 August 17, him there in July? White-Ginder stated the boy was not uncomfortable, "I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Believe me, that young man was not afraid of Michael at all. He behaved just like a normal thirteen year old.

It is certainly understandable that if someone is abused, they would feel frightened and embarrassed, and not tell anyone of the situation. Victims of child abuse have gone from childhood to adulthood without ever revealing the abuse they were subjected to. But what doesn't fit in this case is that the boy repeatedly chose to visit Neverland over scheduled visits with his father.

Why, if he was actually being molested on these visits, would he put himself in those situations unnecessarily? He was thirteen years old, not an infant, he certainly had a choice in whether he wanted to visit Michael Jackson or stay with his father for the weekend. When his offer was refused by Michael Jackson, the father became furious. On July 12, , a meeting was held with the boy's mother, stepfather, Michael's attorney, Bert Fields and investigator Anthony Pellicano. There the stepfather played tapes of phone conversations between himself and Chandler in which Chandler accuses Michael of molesting his son.

Pellicano then drove to Michael's Century City condo where Jordy and his stepsister were staying. He talked with Jordy for forty five minutes, asking very direct, specific questions about Michael Jackson: Pellicano asked Jordy if Michael had ever touched him, if Michael had ever masturbated in front of him, or if Michael ever masturbated him. The boy answered "no" to each and every question. Pellicano asked if he had ever seen Michael's body, and the boy said no, but he did lift his shirt once to show him the blotches on his skin.

Pellicano then asked Michael the same questions, he also said nothing happened. Jordy then complained that his father always wanted him to sit in the house and write screenplays, and that his father just wanted money. The boy was now staying with his father. Chandler had demanded that the boy be allowed to visit him for the week of July At the end of the week, he refused to return the boy to his mother. According to Pellicano, when the father accused Michael of molesting his son, Michael cried and said, "I would never do that to your little boy.

Meanwhile, the custody battle continued. Michael Freeman, the attorney representing the boy's mother, filed a petition in court demanding the return of her son. The judge ordered Chandler to return the boy to his mother by 6: That very morning, Chandler took his son to a therapist, where he preceded to describe his alleged relationship, in detail, with Michael Jackson. The therapist then reported the allegations to Child and Family Services, as is required by California law.

That, 54 August 17, not a complaint by the father, instigated the criminal investigation against Michael Jackson. It is doubtful the father realized the therapist would be obligated to make the report to the police, he hadn't yet finished negotiating his movie deal. In response to the report made by the therapist, custody of the boy was then immediately given to Los Angeles County. The report of abuse by Child and Family Services took precedence over the earlier ruling demanding the return of the boy to his mother.

He was allowed to stay at his father's house, but with many restrictions. Anthony Pellicano produced audio tapes of phone conversations between Chandler and the boy's step father, which Pellicano said proved the extortion plot The phone conversations, taped by the boy's stepfather, had Chandler threatening to destroy Michael Jackson, "It's going to be a massacre if I don't get what I want This man is gong to be humiliated beyond belief.

He will not believe what is going to happen to him - beyond his worst nightmares He won't sell one more record. If I go through with this, I win big time.

I will get everything I want They will be destroyed forever. Instead of making any report to the police for what supposedly happened to his son, he arranged a meeting with Michael and his attorneys to discuss movie deals. After considering it Chandler refused. When a parent truly believes their child has been mistreated, they first and foremost want the perpetrator punished, either by death or a lengthy prison sentence.

They don't simply hope the person responsible is embarrassed and loses their job, even if they are the biggest pop star in the world. Pellicano, well known for taping conversations, taped this one hoping to get confirmation on tape that the dentist only wanted money. According to Pellicano, the one picture deal was refused because it wasn't enough for Chandler to shut down his dental practice and focus on writing screenplays full time.

You know that. Pellicano contin- 56 August 17, ued, "So, he's got Michael Jackson backing him up on a project which is gonna get everybody's attention and make everyone think this is a great thing. And he's gonna walk in the door with this. Michael's concert scheduled for Wednesday, August 25, was postponed until the next day as Michael was suffering from acute dehydration and was under a doctor's care.

He was receiving liquids intravenously. The dehydration was said to be brought on by the heat and high humidity in Bangkok, and not from the stress of the investigation. Elizabeth Taylor, set to begin an eight city tour to promote her new line of fragrances, canceled her scheduled appearance at Sotheby's in New York to fly to Singapore to be at Michael's side.

After the concerts in Bangkok, the Dangerous tour would move on to Singapore. Mike Watkiss, a story hustler for A Current Affair, tagged along on Taylor's flight with a cameraman. She granted him a brief interview in which she fervently defended Michael: I believe totally that Michael will be vindicated.

I believe in Michael's integrity, his love and respect of children. He's here all alone. He's going through a terrible time and I just wanted to be with him.

They, along with their chief competitor, Hard Copy, would continue to have outrageous stories with equally outrageous and misleading headlines and titles for several months.

Tour sponsor Pepsi's chief competitor immediately began running ads in newspapers, and put up billboards in Bangkok reading, "Dehydrated?

There's Always Coke". The ads were immediately pulled after several complaints were received that they were in poor taste. USA Today, in an article on the allegations being made against Michael, carried a quote from an unlikely, and it turns out fickle, ally Jack Gordon, who said that the allegations were "totally not true.

He would never harm a child. Headlines reading, "Pop star inquiry expands to 4 boys" also misled readers into believing there were more allegations being made against Michael Jackson by additional boys. This was absolutely not the case.

The police had interviewed four more boys, all friends of Michael's, about their relationship with him in an attempt to find corroboration for the thirteen year old's story.

The police found nothing to support the abuse claims. All of the boys interviewed told police their relationship with Michael was purely brotherly, that there was no inappropriate behavior on Michael's part whatsoever.

One of the young boys interviewed was eleven year old Brett Barnes, from Melbourne, Australia. Brett 58 August 17, was a pen pal of Michael's who Michael had flown to California, with his mother and sister. Brett and his family were at Michael's ranch when the police conducted their search. He admitted that he had shared a bed with Michael, that both were fully dressed and on opposite sides of a big bed, "He slept on one side and I slept on the other.

It was a big bed. He said Michael was affectionate, but "like a big brother". Barnes added that he did know the boy making the allegations against Michael and that he had never mentioned anything unusual happening with Michael and Barnes never saw any improper behavior.

Wade Robson, a ten year old friend of Michael's, also said he had shared a bed with Michael but they were both wearing pajamas and they "just went to sleep. They're good friends. They're buddies. They found nothing. These admissions that Michael had shared a bed with these young boys disturbed many in the media and the public, who considered it strange behavior for a thirty five year old man.

What they fail to consider is when Michael Jackson is with children, he is not an adult simply enjoying watching the kids have fun.

He is right there with them, having as much, or more, fun than Michael Jackson: He adores children and he enjoys the same activities kids do, playing video games, visiting amusement parks, computer games, and having slumber parties. Michael Jackson is different from "normal" thirty five year old men.

While he is very shy and self conscious off stage, on stage he becomes the most electrifying and magical performer in the world. If you put him in a boardroom, he becomes a skilled negotiator. He has been since the age of nineteen when he convinced the executives at Epic Records to allow himself and his brothers to write and produce an entire album.

The result, Destiny, went platinum. Since then he has continually played a key role in winning the biggest contracts in entertainment and endorsements, and he has built a formidable catalog of music publishing copyrights. When Michael Jackson is surrounded by children, he becomes one of them, playing games, laughing, and playing practical jokes.

So, while he is certainly not like other thirty five year old men, that does not make him a weirdo, let alone a criminal. In a rare show of unity, the Jackson family issued a statement to the press expressing their support of Michael: We wish to state our collective, unequivocally belief that Michael has been made the victim of a cruel and obvious attempt to take advantage of his fame and success.

We know, as does the whole world, that he has dedicated his life to providing happiness for young people everywhere. His compassion for the problems of all people is legendary. Accordingly, we are confident that his dignity and humanity will prevail this most difficult time. Our entire family stands firmly at this side. The outpouring of support for Michael was truly overwhelming. Many went public with vehement support of Michael.

People who have worked with Michael for many years made public statements of their knowledge that Michael is incapable of ever hurting a child.

He said further that he has only ever seen very normal behavior with Michael Jackson and children. Entertainment lawyer Sheldon Platt, who is Whitney Houston's attorney, explained that entertainers are perfect targets for extortion.

He also expressed concern that when allegations are first made public they are treated as big, front page news. When they are later retracted or found to be false, it is treated by the media as no big deal and is buried in the middle of the newspaper.

Alfonso Ribeiro, who first met Michael when he was twelve, also expressed his support for Michael. Mothers of young children who have spent time with Michael, including Ryan White's mother Jeanne, spoke out that they implicitly trusted Michael with their children. Michael Jackson biographers J. Randy Taraborrelli and Lisa Campbell each appeared on news programs and each stated their beliefs, through studying Michael's life for several years, that he wasn't capable of committing the acts of which he was accused.

Taraborrelli said in researching Jackson's life he found that "there have been Michael Jackson: He'd rather cut his own wrist than harm a child. He worships children. Michael's second concert in Bangkok had to be rescheduled for the second time when he was still suffering from dehydration. He released an audio tape which was played for the press apologizing to his fans: To all my fans in Bangkok, Thailand, I am sorry for not performing yesterday as I am really sick and still under medical treatment.

I have been instructed by my doctor not to perform before Friday, August 27, I promise all my fans to perform at the National Stadium in Bangkok on August I will see you all on Friday. The second concert in Bangkok did go on Friday.

Entertainment Tonight reported on the show's tremendous response saying, "the show goes on in a big way. Their sponsorship of the tour continued, and they continued to air two Pepsi commercials in Asia featuring Michael Jackson. Pepsi spokesmen initially stated they supported Michael one 62 August 17, hundred percent, this was later downgraded to a more wait and see attitude, but they maintained there was no proof of any wrongdoing on behalf of Michael Jackson and unless the investigation took a sudden downturn, they would continue to support him.

It later turned out they needed no such proof, but for now they still sponsored the Dangerous tour and said publicly that they supported Michael Jackson. Advertising executives had other ideas. They repeatedly told the press that Michael Jackson's future as a product endorser was certainly over, citing recent examples of celebrities being dropped from advertising campaigns due to scandal being attached to them. Two very important facts these experts consistently overlooked however was that the particular circumstances involved in all of these other cases were proven to be true.

There were only allegations being made against Michael Jackson, there was no proof of any wrongdoing on his part, and no charges were filed against him. Also, the allegations were overwhelmingly seen by the buying public as an obvious attempt to extort money from the most famous and successful person in the world. Michael Jackson stood an excellent chance, despite the media's distorted and slanted coverage, to maintain his unmatched level of respect, admiration, and integrity.

Michael Jackson's future as a product endorser was the subject of Nightline shortly after the allegations were made public. Koppel pointed out that "the most fair thing would be to ignore the unsubstantiated allegations until former charges are filed. But, it Michael Jackson: Liz Smith maintained that Michael was a perfect target for this type of allegation. Jay Coleman felt differently than della Femina stating that Michael Jackson's ads for Pepsi helped make their ads stand out.

qxp 8/18/09 2:30 PM Page iii

One project Michael did drop out of was that of providing a song for the upcoming movie, Addams Family Values. Michael was said to be involved with writing and recording a song for the film's soundtrack, and perhaps working with horror writer Stephen King for the song's video.

Some reports stated Michael said he would not be able to finish the song by the release date of the movie, which was due in theaters in November. Other reports said the project was scrapped due to legal difficulties.

In any event, the song was not part of the movie's soundtrack, and in a real show of sensitivity, the makers of the film turned Michael Jackson into a gag in the movie. Perhaps the most fervent support for Michael Jackson came from his millions of fans across the globe.

His accusers assumed the public allegations would destroy the King of Pop but they grossly underestimated his legions of fans, for Michael Jackson's appeal goes far beyond his soulful voice and magic feet He represents a level of dignity, decency, and integrity that won't crumble because of some completely unfounded accusations. He has been a role model for all, but especially young people. He more than entertains, he is an inspiration to all of his fans, young and old, and they love him.

Fans interviewed for television news programs consistently said they didn't believe the allegations against Michael were true, that the accusations were a 64 August 17, blackmailing attempt. Phone-in polls conducted by A Current Affair showed that Eighty seven percent of black teens polled did not believe Michael Jackson was guilty of any wrongdoing. Sixty six percent of younger children, ages thirteen to fifteen, also believed Michael was innocent.

Radio stations reported that Michael Jackson's fans were jamming the phone lines in support of him. Record sales were reported to be increased since the allegations become public. His thousands of fans jamming into stadiums in Bangkok and later Singapore and Taiwan certainly didn't seem to believe any of the allegations. Fans surrounded his hotel, sang "Heal the World", and cheered wildly when Michael would wave to them from the window.

The next set of concerts were in Singapore at the National Stadium. The first of the two shows was on August 29, , Michael's thirty fifth birthday. Fans fought monsoon rains and traffic jams to attend the show. Michael paced the stage, smiling, and seemed genuinely touched by the sentiment. The second show in Singapore, on Monday, was postponed shortly before Michael was to go on stage, disappointing the capacity crowd. Michael had become Michael Jackson: He had fainted backstage, was complaining of dizziness, and he was vomiting.

The show was rescheduled for Wednesday. The next day Michael was given several tests, including an MRI scan, and was declared by his doctor to be fit and ready to perform on Wednesday. Michael had suffered from a severe migraine headache. I was suddenly taken ill last night and I am sorry for the cancellation of my performance and I apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused my fans in Singapore.

J look forward to seeing you at the stadium tomorrow. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. A Current Affair's Mike Watkiss reported on the cancellation of the performance, then concluded that this was "putting the entire tour in jeopardy. Actually Michael's health was improved later and he did give his scheduled performance.

Ebooks for all

It didn't hamper the rest of the tour at all. The allegations against him weren't a big enough story to report, scandal shows would continue attempt to manipulate and distort facts to embellish the story. Actually the tour's promoter, Marcel Avram, would later tell A Current Affair, that because of the overwhelming success of the tour, there were plans to extend it.

While in Singapore, Michael was honored with a special orchid bearing his name. The orchid accolade is usually awarded only to visiting royalty and dignitaries. Plans for the zoo to close for Michael's visit could not be arranged as the zoo did not want to turn away other visitors, but they did compromise, trucking six orangutans to Michael's hotel.

Michael did eventually visit the zoo, arriving right at closing time. The zoo was so excited about having Michael visit, they brought in additional animals from around the area just for his visit. On Monday, August 30, the Jackson family held a press conference, one that had been planned well before the allegations against Michael were made.

Joseph, Katherine, Rebbie, Tito, and Jermaine met with reporters to announce their plans for the Jackson Family Honors, a reunion special and award show to be held in December, and to air on television in January. They did however address the allegations surrounding Michael.

Jermaine read a statement that the entire Jackson family supported Michael. Katherine also told reporters: First of all, I'd like to let the world know that I'm behind my son. I don't believe any of the stuff that's being written about him, because I raised him and I know that's just a statement people are making. I love him. I've talked with him several times since this had come out and I plan to go and visit him and he knows when I'm coming.

This same day, police officers served a third search warrant in their investigation. This one for Michael Jackson: After a thirty minute search, they left empty handed. They said they needed to verify a description of the room given to them by the boy. The need for this search is unclear, that the boy knew the color of the bedspread in the room hardly supports his allegations.

It wasn't a secret that Michael had treated the boy, along with his mother and stepsister, to trips to Las Vegas. After reaching the studio, a film crew from a local Los Angeles station showed up to ask questions about Michael. Jermaine and Tito walked out They did keep a scheduled appearance on Good Morning America where they reluctantly answered questions concerning Michael, but were more eager to promote the Jackson Family Honors special. Gloria Allred, an attorney hired on August 31 to represent the boy, held a press conference on September 2 declaring that, "my client wants to have his day in court.

Michael Freeman, the attorney representing the boy's mother, also withdrew from the case. Larry Feldman was now representing the boy. It seemed as though the boy may not have been so willing to testify after all. That same morning, LaToya was a guest on the Today show where she did a very weak job of defending her brother.

While she said the public had been unfair to her brother and that "I stand by him one thousand percent If you think about it he has been convicted 68 August 17, before a trial", she then, within minutes, said that she herself didn't know if the allegations were true or not and that she was not a judge, and could not make such a determination.

From now on keeping track of which side of the fence LaToya was on would cause anyone to have a migraine. Her comments would sway from one extreme to the other. A few weeks later LaToya appeared on Maury Povich where she complained that her brother was being convicted by the public when he had not been charged with anything. She noted she saw nothing unusual about Michael being with kids and said, "I love him and I'm with him no matter what.

It of course turned out that it didn't take this much to make her believe, or at least say she believes, the allegations, only the prospect of appearing on more and more talk shows. LaToya admitted to Maury Povich she had been invited to attend the upcoming Jackson Family Honors reunion special, but she refused.

Later, she would deny ever being invited to the event. Immediately after Gloria Allred was replaced, the boy's new lawyer, Larry Feldman, filed a civil suit in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing Michael Jackson of battery, infliction of emotional distress and fraud.

The suit asked for unspecified monetary damages. This action certainly seemed suspect. Following an emotional statement by their attorney that the boy was ready to go to court, that attorney is fired and replaced, with a civil suit being filed immediately.

Some attorneys, not connected with this case, speculated that the filing of the civil case would kill the criminal case once the jury became aware that the plaintiffs are only interested in Michael Jackson: It would take much more than this however for the police investigators to give up on their investigation. Despite having no physical evidence and no corroboration for the boys allegations, the criminal investigation would continue for several months. They would consistently state deadlines by which time they expected to have a decision on whether or not to charge Michael Jackson, they would all come and go with no such decision.

In mid September, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office said they expected to decide on the matter by mid October. If he files charges, people will be unhappy, if he decides there's insufficient evidence to justify filing charges, other people will be unhappy.

It seemed rather than admit his investigation yielded no evidence of wrongdoing, he would decide not to decide, continuing to pour taxpayers money into an investigation and avoid the risk of making anybody unhappy and hurting their feelings. Michael obviously could not attend the MTV Music Video Awards held on September 2, but he was in the thoughts of many the artists who did attend.

There was said to be a sense of sadness in the air for one of their own that night. The only nomination any of Michael's videos received was for Barry Lather's work on the choreography for "Jam". Janet performed live on the award telecast.

It was reported that she then planned to join Michael on his tour in a show of support for her brother. The Jackson 5 started touring Midwest, extensively performing at black clubs.

In , they signed a contract with Motown Records, which required them to relocate to Los Angeles. The song met with runaway success and established his reputation as a solo artist. The Jackson 5 band withdrew its association with Motown Records in From to , the band toured internationally and released six new albums.

He became a leading songwriter for the group, writing numerous hits one after the other. The album was a tremendous hit and the first ever to generate four U. It peaked at the number three on the Billboard and eventually sold over 20 million copies worldwide. A grand blockbuster, the album broke all records to become the best-selling album of all time worldwide.

It topped the Billboard chart for 37 weeks and was in the top 10 of for 80 weeks at a stretch. The album sold 65 million copies and achieved a Double Diamond status in the US. In , he reunited with his brothers for a live performance. It was there that he showed his signature dance style, the moonwalk, which became an epic. Seven of its singles peaked at No 1 position on the Billboard Hot The album sold about 45 million copies worldwide.

In , the exemplary pop star released his autobiography titled Moonwalk. The book duplicated the success of his music albums by selling about , copies and making it to the New York Times best-seller list. By now, he had achieved an iconic status.

Right from his music albums to his autobiography to his cosmetic surgeries, everything made big news. The same year, he was charged of molestation but since there were no proofs to support the allegation, the charges were withdrawn.

He came up with the album, HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I in In October , he released the album, Invincible. This was his last full-length album. Though the album gained decent success, it was his eccentric and disoriented behaviour that caught the headlines. Pop Singers. American Men. Indiana Musicians.

Virgo Singers. Male Singers. Male Musicians. Virgo Musicians. American Dancers. American Singers. Male Pop Singers. Virgo Pop Singers. He married twice in his lifetime. His first marriage was with Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, in , but this union did not last long and the two divorced in He married his long-time friend Deborah Jeanne Rowe, a dermatology nurse, in The two separated in He had a third child, Prince Michael Jackson II, from a surrogate mother through artificial insemination.

The King of Pop passed away unexpectedly following a cardiac arrest on June 25, His sudden and tragic death raised a global outburst of grief as millions mourned his death. While 17, free tickets were issued to fans via lottery, an estimated 1 billion viewers watched the memorial on TV or online.

Memorials were constructed and statues were unveiled all over the globe in the aftermath of his death. American Musicians. American Pop Singers. Virgo Men. Grammy Awards. See the events in life of Michael Jackson in Chronological Order. Article Title. Identify These Actors.

Identify Actors By Eyes. Identify These Bollywood Actresses. Identify Actors By Beard. Identify Actors By Childhood Pics. Identify Singers By Eyes. Randy Jackson American.She said she had no indication anything untoward was going on. However the excitement of the opening of the tour would be buried by shock and disbelief at reports that Michael Jackson was under criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department creating the biggest scandal in Michael Jackson's career and quite possibly, all of show business.

I promise all my fans to perform at the National Stadium in Bangkok on August I used to tell them we were eating soul food in order to be able to play soul. In the two weeks following his Super Bowl performance, sales of Dangerous skyrocketed, rising an incredible ninety points on Billboard's pop album charts to number forty one.

First, he joined several other celebrities, including Diana Ross, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the afternoon of January 18 to sing "We Are the World" for a preinaugural celebration.